Monday, December 29, 2008


Ben Stiller broke his right hand while neve-boarding last weekend. TMZ type clips comfirm the time-frame connection with Tom Waits' bandaged right hand in DOMINO's prophetic motorhome crash scene. Where he flashes the Jewish Hanukka coin in front of Domino's face.

Saturday morning, I experienced a flash vision of a red helicopter flying over the Mountain Vista sign down at the Church Lake Road T-intersection; below the Campbell's house, and Evergreen Drive's Pitt-Penn of captivity flood control basin. The Lord said "Myth!!" as I looked up at the chopper. Later in the day, I saw Tacoma's local morning TNT newspaper photo of Evangelical mega church preacher Casey Treat, getting off a red 'N554' helicopter in 666 Federal Way.

One of the funniest scenes in DOMINO is when Mena Suvari's Alison Roth figure pulls back the temple veil to reveal the three WB bounty hunters. The letters 'W B' being a longtime REV.17 'whore beast' joke in many Hollywood produced movies. Her boss screams "You changed the fucking [baptism] font! Why?!"

NEW READERS: The prophetic pre-Obama LA weekly ad shot in DOMINO says 'WANTED... $99' for the Larry Sinclair crimes of Barack Obama, stemming from 99. As in Prince's prophetic "Party like it's 1999..." etc. The name Neve means snow in Italian, i.e. neve. Because the spiritually frozen daughters of Israel are cold hearted towards the God of Israel.

Keira's mother basically said that DOMINO will change her life forever, in the temple conference room scene. And it will. Happy Birthday KK.

I felt so impressed to buy Ellen Page's HARD CANDY Saturday, that I had to go back for it at WAL*MART, just $5. Looking at the Coen brothers' BROTHER WHERE ART THOU there, a lady behind me said "Beavis and Butthead!" Reminding me that I had just waited at the street light under TARGET's red sign, while standing next to these two Beavis and Butthead dudes.

Here's a green 'GG' shot of Mel sporting his own bounty hunter beard on 12.22, at:

Compare Mel with DOMINO's movie poster:
And with this marred servant shot of Mickey Rourke at:

The latest Holocaust scam book, from Miami, is a Divinely timed message about Judah's involvement in the historic Obama con. Because the phony book was promoted by the phony Oprah. Who knows everything about Obama's lifetime of cruising for sex with strange men, smoking crack, and the curious murder of his former gay lover Donald Young.

Looks like someone tried to do a LARRY'S BRAKES job on Larry's RV at:

LARRY'S BRAKES on Hwy.410 specializes in RVs. DOMINO's running '.410.' prison interview scenes are confirmation of Larry's prophetic DNC Colorado prison history. The Lord has told his prophets, among the lost tribes of Israel, that he is preparing a pit of captivity for those who worship the 666 beast.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, December 26, 2008


The little 8 year-old girl who got impacted in the face by a satanic Santa Claus bullet on Christmas, represented the little Neve Campbell school girl that I was reading about at the very same time it was all happening, at:

This is the same evil 666 Santa who was portrayed by the Irish Catholic Conan O'Brian last week.

I found the astonishing prophetic blog "MY LIFE. AS IMPACTED BY NEVE CAMPELL" while searching for links about that frozen 55 year-old Ontario 'Donna' who was buried in neve Italiano snow for 3 days. Before getting miraculously saved by a MARLEY AND ME rescue dog last Monday, during the film's publicity run up.

Christmas day, I walked by princess Neve's royal REGAL theaters, and found a buried doll/ar bill poking out of the melting snow, next to Jenny's dog movie posters. It was probably lying there since the snow started falling around Bonney Lake, WA when Donna's car got stuck near Hamilton, Ontario.

I couldn't stop reading about Neve's elementary school days romance, and finished the entire blog. Turned out her curiously mature Valentine lover, now 35, had only discovered about a year ago that she was a famous actress. Because he hasn't had a television since he was 16, and doesn't watch movies much.

Basically, the inspired blog's message is about the importance of eternal plural marriage in restoring the balance between the sexes for all eternity. When Neve can devote herself to the arts, or whatever, without cold heartedly abandoning her Providentially revealed first love.

Today's apostate Christian marriage concept was immediated confirmed by the news that Neve is thinking about playing the mistress of a married billionaire in some new Hollywood, CA television series.

All the freezing Italiano neve storms this season are about Neve's recent BBC global warming hoax televison series filmed in Alberta, called BURN UP. That's why Santa burned up the Christmas party house in Covina, California. Using the same spray can flame-thrower that the two witnesses use in BUBBA HO-TEP to destroy the modern day Egypt and Sodom.

" procedeth out of their mouth..." REV.11:5

Yours, GSR/TWN


Ms Kitty just passed away. Her young photos remind me of my royally transfigured French Maria, who got her kit off in LAST TANGO IN PARIS, at:

Granny Grass was sent a free copy of the cold January princess Anne VOGUE last week. The 'new president' cover headline hypes Obama's "CHANGE". After I pulled it out of her P.O. Box last week, some lady at the counter asked a clerk, "Can I have my change back?" Who responded "Do you want a [Hamilton] $10 bill?" New thinkers/readers should remember that Obama is a descendant of Ham in the Bible.

The Madoff trust con was obviously confirmation of Judah's support for the Barack Obama con job and betrayal of America. God's giant snowplow is going to take care of all these phony limousine liberal Democrats. When you see the day 1290 abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel. Even the frozen Orthodox sons of Judah are going to get their hearts melted. By their school children getting killed by an old man driving a [Nazi] BMW 4x4 on the opening day of VALKYRIE. [Neve is a descendant of Dutch Orthodox Jews.]

Jesus is going to cleanse his Father's house of the money changers again with a whip. That's why a pile of hidden ancient gold coins was found buried in the City of David on the first day of Hanukkah. When the children start receiving the coins featured in the falling DOMINOs prophecy.

The narrow minded, bigoted, ADL is more worried about antisemites lately. Anyone with a brain knows that the phonies have been trying to pull off their DNC style scam for years. Only morons like Bruce Springstein would believe such PC crap, explained quite clearly at:,0,2313474.column

Monday, December 22, 2008


CONTINENTAL flight 14_4 crashed upon take-off Saturday at the DNC's Denver airport, losing it's left engine, because the abomination of desolation will fail to continentalize America in the 666 image of Brad and Angelina's Europe.

A fierce fire started on the plane's right side, that will be called the "Independent American Party". According to THE WHITE HORSE PROPHECY records by Ogden Kraut, page 66-67:

Mosiah Hancock relates an incident that happened in Nauvoo when the prophet Joseph "came to our home and stopped by the carpenter shop and stood by the turning lathe" He then proceded to tell him how the saints would go to the Rocky Mountains and become a "great and wealthy people." Then among other things he said:

"There will be two great political parties in the country. One will be called the Republican, and the other the Democrat party. These two parties will go to war and out of these two parties will spring another party which will be the Independent American Party..."

Emma Watson said that she would get her kit off for such great film directors as Michelangelo Antonioni and Bernardo Bertolucci, etc. So I rented Antonioni's 1975 movie THE PASSANGER, out of Africa, and watched it the day before Obama's European-Continental jet crashed.

This angelic new image of the HARRY POTTER star looks like she is settling into a first class jet seat at:

Last week's news about the hidden white horse sign on the back of Da Vinci's Virgin Maria painting, was DA VINCI CODE confirmation of Maria Schnieder's mixed royal French Davidian genealogy, at:

It's probably a good time to review the symbolic 20 year-old Olsen twins image actress, with yours truly from Preston, Idaho, in the prophetic LAST TANGO IN PARIS finale. Now that the gum-chewing Paris Hilton got robbed EZE.38 style. I saw her thief climbing up some stairs [to her bedroom?] in a flash vision last Thursday night, at 9:22 pm. The sinister figure looked at me and said "Sexxxy..."

On my R/M map, I see that the Continental Divide line prophecy cuts to the west near Tom Cruise's Red Mtn Pass on Hwy.550, by Silverton. Before running southeast again, over to Wolf Creek Pass, in the San Juan Mtns of St John the Revelator. It crosses the Dick Cheney Wyoming line up north in the Medicine Bow forests. In Montana, the jagged line goes right past Mel's Gibson Res. not far from Letterman's dude ranch.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, December 20, 2008


In recent months, I have had dreams wherein I'm invisible. It started with a dream at my late grandma Sander's house in Lake City, Seattle; I was sitting on the toilet and she walked in to get something out of the medicine cabinet. Then my late uncle Bob walked in for something else. Neither of them noticed me right there in front of them and left.

Their generation's 1930s introduction of the first modern 666 beast, who's head was wounded in WW II, but recovered miraculously, like in the latest Clint Eastwood film about the GRAN TORINO generation, confirms 1933's hidden beast prophecy entitled THE INVISIBLE MAN. And the hidden servant in ISAIAH 49 who will expose it from within.

THE INVISIBLE MAN, Jack, starts out walking through today's freezing snow storms outside THE LION'S HEAD inn reference to Eastwood's legendary BOAR'S HEAD INN in 666 Carmel-by-the-Sea. He often works all night on his secret formulas, "right into the dawn" icon on Barack Obama's fascistic campaign logo.

Eventually, Jack's marred servant figure recruits his smart, but cowardly, Ken Kemp look alike friend, named Dr Kemp. While his much younger blonde Annalynne McCord look alike girlfriend frets about him going mad. When the new 666 beast dies off in a hospital bed, the image of Joseph Smith appears, his WHITE HORSE prophecy replacement.

Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE prophecy was about the latter-day era of the day 1290 abomination of desolation. When the US Constitution will 'hang by a thread' reference to the GSR/TWN message boad-blog email threads about the two witnesses. Who are the key to understanding the sealed book of John's revelations in the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

45 days after the symbolic day 1290 election date of 11.4, the surprise day 1335 type news broke about the SUPREMES decision to conference Berg's original case against the African born Barack Obama, scheduled in for 1.09.09 at:

I watched THE INVISIBLE MAN prophecy Friday morning, the first time in years. Which was immediately confirmed by Friday's NYT 54,529 photo of the previously invisible white horse images on the back of a Branch Davidian DA VINCI CODE painting, like at:

The hidden skull drawing represents the EZE.37 one revealed in the final scene of THE INVISIBLE MAN prophecy. When we finally see "the way back" for the lost tribes of Israel.

Here's an image of Dr Cranley examining one of those glass flutes that I love to fuck no matter what at:

In the enclosed 1933 movie poster, my hidden marred servant is wearing a pair of those rap-around rising-sunglasses that I found lying on the floor by Elvis' Si-Fi 50s jukebox at KFC.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: In Scarlett's 1984, the BBC did an inspired six part series re-make of THE INVISIBLE MAN, as the coming Crown Prince of England, in this 7.29, stamped link at:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Back on the 11.22 assasination aniversary of JFK, at 10:40am, I dreamed that Ken McLeod and I were walking to a sporting goods store in downtown Auburn, Washington. We came upon a mysterious blonde babe on the sidewalk, wearing a gray baseball cap, who asked me if I had seen her missing girlfriend. Then she suddenly gave me a full on open mouth wet kiss. I said "You're a good kisser." Then she did it again, suggesting there would be more to come if I find her.

Naturally, I have been looking for her ever since. All the while, wondering if the full lips blonde was supposed to represent Scarlett Johansson, on her 24th birthday. But then I found her, wearing some salmon fishing lures necklace, to go with my hidden fisherman sculpture. And she was the same lady who kissed me at:

Because when I first encountered Annalynne McCord, there was a guy standing next to her, the one who is visible in this JOHNNY WALKER shot at:

Note the classic BRIDES OF DRACULA bite marks on her back. Given that TWILIGHT's Forks, WA location is a major steelhead fishing destination.

Annalynne's 90210 connection confirmed Keira's "Fucking 90210!" themes in DOMINO. Without such standard triangle jealousy plots, there would be no 90210 television series. And reformed fascism would not dominate in MLK's American Egypt and Sodom; rooted in the jealous hatred for the white people of Israel. Just like in ancient Book of Mormon times, today's children are taught from an early age to hate the righteous.

This is why the real Domino bounty hunter babe died shortly before the release of DOMINO in 2005. Now we have Mickey Rourke doing faceless shadow ads in the NYT for another GSR/TWN bio pick called THE WRESTLER.

Let them wrestle with the hidden arrowhead arround Sienna's neck, in this new steel jacket shot at:

Yours, GSR/TWN


They voted to impeach Gov Blago, one way or the other, on the same day the US electoral college voted to make the illegal alien Barack Obama our 44th president.

It was the same Monday that the news broke about the SUPREMES' lack of interest in the US Constitution requirement to confirm Obama's official vault birth certificate. They probably have too many homosexual rights cases on their desk already.

Those flaming alien meteor pods in WAR OF THE WORLDS resemble my vision of a meteor crashing down on top of LA's 20th CENTURY FOX tower, back in the 90s. So I watched the original 1988 DIE HARD Saturday. And discovered that it's marxist thieves plot was a prophecy about breaking into Hollywood's sophisticated vault, in order to find Obama's original bearer birth certificate. Obama voter Bruce Willis tried to protect it with the help of a fat policeman named [Colon] Powell. But the bomb went off anyway. Blasting copies of the document all over the Internet for everyone to read.

The best line in Joel Silver's Barack Obama prophecy is "It's a double cross!"

The best scene is Willis' toe curling carpet orgasm with the REV.17 whore of Babylon.

Friday, December 12, 2008


In the original 1951 THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, Al Goret's global warming space ship landed in Washington, DC. So the east coast area where Jennifer Connelly lives was hit by a severe premature ice storm on the opening day of the re-make. An early winter storm is also blowing into the Vancouver, BC region this weekend.

The iconic 50s era pinup girl, Betty Page, passing away Thursday. The same day that Jennifer Aniston appeared nude on the cover of GQ wearing only a USA tie, like at:

As my WAR OF THE WORLDS WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE... post was rolling out, scientists reported the discovery of a water planet in the Swan nebula. To verify the above swan space ships and red planet marxists that attack the lost Israelites in today's ongoing EZE.38 invasion of the aliens. It was discovered by the disgraced Governor Spitzer's [Spitzer Space Telescope] in confirmation of the latest REV.17 whore revelations coming out of Obama and Hillary's Chicago gangland, at:

In WAR OF THE WORLDS, the REV.17 lady stares directly into the optical probe of the alien swan ship beasts.

Only 44 persons are allowed on the 44th president's rocket of hope in WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE. As the red planet rises like the sun on Obama's Japanese cult logo, inspired by the first modern era latter-day 666 beast. When the illegal alien swan ships are destroying Los Angeles in WAR OF THE WORLDS, a smashed shop's clock reads 5:07.

The shadow figure design on Clint Eastwood's GRAN TORINO movie poster matches the hidden shadow [face] theme of my ISAIAH 49 fisherman sculpture in Bonney Lake at:

Gov. BlagO was arrested the day after the news rolled out about the CHICAGO TRIBUNE filing for bankruptcy. Because they have been stonewalling the truth about Barack Obama.

What do the neoconservative radio host Michael Medved, and the liberal GLOBE tabloid, have in Common? They both believe that the "vicious" homogaysexual nature photographer Larry Sinclair failed a lie-detector test about smoking crack and having gay sex with Obama in the back of a limo, and at a hotel in Gurnee, Illinois. They both believe that Hawaii officials have confirmed that Obama was born in the USA.

The truth about Sinclair's bogus lie-detector test, made by a phony Phd. on hire by a XXX porno web site, financed by the Obama camp, is at:

The truth about Obama's offical vault birth certificate information has never been made available. Nor have any Hawaii state officials ever confirmed what it says. Nor have these same officials ever claimed to have confirmed what it says. And no one on any side of the issue has ever claimed that it does not exist.

As of this writing, the SUPREMES still have the ridiculously easy case in conference.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I was awaken Monday morning at 9:57 am by a flash vision of WAL*MART's discount DVD displays. The stuff for $7.50 and $5, not the regular priced DVDs, usually on display to the east of those. My built-in 1951 era radar started flashing it's red alert light in the corner of my mind-monitor when I saw a double DVD of two classic future civil war prophecies; 1953's THE WAR OF THE WORLDS and 1951's WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, for $5. I believe both are mentioned in the famous opening song for the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

Monday evening, Jennifer Con/nelly was on the David Letterman Synchronicity Show. To promote her new global warming con film remake of the robotic Al Goret prophecy, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL; shot in Vancouver, BC.

From my five virgin doll/ars DVD purchase at WAL*MART, totalling 5.44 with tax, I got back in change, for $6, a prophetic Dick Chenney Wyoming cowboy quarter on the right, and a Barack Obama Hawaii king quarter on the left; confirming the upcoming REV.16 Constitution war over Obama et al.

Plus, I received a Lewis&Clark nickel with the two evergreen trees of Judah and Epraim. That depicts Oregon's Hwy.101 coast for the Proposal Rock prophecy, complete with an inspired Obama 'O' icon, at:

And a shiny new 2008 election Abraham Lincoln civil war penny token. That Chicago AMTRAK train crash near Rt.111's Brighton, Ill/inois, which injured ten people Monday, was just another 10 virgins bonus sign. Obama's Blackburn College and his east Indian New Dehli, Ill are in the area for prophetic context.

WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE is about the sudden threatening appearance of Obama's rogue red planet Bellus. First detected in outerspace photos from the vantage point of Oprah's South Africa. Confirmed quickly Monday night by that red stone ruby ring on Jennifer's finger. Which matched her sexy black outerspace mini outfit with ROCKY HORROR shoulder pad.

You can see the sailor's rocket jet HORNET that crashed Monday in Barack Obama's University City section of Catholic San Diego at:

The doomed JETSTREAM carwash icon was coming into base from Obama's USS Abraham Lincoln civil war Pearl Harbor prophecy, parked at sea.

The US SUPREMES are scheduled to discuss what to do about the obviously confirmed fact that Obama was born in Kenya, Africa THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL opens, on Ms Connelly's .38th birthday Friday, at:

2004's Christmas Day, USA time, tsunami that smashed into Obama's native Indonesia was a REV.13:1 world war prophecy about the 2008 USA election of the abomination of desolation.

Here is an image of Judah's prophetic Africa shaped Mercer Island, where a young Obama's mother lived for a period, because today's back-stabbing Jews voted for the treasonous alien con man, at:

The red planet is coming. That will cause many earthquakes and tidal waves.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: That 5.1 quake by 29 Palms, CA was along the I-40 route to the Needles location in DOMINO.
NOTE: Remember, Jennifer Connelly's DARK WATER movie came out right before Pitt's New Orleans below sea-level pit was flooded with a stinking filthy dark waters REV.12 confirmation.
NOTE: The reciept for my 5.44 DVD was time-stamped at 14:48:26.
NOTE: Seattle's local minister, who had that famous tidal wave vision of Lake Washington, was seeing the Mercer Island results of the latter-day abomination of desolation.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


45 year-old Scott Napper's 22 year-old Internet fiancee from the foreign Philippines was wearing red. When a surprise wave suddenly swept her away forever a week ago. As they walked to the symbolic Barack Obama island paradise off the REV.13 beach in his ecotopian hippie state of Oregon, called Proposal Rock.

These are the doomed red proposals that Obama is now making publically and privately.

Her Canadian maple leaf name was Leaf/il Alforque. For the Islamic mole named Alf in DOMINO. Who will use his ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW pitchforque to cure the spiritual illness in the hearts of the daughters of Israel in LOST.

Today's silly notions about marriage and political 666 salvation do not lead to the fullness of genuine eternal life, and everlasting joy.

Hwy.101's Proposal Rock is located north of Road's End Wayside, inside Obama's prophetic REV.16 civil war landmarks in Lincoln County. Right there is Rt.18's Otis map reference to Mickey Rourke's WILD ORCHID exwife Carre Otis. So is Devil's Lake. All of it, is south of Oregon's famous Tillamook cheese dairy country, pronounced 'till amuck', that surrounds Hwy.101's Beaver, Oregon. These are the MILK tits on the lady who rides the 666 beast in REV.17.

Look at all the evergreen wilderness woods around Proposal Rock at:

Walking back Saturday along the woods on Hwy.410, a mint red 79ish PORSCHE 944 with Evangeline's '479...' plates cruised by. Followed by a set of '791 RED' plates, followed by a green car with '790...' plates.

I had just picked up my CHINOOK boots from the Asian man's 211th shoe repair shop, refitted with new logger-tread soles by VIBRAM. On the way up earlier, a pickup had passed me at the 19101 stumps with a RED SOUL decal on it's rear window; featuring Obama's trademark capital red 'O' icon above the medicine wheel brand name at:

The Oregon coast is Chinook salmon country, a.k.a. 'King Salmon'. Therefore a nice salmon fishing boat with double down-riggers passed me at the woods' '15' mile marker Saturday. In confirmation of my twin 25mph signs salmon fishing sculpture in Bonney Lake, made from a symbolic evergreen genealogy tree of David. The large white road arrow pointing directly at it, from Old Buckley Highway, is the hidden arrow prophesied of in ISAIAH 49:1-2,

"LISTON, O isles, unto me; and harken, ye people, from far; The Lord hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name.

"And he hath made my mouth like a sharp [REV.19] sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me."

Yours, GSR/TWN

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ron Howard et al screened their loonie left FROST/NIXON film at Washington, DC's NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Society Monday evening. Just in time for the highly symbolic confirmation to break as my NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC dream rolled out. Immediately confirmed by Nicole Kidman's unexpected red carpet arrival in Madrid, Spain.

That black wide reciever for the GIANTS shot himself in the leg on Friday. Right before their game with Washington, DC's REDSKINS. Just like America's reds have shot themselves in the leg with their election of the day 1290 abomination of desolation, at:

History will record that the closet homsexual con man Obama finished off America's great MLK con job, in the wake the San Francisco MILK movie.

Perry County, Alabama created Barack Obama Day on November 25th. For a Perry [gay] Mason murder mystery confirmation of the GLOBE's report about Larry Sinclair's new book at:

Plaxico Buress' surname in the GIANTS' wide receiver ass fuck omen, is a gay Raymond Burr thing. The show was at it's peak when Obama was born in 1961.

Democrat Perry County is next to 125' Demopolis, AL, connected by Hwy.80. Nearby Forkland, and the Black Warrior River's snake shaped lake, are about Obama's prophetic role in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW pitchfork prophecy. Right there is Clinton, AL, for her own side of the double day 1290 'Hillary Care' abomination of desolation; revealed on 8.2, 1996. Check out the Perryville boner icon on your R/M mapbook of Judah and Ephraim.

DOMINO's $99 bounty hunter scam promotion was yet another prophetic reference to the '99' themes surrounding Obama's coked out BJs with Larry in 99. The film's Sam Kinison prophecy takes place at Christmas time, based on it's "Merry Christmas" line during Domino's first arrest raid.

The above scene finishes with a TWO WEEKS NOTICE reference. I watched the Sandra Bullock movie last Wednesday, on the eve of Thanksgiving Day, and noted that the DOW closed with her 7.26 birth date sign of 8,726.61 on the same day. Then I started seeing reports about Donald Trump missing his interest payments on that giant Chicago tower project in Obama and Clinton's hometown.

Note the Raymond reference in this 9666 sign surrounding that murdered bus driver on Malcom X Blvd, in Brooklyn. Not to mention the bus' 52PICKUP theme number for all those SPEED prophecies. The second bomb bus looks like it has a 62 reference to THE BREAKUP, at:

Recently, there have been numerous earthquakes around California's dry China Lake Naval range, off Hwy.395. Right there is 5125' Brown Mtn for a gay sailor in Obama's Chinatown, USA thing. Nearby Death Valley has 6384' Funeral Peak, the Devil's Golf Course, etc.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: I just noticed this posting's 12:23 time stamp confirmation of the same 12.23 date when Obama's gay lover was murdered; after I logged it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Gunmen stormed into buildings and offices in India on the opening day, USA time, of Gus Van Sant's homogaysexual movie called MILK. About Harvey Milk and Mayor Mascone getting gunned down in their offices by a shooter named 'White'.

It happened on the same November 27 date, in 1978, that matched the Bombay, India killings. Because the gentile country of India is shaped like a female animal's milk tit.

Therefore the REV.17 beast went after the REV.17 woman on the same day white Bruce's prophetic gay lyrics rolled out about getting a rifle and killing the yellow man.

I saw that hilarious vagina glass toast in Monday's full page NYT ad for MILK. Later at the secondhand shop, I picked up a lone champagne flute glass for a quarter, that bore a Rock of Gibralter image on it's side.

At the checkout, I waited in line behind an old man who was buying a stack of old NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS, for $1. Because back on 11.18, at 7:01 am, I dreamed that Nicole Kidman and I were sitting below the famous KILL CRUISE landmark, while looking at pictures of her in various NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazines.

Tonight, I learned that the trademark insurance company logo rock, resembling an Egyptian pyramid, is the only place in all of Europe where African 'ape' monkeys live, at:

After I bought the fucking glass, I walked by REGAL in the rain to see when Nicole's AUSTRALIA was playing. The next showing was at 6:20. So I left, noticing an ICEE drink service van in the lot, advertising 5 brown ice-slurpee drinks on the side, for Nicole's number 5 nickel word play on the foolish five virgins. Because I had read that NYT quote by Mickey Rourke, about her being "an ice cube".

I had a dream about Paris yesterday. My cue to stop by her local TACO BELL franchise next to BURGER KING. But I walked out because the place reeked like urine. Outside, there was an F150 52PICKUP with 'B23007B' plates parked at the curb. Probably because I had just watched 23 year-old Keira, from 007 country, in a DVD of 2005's DOMINO. That some stalker chucked out the window for me at JACK'N THE BOX. The hot Brit babe is quite famous for not taking regular showers.

I never told anyone about the recent flash vision I had at the very same JJ spot, that happened on Neve Campbell's birthday time at 10:03 am. Wherein I saw a JEEP drive by as I heard the PARTY OF 5 actress whisper "Spicy sandwich". Before I picked up the DOMINO disk, a silver triple-diamond SPIDER zoomed west in the dark.

DOMINO is a pretty cool movie about the $10,000,000 bail that Mel owes me, payable in 5M British Sterling. It starts out at California's driver's license counter, in the very same year that Chris Wood helped me get my own DL back with a customer waiting number of '666'. The plot's 4 masked 'FIRST LADIES' bankcar robbers represent the remarkable four wife signs I see just about every time I walk by REGAL's 208th entrance.

DOMINO's mixed race JERRY SPRINGER riot was a Barack Obama prophecy. Like Mickey said, when me and my bounty hunters have some hot babes on our team, we will be "...the coolest mother fuckers in the world..." I'll make a toast to that right now at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Speaking of F150 pickups. There was a 5.8 physical transfiguration earthquake sign Friday, at 5:42 am, 150 miles west of Eureka, CA. For the 5 wise virgins who understand the OLDSMOBILE meaning to Woody's 42nd movie. According to: