Thursday, June 30, 2016


Some typical looking 35 year-old Trump supporter cut the head off of a typical looking 20 year-old Bernie millennial dude who had raped his girlfriend up in the 1290' area of Grand Rapids, Minnesota; the end of I-35. ~ See: ~ Which broke the day I started watching INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. ~ That is actually about the 1290 days' abomination of desolation in the same Zemple area. ~ [Zebra is zoo slang for mullato.] ~ Reportedly, after clubbing him on his born again REV.13 head with a special 42" Billy Crystal signature collectors baseball bat, he dumped the severed head and body trunk in the woods near that little place on Rt.2 called Ball Club. ~ In the 1984 movie, the bad guys are all members of the stinky elephant party of Mitt Romney, er all. Who got so turned on and excited that a man from Africa was elected El Presedente, that they forgot to ask him if he was an American citizen for sure. ~ Hence the above Steven Speilberg movie opens with a gay musical song&dance number in CHINATOWN, USA; that says, "...anything goes!!. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ANYTHING YOU WANT NOTES: When Trump becomes President, anything goes. ~ Including lower national taxation, national regulation, and national litigation. ~ Eventually, even the 19666 type national rights for mixed race Jewish homogaysexual feminazi marxists are going to be lowered and ameliorated. ~ In other words, if you don't care that my underaged polygamist mormon wife Miley Montana is bi, then you can't stop me from having a bunch of babies with her. ~ You are dead in the water. ~ "I do what I want, when I want to..." Kristen Stewart. ~ PS MISS PIERSON: That time when we were sitting in a train station espresso cafe in France, and an undercover agent tackled some dark skinned man to the floor, demanding to see his papers, is what is going to happen in France, circa October, 2027. ~ You think Brexit was bad? ~ Wait until you see how the French deal with it. ~


Another "...kindhearted person who cared about people." was knocked off of his medicine wheel mountain bike and partially eatin by a big brown nigger metaphore at: ~ Say what you will about the niggers rioting on Wednesday night in WAYNE'S WORLD's Miller Time town in Milwaukee. ~ Stupid white naive fools with blond hair, who ride their bicycles all over west LA like Ed Begley Jr. does, are just begging for it. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: If you are looking for a little Hanna Montana love shack that is even better than that really sweet one that Sandra Bullock already has in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; make an offer on this sick shag pad at: ~ The nice thing about having more than one [HBO BIG LOVE] wife is that in the end of the episode, they usually like to give each other a hand up, and not a hand down. ~ HOWARD JOHNSON NOTES: Mr.Johnson cannot become the leader of London, England until the two witnesses' 1260 days prophecy in REV.11-12-13 is fulfilled. ~ Think NOTTING HILL:II meets FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL:II meets THE FULL MONTY:II. ~ I'm thinking Emma Roberts is the first movie's love child; and then we go from there. ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: All things considered, I might just be your husband's older brother who takes care of all your needs after he dies, metaphysically speaking. ~ And then he comes back to you in an erotic dream like 15 minutes later in the first NFL halftime play period resurrection. ~ Believe me you. ~ If God wants me to fuck you on a regular basis until your actual husband returns, I will do it and not ask any questions. ~ Have faith. Be patient. ~ If you really and truly believe in your heart that Tom Brady is supposed to be your eternal lover husband forever and ever. ~ That's your inspired decision, and not my own private carnal minded macho man decision. ~ I just fuck whoever God tells me to fuck while acting like I AM is her fantasy middle man match-maker actor husband. ~

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


That spectacular Fourth of July fireworks head-on train collision in the Texas panhandle, due north of old Route 666 Conway and Washburn, was confirmation of the heavy-handed iron frying pan that Donald Trump uses to kill the illegal alien Latino dog-meat figure in EATING RAOUL; costarring me fucking a 29ish Keira Knightly behind her boring husband's back. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ [The 1960s legendary Rt.66 parallels today's new and improved I-40.] ~ Yes, it's all true. ~ See every low budget road movie ever made. ~ Trump is the new Reagan, who everyone on the left thought was just a big joke back in 1980. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DANCES WITH WOLVES NOTES: The shootings at DANCE STUDIO 74 in Fort Worth, Texas were about my cowboy persona's first real dialogue acting gig in MERRILY WE DANCE in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ MISTIC RIVER NOTES: Those two phony transsexuals running for office in the two Rocky Mountains states who are both named 'Misty' are a Providential GORILLAS IN THE MIST reference to the new 666 mountain ape beast in SLEEPER, etc. at: . ~ Note the enclosed ugly and fat Rosie O'Donnell look alike at: ~ "Rosie is a deviant." Donald Trump. ~ Dare I say it? ~ You're just another cheap sex transsexual man in a dress if you don't have the balls to get a full Monty sex change operation. ~ You want it?.. You got it.. But you have to earn it. ~

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


That fugitive from social justice who was standing beside MLK JR back in 1963, when the legendary extortionist Democrat Party mob boss laid out his ominous " the check!" policy speech in DC, was arrested the day after the BETs for bouncing a foolish five virgins 5/5k check for Barack Obama 8.8 years ago. ~ Think INGLORIOUS BASTARDS meets THE HATEFULL 8. ~ When he returned ON WINGS AS EAGLES from Arabia in confirmation of the half negro Jewish homosexual on the down low who is the 1290 day [Lewis] abomination of desolation in DANIEL, at: . ~ GSR/TWN ~ MARXISM ON THE DOWN LOW NOTES: Five foolish virgins were killed in Obama's Colored/ado when they got rammed in the REV.9 butt by a gentlemanly negro AMTRAK train on Sunday. ~ "You betchya..." FARGO. ~ PS HILLARY CLINTON: Before it's all over, Bill will be indirectly endorsing Donald Trump on the down low for President in 2016. ~ Think about it. ~ The tall white-as-rice guy from the southern states of America is mostly Jewish; and he does like the younger ladies. ~ BC NOTES: I did not see this one at: ~ Probably because I have not been living in the Western LA area since the extremely optimistic Ronald McDonald Reaganite 1980s. ~ "Throw me a bone for g-d's sake... I need the info." Dr.Evil. ~ Who was born in Brussels. ~

Monday, June 27, 2016


Dude, there is a reason why the 5'5" Baron Brooks looks as 'mahrvelous' as you did back in the SNL 80s era, at: ~ Welcome to the D&C 58 party at the commercially zoned PLAYBOY MANSION real estate investment partnership for physically transfigured swingers. ~ As portrayed in the Felliniesque [ROMA] revellers sceneario in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ I got my eye on you. ~ You sneaky little funny business Jew fuck. ~ Therefore be happy, look like you're having a great time in your old age. ~ What do you got to lose? ~ "I'm only offering it to you baby." Keira Knightley in DOMINO. ~ "Idiot!!" NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, Preston, Idaho. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TRUMP: All of those silly school kids who are laughing at Napoleon Dynamite's Loch Ness monster theories about you being the next Scottish President of America are the same crazy kids in ANNIE HALL meets TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, at: ~ AND: ~


Shortly after those sweating fat negro church choir ladies finished singing at the BETs on street no.777, the right wing of a 777 out of Sing/apore exploded into flames; USA time. ~ Which was headed for Milan, Italy; the last place where we saw Daniel Day Lewis watching his boy walk the catwalk. ~ Any who, this is the medicinal drug's [EZE.10] ON WINGS AS EAGLES cure for America's [REV.12] sodom and Egypt illness in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ "I come to heal the sick, not the well off..." Greg, a.k.a. Craig, Gary, sometimes even Jeff; whatever. ~ Hence the Biblical flooding in the 50/50 state that looks like a giant scrotum with it's penis cut off up in it's MLK JR. county area. ~ Where a place called Romney is located on Rt.50 in Ham/pshire County. ~ Due north of a tiny place on the county's borderline called Rio. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SIENNA: I dreamed that most of the artistically gifted starving artist kids in Seattle's always very lively theater scene didn't like me that much. ~ But after they saw me hanging out with you and your sister too on my vintage 51' sailboat on Lake Union, they experienced a change of heart. ~ It's pretty amazing what people will do just in order to pay the next month's rent. ~ X-MASS NOTES: I know how crazy this all sounds; but in David Lynch's 1989 WILD AT HEART prophecy about me fucking a rather sick-with-child Taylor Swift in Big Tuna, Texas, sometimes everyday really can be Christmas, circa 2016. ~ Not every year of course, some years are better than other years. ~

Sunday, June 26, 2016


The fall of Fallujah represents the fall of the dragon's 666 EU beast and the false prophet's refugees who support it in REV.16:13. ~ Did see that one coming. ~ Come on already! ~ The peoples of the prince in the 70 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9 meets EZE.38 are the dark skinned LAmanite type masses of gog magog who support Barack Obama. ~ And who hate to death Donald Trump and his soon-to-be look alike blond hair-job Prime Minister of England residing at No.10 Downing Street. ~ Both of whom are as Jewish as fucking Tevye, at: . ~ Read a book or two, for g-d's sake. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MICHAEL: Why are you always so hard on me? ~ I'm on your side. "Did I say something?" Mike Myers. ~ PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY NOTES: When today's fascistic enquiring minds who always want to know everyone's business start asking, just say it will be converted into a private health spa retreat. Besides, the property already has a long held license for commercial uses. ~ THE BIG LEWBOWSKI:II NOTES: The nice thing about this old fashioned Hollywood sequel remake taking place on a restored and remade 91' sailboat is that you can make it happen from one International port of call place to another place like it without even breaking continuity. ~ I.e. one minute Brad Pitt and George Clooney are fucking a nice brace of underaged hotties each on their sloop in Santa Cruz, and the next thing you know, they are both doing the same fucking thing on the same restored vintage boat tied up in London. ~ [Sailboats can go anywhere in the world anytime that they want.] ~ Like for instance at: ~ And if not there, how about Biarritz? ~ Close enough, whatever, wherever. ~ The average low-information and distracted pop culture viewer wont even notice it. ~ EXECTUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: For my 57 big ones, I'm gonna need to see a lot of hot young A-list tits and asses in string bikinis on this one. ~ Otherwise, it's a definite no go. ~ Fuck it anyway... I could shoot the entire mother fucking 91 page screenplay adaptation with the too skinny Sienna Miller, and the too fat Dakota Fanning, and yours truly playing the too old Iggy Pop figure in front of the camera; and I'll get Paul Nestor to work it from behind the camera; somewhere on location in San Francisco Bay; for well under 5.7. ~

Saturday, June 25, 2016


I was as surprised as anyone else when I learned that God the Father of Beverly Hills ran a full-page $900 ad in the Post Falls, Idaho area to find me a suitable Hollywood spouse at: ~ The Fourth of July Canyon being right there next to Kingston and all that jazz. ~ Both of which are located at the top of God's amazing Alfred Hitchcock silhouette logo for his 1950-60s television series at: ~ Which itself is topped off by Lookout Pass, Little Joe Mtn. and Illinois Peak. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS VV: Okay, my surefire idea about over-insuring some fashionable old restored brick building in Chicago's downtown club scene was shot down by your real estate investment broker wife. ~ So how about you and the boys get together now and put a couple of big ones down on Trump to win in 2016 with the London bookies? ~ Ever seen that swinging [REV.9] 70s movie about financial fornication called THE STING? At: ~ ~ The one that Robert Shaw didn't want to do. But his wife made him do it anyway. ~ Just like she also made him do FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. ~ And then incredibly, the stiff necked dude also did not want to do JAWS. ~ But it ended up working out pretty damn good for his Hollywood movie acting career. ~ NEW READER NOTES: The capitol Roman letters 'VV' is a 5/5 ten virgins thing.~ 50/50 NOTES: Half of the ending to THE BREAKUP happens at the end of the movie. ~ And the other half of the movie's meaning is explained in the DVD's alternative second-half time ending. ~


The betters in London really took it in their CALVIN KLEIN shorts on Thursday the 23rd. ~ I wonder what their odds are right now on Donald Trump? ~ Hell, even an even-odds 50/50 bet would double your money. ~ Because on the same day I started watching that full moon werewolf movie made down in Clinton, LA in 1972, two sheriff deputies were shot near Luna, LA. ~ And when I finished it off on Thursday, a sheriff's deputy was shot three [woes] times down south of Crown Point, LA. ~ Just like in the above Daniel Day Lewis look alike white horse prophecy movie. ~ Where they shot that 1970s black-exploitation movie ending with the crazy sheriff in the LIVE AND LET DIE James Bond 007 prophecy about a mulatto [black magic voodoo] man riding up to the White House plantation in DC. ~ Which featured all of those prophetic trump cards that could tell the future at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ SODOMITE NOTES: The usual surrealistic and late Roman empire period [Fellini fascism] parade march for the prideful and unrepentant in-step sodomites in REV.9 will happen in Memphis, Egypt, USA on the same day of the BET awards in LA at street number 777. ~ Because MLK JR was shot in his stiff neck by a blond white man's [Brexit] WINCHESTER pub .30 deer rifle at the French named LORAIN MOTEL during a garbage men strike. ~ You discriminate against me, because I AM is white, I discriminate against you, because you are black; yada yada. "...the beat goes on..." SONY AND CHER. ~ You don't take the Bible seriously, I send some stupid white guy with a gun to your stupid lard ass Bible study classes. ~ Take for example that rather short Jesus freak tattoos guy Justin Beiber. ~ Who just got himself a "high ankle sprain" while playing [little guy] wanna be tall negro basketball. ~ In confirmation of the 'legal fiction' that all of the Hollywood movie stars use who support President Obama's officially notarized fake birth certificate fiction in HAIL, CAESAR! at: ~

Friday, June 24, 2016


Joseph Smith said that the banks in England and Canada will remain solvent even after all of the world's major banks start to fail in the last days. ~ Thank g-d that they are now no longer attached at the hip to the financially doomed EU. ~ According to the roughly 50/50 London based ten VIRGIN AIRLINES [frugal budget fliers] vote that forced the polite society PM at 10 Downing Street to invoke the Artical 50/50 clause in the Lisbon Treaty. ~ Oh yeah, something very strange is happening across the Atlantic in the 50/50 states. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SMASH MOUTH NOTES: That backsliding STAR WARS actor from Russia got his fag filled lungs smashed by his own GRAND CHEROKEE in confirmation of the "Broadway smash" being made into a movie by the homogaysexual English director [of Judah and Ephraim] named Laurence Laurenze in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ BET YOUR FAT ASS: I would bet dollars to donuts that there will be some kind of a signs and wonders jackpot at this Sunday's BET show at street number 777 in LA. ~ Given that Trump is going to win really really big time this year. ~ TRUMPET NOTES: Donald Trump's prophetic mormon temple top trumpet is featured on all of those Louisiana jazz quarter coins, at: ~ PS CONAN O'BRIEN: Relax dude, you're a 6'4" tall comedian for God's sake. ~ So you get cut in half by a Texas chainsaw and then your remains get cremated into ashes by the two witnesses' flame throwers in LEP:3 LAS VEGAS meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. ~ Heck, even the casino's owner-operater Donald Trump figure gets electrocuted to death in the little nigger leprechaun guy movie. ~ "Actually, that's not a metaphor; it's a similitude..." to paraphrase Chevy Chase in CADDYSHACK. ~

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Once racism, homophobia, anticommunism, and Old Testament type HBO BIG LOVE polygamy become Constitutionally legal again in America, circa 1776 meets 2016, that huuuge wild and crazy guy Hollywood wrap party that everyone in, [HOTEL CALIFORNIA] is secretly hoping will happen again, circa 1951, will erupt with a feverish and horny hound dog revengeance. ~ There is simply no denying it. ~ The white christian Israelitish peoples of the New World long to breath free. ~ Which is why they left the arrogant and sofficating high society of Victorian England in the first place back in the olden days. ~ And which probably will not happen again until that extremely humbling retro 1980s style AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON prophecy happens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GAME TIME NOTES: My gamey ham actor persona in HAIL, CAESAR is about what happens to the unbaptized somewhere along Hwy.101 in 2016. ~ STARS WARS NOTES: Anton's backsliding CHEROKEE crushed his lungs against that brick mason sign at the bottom of Evergreen Drive hill in Bonney Lake, Washington for the many fag smoker cock-sucker motifs in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ ARTISTIC NOTES: Here is a look at those amazingly inspired national park portraits of the creepy looking white negro with a snake penis in his mouth, at: ~ By the Hand of God, she was convicted in Ornella Fresh's adopted home town of Fresno, California of desecrating America's blatantly unconstitutional national park red rocks just days before the desecration of abomination started his 100th anniversary tour of the same damn places. ~ VIVA LAS VEGAS VIEWER NOTES: This iconic King Elvis movie was about the white racist racism white horse race for the White House in 2016. ~ Where we see that country music AM talk-radio station that is 100% behind Donald Trump right before and up to the finish line. ~ FLASH NOTES: Last week in an old fashion flash camera light bulb vision, g-d showed me that my next project is MOON OF THE WOLF, 1972. So I checked it out on wiki and saw it's 9:26 confirmation of it's 9.26 debut on TV in 1972. Then I saw that the network's movie-of-the-week was shot in Clinton, Louisiana; near a small town called Slaughter. ~ PS WOODY: If the exclusive breaking news gossip reports are true about you having just cast Kate Winslet in your own private version of SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE; we're pretty much even Steven by now. ~

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I 8 IT BACK IN 1980

They were still making rather risky cutting-edge movies about me like AMERICAN GIGIOLO and THE SHINING meets CADDYSHACK when the wife of my youth left me for an older man in Washington County, Oregon. ~ Per all of those crazy Catholic school girl 8-sided baptism font icons in HAIL, CAESAR, at: ~ Wherein 'Curely' gets baptised by the crazy lazy full moon in a baptismal font that was meant for cowboy horses. ~ Then that other person, who is also me, a.k.a THE KING OF THE COWBOYS, starts singing about those lazy full moon [] Mormons who are now too well off and comfortable to take any risks that might upset the apple cart status quo. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NAPOLEON DYNAMITE NOTES: That 8-sided crystal ash tray at the end of the twelve apostles' conference table in HAIL, CAESAR means that there will certainly be a sequel to the original low budget BYU, Twin Falls, Idaho movie about Donal Trump becoming the Scotish Loch Ness Monster class President of America's immature highschool politics in 2016. ~ PLAYBOY CASTLE NOTES: Let's shoot NP:II with an older Paul Nestor look alike photographer played by that mormon Napoleon Dynamite actor from Salem, Oregon who still looks like Paul Nestor, circa 1981. ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: So what. No matter how much I beat you up, you always come back up for air with a smile on your face in the end. ~ It's pretty hard to keep a good man down. ~ PS HILLARY CLINTON: You will never become the President of America in a thousand years. ~ It's just not in the [trump] cards. ~

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Last night in a dream, g-d showed me that the 7 mountains beast in REV.17 is a pathetic suicidal figure. ~ Then he gave me three living examples to consider of persons who have no genuine [THE FULL MONTE] eternal life prospects; Jim Car/rey, Evangeline Lilly, and Bruce Willis. ~ Yes, all three of them will be ressurrected in the flesh and live forever and ever; if you call that living. ~ Later, I understood why that wildcat mountain lion attacked the little guy north of Aspen, Colorado; in the exact area where the star [Kevin COSTCO] of DANCING WITH WOLVES has a sweet spread with his own private trout pond, off of Rt.82. ~ Per Woody Allen's last days prophecy about Ken Kemp and Ken McLeod attending the SCHOOL OF PROPHETS in the wild west wilderness, entitled SLEEPER. ~ Which was the very second movie that I saw in Greenwood, Seattle after returning from my acting gig in ROMA. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 2BC.INFO STUDY NOTES: According to the revealed Word at, many of today's decadent milk chocolate loving [D&C 86] Mormons are going to commit suicide when they find out who the two witnesses are. ~ DC 133 NOTES: According to the many Internet prophets among the lost tribes of Israel, it will only be safe for Sandra Bullock er all to partnership with their real estate investment girlfriends and invest in the PLAYBOY mansion project, etc. etc. Once the real men of northern Israel come forward and elect that tall blond Jew in SHAMPOO, namely Donald Trump, to become their protective President of the real America in 2016. ~ Think MISS CONGENITALLY: II meets HOPE FLOATS:II at some TRUMP CASINO in that repetitive Las Vegas vacation SNL skits sequel starring Chevy Chase, yada yada. ~ Then of course I become the King David person of England with the $104,000,000 cock. ~ STEPFATHER NOTES: Every once in awhile back in Seattle, 1970, my stepfather Leslie Winn would suddenly break out in song and start singing that very same RED ARMY CHOIR number at the end credits of HAIL, CAESRA!

Monday, June 20, 2016


Those giant sized CAVALIERS swordsmen from Cleveland beat the GOLDEN STATE GLOBE TROTTERS for a miraculously historic [never-seen-anything-like-it] sign from g-d about the Cleveland RNC nominee beating whoever San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi will be supporting in the 2016 election. ~ Based upon all of those scenes in HAIL, CAERSAR! that depict George Clooney wearing a sword on his belt. ~ And who eventually gets bitch slapped so hard by yours truly that he decides to vote for Mr. Skank if he knows what's good for him; a.k.a. Donald Trump. ~ Yeah, yeah, Clooney will be doing political ads for Trump by the end of this summer; not officially of course, which is even better. ~ The Jews do like to operate on the down low. ~ It's safer that way, and a lot more fun to boot. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BITCH SLAP NOTES: Here is Sheriff Joe bitch slapping Hillary Clinton by proxy at: ~ I hear it's pretty hot right now in Arizona. ~ PS MEL: That historically priceless PLAYBOY property is probably worth about half of what they are asking for it in practical terms. ~ But I would go ahead and make a realistic offer on it anyway. ~ That is if they agree to let yours truly live there, from time to time, until the end of my physical transfiguration period. ~ Plus, I'll throw in my wife for free on the deal, who loves to cook for me in HAIL, CAESAR! nothing down, for at least two weeks, like at: ~ You make me happy, I make you happy. ~

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Anton Yelchin's nice car slipped into neutral and then slowly backslided down the driveway and pinned him againist his mason brick US Federal mailbox because he looks like a physically transfigured version of Daniel Day Lewis and that guy who is still fucking my French Catholic schoolgirl wife upstairs at: ~ Since James Car/ville is such a backslider too when it comes to communism and homosexuality. ~ Obviously, most people don't give a shit about anything anymore, just as long as they have a sweet ass ride and a couple extra million in the bank. ~ Oh yeah, there is definitely an automobile angle when it comes to global climate change. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Oh ye of little faith. ~ Reportedly, you have begun asking for large donations to counter Hillary Clinton's upcoming measly little pathetic $41,000,000 advertising blitz against you. ~ While I AM myself is on the very verge of granting you over a gazillion bazillion dollars in free prime time publicity. ~ "A million dollars is not that much money anymore..." No.2 in AP:II. ~ PS ANDREW AND SEAN: As your mysterious father who was always lurking behind the dark shadows in Seattle in all of those 1970s era STAR WARS movies, back when your royal Princess mother was still letting me fuck her in Utah; you both are entitled to an inheritance that is worthy of me. ~ HAIL, CAESAR NOTES: The last piece of that Old Faithful Yellowstone gusher puzzle that does not fit in at the end is Barack Obama. ~ Who is not even a US citizen for g-d's sake. ~ And who has been touring the federal parks system this week on their 100th unconstitutional land grab [Teddy Roosevelt] cowboy anniversary. ~ "The federalized national parks system is one of the best things about America." Michael Medved. "The Jews did not kill Jesus!" Michael Medved. ~ "The lost tribes of Israel legends are complete nonsence." Michael Medved. ~ "President Obama was obviously born in Hawaii." Michael Medved.


Get it? ~ Lewis plays the look alike guy upstairs who is still fucking my aging French X wife with the difficult to pronounce first name. ~ I play the look alike Orson Welles widower down on the ground floor. ~ And the two underaged babes whom I am screwing behind their fiancé's back are a little older now. ~ I'm thinking maybe Sienna Miller and Michelle Rodriguez on this one. ~ If not them, then let's offer it to some kind of a combination ensemble like Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan. ~ Think SLEEPLESS IN RIO meets STARTING OUT IN THE EVENING meets AN IRRATIONAL MAN, at: ~ The thing would practically direct itseft. ~ "The top six actresses in Hollywood want this!!" paraphrasing Justin Theroux, the director, in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ Ah fuck it, for goodness sakes. ~ Let's just go with David Lynch anyway. ~ Since the concept is so strange and unbelievable that it might just take the touch of a surrealist genius to make it more believable. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS OBAMA: Climate change is caused by born again fascism and reformed homosexuality. ~

Saturday, June 18, 2016


When James Carville finally resolves his personal sexual identity politics issues and comes out of the closet as a family values married man for Donald Trump; it will all be over in a New York minute for THE NEW YORK TIMES and THE WASHINGTON POST. ~ Wow! Didn't see that one coming did you bitch? ~ Scream and moan all you want my little precious cunts; daddy still knows what's best for you. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HAIL, CAESAR PUBLICITY NOTES: That is Chloe Moretz who plays my obedient wife in the movie. ~ ~ This one is about the spaghetti strings food and fare of Babylon that creates fetters in the Ornella Fresh lasso roping scenes, seen at: ~ You don't care, I don't care. ~ MEET THE MORMONS NOTES: Here is the latest typical Donell Willey type retrograde Utah Mormon apologizing to the REV.11 homosexuals of sodom and Egypt at: ~ When in fact, the butt fuckers should be down on their knees apologizing to us for what they have wrought. ~


The abomination of desolation will be visiting the Mt. Starr King wilderness area in California on Fathers [Flanagan] Day; due west of the DEVILS POSTPILE NATIONAL MONUMENT prophecy. ~ Ergo, that sudden wildfire threatening the Eagle Canyon area off of HWY.101 in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ Where we see that iconic JAWS movie poster rock rising up from the REV.13 ocean at exactly 1:28:13 on my DVD copy. ~ Which also looks like the state of Michigan on my special Scottish edition [1994] RAND McNALLY mapbook of Judha and Ephraim. ~ In a word, if Paul Allen doesn't want it, I'll give it to someone else. ~ Even if I have to replace Justin Theroux in the lead with Brad Pitt in order to get the money. ~ "You can get whatever you want when you drag a [$100,000,000] bill through a trailor park in Arkansas." James Carville; a.k.a. serpent head. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BALD MTN. NOTES: Also located in the scenic Rt.120 park area is Hells Mtn. Wheeler Peak, Crown Point, and Mitt Romney's [Joseph] Smith Peak. ~ PS MITT: More Joseph Smith, less Gordon B Hinckley and Spencer W Kim/ball. ~ Ge it? ~ In other words, more cold and hot and controversial Donald Trump; less warm and fuzzy and non controversial luke warm George W Bush. ~ HAIL, CAESAR POST PRODUCTION NOTES: That is a Paul Nestor photographer person in the movie's opening sequence. ~ Who is taking private French postcard pictures of one of my blond A-list Hollywood wives with a Bonney Lake, Washington Mount Rainer vista on the backdrop. ~ And then years later, the pix get hacked and are shown for everyone to see on the www 666 Internet. ~ PS PAUL NESTOR: By now you certainly have proven to me that you have the kind of rare talent that it takes to handle a full length feature film on video. ~ ~ Maybe I can start you out on one of my lower budgeted union scale pay projects. And let's see if you also have the talent to show up in time every day on set.

Friday, June 17, 2016


It happened because g-d wants my friend Donald Trump to become the next President of the free world; a.k.a North America, including Mexico. ~ And God wants me to become the next [NAPOLEON DYNAMITE] King of England and France, including northern Italy; per ANNIE HALL meets SHAMPOO and PLAY IT AGAIN SAM in all of those expatriot Stanley Ku/brick masonite movies. ~ That is only after 'The Don' casino mob Jew in TAXI DRIVER meets THE KING OF COMEDY receives an official endorsement by Howard Stern on his retro AM/FDR radio days show. ~ Oh yeah, after Trump wins New York and New Jersey it will be all over in the blink of an eye. ~ PER: ~ "I can see you're out of aces..." Kenny Rogers. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HAIL, CAESAR NOTES: My executive secretary in the movie named Natalie looks like Natalie Merchant. ~ ~ Wherein the Jewish Gods of Hollywood hook me up with a hot 29ish Latino babe who talks like Ornella Fresh does in STAR MAPS, 1997, at: ~ Reportedly, this weekend the full moon of the powerful London werewolf surnamed 'Relf' will hook up with my sexy 1987ish Sagittarius wife from Napoli named Donatella Grecco, according to: ~ SECRET MYSTIC PIZZA SAUCE NOTES: Michael assured me recently that it is OK if my undereducated and low information brainwashed wives are FFING some other guy who yours truly also likes as much for now. ~ Just as long as all of them are willing to pay me the full amount in tax free off shore ransom cash money for your sins, as manifested in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS, yada, yada... ~ Works for me. ~ For example, in that inspired prophetic Hollywood financed English art film called AN EDUCATION, which was about my underaged vigirn wife Carey Mulligan sucking on my cock in [LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II], etc. Suddenly everything becomes as crystal clear as a coastal cutthroat trout stream on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, at: ~ PS HOWARD STERN: The fate of the entire free world and western civilization now rests in your hands.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


That zombie cunt code named Jo Cox was just Christianed with a head-shot to the FACEBOOK because it says that this is what is going to happen in the last days at the end of the SEAN OF THE DEAD prophecy, at: ~ In confirmation of today's COX NEWS piece that equally equates white rightwing nazi killers who live on the fringe of society with polite society mainstream [Mormon] religion marxist Muslim extremists with soft skinned Nazi sympathies. ~ Hence, this week they found 75 sailor dogs roaming around freely on the ground floor of some filthy house of northern Israel in the Rt.29 Anchor Bay area north of Mitt Romney's Detroit, Michigan. ~ Acting as if they owned the place. ~ Which represented the anchor set Hollywood studio design of that gay sailors bar in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MS O: You do know that you are that crazy fat negro lady who sings the blues in THE BIG N.O. scene in WILD AT HEART? ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: I want that same gal who directed LAGGIES to direct the $57,000,000 remake of SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. ~ Perhaps I didn't make myself that clear the last time. ~ Personally, I would go with Justin Theroux in the more timely and edgy manly man lead update. ~ We don't want it to be just another remake of the same old, same old, rehashed 1990s era movie all over again, and again. ~ In a word, I want to see a lot more barely legal teenage girls in bikinis fucking and sucking a couple of cool older guys on some really interesting looking vintage 1930s period piece sailboat. ~ Think me and Ken Keisler went on vacation to Napoli, Italy back in the 80s. ~ ~ Only this time we give Donnatela Grecco and her 29ish looking sisters a much better time for their money. ~ Don't laugh. ~ Even Daniel Day Lewis wants to make a remake of his Fellini flop remake sequal entitled NINE. ~ Who looks exactly like the Hemmingway man who replaced me as the husband of my French exwife cunt in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II HAVANA.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


That 'little guy' who was kidnapped by an alligator at the GRAND FLORIDIAN represented the alligator briefcase full of ransom cash for the little guy marxist concept in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ Since his Graves family is from the Boys Town area of Omaha; for the Father Flanagan values promoted in the movie at: ~ As just confirmed by the 4x4 wreck that killed the college president in the Coens' Jewish Brooklyn neighborhood of the twin cities at: ~ Note the Marxist single red rose reference surname. ~ In other words, America's acceptance of homosexually is a direct threat to the innocent little men of Boys Town, USA. ~ And what happened at PULSE was just a free sample [COSTCO] tasting of what comes next. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NEVE: That sudden 4-lane sinkhole in the northern CAPITOL STUDIOS of Canada is the pit of captivity that has been prepared for those who led us into the REV.13 type tyranny of Barack Obama. ~ ANNIE HALL NOTES: The prophetic meaning of Donald Trumps' June 14, 2016 birthday is introduced in the film's elementary classroom full of little guys. ~ Eventually, the mysterious "Mr.Skank" person at the end of HAIL,CAESAR is going to figure out why g-d keeps letting America bleed. ~ ~ What? You want to deny the well organized militia assault rifle rights of the US Constitution to Americans who are on some kind of an Orwellian "watch list" created by negros, homosexuals, and Jewish communists? ~ Good luck with that one. ~ Everyone knows anyway that Obama is not even a fact-checked US Citizen. ~ PS FACEBOOK: Looks like it's high time to clean house, starting at the top. ~ A fish always rots from the head [face] down. ~ So you might as well kick in your last 10% now for my next 1000 movie fantasies. ~ Before your company's start-up stock is only worth like about $1 per share. ~ RUMOR HAS IT NOTES: Anonymous sour/ces are now saying that the NYT's stock value is quickly approaching the one buck figure. ~


The girl of my many 29 year-old wives dreams showed up at that NETFLIX event at Monday's 1951 era PARAMOUNT theater in Hollywood for HAIL, CAESAR's basic idea about putting moral Catholic/Jewish values back into popular entertainment, at: ~ What? You still don't believe in the Old Testament's teachings about having 7 wives per guy in ISAIAH 4:1? ~ "Then there is no pleasing you... Dutch hater!!" AP:III: GOLDMEMBER. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JUNE 14 NOTES: Donald Trump, the next President of America according to the 70s era ANNIE HALL Brooklyn, NY Jew prophecy, turned 70 on the same damn day that a 7' alligator grabbed that 2 year-old toddler at DISNEY WORLD's fancy hotel resort and golf club on "outdoor movie night". ~ Per HAIL, CAESAR!'s many 1951 period DISNEY movies. ~ ~ The Seven Seas Lagoon setting being about the SWINGING DINGHY musical number for gay ass sailers in tigh white pants in the picture at about 50:50 minutes into it. ~ Where the scenario's bar keeper is played by Rush Limbaugh; with a big brown Cuban "slow burn" cigar in his mouth. ~ PS DONELL WILLEY: I got my eye on you. ~ One more screw up and you are fired. ~ And don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. ~

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Just like at today's fancy pants Donald Trump type White House country club for the Orange County, CADDYSHACK, Florida golfers of sodom and Egypt in DC, most of the debauchery and letching takes place in the bathrooms of these gay establishments like PULSE. ~ Where only one lone wolf shooter was allowed by g-d to kill about 50 foolish [united states] virgins; as if he was shooting ducks trapped in a rain barrel; one by one. ~ While he meticulously walked by the toilet stalls that were packed in like dark smoked skin sardines and fired his powerful AR-15 right through the doors. ~ ~ No wonder noboby was able to tackle him from the side or from behind. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD: I like where you're at right now. ~ That said, I do have a few notes. ~ PS MEL: I also like where you are at right now. ~ My only note to you would be, "...keep on doing what you are doing." until further notice. ~ ~ PS GOV. CUOMO: Two virgin boys, 6 & 9, were swept over those 70' high falls on the same damn Catholic Sunday in INDIANA JONES and the KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL because of your decadent support of sodom and Egypt, at: ~ Note the local Rt.70 Hunt, NY landmark context. ~ BIG WOW NOTES: The star of KILLING THEM SOFTLY was gay, at: ~ Tell me something I don't know. ~ AND: ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: That overaged kidnapped star of CAPITOL STUDIOS' 1951 HAIL, CAESAR picture was taken to your own private deluxe Malibu Beach house in the future NEPTUNE THEATER movie. Hence the 100 big Lebowski bills ransom note from that creepy guy with the double-lense FDR era flash vision BROWNIE camera paps for his GSR/TWN newsletter publication. ~ Which is the exact same camera that my flyfishing buddy Ken McLeod always used back in the day. ~

Monday, June 13, 2016


Miley Cyrus was papped exiting New York at JFK Friday night wearing her trademark gay rainbow brand on an all black outfit. ~ ~ Which represents the traditional color of death and mourning. ~ ~ And all of those silly characters on her tote bag represented the 50 or so kids who got FACEBOOKED the next night, at: ~ ~ Then at the prophetically gay [DAN 9, 70 weeks] TONY AWARDS, some negro homosexual musical called HAMILTON won 11 trophies for best REV.11 sodom and Egypt period piece stage play. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS TRUMP: As your top advisor; my advise would be go see HAMILTON A.S.A.P. That way you get papped exiting the theater and everybody will think that you love the niggers and the queers. ~ ~ HAIL, CAESAR NOTES: That bonded 29ish looking fat spy figure hooks up with Scarlett Johansson at the end of HAIL, CAESAR; after he convinces her enough times that he is some kind of a secrect P.I. James Bond persona. ~ ~ Note the official notery seal that he puts on my sidekicks' frauduland birth place copy-machine duplicate documents from Hawaii. ~ ~ This 'Hollywood Golden Era' movie probably played at the INTERNALIONAL BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL for a Providential reason. Where the best film always wins the GOLDEN BEAR; going back to 1951. ~ ~ And Bernie Sanders comes out of Berlin, Vermont, yada yada. ~ ~ HAMILTON NOTES: Here's the latest one about two people getting killed in a small plane crash in Miley Cyrus' Hamilton County, Tennessee, at: ~ ~ Fuck yes!! How could even I not see this one coming ??!! ~ ~ Smiley is meant to star in a major Broadway musical!! ~ ~ Personally, I would love to see something along the lines of 1951's ROYAL WEDDING, or JANIS JOPLIN:THE MUSICAL. ~ ~ Just as long as it is something that has never been done before. ~ ~ Think SHAMPOO meets HAIR, circa 1968 and 2008. ~ ~ "I was such a fool..." says Frankie in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 1976, BYU, Provo, Utah. ~ ~ PS EMMA WATSON: I like you very much. I just don't like the current crowd that you are hanging out with. ~ ~ More Kristen Stewart, less Barbara Streisand; "Never trust anyone who looks over 30 years-old." is what I always say, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~

Sunday, June 12, 2016


I found HAIL, CAESAR at WALMART just in time for it's 27 year-old St.Petersburg FACEBOOK killer confirmation. ~ ~ Ergo, all of today's unrepentant Jewish Marxist atheist theives, and their running dog IRS extortionists, who still believe that robbing Peter to pay Paul is the only moral thing to do, are going to be hung up on the cross of Jesus and crucified. ~ ~ Given it's pre Bernie Sanders' communist party [David Letterman look alike] themes with running '27' hours confessional both motifs. ~ ~ Which ends in 1951's ROYAL WEDDING gay musicals period with the devout St.Peters Square pants Catholic studio fixer saying that he must now call their man who has a bad name in New York, a.k.a. Donald Trump. ~ ~ Neither of whom where anywhere to be heard on the national NPR/FDR radio political [CAPITOL STUDIOS] radar when those two [JEWS FOR JESUS] Coen brothers' movie went into principle photography on 11.10.14. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOLID GOLD TOILET NOTES: The above 'Hollywood Golden Age' film is about DISNEY's Orlando location. The name Orlando means 'Land of Gold' etc. See the classic 1951ish movie theater look in THE BLOB, etc. at: ~ ~ DEATHWISH NOTES: Some 17 year-old kid from Oklahoma, named Travor Brown, just dug his own grave on the sandy REV.13 shores of Florida, according to: ~ ~ DOGGIE STYLE SAILOR NOTES: My legendary SAILOR DOG persona at the end causes that Florida alligator hide thin cigar box full of cash to sink into the REV.13 King Neptune [Seattle theater] seas off of Paul Allen and Mel Gibson's own private Malibu. ~ ~ Obviously, 100k in cold cash doesn't buy that much for me these days. ~ ~ Tack on at least another three big zeros to the up-front and back-side of the deal, and maybe we let you hang out with me and my underaged girlfriends on the bow of my vintage John Wayne 1951 yatch in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE:II. ~ ~ Get real. I can only fuck so many young, pretty and rich girls during the course of a day. ~ ~ Sooner or later, I'm gonna need some help with it. ~ ~ Any volunteers out there? ~ ~ LANDMARK THEATER NOTES: According to Rush Limbaugh, the best domestic made expatriot Cuban cigars come from St.Petersburg, Florida. ~ ~ THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO NOTES: Reportedly, that JACKIE BROWN AK-47 style scenario that just went down at that gay ass Republican Party PULSE ORLANDO deathtrap disco happened on "Latino Flavor" night. ~ ~ Go figure; we already know how much Donald Trump hates Latinos. And Marco Rubio pretty much owns the entire central Orlanda, Florida area's political establishment. ~ ~ PS MITT: So what. You are obviously that phoney father figure with only a "haircut" in that Woody Allen movie. ~ ~ We all have our crosses to bare. ~ ~ "I say tomateo, you say tomato..."

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Princess Christina got shot at a BEFORE YOU EXIT concert in her pretty little foolish girl FACEBOOK head at Hanna Montana's DISNEY Orlando, Florida before the BREXIT IT vote on the 23rd happens in London for a reason. ~ ~ Her being so semi famous for her superb song and dance covers of Miley Cyrus' greatest dizzy girl hits. ~ ~ Furthermore, the VOICE of God message took place at the PLAZA for a Providential TRUMP PLAZA prophecy, circa 2016. ~ ~ On the same damn day that the S&P 500 closed down 19.41, LA alien UFO invasion time. ~ ~ And there was a royal sire us number earthquake orgasm omen near the royal Coachelle trout fly map location at exactly 1:04 am Picasso time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MITT: What is so wrong with a little bit of racism? Just as long as it's not hateful or discriminatory. ~ ~ Obviously, you have probably never even spent one hour of real life hang time with the bros. ~ ~ Jesus dude. Do you not realize how naive and lilly white you sound when you read your owe quotes in the con-text of the liberal Jewish aethist media? ~ ~ Believe it not, there are a few other sacred books out there besides the so called 'New Testament'. ~ ~ LATE NIGHT NOTES: Johnny Carson's "mahvelious" looking Scottish Ed McMahon sidekick who always introduced me during the Reaganite 1980s was a Donald Trump forerunner figure, at: ~ ~ "HERE... COMES...JOHNNY!!" Jack Nicholson in the fancy hotel resort in THE SHINNING; costarring my crazy Mt. Hood, Oregon wife code named Carey Mulligan. ~ ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: I like my salt&peppered eggs over easy, circa DARK PASSAGE meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM, San Francisco style, 2016. ~ ~ PS OLD FASHION AM CBS RADIO: More biased news reports in favor of Donald trump; less biased anti white American attitude propaganda in favor of Hillary Clinton. ~ The great big pitty party politics of 21ist century fascism is over. ~ ~

Friday, June 10, 2016


Lots of really unattractive geriatric people in hospital medicine wheelchairs will be attending the public viewing phase of Mr.Clay's funeral parade in Louisville, Kentucky today. ~ ~ The kind who would always vote for some non threatening status quo politician like Hillary Clinton. ~ ~ And never for some upstart 51' sailboat-rocking rebel like Bernie Sanders; if you get my drift. ~ ~ Which will be taking place directly across the state lines of Indiana, where the Falling Run [DAN.12] River prophecy runs along Rt.111; located in Floyd [Patterson] County, north of Harrison [Ford] County. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MS MONTANA: In my own private 1951 ROYAL WEDDING prophecy, you and I declare our love for each other and decide to get married at about 43:30 minites into it. ~ ~ While the hauntingly prophetic Scottish bagpipes of Donald Trump's inaugural festivities in Wash. DC 2017 march by below our fancy hotel honeymoon suite windows at: ~ ~ Think THE YOUNG VICTORIA meets whatever Woody Allen's 2017 series is all about, at: ~ ~ Wherein Fred Astaire offers to square the debt that Woody Allen still owes me in SCOOP meets MATCH POINT. ~ ~ Whatever, personally BLUE JASMINE is still my favorite post 2000 Woody Allen movie. ~ ~ PS NPR RADIO: During your next AREA CODE 310 fund raiser, I'll ask my friend Donald Trump to kick in a couple of free money big ones for you on the nothing down now - small payments later - installment plan. ~ ~ I.e. you still will not have to say a thing about Barack Obama's use of a stolen Social Security number and a fake birth certificate for now. ~ ~ That will come later. ~ ~ All is well that ends well. ~ ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ Think of it as Donald Trump having a little fun with Hillary Clinton getting paid millions for mutual long term PR reasons; just for the shits and giggles, hint hint, wink wink.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Two of those seriously injured Saint Andrews church sponsored [PEE WEE HERMAN virgin] bicyclers in the 5500 block of Cooper, Michigan were taken to the BRONSON HOSPITAL after they were mowed down by a 50/50 year-old guy named Charles. ~ ~ In confirmation of my posting about Charles Bronson type revenge films; such as DEATH WISH, 1974 and DEATH WISH:II. ~ ~ "Choose your poison..." Professor Phillip Spartano, BYU, 1974; regarding my Catholic TOUR DE FRANCE exwife. ~ ~ The last time I saw Bronson, I was walking along the sidewalk as he was driving out of the basement garage of his Redondo Beach condo. ~ ~ Oddly enough, he recognized me before I recognized him. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Laurence Pierson rather liked the idea of having Neve Campbell for a future soul sister wife. ~ ~ Then later I read about that huge muddy 4-lanes wide sink hole opening up nextdoor to the capitol of Canada. And that Neve was so glad that there are not any politicians in Canada like Donald Trump. ~ ~ Probably because she got so freaked out by her look alike opera singer sister who fainted on stage in the midnight AM radio anti-reds temple curtains of satan in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ PS MS CAMPBELL: It goes without saying that you had the very sexy fit and trim body of a 29 year-old in the above erotic dream scenario. ~ ~ Ergo, when you look at yourself in the full length mirror these days, just ignore it. ~ ~ Think BLAME IT ON RIO's upcoming crazy Greek summer nights games that will be about me and you hanging out on Adriana Lima's yacht. ~ ~

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Colonel Sanders' anticapitalist weathermen storm troopers, who love the original spicy recipe for his 1960s take-out buckets full of fried chicken, are now going to be attacking the third wayer prince in DANIEL from every direction on their R/M compass map lines. ~ ~ And nobody will be able to come to his defence; not even crooked Hillary er all. ~ ~ Who has already taken sides with all of those aging marxist niggers in Oakland, California who still hate the capitalist pig cops in THE GRADUATE meets SHAMPOO. ~ ~ So it is written. ~ ~ So shall it be. ~ ~ "And even Austin Powers can't stop me." AP III: GOLDMEMBER. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MATCH POINT NOTES: Banning some legally blond Russian tennis player celebrity for two years is as ridiculous as saying that Obama's birth certificate is a doped up fakery. ~ ~ OH MY GOD!!... Somebody got caught cheating!! ~ ~ Stop the presses!! ~ ~ PS MS MONTANA: Don't stop now. ~ ~ Daddy wants you to keep sucking on it. ~ ~ PS MEL: So far, so good. ~ ~ However, now it's high time for you to step up and take responsibly for all of those hot young co-stars who you were fucking on the side in your production movie trailers in the 80s and 90s. ~ ~ While you were still married to that apostate religion Church of England cunt who is surely going to hell because she is not a real Mormon Catholic like Glenn Beck is, er all. ~ ~ Be very careful. ~ ~ There are a lot of selfish women out there who want to be married to you and your money; just as long as you get rid of your girlfriends. ~ ~ More Jodie Foster, Britney Spears, and Kristen Stewart; less Julia Roberts and Debra Messing. ~ ~


They reopened the African gorilla zoo in Ohio with a new and improved Donald Trump type barrier [wall], that is now 42" higher, on the same day that Hillary Clinton officially declared herself by super-fiat delegation to be the Democrat Party's follow up to the man-with-a-tan who was born in Africa. ~ ~ Then later that same day, 5 foolish medicine-wheel peddling virgins were killed by a beer drinking pickup truck man in the 5500 block north of Kalama/zoo, Michigan. ~ ~ Which is the same state that looks like the great [5 lakes] white shark in JAWS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LA STORY NOTES: Don't ask me why. But there are two separate places on my RM map called Westwood that are located near the 5 bicyclers omen; next to Dickinson Field Park. To the west is Twin Lakes; which may have something to do with FBI Agent Cooper in the new TWIN PEAKS series that will be coming out on SHOWTIME in the same year that Trump becomes President. ~ ~ Per that muted trumpet in MULHOLLAND DR. etc. ~ ~ CRYSTAL SKULL STUFF: They filmed the jungle scenes for INDIANA JONES: 4 in Hawaii; probably where they also shot JURASSIC PARK, at: ~ ~ PS BERNIE: You are my sidekick's little virgin Jew boy bitch. ~ ~ If you were a real grown up white man, you would be meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday. And not with my African American monkey sidekick in all of those 1930-40s Hollywood made Tarzan movies that end with trumpeting stampeding elephants. ~ ~ Dude, more Jerry Lewis, less Larry David. ~ ~

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


In the last days everything will be revealed. ~ ~ Everyone will be forced by the Hand of God to come out of the closet. ~ ~ Everything and everybody who is hiding underneath a wig and masked makeup costume of some sort will be stripped naked and washed clean. ~ ~ Per that shower scrubbing scene in INDIANA JONES and the KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL; after Jonesy gets exposed to an atomic bomb explosion at about 21:... minutes into it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IT IS WHAT IT IS NOTES: The inspirational geniusness behind BOOGIE NIGHTS' porno prophecy was the protagonist's naive honesty.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Hillary Clinton is the primary prophetic [REV.17] reason why a charming evil woman should never become the follow up president of America to a strange looking mulatto homosexual [Dark leathery skinned E.T. child with penis breath.] alien who was born in Africa. ~ ~ And all of her crazy [REV.17] female supporters, who have swallowed it LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS are the [Modernist] reason why it was such a huge mistake to give Madonna er all the right to vote for [THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964] during the Protestant prohibition period. ~ ~ Don't laugh. ~ ~ Who do you think that Monica Lewdwinski will be voting for in 2016? ~ ~ Not to mention Colonel Bernie Sanders, at: ~ ~ You know that nothing good will come out of it when the men in pickup trucks are no longer allowed to drink a couple of couple beers by their wives and have more than one wife. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SAD NOTES: When they finally man up and decide to make me the King David of England in the last days; me and the boys are going to have to invade London, England JACKIE BROWN style and "... absolutely kill every mother fucker in the room." with our Russian made AK-47s. ~ ~ Then it's on to France and northern Italy. ~ ~ FINALS NOTES: Finally, for Christ's sake, I got the word from above to see 2009's INGLORIOUS BASTARDS prophecy about Donald Trump becoming elected President of America in 2016. ~ ~ I do like a rather satisfying 1970s style revenge movie every once in awhile. ~ ~ Think Bernie Sander's supporters show up in 1776 Philadelphia; where they made that simple minded superfical Tom Hanks HIV-AIDS movie about the scorpion butt fucker stingers in REV.9.


Dan Aykrod called 911 yesterday in 1941's AREA CODE 310 because his stomach became so painfully bitter after he ate that little sweet-ass-honey book in REV.10. ~ ~ Which was the same small GSR/TWN decoder note book that Hitler autographed for Indiana Jones in Berlin, Germany, [think Vermont]. ~ ~ Therefore, Aykrod's crystal skull vodka from Canada came out in the same year that the abomination of desolation in DANIEL was made the president of America during the 1290 days era of the two witnesses. ~ ~ According to: ~ ~ In other words, Dr.Evil's strange looking dark skinned aliens at have now taken over the New Jerusalem. Even the same native American BM darkies who regularly show up at Donald Trump's anti illegal alien rallies and start rioting. ~ ~ CUE: ~ ~ Obviously, Spielberg's REV.13 crystal skulls adventure down in BM country was a physical transfiguration prophecy about certain older men who still got it; like Mel Gibson and Jeff Goldblum. ~ ~ "Would it be bragging if I said that I don't need VIAGRA?" Larry King, 2008. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRYSTAL SKULL NOTES: The legacy of the fake 13 crystal skulls' [fake birth certification] origins rolled out around the same time that Bernie Sanders' Jewish Karl Marx forerunner in London was trying to counterfeit the Kingdom of God, at: ~ ~ This being the satanic REV.12 accuser and his political partner wife in ROSEMARY'S BABY. Who wants to make everybody equal by force of law. ~ ~ Which is the original 1941ish Germanic Hebrew mark of the 666 beast on the [FACEBOOK] face of today's new and improved, and always being updated, beast in REV.13. ~ ~ Those fake 13 crystal skulls were actually made in pre Nazi [ISAIAH 11:1] Germany, yada yada. ~ ~ Which at the time was about 60% Ephraimite, and 40% Judah. ~ ~ MUD RACE NOTES: Jesus the everloving and tolerant Jew, all full of grace, often healed the blind white trailor trash people in VEGAS VACATION, etc. after rubbing dirty brown river mud into their eyes. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ CHRISTMAS VACATION:2 NOTES: Hell why not? Think Christmas season 2016. ~ ~ Maybe there is something afterall to Randy Quaid's "Hollywood Star Wacker" conspiracy theories. ~ ~ SEE IT AT: ~ ~

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Taylor Swift's new hot FFing INSTAGRAM three-way is meant to encourage the likes of James Caan er all to embrace the love of Jesus, at: ~ ~ Remember, his critically acclaimed reactionary 1984 movie entitled MISERY was shot in California-for-Colorado during the snowy 1989 Christmas to New Year's season, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~


1941 ends with Emily Dickinson's poetic prophecy about the abomination of desolation's rising yellow sun Japanese looking campaign logo in 2008 at: ~ ~ Wherein the noisy peoples of the dark prince riot in 2016. And the vision of President George Albert Smith says that the shit will blow up during Christmas season; i.e. after the November election, and before the new year's inauguration. ~ ~ Per that robobabe bomb in THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME that sets yours truly free to do whatever I want with my many wives. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JAP NOTES: Debra Mess/ing er all showed up at a women's event for wives who enable their husbands' sex crimes, etc. sponsored by Hillary Clinton. ~ ~ No, really. ~ ~ No wonder the country is in such a mess. ~ ~ NOTABLE QUOTES: "For my own true beloved [princess] DIANE who taught me that wholesomeness and happiness need not be boring [monogamist sex]. " Michael Medved, HOLLYWOOD VS. AMERICA. ~ ~ "Here it comes again!." at the end of the legally blond Donald Trump ending to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, circa 1976. ~ ~ When the man with the blond duck hair job suddenly takes over everthing. ~ ~ "I eat more chicken than Colonel [Bernie] Sanders." Elvis Presley, a.k.a. The King. ~ ~ "Always follow the Holy Spirit." President Monson; his two LDS church counselors; their 12 RLDS Apostles; Pope Francis, Mel Gibson, the Dali Lama, John Lenin... "By their fruitiness ye shall know them." ~ ~ "California is the land of fruits and nuts." ~ ~ No, really, I mean it now. ~ ~ How could Donald Trump not possibly be elected the next President of the Golden Bear State? ~ ~ Where the young girls are so pretty, and the older men are so rich and still "...look marhvelous!" ~ ~

Saturday, June 4, 2016


When Cassius Clay began shouting "I AM THE GREATEST!!" my unimpressed stepfather Leslie Winn looked over at me and said, without a drop of emotion or hate; "Typical nigger..." ~ ~ Now all these years later, I realize that Mr. Clay's surnamed was a powerful Providential reference to the clay feet of the size 17 NIKE sports type Babylon giants in DANIEL 2, and MOSES 7&8. ~ ~ And of course, his inspired words about being, "...the prettiest thing that ever lived." were absolutely about the pretty tansgender woman in REV.17. ~ ~ Ergo, only a few years later he felt impressed by God to change his name to Moham/mad. ~ ~ For a prophetic confirmation of the prophecy in REV.13 that states that those who tried to put the white folks into captivity will go back into captivity themselves. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NIKE NOTES: Nike means victory in Greek. ~ ~ 1964 NOTES: Clay beat the 'smelly big brown bear' in 1964 for a confirmation of the political madness that led us to the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ ~ Think SEMI-PRO meets GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER in THE WOMAN IN RED.

Friday, June 3, 2016


The naive white society fools in 1941 realize at around 1:48:.. that they are shooting at one of our own. So they turn their guns around and start shooting at the real enemy in Michael Medved's special 1260 days edition bestseller entitled HOLLYWOOD VS. AMERICA. ~ ~ Then that fake plastic Moses idol crashes down in front of a neon USO sign that says, 'UNCLE SANTA HAS GONE TO WAR'. ~ ~ Of course, the bodies laying on the street for 3 1/3 hours at the end of the Hollywood movie's rioting scenes are supposed to represent the two witnesses in REV.11. ~ ~ Yada, yada. ~ ~ You can't make an entertaining movie that packs them in without using a little bit of dramatic license in the 3rd act. ~ ~ Wherein the darker skinned anti American latino zoot suiters rumble with the more white pro American men in uniform; like they just did at that Trump rally in San Jose, circa 2016. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~


God the Father figure in 1941 tells the beautiful blond REV.17 daughter of Mother Lady Gaga that sometimes a girl needs to be naughty and FF some lonely guy at the USO ball for the good of all. ~ ~ Even if she does not particularly like him for now. ~ ~ Hell, what's it gonna matter 37 years from now? ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ Back when Laurence left me in 1979, I thought that it was the end of the world. ~ ~ Now I feel like Austin Powers at the beginning of THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME; seen dancing naked and sipping on free cocktails throughout the fancy pants lobby of a deluxe [DC 58 feast] TRUMP hotel and casino royale. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Thursday, June 2, 2016


I had already decided to see Spielberg's prophecy about Trump's surprise Nazi submarine invasion of California that had driven everybody into a mad panic; entitled 1941. ~ ~ When all of a sudden those news reports started to roll out prematurely about a THUNDERBIRD crashing at Obama's graduation speech in Colored/ado; a navy BLUE ANGEL jet crashing in Tenn; and those US ARMY soilders being washed away in Fort Hood, Texas by yet more Biblical REV.12 flooding, somewhere near a little place called Bruceville-Eddy. ~ ~ This being the 1979 movie's JAWS opening about the beast attacking the rich REV.17 lady in pearls who gets off on her B-17 throatle stick. ~ ~ Then the panicked Hillary Clintin ladies standing next to the two witnesses' radio broadcast cry out, "They bombed [Obama's] Pearl Harbor!!.. Now they're gonna come here!!" Like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ X-MASS NOTES: 1941 takes place in liberal Hollywood, circa 2016. Per the movie's many vintage WWII planes that have the painted up Jezebel whore faces of the great white shark. ~ ~ And their wings and bodies are tattooed all over with the famous white star logo of today's Seattle based STARBUCKS. ~ ~ JAP NOTES: In 1941, J.A.P. means screaming 'Jewish American Princesses'. ~ ~ Like when the civil war in REV.16 breaks out in 2016 at the CRYSTAL BALLROOM during X-Mass season. Wherein the Army brown shirts from Orange County go at it with the navy blue uniform sailors from the Gay Area. ~ ~ INSANE NOTES: The so obvious looking white christian Republican Party General in the above Stanley Kubrick homage to IT'S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD says that California is in a "...state of insanity." ~ ~ GOSSIPY NOTES: In the 1941 prophecy about the first beast, who miraculously transforms into the new and improved and more civilized democratic fascism beast, the prophetic mother Mrs.Douglas is now living in today's Area Code 310. And she looks a lot like Lady Gaga, circa 2017. ~ ~ DUMBO NOTES: Arnold Schwarzenegger got charged by that [Donald] trumpeting bull elephant in all of my FDR era TARZAN adventure movies because he needs it. ~ ~


Those Jew fuck lawyers who are suing Donald Trump before a currupt third world banana republic Mexicano judge in Cohen v. Trump are going to make it all happen for him for free for sure this time. ~ ~ Make no mistake about it. ~ ~ This is the same hardass sell that is finally going to close the big deal in 2016; with almost nothing down and no payments due until January 20, 2017. ~ ~ When everyone is forced to go back to school and start doing their overdue homework in the GREASE:2 bomb shelter prophecy; circa 1982, California. ~ ~ You Jew me, I Jew you too... "I know you are, but what am I ?" Pee Wee Herman. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: Last night I dreamed that you got mad at me because I had promised to take your friend Joey fly fishing. ~ ~ Whereupon I assured you that we weren't going out until next Monday morning at 7:00 am, not last Monday. Since the beaver pond and creek trout season only opened in Washington State just this last weekend. ~ ~ As I tried not to stare at your sweet 29ish looking cone shaped tits, like at: ~ ~ Call me a pervert, whatever. ~ ~ But whenever you really get mad at me it just makes me all the more horney to spank you in the ass. ~ ~ PS MEL: Here's the deal. ~ ~ Heff gets to live at your newly purchased PLAYBOY vampire blood-cleansing castle real estate investment property in BRIDES OF DRACULA until the day he dies. If you also get to live there until you die and are translated at the end of your physically transfigurated life. ~ ~ "It will be worth it." Jesus Christ, at ~ ~

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


"Everyone loves the big monkey..." said Dino De Laurentiis. Who himself produced this remarkable remake sequel of it shortly after Laurence left me at: ~ ~ Following up on his prophetic two witnesses 911 forerunner movie about it that featured those two tall towers of Judah and Ephraim in NYC when I was still shackled to her in 1976, at: ~ ~ Therefore, that big African monkey who was shot at the Cincinnati, Ohio zoo of George Clooney was aping that giant no.31 [JERAMIAH 31] negro who was shot dead in Dallas on the same day at: ~ ~ And for a second witness, 69 people were killed in Barack Obama's Chicago on the same weekend; most of them African Americans. ~ ~ Remember, the murder rate statistics in America are about the same in England. ~ ~ That is if you leave out the African Caribbean negro immigrant factor; legal or otherwise. And you compare only oranges with oranges, and not greenish apples with greenish oranges. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRESSED DUCK L'ORANGE HAIR TIPS: In the 007 [1985] prophecy entitled A VIEW TO A KILL... Today's Donald duck hair job figure at the Scottish castle PLAYBOY mansion orgy in SHAMPOO meets EATING RAOUL wins the state of California in the general election, circa 2016. ~ ~ I mean think about it. After having a well known homosexual half Jew for a fake president for the past crazy-8 years, who wants to have another old lesbian President from Chicago for the next 8 years? ~ ~