Monday, June 20, 2016


Those giant sized CAVALIERS swordsmen from Cleveland beat the GOLDEN STATE GLOBE TROTTERS for a miraculously historic [never-seen-anything-like-it] sign from g-d about the Cleveland RNC nominee beating whoever San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi will be supporting in the 2016 election. ~ Based upon all of those scenes in HAIL, CAERSAR! that depict George Clooney wearing a sword on his belt. ~ And who eventually gets bitch slapped so hard by yours truly that he decides to vote for Mr. Skank if he knows what's good for him; a.k.a. Donald Trump. ~ Yeah, yeah, Clooney will be doing political ads for Trump by the end of this summer; not officially of course, which is even better. ~ The Jews do like to operate on the down low. ~ It's safer that way, and a lot more fun to boot. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BITCH SLAP NOTES: Here is Sheriff Joe bitch slapping Hillary Clinton by proxy at: ~ I hear it's pretty hot right now in Arizona. ~ PS MEL: That historically priceless PLAYBOY property is probably worth about half of what they are asking for it in practical terms. ~ But I would go ahead and make a realistic offer on it anyway. ~ That is if they agree to let yours truly live there, from time to time, until the end of my physical transfiguration period. ~ Plus, I'll throw in my wife for free on the deal, who loves to cook for me in HAIL, CAESAR! nothing down, for at least two weeks, like at: ~ You make me happy, I make you happy. ~

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