Sunday, June 12, 2016


I found HAIL, CAESAR at WALMART just in time for it's 27 year-old St.Petersburg FACEBOOK killer confirmation. ~ ~ Ergo, all of today's unrepentant Jewish Marxist atheist theives, and their running dog IRS extortionists, who still believe that robbing Peter to pay Paul is the only moral thing to do, are going to be hung up on the cross of Jesus and crucified. ~ ~ Given it's pre Bernie Sanders' communist party [David Letterman look alike] themes with running '27' hours confessional both motifs. ~ ~ Which ends in 1951's ROYAL WEDDING gay musicals period with the devout St.Peters Square pants Catholic studio fixer saying that he must now call their man who has a bad name in New York, a.k.a. Donald Trump. ~ ~ Neither of whom where anywhere to be heard on the national NPR/FDR radio political [CAPITOL STUDIOS] radar when those two [JEWS FOR JESUS] Coen brothers' movie went into principle photography on 11.10.14. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOLID GOLD TOILET NOTES: The above 'Hollywood Golden Age' film is about DISNEY's Orlando location. The name Orlando means 'Land of Gold' etc. See the classic 1951ish movie theater look in THE BLOB, etc. at: ~ ~ DEATHWISH NOTES: Some 17 year-old kid from Oklahoma, named Travor Brown, just dug his own grave on the sandy REV.13 shores of Florida, according to: ~ ~ DOGGIE STYLE SAILOR NOTES: My legendary SAILOR DOG persona at the end causes that Florida alligator hide thin cigar box full of cash to sink into the REV.13 King Neptune [Seattle theater] seas off of Paul Allen and Mel Gibson's own private Malibu. ~ ~ Obviously, 100k in cold cash doesn't buy that much for me these days. ~ ~ Tack on at least another three big zeros to the up-front and back-side of the deal, and maybe we let you hang out with me and my underaged girlfriends on the bow of my vintage John Wayne 1951 yatch in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE:II. ~ ~ Get real. I can only fuck so many young, pretty and rich girls during the course of a day. ~ ~ Sooner or later, I'm gonna need some help with it. ~ ~ Any volunteers out there? ~ ~ LANDMARK THEATER NOTES: According to Rush Limbaugh, the best domestic made expatriot Cuban cigars come from St.Petersburg, Florida. ~ ~ THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO NOTES: Reportedly, that JACKIE BROWN AK-47 style scenario that just went down at that gay ass Republican Party PULSE ORLANDO deathtrap disco happened on "Latino Flavor" night. ~ ~ Go figure; we already know how much Donald Trump hates Latinos. And Marco Rubio pretty much owns the entire central Orlanda, Florida area's political establishment. ~ ~ PS MITT: So what. You are obviously that phoney father figure with only a "haircut" in that Woody Allen movie. ~ ~ We all have our crosses to bare. ~ ~ "I say tomateo, you say tomato..."

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