Monday, August 31, 2015


The best president ever in the life of Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt gets to fuck the white man in the ass for 42 months because they need it. ~ ~ Ergo, that glacial melting icecream cone icon in the lost tribes' north country in D&C 133 was just renamed after some uncivilized BM savage figure by the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ In other words; you get what you deserve in spades if you are a nigger lover. ~ ~ For Christ'sake, look what happened to Ariana Grande. ~ ~ Not to mention Sandra Bullock. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEAD END NOTES: After I read that that living dead coma xpert died at 82, I watched THE DEAD ZONE. Wherein we see Tarantino's all time favorite negro president getting ready to launch his atomic bomb missiles. In the contest of that black mask face above the fireplace next to the Sodom and Egypt boned icon at around 1:25:42 minutes. Based upon Stephen King's novel that came out at the same time that my French exwife started fucking me in the ass non stop for 42 months; starting with LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets AMERICAN GIGOLO. ~ ~ In the movie, Greg's shadow President campaign for Donald Trump to become the invisible third party leader of America is "...the most talked about thing in the state..." ~ ~ PS SANDY: I know how busy you and Jen still are these days. Which is why I AM is only asking for about 42 minutes of your time every other week or so: plus my ussual 10%. ~ ~ Which in your two combined threeway assets situation comes to around a total of 42 big ones. ~ ~ Of course, you two get 50 years to pay me what you owe me in yearly tithing settlement installments. Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ HIGHLIGHTS: At the end of 1983's corny THE DEAD ZONE prophecy, Greg holds up his adopted REV.12 baby who was born in Africa; using a corny forged Hawaiian birth certificate and a corny stolen Social Security number. ~ ~ PS NYT: Either you clean house right now, or I clean it out for you. ~ ~ Better watch out; when Trump takes over everything in DC, there will be nobody left to stop Jeff Bezos from buying out your Jew rag newspaper for ten cents on the dollar. Think they finally decide to make some kind of a more honest and pure white race look alike version sequel/prequel to CITIZEN KANE; co-starring yours truly and Bill Murray. But it continues to get worse, day after day, week after week, month after month; even to the point where Cate Blanchett and Carey Mulligan throw in the hat. ~ ~ That is if the 6-figure, upfront cash money payout, with no backend trust-me bullshit contract, is right of course.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Ah shit. Tarentino just said that the homosexual prince in DANIEL is the best president in his life. ~ ~ So now what? I have to wade through two hours of his classic 1930s fascistic cinematic bullshit in INGLORIOUS BASTARDS just in order to explain why today's movie loving Jews all die in the end in some metaphorical theater terrorist attack expulsion? ~ ~ Now that the better half of them are going to vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton? ~ ~ No wonder that today's aging over-the-hill still-alive wonder boys of Hollywood, like Oliver Stone and Quentin Tarantino have still not cast Miley Cyrus in the inevitable upcoming Janis Joplin biopic that is going to happen by the forces of gravity whether they like it or not. ~ ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ The more I think about it; Oprah Winfrey is going to be doing so many private couch time interviews with my very own personal on the down low figure in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets DON JUAN DE MARCO prophecy, co-starring me of course as a some kind of a semi schizophrenic Marlon Brando figure. ~ ~ Therefore, people are going to be wondering if she is not actually his choice for Vice President. Or at least his official spokesperson. "People are going to be surprised in the next few weeks." Donald Trump. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: See what happens when you don't listen to me? I get a billion dollars in free VMAs publicity for my first low budget video d├ębut fuck film; costarring James Dean, Orson Welles, Marlon Brando, yada yada, and you get butt kiss.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


We all know by now that Miley Cyrus will be hosting the VMAs on Cameron Diaz' EZE.43 birthday. But what does it mean?.. Like at: ~ ~ My pad doesn't play VEVO video for some reason, so I can't say for sure what it means right now; hee hee. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Friday, August 28, 2015


Oops, I did it again. ~ ~ Because of this weekend's full moon, and next month's Jewish blood moon, I grabbed some Stephen King werewolf movie at WAL*MART entitled SILVER BULLET; based upon his anti tea party Reganite novel titled CYCLE OF THE WEREWORF. ~ ~ Wherein a younger transfigured Justin Beiber races around on his prophetic suped-up FDR hot rod wheelchair medicine wheel metaphor. After the 1985 movie's message has been established by his gay rainbow flag kite getting stuck up on a branch of the genealogy tree of the 12 lost tribes of Israel at about 26: minutes. Per the same scenario's Miley Cyrus smiley face kite that represents her charity for THE RUN AWAYS who have been molested by adult men in the new homosexual BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA. ~ ~ At for example, at: ~ ~ Yet even the small town's naive clean cut Republican Party Mormon leaders in their spiffy short-haircut military uniforms don't have what it takes to stand up to it. ~ ~ Ergo, the pure sterling 925 .44 MAGNUM PI, DIRTY HARRY, SON OF SAM bullet in the PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop in Bonney Lake, Washington that clearly is going to kill off "...absolutely every motherfucker in the room...." who disagrees with me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: Your typical neo con Republican Party concept of "pragmaticism" is nothing less than old school 1930s 1940s third wayism.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Woody Allen slipped and fell on the beach in Malibu while he was shooting some footprints in the sand homage to THE INVISIBLE MAN meets AMERICAN GIGOLO. ~ ~ In confirmation of my post about me not caring if he drops dead; just as long as I get my 29 rewritten lines in his next typical genius reshoot movie. ~ ~ Plus I get a very generous among of tax free per diem cash money on the barrel, Italiano Fellini style, on a daily basis. ~ ~ Since 1989's production of KING OF NEW YORK was your typical Italian production filmmaking deal. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VINO NOTES: My own private forerunner Orson Welles did some of his best work during his anti IRS fugitive period in western Europe; such as THE THIRD MAN. ~ ~ VMA NOTES: Last year I had a really wild and crazy dream about about me throwing a bomb made out of a hairspray can into the mix at the VMAs. Then the next day, I found a used copy of the HAIRSPRAY musical remake starring Christopher Walker. ~ ~ PS JT: I'm gonna need you to wrap up your funny business with Jennifer Aniston as soon as possible. ~ ~ For God's sake, they start shooting TWIN PEAKS:II next week. ~ ~ Oh yeah, it's showtime. ~ ~ REVERSE LOGIC NOTES: Last night on MIDNIGHT COWBOY telephone caller radio, Clyde Lewis finally admitted that his two parents are Utah style Mormons; better late than never; all is well that ends well. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: Back in the 1970s I was a regular customer at LAMBS cafe in SLC, UT. Apparently the legendary greasy spoon joint has now become born again at: ~ ~

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


That media bimbo was shot by your typical Donald Trump supporter of course. That is and unless you are still living in some kind of a black hole alterative tv reality show universe. ~ ~ For example, that crazy 14 year-old boy who held his teacher at gunpoint in Western Virginia went down just west of Nestorville. Because in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL movie, the naive young anti-nazi Jew boy is a Paul Nestor look alike; circa 1978. ~ ~ I kid you not, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KING OF NEW YORK NOTES: That light-skinned nigger who gunned down that bleached-blond Jew media [BJ] bitch IN COLD BLOOD was one of my root beer drinking buddies in the above movie about the counterattack on Chinatown that is about to go Dow. ~ ~ PS DAVE: For Christ sake, can you at least find it in you to cast my aging it-girl wife [Sienna Miller] as the local shady log lady in your new and improved TWIN PEAKS series for SHOWTIME? ~ ~ I mean think about it; the extremely professional secret hand jobs and blow jobs; the full on frontal missionary position sex. ~ ~ Not to mention the shit loads of money from that crazy bald-headed white-face clown who takes his lunch almost every day up in the Space Needle; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ CAPOTE NOTES: At the end of this prophetic pre-obama 2004 movie about today's Sodom and Egypt captivity situation, we learn that some crazy eyed killer will return again in the persona of the Denver, Colorado 16-plex theater 9 shooter.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Several nights ago they poured a new concrete curb job on the corner of HWY.410 and 192; right below the TARGET sign outside APPLEBEES. ~ ~ And when I walked up to it in the twilight dawn hour, I noticed that it was still wet; so I stepped around it. Then coming back about an hour later, I saw that some invisible man had left his foot prints on it that are going to last for many years. Since the news came on the same day about that freak wet snow storm up in Calgary, Canada that represented the abominable snowman footprint revelations at the end of THE INVISIBLE MAN. ~ ~ That was about the time when a lonely unknown man from Bonney Lake, Washington would become the King of England. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CAPOTE NOTES: In the near future, don't become discouraged or bitter just because I never return your phone calls; because "I'm really busy right now." [NAPOLEON DYNAMITE] ~ ~ IT NOTES: As usual, try to keep up with it and do your late-commers reading assignments homework, at sites like; ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ NAIVE READERS NOTES: All of those African continent look alike maps of Mercer Island in LAGGIES are about the 1290 days abomination of desolation who was born of a Jewish mother in British Kenya; who was originally from Mercer Island, Seattle, Washington, DC. ~ ~ Think Glenn Beck meets Michael Medved in the big picture of things. And nobody in AP:III etc. can stop me; not even Austin Powers. ~ ~ MORE PRISON EXPLOITATION MOVIE NOTES: There is a reason why AP:III is now considered to be an inspired homage to all of those southern jail revenge movies that were made back in the 1970s. When that midget hat size leprechaun Spencer W Kimball received a revelation from the devil himself. And then my X FACTOR wife from France left me for the man upstairs in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ ~ PS MEL: Turns out that all of those popes were right during their 1290 years of glory. Back when you could be forgiven for your FFer sins if you would only pay me enough money to cast Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne in my next much anticipated LAST TANGO IN PARIS remake; maybe directed by Woody Allen himself, or maybe even directed by myself if only Ken Keisler comes forward with the money. ~ ~ Seriously, go back and look at the original movie. We are talking less than $5,000,000 tops to completely replicate the look of the original 1973 film. ~ ~ For example, the budget for the original 1966 ALFIE film would have been around 5 big ones in 2015 funny money terms.

Monday, August 24, 2015


My own private 1990 prophecy entitled KING OF NEW YORK is my own personal and very special endorsement of today's midnight king of 666 New York as the next President of 1/3 of America. ~ ~ Wherein Frank White finally gets out of Madonna's pop culture singer 'SING SING' prison of politically correct 666 captivity and immediately starts killing off all of those illegal alien 666 drug dealers and their high society 666 political party running dog facilitators. ~ ~ And in the end, he metaphorically dies in a yellow 666 taxi stuck in traffic outside of the [MOTEL 666] HOWARD JOHNSON. ~ ~ Once he realizes that there is no more of that easy fed funny money left for socialized medicine. ~ ~ Of course, the neo Marxist joke about wealth taxation is what is happening right now in the 666 stock markets all around the world. ~ ~ You make fun of me, I make fun of you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MIXER NOTES: The newly single [Vegas hotel casino gambler] Ben Affleck decided to also jump into the GSR/TWN mix with this Harry Potter Tee at: AND: ~ ~ PS MEL: Back on 8.11 at 7:11 pm, I had a flash vision of a beautiful young woman with very long brunet hair riding a white horse across the Old Buckley Hwy east of Fennel Creek. So the next day I rushed over there and found an empty 12 oz. can of Hawaiian fruit punch flavor KICK START lying on the ground. The same kind of renewed energy drink that you would find at any local 7-11 convenience store, for example. ~ ~ CORRECTION: In my Woody Allen earthquake dream that took place in Provo, Utah, an excited Scarlett Johansson informed me that the Wood Man had 29 new lines of dialogue for me in his next movie; not 29 screenplay pages. Which is a significant difference if you know anything about filmmaking. ~ ~ PRISON MOVIE NOTES: Philip Seymour Hoffman's brilliant 2006 prison movie for blond guys called CAPOTE is next up. Then it's THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. ~ ~ Mind you, I rarely give my GSR/TWN readers this much of an advanced warning.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Jimmy Fallon got his second woe warning on Friday in confirmation of his two balls that refuse to light up in the opening to LAGGIES. Talk about getting long in the tooth. ~ ~ Per LAGGIES' many cinematic references to my long lost fly-fishing buddie Paul Garrison. ~ ~ I.e. his shark fin look alike image on the shark fins of all of ALASKA'S Donald Trump campaign jets. ~ ~ His younger "Junior" son look alike at the end of it all on a ferry boat in Lake Union. ~ ~ Keira Knightley is driving his very own physically transfigured BLAME ON RIO meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE car. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READERS: I use an abridged and rather abbreviated style of 'compression' composit writing in my blogging because many of my core readers are very successful people who don't have a lot of extra time to waste in the morning process. ~ ~ Ergo, many of today's pop culture has been career loosers out there, who have too much time and too much leftover money on their hands, like to say that my writing is the satanic work of a schizophrenically mixed up mad man. ~ ~ Talk about getting older and no longer feeling so good about things. ~ ~ PS JIMMY: There is only one way out of your current three woes predicament, as portrayed in the upcoming new and improved GHOST BUSTERS:III movie. ~ ~ And if you play your final trump card right, I may even put you in one of my next movies. ~ ~ PS MEL: At the end of this year, I'm gonna need to see a tithing check from you. ~ ~

Saturday, August 22, 2015


At about 13:20 into LAGGIES, Megan is searching for THE MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17 among the rising flames of hell in Washington state; when she suddenly sees her very own father getting a hand job by some blond haired stranger. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself, even Howard Stern has set aside 10% of everything he has in his will. ~ ~ Knowing full well that I AM is just going to piss it all away on private jets and independent feature film projects full of aspiring underaged actresses. ~ ~ Careful now, be humble, don't put words in my mouth. ~ ~ This is really going to happen. Because according to the 1969 MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy, it is the Divine triumphant will of Donald Trump. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MEL: Finally a right wing populist blond hair Jew has come down the pike that you can actually vote for without holding your nose. ~ ~ Call me if you need the kind of money that it will take to cast me in your next movie. And no, I'm not talking about that thing that you are doing right now in Australia. ~ ~ I'm thinking more along the lines of you and me making THE BIG LEWDBOSKI:II sailboat movie with Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson. ~ ~ Since those two Jew boy fuckers who made the original are nowhere to be found these days. ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT AND SEAN PENN: Feel free to jump into the mix here whenever you two [Divinely] feel it. ~ ~ There are many mansions in the Kingdom of God.

Friday, August 21, 2015


The news rolled out about Megan Fox breaking up with her Mr. Green husband wanna be-alike at the same time that my newest postings were rolling out about the Megan character in LAGGIES. ~ ~ Like when Megan Knightley tells Annika Moretz that, "You just got to suck it up, and go with your gut." ~ ~ And then the low budget Seattlite indie film, probably shot with a used SONY video camera, comes to an end with the very same box of cheap watered-down jug wine that yours truly was pitching during all of those late night movie TV commercials back in the swinging 70s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEXT UP NOTES: Since I had an unforgetable dream back on August 22 of last year, 2014, wherein that little Korean shop of horrors convenience store in Bonney Lake, Washington exploded; just like that MOTEL 666 in Bremerton, Washington exploded; that represented that hotel swimming pool baptism scene in the opening of LAGGIES; God has been recently hinting to me that now might be the time to watch something like INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. And if that doesn't interest me, how about M.A.S.H.? And if not that, then why not something like that fabulous James Bond 007 movie that starts out in North Korea? ~ ~ Remember; in the Kingdom of God there are no hard and fast laws. Only politically and spiritually correct suggestions that are a bit too much on the harsh side to ignore. ~ ~ Therefore, beware of any man made cheap immitations that inverably come from some 666 [NIKE] slave sweat shop in Asia. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL: God inspired you to drop out of Yale's law school and try to become a Hollywood GOLDEN TURKEY AWARD screenwriter based in Venice Beach, LA for a Providential reason. For when the time would come that you would be regularly interviewing that Jewish [FADDING GIGOLO] neo con conservative on your talk radio show who sounds exactly like the voice of Donald Trump. ~ ~ Careful now, don't give up on me. ~ ~ You are probably talking about the very thing that God wants you to be talking about right now. ~ ~ Remember, that really creepy old man who kept starring at you during your live 4th of July broadcast back in the anticommunist 1990s [1260] 570 radio days was non other than my own father.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


It turned out that LAGGIES was Providentally meant to become the follow up to Jennifer Aniston's latest pretend FRIENDS sitcom wedding. Which was described in the prophetic time-line movie as simply, "...shit...shit...shit..." Since it was shot in Seattle right around the same time after Justin Theroux had gotten down on his knees and proposed to the star of [Any Adam Sandler movie that comes to mind.] ~ ~ Ergo, the sudden 7-day disappearance of Rosie's lost daughter of Israel was a reflection of the lost 17ish look alike teens in LAGGIES. ~ ~ You may ask yourself; How do I know this? ~ ~ Well, just before Jen got "married" yet again on 8.5, I dreamed that she was having a nice relaxing evening with her boyfriend Vince Vaughn while watching some interesting old movie. Then I walked up to her on the sofa, and without even asking, she begin to suck my cock dry. Meanwhile, VV just kept watching the tv film screening without even looking over at us. ~ ~ They don't call me the invisible man for no reason. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: You definitely have have your work cut out for you when the younger men start to challenge you as the king of the hill in Hollywood, at for instance at: ~ ~ Actually you don't have a chance, if I may speak frankly. ~ ~ That is, and unless, Donald Trump comes up with the kind of big money tax free cash that both of us need right now in order to shut down everything that is going on at CAA, etc.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


It has finally reached the point where even Michael Medved is using the apostate christian point of view to discredit Donald Trump, and make fun of all of those birthers out there who no longer believe in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. ~ ~ Like at: ~ ~ Careful now, I'm not taking all the credit here. My sidekick definitely deserves the lion's share. Given the fact that when he appears on the scene in DC, the apostate 'Jews For Jesus' in Israel get what they deserve in spades. ~ ~ Ergo, most of America's Jewish east coast airports were shutting down as I was watching the final SEATAC airport scene at the end of LAGGIES. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS WOODY: Even if you drop dead tomorrow. I AM is still not leaving you until and when I get those completely revised 29 pages of jucy rewritten dialogue in one of your upcoming movie reshoots; costarring Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron. ~ ~ Get my drift? ~ ~ Don't worry darling, you're still worth it. Even if all of those Brooklyn, New York born Jewish homosexual communists out in Hollywood still have not paid you for what they originally agreed to pay you for your last two movies. ~ ~ I have a little short blond Ephraimite multimillionaire friend out in Sundance, Utah who can come up with the full cash amont for both of us on a dime's notice. ~ ~ Telephone call from Jesus anyone? ~ ~ Not to mention Mel Brooks; who was the original money man behind the career of David Lynch, that to this day refuses to die. ~ ~ Jesus Christ Almighty already. Last night I dreamed that even Tom Cruise wanted to be in Woody Allen's next [LDS] MISSIONARY IMPOSSIBLE movie; costarring Tom Hanks and I as the two bad guys. ~ ~ And the only thing that was holding up the entire deal at this point was the screenplay's rather explicit sailboat yatch sex scenes that involved us two fucking underaged children who were only 17, and not yet 18.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


LAGGIES ends on a gay party ferry boat in Seattle. Wherein Chloe pushes aside her sister wife because she wants her tall dark and handsome [Paul Garrison] husband all for herself. I.e. monogamy is gay and neurotically self centered; not to mention fascistic and power oriented. ~ ~ Anyway, that Clinton County prison pipe bomb exploded in Theighland in confirmation of Renee Zellweger's BRIDGET JONES monogoamy movie sequel. Wherein Hugh Grant finally gives into the selfish cunt in REV.17. Around when he was fixing to hook up with that Asian restaurant cutie back in London and father her with his two prophetically symbolic half breed children of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Pretty much at the same time that he was also fixing to marry some other white woman and have Israelitish children with her too; good on you man!! ~ ~ God damn it. This is starting to sound like some kind of a chosen superior race horse breeding thing movie, like in I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND, or A VIEW TO A KILL. Or even worse; think THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets that weird looking boy holding a German made pistol in the opening to THE GRAND BUDADPEST HOTEL meets MARATHON MAN. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS DON: The reason why God sent you back into jury trial pergutory hell this week, is because you needed a little down time to stop and think about things. ~ ~ Therefore the first thing that you need to do after you manage to wiggle your way out of your current insane asylum court room situation, is sit down and have a serious conversation with Scott Walker being your choice for VP. ~ ~ Then once you have him and his typical GSR/TWN type followers in your back pocket; "There is no limit to the money you can make." [BOOGIE NIGHTS]

Monday, August 17, 2015


That 4.0 hit Oak Town this morning in confirmation of my bad movie review of Ms no.4's movie made in Seattle. ~ ~ Careful now, LAGGIES was a great movie for me personally; but it was a real stinker for you personally. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PERSONAL NOTES: It looks like Bezos the bald clown in IT is really starting to own it now, like at: ~ ~ BROWN NOSE NOTES: Those two 172s crashed and burned on Brown Field's Mexican border line on the same day that Trump declared how he was going to shut down the Eva Longoria style neocon brown skinned insanity that is now destroying America. ~ ~ PROVO, UTAH NOTES: Thank you Jesus that they finally had the fortitude of character to expand and improve and enlarge the airport strip in Utah County. In order that I can land there on a regular bimonthly basis for THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS college classes at the BRIGHAM YOUNG ACADEMY. ~ ~ Otherwise, all of my sexy young wives would leave me. Since I was not getting any younger. ~ ~ Ergo, both GREASE I&II were exclusively made for younger white American teenager people. And not their darker skinned older folks parents who can't relate to them. ~ ~ Better yet; who don't really want to relate to them, or even try to understand them in the first place. ~ ~ Which is why that crazy David Crocket Alamo temple prophecy that happened in Austin, Texas is starting to make a lot more sense these days. ~ ~

Sunday, August 16, 2015


I wasn't sure about the timing. But I went ahead and watched LAGGIES Saturday night anyway. And when I saw the same day 8.15 date beside the sign that says "PAPER TIGER, OPENING SOON!" I knew that I was right, as usual. ~ ~ Wherein Jennifer Aniston just married her Rod Serling portrait look alike in confirmation of the movie's Sam Rockwell look alike fiancee husband, whatevvverr, marrying Keira Knightley's naive younger Mormon missionary man in the south of France. ~ ~ See the PLAN B PRODUCTIONS B-movie look alike for Providential starters, at: ~ ~ Then cut to the physically transfigured Renee Zellweger look alike in LAGGIES who actually had picked out her engagement ring at TIFFANYS online. ~ ~ Leading up to the Miley Cyrus look alike who suddenly appears at Keira's house in north Seattle. ~ ~ Shortly before she breaks up with her husband at SEATAC. [My future X FACTOR wife also left me for good inside of the UNITED terminal at SEATAC in November, 1979.] For when today's 727' Wenatchee area wildfire punishment would be burning at the mouth of America's snake shaped lake in Washington. That stands for the Adam and Eve apple country metaphors in GEN.1 ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LOOK ALIKE NOTES: The best two look alike jokes in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL involve George Clooney and Woody Heraldson. Hence, that look alike prisoner ring leader who just got it out in California. ~ ~ Remember, I only agree to co-star in David Lynch's next Mormon cult movie series that will be shot at the same time that Woody Allen is also shooting his next serial movie about Mormon polygamist swingers. ~ ~ If and only something really big happens. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ It's a whole new ball game now; pretty soon anyway.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Those sudden D&C 133 ice flows that started on Mt.Rainier last Thursday were confirmation of the prophetic lost tribes of Israel scenarios in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. ~ ~ I don't know what I was expecting when I watched FADING GIGOLO last night. But it sure wasn't something to do about all of those old mountain men among the lost Jeremiah Johnson Jews in Brooklyn. ~ ~ Not to mention the indie film's Steven Fresh look alike copper. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: David Lynch would be just another old bat shit crazy dying man in a wheel chair if he didn't have a really nice and juicy look alike role for your new Rod Serling look alike husband in his new 18 episodes TWIN PEAKS revival. ~ ~ I'm thinking the younger [JT] FBI agent wants to take over the entire missing dead girl operation. And of course, the trail signs always lead back to yours truly. Who strangely seems to be the same man behind the scenes who is living on an old 51' boat in Seattle. ~ ~ Think SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets LAGGIES. ~ ~ Only this time I get all of the money that Tom Hanks got for the same gig. And Tom gets the exact same amount that they offered me to play a bit part in his 1991 picture. ~ ~ BIRTHDAY GIRL NOTES: Happy birthday darling. ~ ~ I get you. ~ ~ You can act too; if the script and the casting-directing is right. ~ ~ But your artistic range is a very limited and rare vein of underground mine film festival gold. ~ ~ Therefore, it is very concentrated and powerful when it is actually tapped into. ~ ~ Ergo, you should only let me be fucking you. And not give yourself unto strange flesh just because you are feeling so lonely and desperate. ~ ~ BAD MOVIE REVIEW NOTES: Most of the film critics had mixed feelings about FADING GIGOLO because it was not a completely honest movie. ~ ~

Friday, August 14, 2015


The silly idea of today's second born again fascism movement cracking down on that small Oregon bakery in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy is not going to matter anymore starting next year. ~ ~ Probably because the idea of America's Commander in Chief being an illegal alien is going to push everything else aside by then. Kind of like that kid with the pistol does in the opening to the above movie; that won a golden bear film festival trophy in Berlin in 2014. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CASTING NOTES: When I say that I AM is the new resurrection of Orson Welles, I mean that I am only a new and improved version of him. Just like I AM is also a new version of Rod Serling, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Yeah yeah of course, he looks like JT in that last one. ~ ~ Think RUMOR HAS IT meets THE BOUNTY HUNTER meets AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS:II. ~ ~ PS JAY LENO: Once upon a time Donald Trump was married to the same kind of feminist Democrat Party cunt like you are still married to; but then he finally woke up and realized that he wasn't getting any younger. ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson meets Bruce Willis meets Harrison Ford. ~ ~ FADING AMERICAN GIGOLO NOTES: I had a vague feeling that some kind of a Divine cue was about to happen regarding FADING GIGOLO. Then it happened, at: ~ ~ PS TRUMP: Looks like you have a new midnight cowboy lover, at: . You lucky son of a bitch!! ~ ~ Don't you know? She's way too young for you!.. Ha ha...

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Think about it. ~ ~ The table has been turned on you. ~ ~ I own it all now. ~ ~ And the only thing that you got left is buttkiss. ~ ~ Jesus Christ dude. ~ ~ I AM now hanging out at the beach in Charlize Theron's shag pad where those two hot blond teenagers were featured in my original acting debut entitled AMERICAN GIGOLO, circa 1980. ~ ~ The same year when I hooked up with Paul Nestor at JC PENNY as an underwater funeral flowers glass-globe item pitchman. ~ ~ Which eventually led to my second floor low rent gig as a JC PENNY pitchman in Portland, Oregon. And then weeks later, I miraculously found myself pitching underwater crystal globe flower arrangements at the local SEARS in Natick, Mass that was located inside of some run down old desolate mall along Gisele Bundchen's Rt.9 landmark outside of Boston in 1980. ~ ~ Which then reintroduced me to Steven Fresh's sexy wife Ornella, and his extremely fuckable to the max sister-in-law, too. ~ ~ Remember, this was still the late 70s, in mind and spirit. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OUTSIDER NOTES: This prisoner looks like the escapee in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy, at: ~ ~ Take for example Clyde Lewis' latest retro 1960s midnight radio conspiracy theory about Donald Trump taking over the world, after he has conquered America. Then like magic, 1/3 of the ceiling falls down on the audience in Twin Cities, Minn who were grooving to the beat of the THEORY OF A DEAD MAN band, at: ~ ~ Then for some really weird reason, Jesse Ventura comes out at the exact same time with a big endorsement of Donald Trump. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: If late night anticommunist UFO invasion radio doesn't work out for you; let's try some kind of a diferent parallel universe TWIN PEAKS type rip off revival series on Internet TV video. ~ ~ This is just me guessing now. But I think that Trump will not have to spend any of his own money.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Somehow I knew that I was going to be the new Orson Welles, who had a touch of evil in him, when I went back to film school at BYU in 1986. ~ ~ As confirmed by that Park City, Utah film festival mine disaster that started near Telluride, Colorado for that whole CITIZEN KANE film thing that gets revived by SHOWTIME's new TWIN PEAKS revival, circa 1990. ~ ~ If the money is right of course. ~ ~ I AM at the point in my life that you're gonna have to pay me 5 big ones just to look at it. ~ ~ And it's double that if you want to watch one of my underaged wives jerk it off in video. ~ ~ Too much for you? ~ ~ Read the fine print you rich old dying man. ~ ~ I get $5,000,000 up front just for showing up. And my two virgin Mormon Utah fundamentalist virgin girls get to split the other $5,000,000 between them, at: ~ ~ AND:,,15625141_303,00.jpg ~ ~ What? You don't believe in the Bible. Not even the Book of Mormon? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRUMP NOTES: There are at least 36 mentions of the word 'trump' in the DC and BM.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


There is a reason why Rush Limbaugh often refers to himself as, "The mayor of Realville." As just confirmed by the news out of Sacrament, California that Jerry Brown has ordered all of his 666 statism employees in his rapidly browning draught-stricken [brown bear] state to no longer utter the word 'alien'. ~ ~ Probably because Rusty called him "Governor Moonbeam" one too many times. ~ ~ Not to mention Clyde Lewis' courageous ongoing midnight cowboy talk radio shows that have been exposing the truth about today's UFO alien invasion that the mainstream media refuses to reveal. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KING: Today's inequality problems have nothing to do with limited government, and everything to do with apostate Christianity. ~ ~ In my world, even the guys who can only find a job picking up trash along Church Lake Road in Bonney Lake, Washington, still get the nice house and the nice wife. ~ ~ For example, my wife was inspired by God to acquire her 13 bedrooms estate in Wales. Because back in 1974 I gave up my dream job of being a fly fishing guide in Wales in order to marry my X. And in return for my troubles, I never experienced such fantastic brown trout top-fly fishing in my life. Which I fully expect to enjoy again when I hook up with both Elizabeth Hurley and Evangeline Lilly, respectively.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Reportedly, instead of humbling herself and admitting that she was wrong about IT, Hillary Clinton is now doubling down on that whole reformed-fascism is the new-liberalism thing. ~ ~ Talk about not being stuck in the past. And being willing to look at it as a whole new way of doing things. ~ ~ Ergo, it doesn't matter anymore that Obama is using a stolen Social Security number and a forged birth certificate. ~ ~ At least it appears that way if you only get your news from FOX. And your political views and opinions only come from late night network talk shows. ~ ~ Don't hold your asmatic breath. It's looking more and more like FOX is never going to humble itself and admit that it was wrong about IT either. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FURGUSON NOTES: That alpine newspaper headline in the opening sequence to THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy is about the upcoming race war in America; which rhetorically asks it's blond hair readers, "WILL THERE BE WAR?"


Federal regulators made the Animas River in Barack Obama's Color/ado become orange from mine waste as a sign from God that the abomination of desolation from Chinatown, Chicago is as queer as the girly eye lashes boys in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Even the 1290 days prince in DANIEL who does not respect the desires of women. ~ ~ For a second witness, 7 shoppers took the gas pipe overnight Sunday at a 24hr WAL*MART in Orange County, Florida; next to Conway. ~ ~ Think MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT meets RADIO DAYS; because Saturday/Sunday was a Crescent moon night. ~ ~ Just a reminder, the Animas River [Soul river] begins near Red Mountain in San Juan County; which is Spanish for Saint John the Revelator County. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GRAND SCALE NOTES: The fancy hotel in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy was for blond people in particular. According to the time when a blond hotel owner-operator would become the king of the mountain. ~ ~ Note the Buckley, Washington stag standing on top of the Big Foot look alike pinnacle with Mt. Rainier in the background at about, 1:27:11 minutes. Hence, one of the 50 something prison escapees in Clinton County, NY also had a talent for drawing and scetching. ~ ~ Of course, they also had some insider help with the job. ~ ~ WRAP UP NOTES: That family was murdered by a symbolic [black uniform] man on Falling Oaks in Houston because that is where Wes Anderson grew up. ~ ~ The lady who got her arm chommped off by a pesty alligator in Florida represented those alligators surrounding the old brick and stone New York prison in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. ~ EL BJ NOTES: That colored river down in Texas also feeds the state's LBJ lake dam prophecy. ~ ~ HASTY TASTY NOTES: At 1:19 am last night, I dreamed that Ken McLeod and I were both working at one of those open-all-night diners in DARK PASSAGE meets THE LADY IN RED. When the greasy-spoon joint's manager finally got so tied of the two of us horsing around; [I was the short-order grill cook, Ken was the main waiter at the stool counter.] that he reminded us both that we had recently agreed to quit working there in September. Which was well more than the customary two weeks notice. Whereupon I said "...more like the end of September." In order to give us both as much time as possible to find another situation somewhere else.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


The King made his all time favorite movie at the 666 world's fair in Seattle around the very same time that LBJ and the boys down in Texas passed the rediculously unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964. ~ ~ Now flash forward to 2015, when that Jewish democratic socialist got mugged in Seattle by those two look alike Oprah Winfrey nigger bitches. In confirmation of Taylor Swift being in town on the same day. Who was also recently mugged in the same way by a nigger at some kind of same thing VMA awards show. ~ ~ The SEATTLE TIMES didn't call me "the king of the bloggers" back in 1999 for nothing. ~ ~ Yeah, lost Israel's Bernie the Jew boy clown, who currently is traveling across America handing out free B&J Vermont icecream cones, is going to crash and burn just like that PIPER 46 did in the Clinton County region of New York. That represented those two killers of Judah and Ephraim who escaped through a big underground pipe. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CORRECTION: Having thought about it overnight, I am not entirely sure if Guy Richie once refered to his X as 'It' or as 'Thing'. Please forgive me if I got it wrong this time. ~ ~ PS EMMA WATSON: The only reason why I felt impressed to post that porn video link that looks like you are getting fucked in the [Brown University] hole by Dirk Diggler in the BOGGIE NIGHTS prophecy, is because I still have those blinding bright neon light hots for you. ~ ~ Remember, Jesus doesn't even remember what your sins were after you repent and become baptised into the Mormon church based in Utah, for now. ~ ~ Like I don't have enough bigger things to worry about right now as it is. ~ ~ X WIFE FACTOR NOTES: Hang in there darling. ~ ~ The fact that I have pointed out over and over again that you are indeed my former adulterous French wife who cheated on me in the prophetic 1970s era LAST TANGO IN PARIS; it doesn't mean that I AM is through with you. ~ ~ On the contrary, even Donald Trump's X has endorsed him to be the next King of America. ~ ~ Why go for that lilly white ass third way blond hair fascism thing anyway; when one can go for the whole thing?

Saturday, August 8, 2015


In THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy, the [666] prisoners of forced love and forced smiles escape from their old no.19 luxury hotel look alike prison using the exact same elaborate and daring scheme that was used by those killers who escaped from prison in Clinton County, New York; located in the mountains just off of Rt.190. ~ ~ Of course the rich Israelitish hotel located among the lost ten tribes of Israel is a now aging, run down, and desecrated Buddhist temple in the mountains metaphor. Why the fuck do you think that the movie's concierge is an archetype homage to the crazy repetitive GSR/TWN writer in THE SHINING? ~ ~ [Jennifer Aniston is a very rich older TM meditation woman who is still quite fuckable.] ~ ~ Who once upon a time took the negro AMTRAK train back up to Seattle in 1990 at the same time that Madonna's 1989 hit song LIKE A PRAYER was rolling out strong on the pop music [map] charts, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OLD FILM BUDDY NOTES: At the end of his torturous divorce proceedings from Madonna, an exhausted and beat up Guy Richie simply referred to his X-wife as "It" in various interviews. As in, "It rubs the lotion on it's skin." to paraphrase SILENCE OF THE LAMBS; shot in 1990. ~ ~ Mind you, this was light years before transgenderism and FOX NEWS was all the rage. ~ ~ FUCKING ASSHOLE NOTES: That huge gas pipe explosion in Obama's Colorado happened on the same day of the RNC debate; due east of Rush Limbaugh's historic DAN'S BAKE SALE location in Fort Collins. Because it says in EZE.38 that the white people of Israel are going to have to build a new strong and mighty fortress around themselves in DAN.9 if they expect to survive the mainstream media threats in the form of Geraldo Rivera et al. ~ ~ Think taking the gas pipe in RADIO DAYS is about the orgasm gas chamber in SLEEPER. ~ ~ IT NOTES: Apparently today's Canadian homogaysexual figure in IT died in some kind of a tragic back ally sleep walking accident. In confirmation that Jennifer Anistion and Justin Theroux are still living in the same fantasy world as that FOX bimbo who tried to fuck with Trump. But only ended up looking like my sexy Harry Potter wife who gets royally fucked in the ass. If you know what I mean for example like at: ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I think vaginal sex is better than anal sex. But it never hurts that much to switch things around once in awhile. Just to know how the other side feels. ~ ~

Friday, August 7, 2015


The day before Jennifer Aniston got married behind my back without me knowing it, to one of my best GSR/TWN look alike wanna be friends at her luxury [white jug wine] vineyard mansion in the hills above LA a team of Russians gassed that cool rider F1 celebrity and his new bride at a luxury mansion. Stealing both of their million dollar wedding rings, according to: ~ ~ Reportedly, Jen and Justin are now honey mooning at one of Donald Trump's hotel beach resorts in someplace like Bora Bora, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS TRUMP: As one of your top behind-the-scenes policy advisors. May I just remind you that single-payer universal health care is for late night cowboy popcycle suckers on the down low; like Clyde Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld et al. ~ ~ Remember, atheistic Jewish communism always evolves into atheistic Jewish socialism; which in due course always evolves into atheistic Jewish fascism; which then always elvolves into pure atheist Jewish liberalism. ~ ~ Think Keira Knightley's mother has tea with Nicole Kidman's mother, and one begins to get the big picture in REV.17. ~ ~ RACE WAR WARNINGS: The wild-at-heart and violent childish nature of desparate third-world poverty fascism thugs with dark skin, like Geraldo Rivera and Spike Lee, is the next big thing that we are going to have to deal with; like it or not. ~ ~ At least that is what IT says in EZE.38. ~ ~ Ergo, today's religious cult templre polygamist birther separatist white people down in South Africa can't lose in the end. If you believe in all of the two-part Bible, from beginning to end; especially GENESIS and REVELATION. ~ ~ MOONLIGHT MAGIC NOTES: In the 1969 Texas Republican style prophecy about Donald Trump, called MIDNIGHT COWBOY, everything is well that ends well on their final bus ride down to sunny Jewish Miami, Florida, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND:

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Why even waste one's own precious private evening time debating it? Israel is going to nuke Iran, and that's all there is to it. ~ ~ Probably after they get nuked in the ass first... Ergo, not before we are done selling any of that cheap jug wine before it's time that my forerunner was advertising on Jewish network television back in the 70s. ~ ~ Think Jeb Bush and Clyde Lewis et al are not quite ready yet; i.e. not ready for prime time player radio, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ QUEER BAIT NOTES: This queer ass Canadian died rich after my IT movie posts were rolling out about the gay guy in IT dying. The movie being shot in Canada and all of that shit, at: ~ ~ [Obama is the same down low homosexual librarian who was stabbed and then rushed to the local BC hospital's west wing,] ~ ~ PS JEN: The other night at 11:26 pm I dreamed that you were in tears because your jerk husband Justin was divorcing you. Then the next night at exactly 11:26 pm, I had a flash vision of the movie poster for THE GRAND BUDA/PEST HOTEL, wherin Jesus said simply "last night" like at: ~ ~ And then when I suddenly woke up with a start at 4:04 AM this morning, there was a really cute little brown stink bug pest perched atop of my APEX pad.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


If I was a young loser with no budget who was still trying to make it big in show biz; here is what I would try today. ~ ~ Partner up with a couple of your best NYU film school buddies and have them follow around Woody Allen's latest film shoot locations in NYC and LA. Using very high-power binoculars from a respectable distance in order to capture every blocking move made by the film's famous director and famous actors. ~ ~ Then later, I would come back to the exact same places and shoot my on private look alike indie film using the exact same moves and the exact same actor expressions with a full cast of look alike actors. But who would be reading their lines from your completely different screenplay. ~ ~ Personally, I would go for some kind of a retro UFO invasion religious cult thing. ~ ~ Call it NAPOLEON DYNAMITE:II, Back To Film School; or maybe even JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR FUCKER. Whatever, just do it. What do you got to lose anyway? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IT NOTES: Stephen King's IT prophecy ends with Ken Kemp riding down hill fast with Jennifer Garner on a classic Indian medicine wheel bicycle cure from the 1950s era of low budget Wi-Fi horror movies. [His father was a drug store pharmacist in San Diego.] ~ ~ [Woody Allen's mother and father always wanted him to become a pharmacist in Brooklyn.] ~ ~ POLITICAL NOTES: You may ask yourself, what is more boring than a network TV president debate? And I would answer; the latest moronic never-ending reports in the high society liberal mormon neo con media about money in politics. ~ ~ Get over it. It doesn't matter anymore. ~ ~ Haven't you heard? The internet is way more powerful and interesting than expensive old school newspaper advertising and 1950s era network television advertising. ~ ~ Talk about a billion dollars in free publicity for your next low budget film festival rip off movie from out of nowhere on UTUBE. ~ ~ Wink wink, hint hint, like at: ~ ~

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It will be hosting various Jewish late night talk show fans and socialistic community leaders in the haunted White House mansion of Ms. Roosevelt today. ~ ~ According to yesterday's -12.90 NASDAQ announcement that happened shortly before that clown circus tent blew away up in New Hampshire. ~ ~ Note the 8.4 birthday boy clown balloons confirmation at: ~ ~ Which was a 1990 prophecy about the time when Stephen King would vote two times for the DANIEL 12 Israel River figure. Even after he was run over by a soccer mom van that had a big black dog of the devil riding along in it named Bullit; while he was walking along some country road in Derry, Maine. ~ ~ Shit happens, even to the best of us. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLOWN POSSE NOTES: No coincidence that all of those "big tent" Republican neo con clowns were up in New Hampshire on Monday, except for Donald Trump. ~ ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: The original eastern Jewish brooktrout stock that both you and I enjoyed catching in the days of our youth came from the state hatcheries in New Hampshire. See what I mean for example like at: ~ ~ For the sake of our less initiated Scottish Rights temple readers, probably 99% of all brooktrout fly fishing happens in the state where we were born to rule happens in small lakes and beaver pounds like; King Lake, Texas Pound, and the LDS CIRCLE ranch ponds surrounding the I-90 Easton, Washington freeway exits. ~ ~ With the unique exception of those very slow flowing low elevation creeks in our state; like the Pilchuck in Stanley, etc. ~ ~ PS PAUL GARRISON: The nice thing about there being no more FAA authority to worry about in our own private physically transfigured post-earthquake world-reality in REV.16, is that you are already well experienced enough to fly any and all of those extra big private 737/757 size jets like Donald Trump uses. ~ ~ Personally speaking, Rusty's little pond-jumper G6 jet is just too small and uncomfortable for me and my wives in the long run. ~ ~ That is if I want to be hopping around the world for the next 50 years or so from London, England to Vancouver, British Columbia, and then back again to Florence, Italy. ~ ~ Besides, I want an older and more seasoned pilot who has the kind of life-experience needed to handle all of my physical transportation needs. And not some hot-dog pilot from Dallas, Texas or Tel Aviv, Israel.

Monday, August 3, 2015


They shot most of IT in British Columbia. Much of it taking place along my kind of favorite small creek full of native coastal cutthroat trout in the 5" to 9" range. ~ ~ As confirmed by the latest black magic report about that same-age bat boy who was killed on Sunday in Witchita, Kansas at: ~ ~ Naturally, "It was just luck." if one were to ask Woody Allen about it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ COIN TRICK NOTES: I got an "Old Man of the Mountain" New Hampshire quarter in my change when I bought my used copy of FADING GIGOLO for just a buck plus tax at SAFEWAY the other day. ~ ~ DARK NOTES: RR is also from British Columbia. Therefore see his new inspired trailer that was obviously Taylor made to appear on Barack Obama's 8.4 birthday at: ~ ~ 2BC NOTES: The 2BC's prophet named Walter was a miner who originally worker in the underground mines of British Columbia. Hence that flooded sewer structure in the above movie that looks like today's flooded-out REV.12 Relief Mine in Salem, Utah. ~ ~ GIRLY MAN NOTES: The Sodom and Egypt character in IT, who always needs to suck [Bee Jay] cock whenever he can't breath like a normal guy, is featured in IT as the Brown Thrush birdie in the stinky brown hole in the big mansion that represents today's Greek White House in Wash. DC. ~ ~ DEATH NOTICE NOTES: Take a long hard look at this person at:


It hurt a lot of people when my Woody Allen magic movie post about Chinatown, Chicago rolled out; and then suddenly a big fair tent in Wood Dale, Chicago just magically blew away in the wind and hail. ~ ~ Then some hours later, 9 niggers were hurt real bad at a duplex of Judah and Ephraim shoot out on Stanley Ave. and Crescent [moonlight] Street in Jewish socialist neo con Brooklyn, NY. ~ ~ At least that is how city council member Art Woods described it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BERLINER NOTES: No one had a clue that the 70s something Jew from New Berlin, Vermont would now be running on the reformed fascism ticket back when Woody was shooting MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT's magic show opening "BERLIN 1928" scenario. ~ ~ "You're all too old!" says It when me and the boys get back together one last time in the final battle against the anti-white darkies of gog and magog in EZE.38, etc. ~ ~ Therefore, if you have been following my regular non-stop GSR/TWN newsletter blog for the past 21 years, you know that Bonney Lake's very own Bruce Troxell is one of the original lucky 7 members of "The Loser's Club" in the Stephen King IT prophecy, circa 1990. ~ ~ IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT NOTES: That is the well spoken and college educated Barack Obama in this 1967 movie. Who comes down from Chicago to give me a hand with today's naive white man christian Bible Belt troubles, at: ~ ~ For example, my two toned sidekick in THE LONE RANGER wants to hit you over the head today with his new smoking laws and taxing regulations for the remainder of his 42 months. Because most of you pale face liars still think that THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 was about as constitutional as an illegal alien being in charge of America's armed forces.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I was really looking forward to watching my new used SAFEWAY video DVD rental copy of FADING GIGOLO on Saturday. When out of the blue, Granny Grass invited me to go over to TARGET for a little cool air conditioning walkabout. ~ ~ Where I found the 1990 TV movie entitled IT; which came out at the exact same time that I took my negro trainwreck trip back to Seattle. ~ ~ Ergo, the two installment Stephen King movie is about when the new 666 beast would be back again in REV.13. So all of my old BYU film school buddies would be called back together again for the final battle against those same darkie white clown "evil forces" cited in the 1260 days period of the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy. ~ ~ Wherein the look alike Ken Kemp character, played by John Ritter, is now a home construction architect in SLC, Utah; yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IT GIRL NOTES: Read this wiki page before you download IT, at: ~ ~ When Kenny went down to Hollywood after BYU in 1987, his new screenplay entitled DOWNLOAD created quite the sensation. ~ ~ However, according to the prophetic script for my own private LA tv network commercials, made at the same time by a financially desparate Orson Welles; "We will sell no [jug] wine before it's time." Truer words were never spoken. ~ ~ Get this, one of Orson Welles' kids grew up in the Portland, Oregon area. Who never had the chance to know what her father was really like. Because her bitter lying bitch of a mother did not want to have anything to do with him. ~ ~ PS NPR: France and England do not have an immigrant problem. They have an illegal immigration problem. ~ ~ As a result of the fact that all socialism is fundamentally illegal fascism at it's core. Hence it's strong mutual appeal to both pragmatic Jewish neo con Republicans and pragmatic Jewish neo con Democrats. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: If those snarky Jew fucks in Hollywood keep fucking around with you; let's do a sequel in the meantime to LOST THIGHWAY together; costarring Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller and me. ~ ~ I got the money, if you still got the hot-to-the-max talent. ~ ~ Needless to say, there would have to be a really juicy role in the movie that involves me fucking a couple of really hot underaged looking virgin teenagers on my vintage 91' sailboat in Greece or something. ~ ~ Otherwise, I'm not that interested in sinking around 50 big ones into some indie film that no one is going to see anyway, if there is not something very special in it for me. ~ ~ Like they say, "Time is money." And non of us have any more time left than the next regular guy standing in line next to us at our latest film festival debut. ~ ~ Heck, we could shoot the entire $50,000,000 motion picture onboard some tied up [THE BIG LEWBOWSKI: II] type vintage sailboat in Newport, California without you even having to leave the dock for the FILM'S scandalous rip off Natalie Wood drowning scenes. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself. I never throw good money after bad money; been there, done that.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


I watched MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT last night on my new used 2-4-1 priced magical DVD that I found at SAFEWAY. ~ ~ So now the magical reports are rolling out about those native American Hawaiians who were protesting the new 666 government outerspace UFO research telescope in Hawaii at: ~ ~ Like I said, Emma Stone has the most weird looking sexy ET eyes ever. ~ ~ No wonder that Hollywood's new [surreal pale face Palin] it girl is so white looking. ~ ~ And that's a good thing. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. White people really are better that black people, relatively speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHITE HORSE NOTES: In the alone Texas Ranger allegory, the two outlaw gangs with mutual interests represent the two criminals of Judah and Ephraim in RE.11. ~ ~ CRESCENT MOON NOTES: When I was listening to Area Code 310's NPR radio report that was playing down the Muslim brotherhood fascism threat in Egypt Saturday morning, a BIG FOOT roared by me on Church Lake Road that was flying a huge full-size capitol USA flag. Suddenly, I'm now seeing pickup trucks, JEEPS, and cars everywhere that are flying the official flag of the Donald Trump campaign for the President of America. ~ ~ For example; they impeached Clinton for lying about getting a polygamy type blow job from a young teenage [VIRGIN RECORDS] intern. But the same old white christian men are no longer stiff enough where it counts to impeach Obama for being an illegal alien with a stolen Social Security number and a forged government birth certificate. ~ ~ NAZI NOTES: Now we know why so many of the old Brooklyn born Jews on the left coast hate anyone who is opposed to the third way politics of today's Jewish Pope from Argentina.