Thursday, August 13, 2015


Think about it. ~ ~ The table has been turned on you. ~ ~ I own it all now. ~ ~ And the only thing that you got left is buttkiss. ~ ~ Jesus Christ dude. ~ ~ I AM now hanging out at the beach in Charlize Theron's shag pad where those two hot blond teenagers were featured in my original acting debut entitled AMERICAN GIGOLO, circa 1980. ~ ~ The same year when I hooked up with Paul Nestor at JC PENNY as an underwater funeral flowers glass-globe item pitchman. ~ ~ Which eventually led to my second floor low rent gig as a JC PENNY pitchman in Portland, Oregon. And then weeks later, I miraculously found myself pitching underwater crystal globe flower arrangements at the local SEARS in Natick, Mass that was located inside of some run down old desolate mall along Gisele Bundchen's Rt.9 landmark outside of Boston in 1980. ~ ~ Which then reintroduced me to Steven Fresh's sexy wife Ornella, and his extremely fuckable to the max sister-in-law, too. ~ ~ Remember, this was still the late 70s, in mind and spirit. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OUTSIDER NOTES: This prisoner looks like the escapee in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy, at: ~ ~ Take for example Clyde Lewis' latest retro 1960s midnight radio conspiracy theory about Donald Trump taking over the world, after he has conquered America. Then like magic, 1/3 of the ceiling falls down on the audience in Twin Cities, Minn who were grooving to the beat of the THEORY OF A DEAD MAN band, at: ~ ~ Then for some really weird reason, Jesse Ventura comes out at the exact same time with a big endorsement of Donald Trump. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: If late night anticommunist UFO invasion radio doesn't work out for you; let's try some kind of a diferent parallel universe TWIN PEAKS type rip off revival series on Internet TV video. ~ ~ This is just me guessing now. But I think that Trump will not have to spend any of his own money.

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