Sunday, August 2, 2015


I was really looking forward to watching my new used SAFEWAY video DVD rental copy of FADING GIGOLO on Saturday. When out of the blue, Granny Grass invited me to go over to TARGET for a little cool air conditioning walkabout. ~ ~ Where I found the 1990 TV movie entitled IT; which came out at the exact same time that I took my negro trainwreck trip back to Seattle. ~ ~ Ergo, the two installment Stephen King movie is about when the new 666 beast would be back again in REV.13. So all of my old BYU film school buddies would be called back together again for the final battle against those same darkie white clown "evil forces" cited in the 1260 days period of the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy. ~ ~ Wherein the look alike Ken Kemp character, played by John Ritter, is now a home construction architect in SLC, Utah; yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IT GIRL NOTES: Read this wiki page before you download IT, at: ~ ~ When Kenny went down to Hollywood after BYU in 1987, his new screenplay entitled DOWNLOAD created quite the sensation. ~ ~ However, according to the prophetic script for my own private LA tv network commercials, made at the same time by a financially desparate Orson Welles; "We will sell no [jug] wine before it's time." Truer words were never spoken. ~ ~ Get this, one of Orson Welles' kids grew up in the Portland, Oregon area. Who never had the chance to know what her father was really like. Because her bitter lying bitch of a mother did not want to have anything to do with him. ~ ~ PS NPR: France and England do not have an immigrant problem. They have an illegal immigration problem. ~ ~ As a result of the fact that all socialism is fundamentally illegal fascism at it's core. Hence it's strong mutual appeal to both pragmatic Jewish neo con Republicans and pragmatic Jewish neo con Democrats. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: If those snarky Jew fucks in Hollywood keep fucking around with you; let's do a sequel in the meantime to LOST THIGHWAY together; costarring Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller and me. ~ ~ I got the money, if you still got the hot-to-the-max talent. ~ ~ Needless to say, there would have to be a really juicy role in the movie that involves me fucking a couple of really hot underaged looking virgin teenagers on my vintage 91' sailboat in Greece or something. ~ ~ Otherwise, I'm not that interested in sinking around 50 big ones into some indie film that no one is going to see anyway, if there is not something very special in it for me. ~ ~ Like they say, "Time is money." And non of us have any more time left than the next regular guy standing in line next to us at our latest film festival debut. ~ ~ Heck, we could shoot the entire $50,000,000 motion picture onboard some tied up [THE BIG LEWBOWSKI: II] type vintage sailboat in Newport, California without you even having to leave the dock for the FILM'S scandalous rip off Natalie Wood drowning scenes. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself. I never throw good money after bad money; been there, done that.

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