Monday, August 17, 2015


That 4.0 hit Oak Town this morning in confirmation of my bad movie review of Ms no.4's movie made in Seattle. ~ ~ Careful now, LAGGIES was a great movie for me personally; but it was a real stinker for you personally. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PERSONAL NOTES: It looks like Bezos the bald clown in IT is really starting to own it now, like at: ~ ~ BROWN NOSE NOTES: Those two 172s crashed and burned on Brown Field's Mexican border line on the same day that Trump declared how he was going to shut down the Eva Longoria style neocon brown skinned insanity that is now destroying America. ~ ~ PROVO, UTAH NOTES: Thank you Jesus that they finally had the fortitude of character to expand and improve and enlarge the airport strip in Utah County. In order that I can land there on a regular bimonthly basis for THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS college classes at the BRIGHAM YOUNG ACADEMY. ~ ~ Otherwise, all of my sexy young wives would leave me. Since I was not getting any younger. ~ ~ Ergo, both GREASE I&II were exclusively made for younger white American teenager people. And not their darker skinned older folks parents who can't relate to them. ~ ~ Better yet; who don't really want to relate to them, or even try to understand them in the first place. ~ ~ Which is why that crazy David Crocket Alamo temple prophecy that happened in Austin, Texas is starting to make a lot more sense these days. ~ ~

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