Sunday, August 23, 2015


Jimmy Fallon got his second woe warning on Friday in confirmation of his two balls that refuse to light up in the opening to LAGGIES. Talk about getting long in the tooth. ~ ~ Per LAGGIES' many cinematic references to my long lost fly-fishing buddie Paul Garrison. ~ ~ I.e. his shark fin look alike image on the shark fins of all of ALASKA'S Donald Trump campaign jets. ~ ~ His younger "Junior" son look alike at the end of it all on a ferry boat in Lake Union. ~ ~ Keira Knightley is driving his very own physically transfigured BLAME ON RIO meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE car. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READERS: I use an abridged and rather abbreviated style of 'compression' composit writing in my blogging because many of my core readers are very successful people who don't have a lot of extra time to waste in the morning process. ~ ~ Ergo, many of today's pop culture has been career loosers out there, who have too much time and too much leftover money on their hands, like to say that my writing is the satanic work of a schizophrenically mixed up mad man. ~ ~ Talk about getting older and no longer feeling so good about things. ~ ~ PS JIMMY: There is only one way out of your current three woes predicament, as portrayed in the upcoming new and improved GHOST BUSTERS:III movie. ~ ~ And if you play your final trump card right, I may even put you in one of my next movies. ~ ~ PS MEL: At the end of this year, I'm gonna need to see a tithing check from you. ~ ~

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