Sunday, July 31, 2016


Clinton went on FOX and basically admitted that her entire campaign is just one long goodbye for liberalism. ~ You can hear it in her strained voice. ~ You can see it in her pained eyes. ~ People don't trust someone who makes fun of birthers; for one thing. ~ Especially if they are lesbians or Jewish. ~ And she knows it. ~ GSR/TWN  ~ AREA CODE 310 NOTES: The Clinton ferry goes over to Columbia Beach, Washington; for that small 310 airplane that crashed and killed 4 people in Columbia, California. ~ HOWARD STERN NOTES: The sudden muddy flash flooding in REVELATION 12 happened in Howard County, Maryland after the NYT ...310 edition deadline on Saturday. ~ Which featured that fantasy piece about the new and improved Howard Stern show. ~ Howard's all time favorite movie being PORKY'S; time-stamped for your own private time enlightenment, at:
~ PLAYBOY NOTES: The same NYT Sunday issue had a great report about the PLAYBOY MANSION getting sold to the billionaire heir of HOSTESS'S TWINKES  and packaged mini donut and cum filled chocolate cupcake products; which basically have been the driving force behind the success of the 7-11 empire based out of Dallas Fort Worth. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: The KING RALPH LAUREN prophecy starts out in your adopted home town of Las Vegas during the playoff football sports stadium period after Donald Trump gets elected, and then gets inaugurated. ~ When it becomes time for the [23 badges of Eagle Scout] men to finally man up and take over the reigns of power. ~

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Alice is reading a 2016 Christmas season born again NEW YORKER magazine when the trumpets start up again; and we see a DEWAR'S PROFILE scotch ad on the back cover. ~ Meaning that sensible Sheriff Joe type [birth certificate] profiling will be allowed again when America has a new law and order President at the Casa Blanca. ~ For example, that Russian kid who was studying computer hacking at Bothell's UW campus shot those four kids in the night at the Clinton ferry town north of PAINE FIELD. ~ Which goes over to Deer Lake, Whidbey Island for my "deer in the headlights" post. ~ Reportedly, the guy got up on the roof and started sniping at people like Bradly Cooper's character does in AMERICAN SNIPER, at: ~Meanwhile, Clinton has been having a cow because Trump has been profiling her and calling her names on the campaign stump. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ORION NOTES: Orion is also known as the sign of war, with his REV.19 sword belt, etc. ~ NIXON NOTES: Donald Trump is everything that Richard Nixon ever fantasized about being in his wildest dreams. ~ But he didn't have that kind of talent; so all of the New York Jews worked behind the scenes to get him fired. ~


If the Mormon FBI can not find Barack Obama's real birth certificate, nor Hillary Clinton's deleted 30,000 State Department emails; Michael Medved er all are sure not going to find anything on Donald Trump that amounts to a hill of beans with his secret love affair voters in November, 2016. ~ "There are millions of people who are going to vote for Trump; who don't even know it yet." Dick Morris. ~ Think MATCH POINT meets TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HALLOWEEN NOTES: The dark signs coming out of Turkey are starting to look like some kind of an upcoming turkey time warning. ~ Turkey being the most popular meat in Israel; Michael Medved and his crazy uncle brother being the creators of the GOLDEN TURKEY AWARDS; and all of that stuffing, at: ~ BIRTHDAY PARTY NOTES: Both Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg have birthdays between the time of America's election day, and the Presidential inauguration day in Washington. ~ David Lynch and Paul Allen being born respectively on 1.20 and 1.21. ~ Talk about just making the final ten virgins cut at the last minute. ~ Better late than never. ~

Friday, July 29, 2016


We see Barack Obama, the black national Muslim gentlemen, after they do iT in ALICE at about 1:14:06. ~ And then she asks her horn player lover, "Was I terrible?.." for voting for him. ~ And of course, if not for him, there could be no white Mr.Trump blond man opposite to him at the Casa Blanca  in a thousand years. ~ Thank you Lord Jesus. ~ Next, I AM is sitting in front of Alice at her writers workshop. ~ Where we see Van Brooks himself talking about one hearing voices in the mind. ~ Think I'll have another Scotch on the rocks. ~  GSR/TWN ~ UNCONVENTIONAL NOTES: On the same day Trump gave his acceptance speech near Rock Creek, Ohio, a black Democrat Party news anchor/operator from Conyears, Georgia slipped on a rock and went over the 160' Rainbow Falls in Republican held Transylvania County, North Carolina. ~ According to: ~ Providentially speaking, it happed one day before her 25th FREAKY FRIDAY birthday. ~ During the DNC convention, one of Tarzan's angry elephants threw a rock into the zoo crowd and killed a little girl near Casablanca. ~ Per that glass elephant with the raised trumpet trunk in ALICE. ~ Tarzan being a tall blond British man lost in the dangerous jungles of Africa, and all that shit, at: ~ PS BRADLY COOPER: After seeing you looking like a deer in the headlights at the DNC convention in your home town, I decided that I better squeeze in a first look at ALOHA ; as soon as I can. ~


That white book of Edna St.Vincent Millary's lesbian poetry beside the bed in ALICE is confirmed by her wiki page time-stamp on 5.6 at 11:56. ~ Per the 1990 movie's white horse prophecy circus scenes that give us the runaround 'for the children'. ~ That is now for the day '11' 1260 days calendar on the wall of the Chinatown medicine wheel doctor. ~ As confirmed by the thunder and lightening and high winds and rains that forced the media to flee from their big tent on 11th Street right before Hillary Clinton's DNC speech. ~ Ironically, they all ran away and went over to some [Lincoln] namesake sports stadium; also located on 11th Street. ~ Good luck with that one. ~ Gregory Scott Relf, TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER. ~ 11TH STREET BAND NOTES:  Check out this unofficial Donald Trump for President web site at: ~ PS HILLARY: There are literally thousands and thousands of free pro Trump [non mormon] websites out there like this one. ~ And there ain't Jack shit that you can do about it. ~ "And the [worldly] earth helped the woman, and the [worldly] earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood [cum] which the dragon cast out of his mouth." REV.12:16 ~ 

Thursday, July 28, 2016


They just can't hack it. ~ That motherly bitch from hell in ROSEMARY'S BABY deleted 30,000 emails from her official US State Department email account in her basement, and Donald Trump is now the bad guy for even mentioning it. ~ Oh, and by the way; Barack Obama is not even a US Citizen. ~ Otherwise, he would not be using a dead man's Social Security number that even the mormon saturated FBI can not seem to find. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SCOTT FREE NOTES: My middle name is a latter day Scottish thing. ~ PS CAMILLE PAGLIA: Your career happened to blossom in 1776 town for Alice's older sister blossoming in Woody Allen's ALICE, after she relocated to Manhattan. ~ LINCOLN LIMO NOTES: Alice in wonderland rides around Chinatown, New York in the back of a Barack Obama LINCOLN limo in ALICE.


ALICE opens to the improvised jazz trumpet sounds of Donald Trump in the fall of 1990, at: ~ When the black eel trap is set in her high society New York condo and she is considering hiring a tall blond Swede to cure her devil's backbone problem. ~ Then she's on the set of SHAMPOO, having her new look done by a blond physically transfigured Donny Trump stylist. ~ Soon she meets her "horn player" lover who is a complete stranger to the political establishment. ~ While at the kids' school party for Halloween and Thanksgiving; circa 2016. ~ Complete with orange and black homemade TRUMP TOWER decorations on the wall at around 21:00 minutes into it. ~ Then thanks to THE INVISIBLE MAN of the two witnesses blog in the near future, we see Trump's Scottish tartan on display at RELF LAUREN on Madison Avenue. ~ Then those new scrolls of enlightenment are discovered in THE DARJEELING LIMITED film; per the new revelations at ~ And at the end, Alice becomes a new woman; living in a swinging plural marriage situation with a place of her own. ~ GSR/TWN ~
TRAPPED NOTES: I saw this, after I saw that, yada yada, at: ~ ROCKY HORROR NOTES: After she gets hers, I get mine. ~

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Like Donald Trump said today, the Danite Russians are going to have to step up and do the job that America's self righteous Jewish media and corrupt mormon FBI have refused to do regarding Obama's artificially flavored [31 FLAVORS] citizenship papers posted on an official government website. ~ Thank you Jesus!!  Think I'll have another scoop. ~ Say what you will about the Ruskies; they are well known for their sophisticated sense of humor. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SOPHISTRY NOTES: According to THE ITALIANS, the Russians and the Italians have a lot in common, per:,_Jr. ~ At one point, this Joseph Bologna look alike author was arrested by the fascists for leaking secret Chinatown information about the state. ~ And after that; he was a favorite book author interview guest on late night anticommunist talk radio shows. ~ Also see: ~ No wonder that my winter semester term paper, [based mostly on his book], for my Italian Civilization class at BYU in 1985 got me a big wakeup call C- grading. ~ This being around the same time that I started to sense that some thing was seriously wrong in the church. ~ PS SARAH SILVERMAN: Lindsay Lohan getting choked by her Russian lover was confirmation of you getting rushed to the ER because you could not breath. ~ Both of you crazy bitches have really nice big tits and all that shit. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: My west coast native rainbow trout stream fly fishing season in the Olympics and Cascades of Washington State usually starts in August. ~ Try Wolf Creek or the Upper Stilly for a free sample tasting of what Jesus has in store for you. ~ We can get around to the financial particlurs later. ~ Right now, I AM so fucking bored out of my mind that I only want to have a little fun for right now. ~ And you thought that you were pretty bored now. ~

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The two beautiful composite character ladies in VANILLA SKY represent the two parties of Judah and Ephraim in the last days of the two witnesses. ~ Focusing primarily on "Citizen Dildo" for a lesbian context to New York's 20 $trillion$ fantasy debt figure Hillary Clinton. ~ Who believes in her dream world that this will just all go away if everyone is nice to each other. ~ Per that doctor from Berlin [Vermont] who can miraculously make the ruined whore of whores come back from financial fornication again. ~ Therefore, the end of the sweet&sour [REV.10] movie takes place on top of the TRUMP TOWER, 2016; when it becomes clear to me that Sofia is now a born again Ornella Fresh. ~ And everyone gets a fresh start in life; spiritually, politically, physically, and even financially. ~ GSR/TWN ~


In Joseph Smith's white vanilla horse prophecy, the black chocolate pudding horse of the prince in DANIEL 9 also makes war with the red raspberry jello horse. ~ Per the black horse FERRARI and black MUSTANG that Tom drives in the long opening sequence to VANILLA SKY, 2001. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SAND FIRE NOTES: The other side of that monster Sand Canyon inferno is about Bernie Sanders fucking his supporters in the ass after telling them for months what a piece of shit Hillary Clinton is. ~ "Feel the burn!!" Bernie Sanders, America's stereotypical lying Jew. ~ FIRESTORM NOTES: In REV.17 it says that the beast will turn against the MOTHER OF WHORES who gave birth to him. ~ For example, Pope Francis encouraged the French Catholic church to allow their country to be overrun by strange dark skinned E.T. aliens. ~ Now he gets to eat all of the brown chocolate icecream shit that he can stand. ~ Like some little Jerry Lewis boy in a candy shop comedy movie who never grew up. ~ "It's good!! Yes?.." PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000. ~

Monday, July 25, 2016


Crazy blue-eyed blond Camy crash lands her vintage car into a stonewall and metaphorically kills off the long time Hillary Clinton supporter Tom Cruise in the fall election season of the VANILLA SKY prophecy. ~ Then it dream-cuts to that same vintage WWII toy plane that Harrison Ford crash landed on a symbolic Donald Trump golf course in Area Code 310. ~ Ergo, the color of 31 FLAVORS' vanilla icecream is white; and the color of their chocolate rocky road icecream full of nuts and mini marshmallows is brown. ~ And this pre-Obama 2001 movie ends with Tom taking a leap of faith from on top of the TRUMP TOWER in Manhattan, New York, circa 2016. ~ GSR/TWN  ~ FLASHBACK NOTES: In the above fantasy politics film, the old aged establishment's [7 hills] dwarfs are trying to steal David's 51% vote in order to take over his magazine inheritance called RISE. ~ [Cruise is a 5'4" Woody Allen Martin Scorsese type dwarf figure.]  ~ No coincidence that Cameron's 2016 movie came out in 2001; after Trump is elected, and before Trump is inaugurated. ~ LIFE EXTENSION NOTES: In the above visionary physical transfiguration picture, the book author of LIFE THE SEQUEL is interviewed on TV at Penelope Cruz' pad at 35:25 minutes on my DVD. ~ JEW NOTES: That old socialist athiest Jew from Brooklyn stabbed his naive, and low information supporters in the back because that is what the doulbe-talking Jews do. ~ "How was your house [of Israel] after the party?" VANILLA SKY. ~ "White man speak with forked tongue." yada yada. ~ E.T. NOTES: Those unprecedented rapid moving wildfires are happening in the same suberban [Bush Hills] highland foothills housing development areas where they shot E.T. ~


You have to go back to your special [1260 days] edition of RAND MCNALLY's 1994 mapbook of Judah and Ephraim to get why the Sandy Canyon fire is building up to such a hot half moon Charlize Theron type three-way climax on her July 26 birthday. ~ No shit; even the local White Man Airport landmark has been removed from their more recent PC editions. ~ Remember, this is all happening in the San Gabriel Mountains; named after the angel who told Daniel about the 1290 days abomination of desolation at the DNC convention in 2016. ~ Shit happens for a reason. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CROSSOVER NOTES: I got through the first two acts of TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 last night. Wherein the tall dark and handsome Jew thinks that the tall blond and handsome crazy Bernie Sanders progressive Jew in real life is an idiot who should be locked up in an insane asylum for believing that Hillary Clinton is a monster. ~ By the by. This NATIONAL ENQUIRER tabloid spoof came out on November 8,  in 1985. ~

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Brad was papped leaving NYC on Sunday in full white temple garments just for the shits and giggles, at: ~ Whatever, I was thinking more long hair Dude, less short hair Walter, for THE SON OF LEBOWSKI: II&III, like at: ~ So how about a compromise? ~ The Dude's two basterd sons from Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon have short haircuts in the first sequel; and as they get older and wiser and a lot more richer; they both have longer hair in the third one. ~ Ergo, the first sequel takes place on a 51' [Hollywood Golden Era] sailboat; the 3rd sequel  takes place on that 91' yatch chartered by the likes of Clark Gable and Rock Hudson. ~ GSR/TWN ~
PS BRAD: I do think that you could play two different non look alike twin brother characters in your next movie. ~ Wherein I would probably have them both fucking two identical twin Chloe Moertz sisters; and they knew it anyway. ~ Having a rich white father who is the King of England does have it's privileges. ~

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Cara showed up at COMIC CON wearing baby blue VIVA LAS VEGAS slacks and sporting my engagement ring on her finger, at: ~ This is what I mean by her showing the daughters of Israel how to do it better this time around. ~ Ergo, the era of Donald Trump will be remembered as the time when bravery and courage became fashionable once again for white people. ~ "Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city; for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean." ~ "Shake thyself from the dust; arise, sit down, O Jerusalem; loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Israel." 2 NEPHI 8:24-25. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JUSTIN THEROUX: You and I need to sit down and have a little talk. ~ Name your price man. ~ You want to produce, write, direct and star in your next project? ~ I can do that for you if the young sexy talent is there; but only on one condition. ~PS DM: That is a Divinely symbolic [Hillary DNC emails] staff infection, not an allergic reaction. ~


The dying DNC is holding it's conventional [old gray lady] funeral in the same place where they shot PHILADELPHIA's prophecy about the advent of Barack Obama's minions taking over a dying and played out America in DAN.9, at: ~ Yes mam. That is no.44 himself on the enclosed [1260 days] 1993 movie poster. ~ In other words, 6,666,666 Jews, homosexuals, and darkies died at the hand of the first [sands of Israel] 666 beast, because at least 66.6% of today's third-way [sands of Israel] Jews always robotically vote Democrat. ~ Especially the short ones with brown eyes and dark brown died balding hair. ~ And this shit has to stop happening; or else. ~ GSR/TWN ~ OLDER READER NOTES: Here are a few more must-see-again movies that take place in November; after Donny Trump is elected President. ~ Personally, I would start with, ~ Then I might look at, ~ Probably because I look so damn marvelous, and quite fuckable to boot, in the physical transfiguration movie that came out in 1996. ~ CHARIOTS OF FIRE was an OLYMPICS 2016 thing, at: ~ If you can find the time. Take a closer look at this one. ~ See if you can spot that Mitt Romney look alike OLYMPIA BEER, Washington State Hwy.101 forerunner Greek frat house brother. ~ Like they like to say where I live, "It's the water." Damn straight. ~ [They drink cans of OLYMPIA's lucky golden horseshoe logo beer in the SHAMPOO orgy party prophecy about me fucking Miley Cyrus at the PLAYBOY vampire castle, circa 2017.] ~ TWO THIRDS VOTE NOTES: The holy city in REV.16 is going to break up into three parts. ~

Friday, July 22, 2016


The Hwy.101 NASDAQ did +26.26 on the same day that Hillary chose her running mate with the biblical surname of a Marxist thief. ~ Hence his '0' rating from every conservative think tank out there. ~ Both being confirmed by that massive fire in Both/ell, Washington on Friday, at: ~ 26 being the official map line circumcision cut for that giant swampy alligator penis formed by the state of Florida. ~ And a little place called Sanderson is located up north next that swampy cut off cock sucker stump icon in Baker County. ~ President George Albert Smith's St.George, Geogia landmark is right there across the state line where one would cut the penis off completely, if necessary. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONNY: They probably called Mr.Trump 'Donny' too when he was a little boy. ~ Ergo, your  very successful born again, second time around, career at the big time casinos in 2020' VIVA LAS VEGAS meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. ~ PS JIMMY: I command you in the name of the accuser to come out with a full endorsement of Donald Trump by 8.03. ~ HA HA HA HA HA... Let the shits and giggles begin!! ~ [Have not seen the show lately. Been kind of busy. Do you still have that fat greasy spick sidekick to cover your back? I always liked him.] ~ "I love the Mexican people!" Donald Trump. ~ Who employs thousands of them at his fancy hotel resorts and golf clubs. ~ Besides, you yourself look like you are at least half Mexican. ~ NEWER READERS: That is Jimmy Fallon trying not to laugh as the beast attacks him on the backside DVD artwork for NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST. ~ OLDER READERS: This one is a must see again after Donald Trump is elected President in November, 2016, at: ~ AND: ~


This film geek youtube channel clip has one of my 29ish looking CHARLIE'S ANGELS [Born in 1985]  taking a leap of faith by jumping off of the tall dark and handsome TRUMP TOWER in Manhattan in 2017, at: ~ Remember, this is the Steven Fresh look alike guy who also directed MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL back in 1974; when I was still fucking my exwife from France who had a huuuge bush like MADONNA had in the original LAST TANGO IN PARIS; at:  . ~ GSR/TWN ~ SHITS & GIGGLES NOTES: That manly looking German director of gay ass Hollywood musicals, who is "associating" with  some starlet on the side in HAIL, CAESAR is Arnold Schwarzenegger. ~ PS GWYNETH PALTROW: I have never experienced even one minute of writer's block in my entire life. ~ But I have had my share of writer's boredom. ~ Until that is you came along, and made things more interesting for me, at: ~

Thursday, July 21, 2016


It should be pretty clear by now that all of those illegals crossing the Rio around [I-35] Lake Casa Blanca are why the Israelitish white man will be in the Casa Blanca in 2017; a.k.a. The White House. ~ Ergo, that 4.7 along Hwy.101 at 4:09 pm Thursday; south of Eureka and Freshwater, west of the Mad River. ~ When the NASDAQ did -16:03 for the two witnesses' three woes earthquake that divides America into three parts in REV.16. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HILLARY: Cat napping this afternoon after a huge plate of spaghetti and meatballs, I had a vision of several security people rushing up to the podium to subdue some crazy person. ~ Could be just another one of my satanic flash vision simitudes. ~ I AM is after all that Lord of the court in TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRUCULA who is being kept in style by his rich sexy look alike girlfriends. ~


DRACULA A.D.1972 was a rip off of ROSEMARY'S BABY that predicted the bloody and violent satanic masses of the upcoming Mr.&Mrs. Bernie and Hillary convention in 1776 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ~ Where the "provoker of discords" himself will be holding high court; a.k.a. the accuser in REV.12 who threatens the white Republican stay-at-home mother with child. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HILLARY: You are doing what God wants you to do. ~ According to the BM, there can be no heaven if there is no hell; "...there is an opposition in all things," 2 NEPHI 2. ~

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


That swarm of earthquakes in California's famous garlic country came to mind when I saw a 4-movie DVD set at WALMART that had two HAMMER vampire films on it I never saw before. ~ So later I popped in DRACULA A.D. 1972; which has a prophetic bloody red drenched ISIS beast artwork piece on the wall about [iSUS!iSUS!]  going after the MOTHER OF WHORES in the US during the film's opening fall season time; as the trumpets of Donald Trump play out. ~ But I accidenly put in 1970's TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA first and saw Miley Cyrus on the artwork at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIMING IS EVERYTHING NOTES: My own private LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II reel happens at a fancy Donald Trump era hotel. ~


Everyone yelled "Run away!.. Run away!.." when BREIGHTBART turned the SMART PHONE camera on America's Jewish problem, euphemistically called THE [1260 days]  DAILY SHOW last night, at: ~ Which is why those three Jewish brothers in that India train wreck movie ended up riding on a rented medicine wheel motorcycle up to the mountain top in CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN; written by Michael Douglas' Jewish father from Brooklyn, NY. ~ See it with your own third eye at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ MY TWO PENCE NOTES: It costs just 9 pence to have your dead picked up and carried away to their mass Nazi pit graves on a wheel cart in MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL. ~ Get the picture? ~

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The prestigious ivy league history professor gets his throat cut by a REV.19 sword in MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL at 46:24. ~ Later, we see him laying on the ground next to an open anal sex tree truck by the stonewall architecture of Sodom and Egypt. ~ Where it then cuts to the swamp castle gay wedding sequence that foretells the gay party slaughter in Orlando. ~ Where all of those midevil castle theme restaurants are located outside of the region's major attractions. ~ Next, the scenes about the dark knights of the dark prince in DANIEL 9 who can't stand the word 'it' roll out. ~ And then we are in the fall season; where the enchanter is setting off all of this atomic bomb mushroom cloud fireworks. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STOCK TIP: The Hwy.101 NASDAQ did -19.41 on the very same day that Trump was nominated. ~ See: ~ BAY AREA NOTES: Mark Hornor and his virgin daughter from Berkley fell off a rock and drowned in Hawaii Saturday. ~ See the light at: ~


The 'Lady of the Lake' who made me the [REV.19] double-edged sword of the King of Britain's walking man in MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL came out of Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ For when the time would come that I would be having visions about the solid gold Holy Grail being found in a remote castle full of horny teenager virgins. ~ Think BRIDES OF DRACULA meets ANDY WARHOL PRESENTS DRACULA. ~ He was originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania you know. ~ Kind of like the religious sabbath keeping Jews like Michael Medved, er all, not accepting Jesus Christ as the Messiah because he came from some nondescript town in the suburbs of [Lake] Washington State that was not very prestigious; to say the least. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KIT WINN: If your late mother's estate no longer owns that slim slice of sailboat waterfront love shack vacation property in [Richard] Burton, Washington on Vashon Island; I will buy it all back from her and then hand over the title to you for free. ~ Per, ~ "You look exactly like you looked two years ago!!" Frank Di Amore, the summer of 1973, Vashion Island. ~

Monday, July 18, 2016


18 earthquakes within 24 hours in the 3.5 range happened around Tres Pinos, California when Sunday night's GOP redemptive receptions were starting to happen at the convention's welcoming parties. ~ For the three brothers at the end of THE DARJEELING LIMITED who find themselves on top of nearby Mt.Madonna, after their brief visisit with the mysterious wealthy cold-hearted mother in REV.17. ~ Hence that background look at STALAG 17 in my LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II preview. ~ That was just confirmed by that 17 year-old who chopped three German people on the head on a German train in chocolateville Bavaria.  ~ In order to make more sense out of Francis' head wound bandages in the above 2007 pre-Obama movie ~ GSR/TWN ~ MOTHER MARY NOTES: The Catholic church of Glenn Beck and the Mormon church of Glenn Beck do a little dance together in the last days of D&C 86. ~ Can you imagine trying to get the real LDS church of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young established in places like Africa if the negro was not allowed to have the priesthood? ~ Call if FFing, whatever, "Sometimes a girl has to be naughty..." DOMINO. ~ Three Pines is located in the dry open country of California west of Diablo [devil]  Range; south of Hollister; near [Emma] Watsonville; a place on the road called  Freedom; smack dab in the middle of California's famous garlic vampire country. ~ PS LOVER: My hotel room in LAST DANCE IN PARIS is no.403, that costs me around 750 big ones per day. ~ For this pink BB thread-yarn fake of you by FROGMAN, at: ~ Judging by the much younger age of your face in this computer generated image, it must have been made about ten years ago. ~ PS MS CARDIN: Looking back on it now; you and I never were real friends; and probably never will be. ~ Certainly not in the sense that Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron are my friends. ~
PS MY FRIEND: You are going to win Pennsylvania and Florida. ~ And then it's on to California; the land of the fruits and nuts... ~


The heavenly trumpets of God's Branch Davidian Knight, Donald Trump, blast away after God tells the King of Britain to go get the Holy Grail in 1975's MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL. ~ Then the trom/bones of Sodom of Egypt play out of the anal sex angels of Barry Obama. ~ Who is the African swallow who had brought those crazy coconuts to the land of a thousand temple stonewall castles. ~ Where we see the knights of the round medicine wheel templres riding on top of their prophetic white horses of THE INVISIBLE MAN. ~ [Shot in England during winter time of course.] ~ GSR/TWN ~ CUTTING NOTES: The Davidian King cuts up the black knight in the above movie right before the trumpets of the Holy Grail of Christ sound. ~ PUSSY NOTES: Right before the real men of England attack the desecrated temple castle island, the weapons-grabbing anti NRA PC police show up and arrest the two last witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Then the screen goes black. ~ This after the faint hearted Bruce Jenner look alike died; who had created today's black beast cartoon figure; who is now living in an underground A-bomb cave somewhere around DC. ~ Because the weak white men of the land were too [white-meat] chicken shit to call out Obama on his fake birth certificate. ~ No wonder the nigger has such little respect for them. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: I strongly believe that you and your age-appropriate girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley are going to be in the first cut. ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Please do whatever you can to give my friend a hand. ~ Time is short. ~ I'll make it up to you. ~ Name your price. ~ I'm sure that I can squeeze you into my film schedule somehow, somewhere. ~ "OK, that's enough..." AP. ~ Believe it or not, there is a 29' fiberglass hull sailboat in Seattle named AUSTIN POWERS. ~ I shit you not. ~ This whole god damn thing got started after I watched your physically transfigurated tits figure [29ish] character in THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets KILL CRUISE meets CAPTAIN RON. ~

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Reportedly, Bono got caught wiping the savory brown sauce off of his butt with his pants down at THE PETITE MASON when the shit went down in Nice, at: ~ Then his idiot sidekick [Mt.Irish] guitar man went on twitter and said that nice guys always finish first. ~ Really? ~ Guess somebody needs to eat a little more shit before they have had enough of it. ~ Since when does charity ever rob justice? ~ Ergo, civil rights modernism is just dressed up old fashion fascism in lipstick and makeup.  ~ GSR/TWN ~NICISM NOTES: When the Orwellian state forces the people to be nice, the people become mean and angry and resentful. ~ POLICE REPORTS: The niggers are killing the cops because the cops have been trying to play too nice with them; more John Wayne, less Jesse Jackson. ~ People of all colors resent it when you don't respect them as normal human beings. ~ Add to that, most of today's cities are now run by Jewish homosexuals and lesbians and negro mayors; including their federalised 666 government police department overseerers.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Trump picked the plain speaking and soft spoken man from Zionsville, Indiana because his home town is east of Royalton, and west of Fishers and Fall Creek. ~ For the no.12 royal coachman fly peacock feathers in Wes Anderson's India movie. ~ Which are given to the three brothers inside of a plain [GSR/TWN] manila envelope. ~ That is confirmed a second time when we find the father's Hemingway inspired [INVISIBLE MAN] short stories book in the trunk of Ken Keisler's 1996ish Scarlett 911, built in the 1980s, at the German car repair shop. ~ Ergo, the film's alpine questing Buddhist Scotish Ken McLeod look alike brother casting. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN: I have also reserved a special place at the D&C 58 table for you in ROMA, 1973. ~ Pull up a chair and dig in. ~ Fame and fortune is worthless if you don't have old friends and family to share it with; "...share the shares." ~


Donald Trump's VIP pick from Indiana looks like the Irishman in THE STING prophecy because Mt. Irish is located in Lincoln County, Neveda. ~ Get it? ~ There are lots of casinos in that state where anything goes; Donald Trump is a casino hotel operater; 5604' Coyote Summit is right there; The Donald is going to get rid of the so-called 'coyote' smugglers of illegal dark skinned E.T. aliens. ~ Take for example, the official looking daily laminated playing cards in THE DARJEEKING LIMITED are a 1290 days, every day thing. ~ Because God knows what we are supposed to be doing every minute of every day during the exactly precise 1260 days period of the two witnesses of Jerusalem, Israel. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REBOOT NOTES: In Wes Anderson's above 'part one' audition reel, my fuck buddy Natalie Portman gets her boots pulled off for that head-to-head train collision above the ankel boot of Italy last Tuesday. ~


The desecrated temple of a thousand bullshits begins at about 22:00 minutes into THE DARJEELING LIMITED. ~ Where that song about the filthy dirty pigeon doo doo starts up as we see images of the US Capital covered with it's restorative scaffoldling. ~ Which is scheduled to be finished and come down completely by January, 17,  2017; in time for the inauguration of President Trump. ~ And then we see the mountain top White Rock Peak shrine in Lincoln County, Nevada. ~ Followed up by that Danite box full of TNT. ~ And all 3 brothers of the lost 12 tribes of the House of Israel are wearing Hawaii leis. ~ While praying over those HARRY POTTER votive [2016 election] candles made by Peter's pregnant REV.17 girlfriend.  ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL NESTOR: You are pretty much sitting in the [3 Jewish brothers] drivers' seat right now. ~ Just like I AM is played in the above 2007 movie; after all these years. ~ Per this snap shot imaging-message worth a thousand words from my underaged movie star wife who would love to play the girl in my TAXI DRIVER meets MANHATTAN remakes. ~ Don't worry, Martin Scorsese would never call me back in a thousand years; not to mention Steven Spielberg, er all, until it is too late. ~ Which means that you now get to pick and choose the jobs that you want, like at: ~

Friday, July 15, 2016


Reportedly, that crazy-sex car bomber in Lincoln County had been living on the edge at some low rent RV park in Kingman, Arizona's Aquarius Mountains area for the past five months. ~ Where they actually made that 666 government MANAGEMENT movie about me fucking my hot as hell SMART WATER wife Jennifer Aniston in Scotland's I-5 Fife, Tacoma, Washington location, at: ~ AND: ~
GSR/TWN ~ PS JEN: You need to start thinking like your are still 29 years-old. ~ The younger the better is what I always say. ~ PS JEFF BEZOS: You looked a nice 29ish in that running toy train car montage at the end of THE DARJEELING LIMITED. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ By the by; my brother Jeff is feeling pretty depressed and down and out these days. ~ Would it hurt you to have one of your limo driver henchmen take 15 minutes out of their busy schedule to check up on him? ~ I never forget even the slightest little offense or small favor. ~ I see everything; I know everything; I forget nothing. ~ Like they say; thick skinned elephants have a long memory. ~

Thursday, July 14, 2016


People all over the small Mormon town in Lincoln County, Nevada felt that huuuge car bomb Wednesday night. Which is located in the dry open countryside just south of the [Owen] Wilson Creek Range; next to White Rock Peak. ~ For that giant white elephant shrine on a mountain top at the end of THE DARJEELING LIMITED. ~ Right after the ROLLING STONES sing, "...don't play with me, cause you're playing with fire." ~ And the song played over the end credits is in French. ~ Note the one brother holding a bomb, and the other brother wearing a Hawaiian lei in this pre-Obama desecrated temple movie at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ E.T. NOTES: No. Really. A road called "Extraterrestrial Highway" runs across western Lincoln County, NV, north of Bald Mountain.  ~ Nearby Belted Range is for the leather belt temple cleansing warnings in the above 2007 film. ~ Much like Indy's messianic leather whip of Jesus in the INDIANA JONES movies. ~ "Whip it!.. Whip it good!.." DEVO.


If my jungle tree Branch Davidian monkey sidekick in all of those crazy white man 'mighty and strong' TARZAN movies doesn't get the niggers off  the streets after midnight, I AM is going to be forced to have someone else do the job for him. ~ "If you do not do what I say, you have no promise." DC. ~ I'm warning you now, don't get me started. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JUNGLE LOVE NOTES: Last night I dreamed over and over again, that the tall Jewish Adriana Lima does not still believe in plural marriage. ~ Oh well, BLAME IT ON RIO meets WILD ORCHID meets THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL, at: AND: ~ PS ADRIANA: More German Gisele Bundchen, less German Sandra Bullock. ~ For example, if Sandy won't fuck me, and you won't fuck me too; at least I get to have a couple of sweet ass underaged teenagers onboard your [SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE:II] sailboats in order to keep me still interested in you two in the meantime. ~ FINALLY I GET IT IN SPADES NOTES: I can't tell you how many times I got all excited and decided to watch those two OUR MAN IN LIKE FLINT duffer golfer movies; and yet not that much to speak of happened afterwards. ~ Regarding Hillary Clinton and her lesbian man-hating posse wanting to take over the world in the year 2016. ~ Don't get me wrong now. ~ I'm going to finish watching the third act of the hard to pronounce, THE DARLING LIMITED before it. ~ Not with standing this very temping 9.5 Mr.Gray image at: ~

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Those three cute warm&furry monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, were just killed by dogs who broke through the border fence in Baton Rouge, at: ~ In confirmation of that white fur family dog who also wanted to return home at the end of E.T. as the trumpets of Donald Trump are soaring high among the brown fall season leaves. ~ GSR/TWN ~ EZE.10 NOTES: Those five virgins who are flying their cherub size medicine wheels home at the end of E.T. are symbolic of how the negro child will go back to his proper plantation White House estate [with Greek pillars] home at ~ Where all of the slave masters are billionaires, and all of their negro slaves are nigger-rich multi millionaires. ~ Remember, we're talking about the fantastic world of The Kingdom of God here. ~ MAP NOTES: The profile siloett of Alfred Hitchcock that forms the Idaho Montana borderline means that racial profiling will increase, not decrease; as America gets more of a grip on it's Jewish negro problem. ~ Hence that black&brown bear who got trapped like a big rat in Obama's Colorado COORS beer country inside of some gal's OUTBACK, at: ~ BORDERLINE NOTES: Hunter Peak is located right across the border from Lake [Mario] Como, just south of Hamilton, Montana. ~ Don't get me started. ~CLINTON CAMPAIGN NOTES: I caught my first German browntrout on a no.8 buck hair grasshopper top fly, tied by Ken McLeod, on [DANIEL 2] Rock Creek out of Clinton, Montana, circa 1969; due east of Florence and Stevensville. ~ Then we headed south on Hwy.93, east of Taylor Mtn. via Merial Hemingway's home town of Salmon, Idaho; where we fly-fished the Pahsimeroi with no.12 ROYAL COACHMANs; located below 10820' Portland Mountain. ~ PS CARA: Margaux Hemingway was your own private Idaho forerunner in life. In order that you could show the daughters of Israel how to do it better this time around, at: ~


Adolf Hitler knew that the marvelous beauty of western Europe's white people cities would last for a thousand years. ~ That is once and for all, all of the alien ideas of today's oddball Jews, queers, and niggers would be put on that limited train to nowhere in THE DARLING LIMITED [hard to pronounce] prophecy. ~ Which is why Wes Anderson made his above short film audition reel for me to consider hiring him as the director of LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II. ~ Using the top floor HOTEL RAFAEL setting in Paris for a 'Hotel Relf' reference. ~ [Relf means strong wolf in Normandy, France.]  ~ Therefore his short film has all of the inspired characteristics of my own prive 9 1/2 WEEKS sequel/prequel, at: ~ AND: ~ Note the 7:26 time-stamp on the last one. ~ Being extremely rich and famous does have it's privileges. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HISTORY NOTES FOR DUMMIES: Hitler was a short and strange looking man because so many of today's mixed race Jews are also short and strange looking. ~ Think Spike Lee meets Dustin Hoffman meets Ben Stiller meets Jason Schwartzma meets Tom Cruise; and you get the big picture. ~ PS BILL MURRAY: If those two old fucks don't feel right, or have the energy anymore, to do Paul Allen's medium priced $57,000,000 sequel to TAXI DRIVER,  directed by Martin Scorsese; how about me and you doing the project together? ~ Heck, we are both the same age, and we can get a different director for it if that is some kind of an - inside baseball - issue with you. ~ How about the way taller Paul Nestor?.. at half the price. ~ He is much younger, and more hungry for the job. ~ Fuck it. ~ Bring George Clooney into the picture somehow, whatever works. ~ Like they say in Hollywood, "Screenwriting is rewriting." ~ PS TRUMP: Whoever you pick for VP, make sure that he looks as marvelous and handsome as you do. ~ No kidding. ~ Probably the best free-of-charge campaign advice that I have to give you so far. ~ Think about it. ~ Hillary Clinton is an ugly old bitch who turns off white men. ~ You two rich guys are really a handsome looking older pair of trump winning cards who turn on the younger 29ish looking ladies. ~ "Do  I make you randy?.." Austin Powers. ~ MORE STRANGE JEWISH NOTES: This new report is about America's ongoing ugly liberal Jew problem, at: ~

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Viewer warning;  here is the body-shaming face of America's shameful Jewish problem at: ~ Who is an old die-hard Jew bitch with one foot in the grave; who is still supporting the strange looking half white mulatto E.T. child who gives America's white suburb Republican family the finger at 1:16:46. ~ Then the counter-coulture MTV VIDEO AWARDS trophy men begin their invasion of the House of Israel, looking and sounding like those creepy moon men breathers in 2001: A SPACE ODDITY. ~ And Elliot is wearing his cold north country physical transfiguration endowment house garments that are revealed at ~  And that toy train wreck is rolling down the tracks of Italy's southern heel boot country. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STRANGE SI-FI NOTES FROM OUTER SPACE: They found E.T. laying in a creek next to some up-all-night masked nigger raccoon figure. ~ FUN HOUSE CARNIVAL NOTES: Most of today's kids in the insane posse clown media can't even bare to look at Sheriff Joe's strangely true report about Obama's completely fake birth certificate. ~ Which is why I keep talking about it. ~ Talk about having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. ~ "Not one news organization, or law enforcement agency, has ever requested a copy of my report about Obama's fraudulent documents." Sheriff Joe. ~ "We need to remain true to our [toy train set] values..." George W. Bush. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Cut the crapola granola and give me my 90/10 distribution money deal right now. ~ Time is running out the clock. ~ Me Mr.Jesus, you Mrs. Gregory Scott Relf. ~ Same thing goes for you too  Mr.&Mrs. Elton John. ~ Per that "Uncle Relf" man on the old fashion 1982 televion set in E.T. at 48:05 minutes into it. ~ The KING RALPH prophecy takes place at a Donald Trump casino hotel establishment in Las Vegas during the post election, pre inauguration, football season time-line. ~ Think THAT SINKING FEELING indie movie made by God himself in Scotland. ~ Wherein the Marxist socialist Jews of lost Israel in the UK suddenly become libertarian conservatives, circa 2020, Texas barbeque style.  ~


I can only take so much at a time. ~ So I have been watching segments of THE DARJEELING LIMITED's enlightening limited government [elephant] party film in between my half hour or so late night reviewing periods of E.T. in the last few days. ~ Therefore, that high ankle sprain train collision right above the boot of Italy made complete sense to me. ~ In the context of Austin Powers' swinging 60s black Italian leather boots in the original INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY; circa 1969. ~ Not to mention the Divine timing of Natalie Portman's full page ad in Sunday's NYT. ~ GSR/TWN ~STAY WITH ME NOTES: I'm only about one hour into THE DARJEELING LIMITED's love guru movie. So I don't yet know how those three well-off Republican Party brothers are going to come together in the final act. ~ Not including that short film about me fucking Natalie Portman in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II. ~ When I have a lot more money; and now I can afford to live in a much nicer upstairs hotel room; but the story is still the same old thing. ~ PS BERNIE SANDERS: You are the epitome of America's half Jewish Bill Clinton problem; "The Jews run everything in Hollywood." Marlon Brando. ~

Monday, July 11, 2016


The twister that injured some 20 people in Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota was confirmation of the full page message I got from Natalie Portman in Paris via Sunday's NYT. ~ Note the Hwy.59 Watson happening for the negro frog cutting time scenario in E.T. ~ Per the common sense expression among lori drivers and footie fans in England that referes to the French as "the frogs". ~ Which is derived from their official government sedans that look like a giant frog in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL; and all of those trendy PINK PANTHER movies that were happening around the same time. ~ Hence, the little boy from Elliot Bay Srattle saves the frogs. ~ Like the two who will be talking at the CAR 54 memorial Tuesday in Dallas. ~ Which will probably be symtomatic of why Donald Trump squashed his establishment Republican competitors in the primaries. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EMMA WATSON: I sit by the phone all day, yet you never call. ~ Did I say something? ~ PS TRUMP: No coincidence that a Scotsman won this year's WIMBLEDON. ~ Per that guy who got away with political murder just by shear "luck" in MATCH POINT, at: ~ Is it really true that blonds have more fun? ~


Let's face it. ~ America has a huuuge International conspiracy Jewish problem in the form of FACEBOOK. ~ Where they delete Milo's postings about violent BLM type homophobic Muslims, and look the over way at: ~ In confirmation of Michael Savage being inducted into the anticommunist radio hall of fame; the author of the bestseller LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER. ~ Plus, the news that Hillary met with Bernie in person. ~ Still nothing? ~ How about that half Jew noe con fuck George Bush gets together with that other half Jew neo liberal asshole Barack Obama in Dallas tomorrow. 1 And yes, I AM is talking about Rush Limbaugh's all time favorite 80s TV show. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MOVIE NOTES: They came up with this light entertainment movie back in 2004, co-starring  Richard Gere, after getting such a big kick out of my postings about his AMERICAN GIGOLO prophecy, seen at: ~ "Really?.. Yeah... really." AP:II. ~ 10 NOTES: The movie '10' came out right when my Catholic French cunt of a wife left me in 1979; and then along came Ornella Fresh and her sister Donatella Greco, at: ~ Thank God for the Biblical doctrines of polygamy.
PS DONNA BELLA: I'm so sorry that I was not up to the job when Ken Keisler and I last visited you and your sisters in Napoli. ~ I promise you that it will never happen again. ~ Not as long as I AM is in change of things for the next thousand years or so... ~

Sunday, July 10, 2016


You know that the little dark skinned negro alien child in E.T. is Barack Obama when he is entroed next to a globe featuring Kenya, Africa; a gay rainbow set of mini-blinds; and that clown in IT, starting at: 22:46. ~ Who the more righteous white men of Ephraim, who hold the priesthood keys of leadership, are out to get him with their traditional policeman flashlights. ~ Ergo, the 82 film's little monkey figure is hiding next to the toy chimp in the film's famous homogaysexual closet scene. ~ Then it cuts  directly to a little negro boy in a school classroom where they are about to dissect and examine more closely a filthy Biblical frog metaphore. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIG TEX NOTES: The Governor of Texas got double high ankle burns with boiling hot STARBUCKS water in Sandy's [Jesse] Jackson Hole on the same day that the crazy Marxist snipper went into action in Dallas. ~ Which probably means that her commercial office real estate investments in the Austin area are going to pay off big time. ~ Imagine the long-term lease demand for government offices space when Austin, Texas becomes the capital of the Republic of Texas. ~ In confirmation of her growing up in the DC Capitol area. ~Of course, I get my usual 10% cut. ~ NIGGERS DON'T MATTER NOTES: All of the niggers who escape certain death at the hands of the skinny white man, are not going to escape the skinny yellow man. ~ This does not include the gentalman negro of course. ~ No need to get too worked up now and throw out the baby with the dirty bath water in REV.12. ~ "Passion is the enemy of precision." ... "I found his keys." Mr.Zero in THE ZERO EFFECT meets THE INVISIBLE MAN. ~PS DENNIS WOOD: Don't forget, Jesus himself promised you with a certain look and a wink wink that you get to be an acting star in some future Internet video series. ~ But please, no time-wasting story concept pitches, etc.  ~ Just let AR know how much it will cost me and who else will be in it. ~ So many friends, so little time. ~ By the by. ~ Do you remember that time when you bought me a [Sienna] MILLER six-pack? ~ I never forget a favor. ~ That's just the way I AM, wink wink. ~ PS NATALIE PORTMAN: Message received. ~


The reason why my lovable branch Davidian pet monkey is also my faithful sidekick sitting in a jungle tree with me, in all of those FDR era TARZAN movies, is because most of today's white christian Republican haircut types don't like me neither. ~ Theregore, I'm left with no other alternative than to seek after the strange flesh described at; section 91. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCORSESE: If Chloe Moretz is still returning your phone calls, you best strike while the iron is still hot. ~ You're not getting any younger. ~ PS BILLY CRYSTAL: That 32 year-old nigger who was shot by a gog magog China man, due east of Crystal Lake, had at least 52 driving tickets on his police record. ~ Sounds to me like that CAR 54 [Yellow Taxi] cop did him a favor by putting him out of his misery. ~ In France, they call that the 'coup de gras'. ~ "There's always room for JELLO." Bill Cosby. ~

Saturday, July 9, 2016


You should know by now that all of those white [LOST HIGHWAY] garage repair men and NYC taxi drivers from the south in TAXI DRIVER, who were overwhelmingly against the 1964 civil rights stupidity, were right on the money. ~ Most of whom were Democrat Party members who were always in favor of the little guy; and certainly not for today's giant JZ size niggers. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NIGGA: If you want a nice slice of my money, you better start showing me and the boys a little more respect. ~ BIBLE NOTES FOR DUMMIES: In the Kingdom of God, the noble and intelligent negro will enjoy all of the rights that any other man has. ~ And if his adopted Israelite slave master family of Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron does not do that; then they too can be taken before a court of the Elders of Zion. ~ Like in this prophetically inspired legal fiction film about the two TRUMP TOWERS of Judah and Ephraim, at: ~ AND: ~
PS SCORSESE: I'm thinking TAXI DRIVER:II more as a sequel, and not some kind of a commercial remake ripoff. ~ How about we have both Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas as viciously competing small town taxi drivers who are desparate to supplement their S.S. pension paychecks in some upper Midwest area where there still are a few white taxi drivers around who are not illegal immigrant Arabs, or your typically legal East Indian nationals. ~ Then Donald Trump comes along in the second act's campaign season, like at: ~ Figure we shoot it around Twin Falls, Idaho; where the private jets of Paul Allen er all keep arriving non stop. ~ So the big money taxi tips involved make the plot more believable. ~

Friday, July 8, 2016


When the niggers saw those dead white cops' bodies lying on the street in Dallas, they began to ape the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11:10, that goes... "And they that dwell upon the [gentile] earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry..." like at: ~ So much for LBJ's gay ass CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ Been there, done that. ~ GSR/TWN ~ AUSTIN POWERS NOTES: Beyounce co-starred in AP:III because it was an inspired Spielberg corroboration about when it will become fashionable for mixed race fascists to hate white people. ~ Per the trendy film's ridiculously funny MONTY PYTHON type mighty-line that goes... "Dutch hater!!" ~ CHINATOWN NOTES: Reportedly, it was an Asian police man who shot that African man in the Twin Cities area for a good reason. ~ For a 1290 DAYS INN confirmation of gog magog invading northern Ephraimite Israel in the last days of EZE:38. ~ Think about it. ~ The abomination of desolation has borrowed trillions from these people. ~ And when we can't pay them back, they are going to show up at our door steps in California and ask for some kind of a reasonable settlement. ~ Add to that; most of those yellow skinned horny-as-hell submarine sailor invaders in the 1941 prophecy had no women. ~ PS BARRY: The ongoing imperialistic capitalistic invasion of Africa by the extremely rich and darker skinned Chinese is a very economically uplifting thing. ~ Lord knows, the wild at heart and lawless negro is just too uncivilized to make it on his own. ~ Hence, all of those TARZAN movies about the stampeding and trumpeting elephants of Donald Trump's Republican Party in the 2016 election. ~ Oh yeah, if not for my successful BYU years as a stainless steel VITA MIX 3600 blender pitchman from Cleveland, Ohio during the 1970s, I would not be the man who I AM is today. ~ PS CHARLIE: This month's half moon happens on Sandra Bullock's birthday. ~ "It's all written in the cards!!" LIVE AND LET DIE. ~ "It's all written in the stars!!" PEE WEE HERMAN. ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: When the weak old men like your Greek wedding father finally come forward and vote for Donald Trump,  it will then be safe again for you to come and get me. ~ Because you will want to be the first on your Beverly Hills, LA [Highlands] block to have an unspotted baby Jesus child with me. ~ Who will be born [again] unto you from the royal Holly Grail blood of the 666 antichrist antihero in ROSEMARY'S BABY:II meets HANNA AND HER SISTERS:II. ~ I'm not promising anything right now. ~ But we could probably get Paul Nestor to direct. ~ Everyone in Hollywood loves to claim that they were the first one to discover the latest indie filmmaker sensation. ~


One nigger gets shot by a cop in the Twin Cities, Minnesota  area, a second one gets shot in the Scotlandville, Louisiana area, north of Port Allen, for a 1290 days two witnesses confirmation of the river that runs through the heart of Zion in DANIEL 12. ~ As confirmed by that 44 year-old lesbian lady getting shot by the DAYS INN in Bristol, Tenn who was delivering their local liberal media newspapers.  ~ Who are directly responsible for ginning up the marxist propaganda of the Black Lives Matter movement. ~ Which was born when a violent giant nigger was shot by a cop in Scotish Ferson, MO. ~ Hence Beyounce was in Trump's native country promoting the lies of the "hands up" NBA crowd when the shit went down in I-35 Dallas. ~ Where JFK was also shot by a crazy Marxist who hated America on November 22. ~ A date which falls in between the election of President Trump on 11.8, and his official inauguration in January, 17. ~ GSR/TWN ~ EUREKA NOTES: A powerful twister hit I-35 Eureka, Kansas on HWY.54 [Cop CAR 54] a couple hours after I-35 Dallas happened. ~ Damaging the Bible Baptist Church there, and a rest home for old FDR folks at 10th and School Street. ~ APE SHIT NOTES: A very popular gorilla zoo celebrity was "accidentally" killed in Mexico on Wednesday. ~ Of course, we all know the real motivation behind it, at: ~ GAY RIGHTS NOTES: The no.82 B-29 that dropped those two witnesses A-bombs on Japan was named ENOLA GAY; so much for the Jewish civil rights movement of the 60s that Bernie Sanders tried to revive in WEEKEND AT BERNIES in the East Hamptons. ~ "Fat ankles..." DOMINO. ~ In other words, both Hillary Clinton and Ms.Lynch are not even remotely fuckable, much less electable. ~ GAME SEASON NOTES: Generally speaking, the game season for deer hunters happens in the fall. ~ Note how the above link depicts that giant black ape with his hand over his heart as Beyounce sings the national anthem of America at some sporting event. ~

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Juan -Alba had wrapped a rope around his girlfriend's neck and was lifting her feet off the ground at Exit REV.13:1 in Parley P. Pratt Canyon, Utah, when SLC CO. fire&rescue happened to drive by and stop him. ~ In Providential confirmation of the Word at that says the writings of Pratt are not that recommended for some reason. ~ Talk about escaping certain doom at the very last second. ~ Whatever, the statue of Pratt at the canyon's I-80 entrance to Park City does depict him as conducting REV.11.1 type survey separatist measurements for zion's latter-day temple grounds at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ CRYSTAL NOTES: This news link has the Billy Crystal wannabe at: ~ Here is Crystal in his new FX sitcom at: ~ Well before I ever saw HAIL, CAESAR's gay sailor bar musical scene featuring Rush Limbaugh and Ben Stiller. ~ PS BARRY: Professionally trained law enforcement officers who have been driven out of their minds, night and day, by today's crazy lawless niggers is symptomatic of the unconstitutional CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~  Think about it. ~ You yourself has put up a fraudulent birth certificate document on an official government web site that everyone and his dog knows is bullshit; including Bill and Hillary Clinton. ~ "It is what it is." Rush Limbaugh. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: As promised, I will miraculously deliver the Greek White House of Richard Nixon in SHAMPOO into your hands in 2016. ~ My word is as good as gold when it comes to the big picture, like at: ~ "Let the shooshting begin!!" GOLDMEMBER. ~ 


White judeo christian American men needed to suffer through 8 straight excruciatingly painful years of today's awful and disgusting [abomination of desolation] negro problem in order to be cured of their Jewish civil rights phoney baloney Democrat Party problem. ~ Ergo, "I love it, when that happens." Billy Crystal. ~ Like at: ~ Yes in deedy... Judah really is the superior white tribe of Israel that stands head and shoulders above all of the other races and tribes of the world. ~ Which is a whole other problem in and of itself. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


That Chinese fireworks barge exploded on the 4th of July in the gay Cape Cod Bay area next to the REV.13:1 White Horse Prophecy landmark called White Horse Beach; located at the end T-bone junction to Hwy.44, south of Kingston. ~ For Mr.Golden himself stepping on a bomb by the look alike Plymouth Rock rocks at: ~ AND: ~ Note the royal Jacob's Pillow Stone symbolism under the Jewish kid's head; the traditional genealogy tree of Israel lodged hard against the unmovable Central Park boulder Rock of Christ metaphor. ~ This is some pretty good shit if you ask me. ~ GSR/TWN ~
TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Howard Road is a main drag in the Rochester, NY suburb of Gates, where those niggers rioted inside the local WALMART. ~ The news reports don't mention that most of the black folks were just grabbing shit and heading for the exits. ~ KNOW NOTHING NOTES: This report sheads a bright light on the reasons why the FBI is looking the other way regarding Obama's fraudulent birth documents being posted on an official government web site, at: ~ If you dare read it, just substitute the word 'book' with the words 'birth certificate'. ~ HAIL, CAESAR NOTES: Mr.Comey's legal fictions about Hillary not being guilty of voluntarily deleting any emails on her private server that would be relevant to his phoney baloney show-case, is what the dark comedy called HAIL, CAESAR is all about. ~ Not to mention STARBUCKS MEMORIES' pay-phone scene. ~ And yes, that is the FBI director's real born name in real life. ~


The light skinned PRINCE's niggers rioted again at a WALMART located just north of the little horn's Little Black River, and south of Greece, NY, on the day 1260 anniversary of the two witnesses in 1996. ~ Some of them using baseball bats from the sporting goods section. ~ For when the white Greek frat house President becomes elected in 2016, and before he is inaugurated. ~ Per that immediate post WWII vision of WWIII that President George Albert Smith had in the desecrated [negro priesthood] St. George Temple; that has a golden trumpeter standing on the top of it's pointed NBA basketball globe spire stinger icon. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WALMART NOTES: Hillary Clinton comes from Chicago, Ill; via Little Rock, Ark, where WALMART is based. ~ PS MEDVED: Every successful Jewish businessman in Central Park Avenue, Manhattan donates equally to each party.  ~ And when they get married again, they invite all of the city's most important people to their weddings, all expenses paid. ~ No wonder America has a new kind of neo con Jewish problem, like you. ~ Similar to the "Jewish problem" that Adolf Hitler wrote about during the Hollywood Golden Era. ~ You treat the BOOK OF MORMON and the US CONSTITUTION like shit, g-d treats you like shit. ~ Shit happens for a good reason. ~

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Those faint hearted [fake Hawaiian birth certificate] white guys at the now 666 cult mormon dominated FBI let Hillary off the hook right after that foolish 5 year-old virgin probe fired off it's Fourth of July rockets and came into orbit with Jupiter. ~ In order to get a better look at the mystery planet's prophetic huuuge storm vortex known as 'The Giant Red Spot' at: ~ In traditional scripture terms, the word 'spot' means sin. ~ Meanwhile, a tunafish fisherman named Clinton Hir/Oshima went missing with his two other fishing buddies on this July 4th weekend off the waters of Hawaii in MAGNUM P.I. meets HAWAII FIVE-O meets LOST. ~ No. Really. Google it yourself. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Monday, July 4, 2016


Shit happens for a reason. ~ That upper Midwest college kid who looks like a younger Garrison Kieller got thrown into HAIL, CAESAR's Tiber River on the same damn day-date USA time that the liberal fantasy college professor [NPR radio] personality did his last show at the Golden Era's HOLLYWOOD BOWL venue. ~ Compare, WITH: ~ Ergo, the above Beau Solomon was from a small town in Wisconsin just west of RT.14's small town called Arena. ~ And that Jewish college kid from the DC area who got a high ankle sprain in Central Park was surnamed Golden. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: They shot the look alike underground mine car escape scenes at the same time in England for A VIEW TO A KILL and INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. ~ The one coming out in 85, the other coming out in 84, only months apart. ~ Same difference, same President Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher period. ~ MORE 42 NOTES: Reportedly, the man with the red shoes did his legal fiction highbrow society FM radio show for 42 years. ~ And then it all came to an end during the campaign for President of Donald Trump; a.k.a. Mr.Skank to you. ~ "Here comes Mr.Wonderful now..." to me in DOMINO meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, at: ~ Note the high EZE.47:1 water tower at the end of HAIL, CAESAR. ~ NEW READER NOTES: When I saw myself as an older man fucking some hot young underaged teenager from Idaho in Woody Allen's so artfully made black and white and gray picture entitled MANHATTAN, I decided right then and there that this is what I want to do in life, come hell or high water; like at: ~ Then my Catholic schoolgirl wife from France suddenly left me for an older man only a few months later; miraculously paving the way to make it all happen for me. ~ Circa BROADWAY DANNY ROSE meets STARBUCKS MEMORIES, at: AND: ~ Then the next thing I know, I'm sitting at the table with Donatella Greco and her sister in Natick, Mass on Rt.9 out of Boston. ~ All expenses paid, courtesy of Paul Nestor. ~


That giant negro MVP player signed with the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS on the same weekend that Spielberg's BFG giant white man [Bill Mahre look alike] movie opened to disappointing box office. ~ In other words, you make fun of me, I make fun of you; big time. ~ "This is gonna be huge!!" Donald Trump. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS STEVE: Say what you will about the polite and timid GOP. ~ But those giant and ruthless thugs in T-shirts at the DNC now run everything. ~ Going way back to the post 1260 days 1290 days set up of the abomination of desolation on August 2, 1996. ~ It was all downhill from there. ~ For example, see: ~

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Those prophetic golden LDS temple-top trumpets of Donald Trump always begin to soar whenever Indy barely escapes certain doom in the INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM Reagan period prophecy. ~ Which ends with the Royal English Stone of Jacob being returned to it's proper place in the Rock of Gibralter temple. ~ As just confirmed by that Jewish kid who got his Danite foot blown off in Centralist Park. ~ Right across the street from where they were memorializing that old Jew who died at 87 without having a clue why shit happens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KILL CRUISE NOTES: The diamond crystal rock theme in the second Indy movie ending is corroborated by the two pre 29ish daughters of Israel in KILL CRIUSE. ~ PS DONNY OSMOND: Whether you like it or not, you will soon be doing major free PSA endorsements on prime time local television for Donald Trump. ~ "This time it's personal." Dr.Evil. ~ They don't call west LA "The city of Angels" for nothing, at: ~ Where you see all of those really rich older dudes, who still look marvelous, riding around in their RRs with the tops pulled down. ~ PS CHARLIE SHEEN: I don't give a shit who or what you ever fucked. ~ I'm casting you in my reborn CHARLIE'S ANGELS series because I want people to know that the temple blood cleansing vampire rights in movies like BRIDES OF DRACULA is the cure to herpes, AIDS, and liberalism, etc. ~ Plus, I love the idea of me playing the secret "Charlie" persona Nazi doctor behind the scenes who looks like Orson Welles does in FAKER and A TOUCH OF EVIL meets THE THIRD MAN in CASINO ROYALE. ~ I AM is a lot like Donald Trump in this way. ~ I know how to turn a typical modestly priced $57,000,000 movie into a $$$$$57 billion $$$$$ jackpot box office bonanza, like at: ~ SHIT HAPPENS NOTES: This link has a good shot of that physically transfigured Jim Carry look alike kid who really stepped in it at:


Sadly enough, according to the full volume 66-book Bible, God probably really does not love queers. ~ Therefore his son Jesus Christ, who is full of grace and mercey, also probably does hate it when you love it. ~ "I like you..." Pee Wee Herman. ~ ~ But. ~ By that, I mean the dark skinned underground Barack Obama 666 idol of the 7 dry bone skulls in EZE.37 in INDIANA JONES AND THE [Republican Party's] TEMPLE OF DOOM. ~ Wherein the more white Western European Ephraimites are drunk, but not with cheap jug wine, or refined 12 year-old Highlands Scotch. ~ And the neocon Jews like Billy Krystal, Mitt Romney, and Glenn Beck are flat out Satan worshipers. ~ Whose refined white China tea-cups full of African bean coffee from British Kenya are clean looking on the outside, but filthy dirty on the inside. ~ GSR/TWN ~ B.O. NOTES: Those dark skinned underground temple slave worshipers in INDY:2 1984 are all wearing Muslim head scarfs. ~ PISS OFF NOTES: Why in the world would the same negro lady who knows that Obama's birth certificate is a forged document indict Hillary? ~ It just wouldn't make any sense at all if you believe like I do that the transgender negro woman hates the transgender white man, like at: ~ HORROR MOVIE NOTES: Bill Murray plays me in the retro spoof LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS movie wherein Steve Martin plays the motorcycle riding dentist at: ~ "I love it when that happens." Billy Crystal. ~

Saturday, July 2, 2016


That famous 666 Holocaust denier who wrote NIGHT and DAWN died on the same damn day that the reviews rolled out about my new born sweet ride baby named after me called DAWN, at: ~ Of course, that other famous Jewish Democrat Party 666 denier, named after the 7 hills beast in REV.13, was also denying everything in her symbolic 3 1/2 hours FBI interrogation/interview on this historic desecrated Fourth of July day 1290 weekend. ~ By the by. ~ I never imagined myself behind the wheel of an English RR simply because the optics were a bit too tacky much. ~ However, this new one I can see. ~ It's a lot more fit and trim looking. ~ And most of my regular GSR/TWN reader folks who get it, and see me driving around town in it, will just think that I got me a new BMW 3 CONVERTIBLE GIRL car for the shits and giggles. ~ Or maybe one of those fancy A8s like Tom Brady drives. ~ Whatever, do you remember that middleaged overweight East Indian [THE LOVE GURU] anima persona with so many 29ish looking wives, who was always driving around Bend, Oregon's famous fly fishing country in an open-top RR? While I myself was renting a little white house in Portland on Taylor Ferry Road? ~ And then he got deported for being an illegal alien who had overstayed his high-tech company's workers visa? ~ For a prophecy about the time when Donald Trump will be President? ~ Oh yeah, me again. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TEMPLE OF DOOM NOTES: That bus full of negro Voodoo christian pagans from Haiti crashed and burned on HWY.98 in Florida for the fiery underground blood cleansing rites in INDY:2, 1984. ~ Think about it; Obama is not a US citizen; not a real Christian, and not even a real negro. ~ And that guy who gets dipped into the flaming volcano is wearing a Hawaiian tourist lei around his neck.


Here is my proud BLAME IT ON RIO wife in HERBIE:4 flashing the traditional GSR/TWN forehead 'I' line scar icon at: AND: ~ Note the GSR/TWN index finger reference to my special hot latina spaghetti sauce date in HAIL, CAESAR. ~ Supposedly, a gentleman never tells. ~ Fuck it. ~ I'm proud of the fact that Adriana Lima wants to fuck me. ~ No wonder that all of the former J.A.P.s in my life still want to fuck me too; 'Me Tarzan, you Jane', and all that. ~ Even though I was a Ted Cruz LAmanite supporter in the primaries; who is now going to vote for Trump in the general. ~ Because that is what Jesus would do. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Friday, July 1, 2016


Nothing happens in life for no reason whatsoever. ~ For instance, that third generation Michael Moore look alike pizzaria owner-operater in Brooklyn was just gunned down at his house in confirmation of the law that says the white flour sins of the fathers will come down particularly hard on the third generation, at: ~ And for an amazing second witness, the no.1 daughter of the co-star in THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, and the 1st cousin to the co-star of MYSTIC PIZZA meets PRETTY WOMAN meets NOTTING HILL, London, says that she likes to dip her pizza slice into a little ranch dressing at Charlie Theron's love shack, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ YOU BETCHA NOTES: Let me guess, Notting Hill, London is no longer a safe bet for going out at night if you are a white person with bleached blond hair. ~ PS KEN KEMP: You could buy that love shack on Half Moon Lake with a limited partnership and then rent it out to me and the girls as a tax free money laundering enterprise. ~ When Donald Trump becomes El President, his DOJ will just look the other way when it comes to me doing whoever I want to do. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: Figure a $2,000,000 resort property investment partnership like the one that I have my eye on at Half Moon Lake is worth about 20k a week in rental income. ~ Which is about how much it would cost my girlfriends and I just to charter a private jet, and then a private 007 helicopter just to get up there in one day's time. ~ But you better act quick, or I AM will just cut you out of the deal. ~ And maybe, just maybe, I just put Ken McLeod in there as just some kind of a token tax free income game-keeper, slash, river-keeper 'person' with full privileges. ~ INDY:II NOTES: Basically, INDY:II is about what a con job reformed christian Buddhism is. ~