Thursday, July 7, 2016


Juan -Alba had wrapped a rope around his girlfriend's neck and was lifting her feet off the ground at Exit REV.13:1 in Parley P. Pratt Canyon, Utah, when SLC CO. fire&rescue happened to drive by and stop him. ~ In Providential confirmation of the Word at that says the writings of Pratt are not that recommended for some reason. ~ Talk about escaping certain doom at the very last second. ~ Whatever, the statue of Pratt at the canyon's I-80 entrance to Park City does depict him as conducting REV.11.1 type survey separatist measurements for zion's latter-day temple grounds at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ CRYSTAL NOTES: This news link has the Billy Crystal wannabe at: ~ Here is Crystal in his new FX sitcom at: ~ Well before I ever saw HAIL, CAESAR's gay sailor bar musical scene featuring Rush Limbaugh and Ben Stiller. ~ PS BARRY: Professionally trained law enforcement officers who have been driven out of their minds, night and day, by today's crazy lawless niggers is symptomatic of the unconstitutional CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~  Think about it. ~ You yourself has put up a fraudulent birth certificate document on an official government web site that everyone and his dog knows is bullshit; including Bill and Hillary Clinton. ~ "It is what it is." Rush Limbaugh. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: As promised, I will miraculously deliver the Greek White House of Richard Nixon in SHAMPOO into your hands in 2016. ~ My word is as good as gold when it comes to the big picture, like at: ~ "Let the shooshting begin!!" GOLDMEMBER. ~ 

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