Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Those three cute warm&furry monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, were just killed by dogs who broke through the border fence in Baton Rouge, at: ~ In confirmation of that white fur family dog who also wanted to return home at the end of E.T. as the trumpets of Donald Trump are soaring high among the brown fall season leaves. ~ GSR/TWN ~ EZE.10 NOTES: Those five virgins who are flying their cherub size medicine wheels home at the end of E.T. are symbolic of how the negro child will go back to his proper plantation White House estate [with Greek pillars] home at ~ Where all of the slave masters are billionaires, and all of their negro slaves are nigger-rich multi millionaires. ~ Remember, we're talking about the fantastic world of The Kingdom of God here. ~ MAP NOTES: The profile siloett of Alfred Hitchcock that forms the Idaho Montana borderline means that racial profiling will increase, not decrease; as America gets more of a grip on it's Jewish negro problem. ~ Hence that black&brown bear who got trapped like a big rat in Obama's Colorado COORS beer country inside of some gal's OUTBACK, at: ~ BORDERLINE NOTES: Hunter Peak is located right across the border from Lake [Mario] Como, just south of Hamilton, Montana. ~ Don't get me started. ~CLINTON CAMPAIGN NOTES: I caught my first German browntrout on a no.8 buck hair grasshopper top fly, tied by Ken McLeod, on [DANIEL 2] Rock Creek out of Clinton, Montana, circa 1969; due east of Florence and Stevensville. ~ Then we headed south on Hwy.93, east of Taylor Mtn. via Merial Hemingway's home town of Salmon, Idaho; where we fly-fished the Pahsimeroi with no.12 ROYAL COACHMANs; located below 10820' Portland Mountain. ~ PS CARA: Margaux Hemingway was your own private Idaho forerunner in life. In order that you could show the daughters of Israel how to do it better this time around, at: ~

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