Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The light skinned PRINCE's niggers rioted again at a WALMART located just north of the little horn's Little Black River, and south of Greece, NY, on the day 1260 anniversary of the two witnesses in 1996. ~ Some of them using baseball bats from the sporting goods section. ~ For when the white Greek frat house President becomes elected in 2016, and before he is inaugurated. ~ Per that immediate post WWII vision of WWIII that President George Albert Smith had in the desecrated [negro priesthood] St. George Temple; that has a golden trumpeter standing on the top of it's pointed NBA basketball globe spire stinger icon. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WALMART NOTES: Hillary Clinton comes from Chicago, Ill; via Little Rock, Ark, where WALMART is based. ~ PS MEDVED: Every successful Jewish businessman in Central Park Avenue, Manhattan donates equally to each party.  ~ And when they get married again, they invite all of the city's most important people to their weddings, all expenses paid. ~ No wonder America has a new kind of neo con Jewish problem, like you. ~ Similar to the "Jewish problem" that Adolf Hitler wrote about during the Hollywood Golden Era. ~ You treat the BOOK OF MORMON and the US CONSTITUTION like shit, g-d treats you like shit. ~ Shit happens for a good reason. ~

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