Sunday, July 3, 2016


Sadly enough, according to the full volume 66-book Bible, God probably really does not love queers. ~ Therefore his son Jesus Christ, who is full of grace and mercey, also probably does hate it when you love it. ~ "I like you..." Pee Wee Herman. ~ ~ But. ~ By that, I mean the dark skinned underground Barack Obama 666 idol of the 7 dry bone skulls in EZE.37 in INDIANA JONES AND THE [Republican Party's] TEMPLE OF DOOM. ~ Wherein the more white Western European Ephraimites are drunk, but not with cheap jug wine, or refined 12 year-old Highlands Scotch. ~ And the neocon Jews like Billy Krystal, Mitt Romney, and Glenn Beck are flat out Satan worshipers. ~ Whose refined white China tea-cups full of African bean coffee from British Kenya are clean looking on the outside, but filthy dirty on the inside. ~ GSR/TWN ~ B.O. NOTES: Those dark skinned underground temple slave worshipers in INDY:2 1984 are all wearing Muslim head scarfs. ~ PISS OFF NOTES: Why in the world would the same negro lady who knows that Obama's birth certificate is a forged document indict Hillary? ~ It just wouldn't make any sense at all if you believe like I do that the transgender negro woman hates the transgender white man, like at: ~ HORROR MOVIE NOTES: Bill Murray plays me in the retro spoof LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS movie wherein Steve Martin plays the motorcycle riding dentist at: ~ "I love it when that happens." Billy Crystal. ~

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