Thursday, July 28, 2016


ALICE opens to the improvised jazz trumpet sounds of Donald Trump in the fall of 1990, at: ~ When the black eel trap is set in her high society New York condo and she is considering hiring a tall blond Swede to cure her devil's backbone problem. ~ Then she's on the set of SHAMPOO, having her new look done by a blond physically transfigured Donny Trump stylist. ~ Soon she meets her "horn player" lover who is a complete stranger to the political establishment. ~ While at the kids' school party for Halloween and Thanksgiving; circa 2016. ~ Complete with orange and black homemade TRUMP TOWER decorations on the wall at around 21:00 minutes into it. ~ Then thanks to THE INVISIBLE MAN of the two witnesses blog in the near future, we see Trump's Scottish tartan on display at RELF LAUREN on Madison Avenue. ~ Then those new scrolls of enlightenment are discovered in THE DARJEELING LIMITED film; per the new revelations at ~ And at the end, Alice becomes a new woman; living in a swinging plural marriage situation with a place of her own. ~ GSR/TWN ~
TRAPPED NOTES: I saw this, after I saw that, yada yada, at: ~ ROCKY HORROR NOTES: After she gets hers, I get mine. ~

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