Tuesday, July 26, 2016


In Joseph Smith's white vanilla horse prophecy, the black chocolate pudding horse of the prince in DANIEL 9 also makes war with the red raspberry jello horse. ~ Per the black horse FERRARI and black MUSTANG that Tom drives in the long opening sequence to VANILLA SKY, 2001. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SAND FIRE NOTES: The other side of that monster Sand Canyon inferno is about Bernie Sanders fucking his supporters in the ass after telling them for months what a piece of shit Hillary Clinton is. ~ "Feel the burn!!" Bernie Sanders, America's stereotypical lying Jew. ~ FIRESTORM NOTES: In REV.17 it says that the beast will turn against the MOTHER OF WHORES who gave birth to him. ~ For example, Pope Francis encouraged the French Catholic church to allow their country to be overrun by strange dark skinned E.T. aliens. ~ Now he gets to eat all of the brown chocolate icecream shit that he can stand. ~ Like some little Jerry Lewis boy in a candy shop comedy movie who never grew up. ~ "It's good!! Yes?.." PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000. ~

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