Friday, July 8, 2016


One nigger gets shot by a cop in the Twin Cities, Minnesota  area, a second one gets shot in the Scotlandville, Louisiana area, north of Port Allen, for a 1290 days two witnesses confirmation of the river that runs through the heart of Zion in DANIEL 12. ~ As confirmed by that 44 year-old lesbian lady getting shot by the DAYS INN in Bristol, Tenn who was delivering their local liberal media newspapers.  ~ Who are directly responsible for ginning up the marxist propaganda of the Black Lives Matter movement. ~ Which was born when a violent giant nigger was shot by a cop in Scotish Ferson, MO. ~ Hence Beyounce was in Trump's native country promoting the lies of the "hands up" NBA crowd when the shit went down in I-35 Dallas. ~ Where JFK was also shot by a crazy Marxist who hated America on November 22. ~ A date which falls in between the election of President Trump on 11.8, and his official inauguration in January, 17. ~ GSR/TWN ~ EUREKA NOTES: A powerful twister hit I-35 Eureka, Kansas on HWY.54 [Cop CAR 54] a couple hours after I-35 Dallas happened. ~ Damaging the Bible Baptist Church there, and a rest home for old FDR folks at 10th and School Street. ~ APE SHIT NOTES: A very popular gorilla zoo celebrity was "accidentally" killed in Mexico on Wednesday. ~ Of course, we all know the real motivation behind it, at: ~ GAY RIGHTS NOTES: The no.82 B-29 that dropped those two witnesses A-bombs on Japan was named ENOLA GAY; so much for the Jewish civil rights movement of the 60s that Bernie Sanders tried to revive in WEEKEND AT BERNIES in the East Hamptons. ~ "Fat ankles..." DOMINO. ~ In other words, both Hillary Clinton and Ms.Lynch are not even remotely fuckable, much less electable. ~ GAME SEASON NOTES: Generally speaking, the game season for deer hunters happens in the fall. ~ Note how the above link depicts that giant black ape with his hand over his heart as Beyounce sings the national anthem of America at some sporting event. ~

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