Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Viewer warning;  here is the body-shaming face of America's shameful Jewish problem at: http://www.wnd.com/2016/07/ginsburg-under-fire-for-remarkably-stupid-blast-at-trump/ ~ Who is an old die-hard Jew bitch with one foot in the grave; who is still supporting the strange looking half white mulatto E.T. child who gives America's white suburb Republican family the finger at 1:16:46. ~ Then the counter-coulture MTV VIDEO AWARDS trophy men begin their invasion of the House of Israel, looking and sounding like those creepy moon men breathers in 2001: A SPACE ODDITY. ~ And Elliot is wearing his cold north country physical transfiguration endowment house garments that are revealed at 2bc.info. ~  And that toy train wreck is rolling down the tracks of Italy's southern heel boot country. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STRANGE SI-FI NOTES FROM OUTER SPACE: They found E.T. laying in a creek next to some up-all-night masked nigger raccoon figure. ~ FUN HOUSE CARNIVAL NOTES: Most of today's kids in the insane posse clown media can't even bare to look at Sheriff Joe's strangely true report about Obama's completely fake birth certificate. ~ Which is why I keep talking about it. ~ Talk about having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. ~ "Not one news organization, or law enforcement agency, has ever requested a copy of my report about Obama's fraudulent documents." Sheriff Joe. ~ "We need to remain true to our [toy train set] values..." George W. Bush. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Cut the crapola granola and give me my 90/10 distribution money deal right now. ~ Time is running out the clock. ~ Me Mr.Jesus, you Mrs. Gregory Scott Relf. ~ Same thing goes for you too  Mr.&Mrs. Elton John. ~ Per that "Uncle Relf" man on the old fashion 1982 televion set in E.T. at 48:05 minutes into it. ~ The KING RALPH prophecy takes place at a Donald Trump casino hotel establishment in Las Vegas during the post election, pre inauguration, football season time-line. ~ Think THAT SINKING FEELING indie movie made by God himself in Scotland. ~ Wherein the Marxist socialist Jews of lost Israel in the UK suddenly become libertarian conservatives, circa 2020, Texas barbeque style.  ~

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