Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Like Donald Trump said today, the Danite Russians are going to have to step up and do the job that America's self righteous Jewish media and corrupt mormon FBI have refused to do regarding Obama's artificially flavored [31 FLAVORS] citizenship papers posted on an official government website. ~ Thank you Jesus!!  Think I'll have another scoop. ~ Say what you will about the Ruskies; they are well known for their sophisticated sense of humor. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SOPHISTRY NOTES: According to THE ITALIANS, the Russians and the Italians have a lot in common, per:,_Jr. ~ At one point, this Joseph Bologna look alike author was arrested by the fascists for leaking secret Chinatown information about the state. ~ And after that; he was a favorite book author interview guest on late night anticommunist talk radio shows. ~ Also see: ~ No wonder that my winter semester term paper, [based mostly on his book], for my Italian Civilization class at BYU in 1985 got me a big wakeup call C- grading. ~ This being around the same time that I started to sense that some thing was seriously wrong in the church. ~ PS SARAH SILVERMAN: Lindsay Lohan getting choked by her Russian lover was confirmation of you getting rushed to the ER because you could not breath. ~ Both of you crazy bitches have really nice big tits and all that shit. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: My west coast native rainbow trout stream fly fishing season in the Olympics and Cascades of Washington State usually starts in August. ~ Try Wolf Creek or the Upper Stilly for a free sample tasting of what Jesus has in store for you. ~ We can get around to the financial particlurs later. ~ Right now, I AM so fucking bored out of my mind that I only want to have a little fun for right now. ~ And you thought that you were pretty bored now. ~

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