Sunday, July 10, 2016


You know that the little dark skinned negro alien child in E.T. is Barack Obama when he is entroed next to a globe featuring Kenya, Africa; a gay rainbow set of mini-blinds; and that clown in IT, starting at: 22:46. ~ Who the more righteous white men of Ephraim, who hold the priesthood keys of leadership, are out to get him with their traditional policeman flashlights. ~ Ergo, the 82 film's little monkey figure is hiding next to the toy chimp in the film's famous homogaysexual closet scene. ~ Then it cuts  directly to a little negro boy in a school classroom where they are about to dissect and examine more closely a filthy Biblical frog metaphore. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIG TEX NOTES: The Governor of Texas got double high ankle burns with boiling hot STARBUCKS water in Sandy's [Jesse] Jackson Hole on the same day that the crazy Marxist snipper went into action in Dallas. ~ Which probably means that her commercial office real estate investments in the Austin area are going to pay off big time. ~ Imagine the long-term lease demand for government offices space when Austin, Texas becomes the capital of the Republic of Texas. ~ In confirmation of her growing up in the DC Capitol area. ~Of course, I get my usual 10% cut. ~ NIGGERS DON'T MATTER NOTES: All of the niggers who escape certain death at the hands of the skinny white man, are not going to escape the skinny yellow man. ~ This does not include the gentalman negro of course. ~ No need to get too worked up now and throw out the baby with the dirty bath water in REV.12. ~ "Passion is the enemy of precision." ... "I found his keys." Mr.Zero in THE ZERO EFFECT meets THE INVISIBLE MAN. ~PS DENNIS WOOD: Don't forget, Jesus himself promised you with a certain look and a wink wink that you get to be an acting star in some future Internet video series. ~ But please, no time-wasting story concept pitches, etc.  ~ Just let AR know how much it will cost me and who else will be in it. ~ So many friends, so little time. ~ By the by. ~ Do you remember that time when you bought me a [Sienna] MILLER six-pack? ~ I never forget a favor. ~ That's just the way I AM, wink wink. ~ PS NATALIE PORTMAN: Message received. ~

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