Monday, July 18, 2016


The heavenly trumpets of God's Branch Davidian Knight, Donald Trump, blast away after God tells the King of Britain to go get the Holy Grail in 1975's MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL. ~ Then the trom/bones of Sodom of Egypt play out of the anal sex angels of Barry Obama. ~ Who is the African swallow who had brought those crazy coconuts to the land of a thousand temple stonewall castles. ~ Where we see the knights of the round medicine wheel templres riding on top of their prophetic white horses of THE INVISIBLE MAN. ~ [Shot in England during winter time of course.] ~ GSR/TWN ~ CUTTING NOTES: The Davidian King cuts up the black knight in the above movie right before the trumpets of the Holy Grail of Christ sound. ~ PUSSY NOTES: Right before the real men of England attack the desecrated temple castle island, the weapons-grabbing anti NRA PC police show up and arrest the two last witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Then the screen goes black. ~ This after the faint hearted Bruce Jenner look alike died; who had created today's black beast cartoon figure; who is now living in an underground A-bomb cave somewhere around DC. ~ Because the weak white men of the land were too [white-meat] chicken shit to call out Obama on his fake birth certificate. ~ No wonder the nigger has such little respect for them. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: I strongly believe that you and your age-appropriate girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley are going to be in the first cut. ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Please do whatever you can to give my friend a hand. ~ Time is short. ~ I'll make it up to you. ~ Name your price. ~ I'm sure that I can squeeze you into my film schedule somehow, somewhere. ~ "OK, that's enough..." AP. ~ Believe it or not, there is a 29' fiberglass hull sailboat in Seattle named AUSTIN POWERS. ~ I shit you not. ~ This whole god damn thing got started after I watched your physically transfigurated tits figure [29ish] character in THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets KILL CRUISE meets CAPTAIN RON. ~

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