Sunday, July 31, 2016


Clinton went on FOX and basically admitted that her entire campaign is just one long goodbye for liberalism. ~ You can hear it in her strained voice. ~ You can see it in her pained eyes. ~ People don't trust someone who makes fun of birthers; for one thing. ~ Especially if they are lesbians or Jewish. ~ And she knows it. ~ GSR/TWN  ~ AREA CODE 310 NOTES: The Clinton ferry goes over to Columbia Beach, Washington; for that small 310 airplane that crashed and killed 4 people in Columbia, California. ~ HOWARD STERN NOTES: The sudden muddy flash flooding in REVELATION 12 happened in Howard County, Maryland after the NYT ...310 edition deadline on Saturday. ~ Which featured that fantasy piece about the new and improved Howard Stern show. ~ Howard's all time favorite movie being PORKY'S; time-stamped for your own private time enlightenment, at:
~ PLAYBOY NOTES: The same NYT Sunday issue had a great report about the PLAYBOY MANSION getting sold to the billionaire heir of HOSTESS'S TWINKES  and packaged mini donut and cum filled chocolate cupcake products; which basically have been the driving force behind the success of the 7-11 empire based out of Dallas Fort Worth. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: The KING RALPH LAUREN prophecy starts out in your adopted home town of Las Vegas during the playoff football sports stadium period after Donald Trump gets elected, and then gets inaugurated. ~ When it becomes time for the [23 badges of Eagle Scout] men to finally man up and take over the reigns of power. ~

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