Friday, July 22, 2016


This film geek youtube channel clip has one of my 29ish looking CHARLIE'S ANGELS [Born in 1985]  taking a leap of faith by jumping off of the tall dark and handsome TRUMP TOWER in Manhattan in 2017, at: ~ Remember, this is the Steven Fresh look alike guy who also directed MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL back in 1974; when I was still fucking my exwife from France who had a huuuge bush like MADONNA had in the original LAST TANGO IN PARIS; at:  . ~ GSR/TWN ~ SHITS & GIGGLES NOTES: That manly looking German director of gay ass Hollywood musicals, who is "associating" with  some starlet on the side in HAIL, CAESAR is Arnold Schwarzenegger. ~ PS GWYNETH PALTROW: I have never experienced even one minute of writer's block in my entire life. ~ But I have had my share of writer's boredom. ~ Until that is you came along, and made things more interesting for me, at: ~

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