Saturday, August 31, 2013


The Syrians were the ones who took the lost ten tribes of Germany, and Britain, and France, etc. captive, back in circa 800 BC. Not to more specifically mention Ireland and Scotland, etc. ~ ~ Therefore, you dump a huge crap on the Book of Mormon, my good pal and drinking buddy Barack Obama, who holds a special honorary fake temple recommend, gets to fuck you white simpletons up the ass until you cry out Uncle Sam. [Sam being a very popular first name for Negros back when.] ~ ~ Because in the above movie, the crazy white Dutch church lady warns the two ODD COUPLE queers of Judah and Ephraim that her two witnesses radio show just predicted that a major shit storm is coming. Which will involve some small black man in the future who is today's negro man-child homo in the Greek White House temple of Sodom and Egypt. Who is represented by the Masonite brick fireplace in the film that resembles an Egyptian pyramid, with the two candle sticks in REV.11 resting on it's mantel. ~ ~ These being the two olive trees that will fall in the psychopathic psychic prediction that the weird [Hell-ga-ga] lady mentions at around 1:30:30. ~ ~ Note the prophetic film's TOMAHAWK missle battle ax scene, etc. ~ ~ Plus, the entire last days metaphor unfolds at "...the end of the line." in East Hampton; where both Jerry Signfeld and Steven Spielberg live. ~ ~ Which is the grey gangsta hoodie that the simple minded church lady is wearing when she makes her predictions about Obama and his Jewish money men. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AQUATIC LIFE NOTES: Liking the starfish charms on Adriana in her latest fuck me now message at: ~ ~ The above special mention of the celebrity photographers by Adriana is a homage to LOST IN TRANSLATION's celeb photog that Scarlett was married too; for a very brief period in real life. And now that French one who she has been fucking lately in Paris, for a second witness. ~ ~ DEATH NOTICES: The Fort Hoodie gangsta killa was just sentenced to death for a DEATH TRAP confirmation; regarding the new homosexual military of the new Sodom and Egypt in the New World's New Jerusalem in 1 NEPHI. ~ ~ DIVORCE NOTICES: Dirty Harry just broke up with his fake marriage-birth certificate wife who was starting to get too old and too fat and too unattractive. In confirmation of Bill Murray role playing THE KING OF CALIFORNIA on the late night radio call-in [Letterman] show for guys who can't get to sleep, and got no one to fuck worth fucking. After the masked Mrs.Z, for Zorro, went crazy in the head down in Mexico when she discovered that she had married some kind of a half Jew California Josephite national park polygamist.

Friday, August 30, 2013


Scarlett Johansson was 17 when Ms Coppola made a film in 2002 about my prophetic middle-aged SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE figure kissing her on the lips in the end. Since they finally sit down together in the 4-star hotel rated movie at about 52:... on the DVD. Where we see Barack Obama's black&white mulatto zebra time-line hanging over their heads on the wall. ~ ~ Therefore, the sexy royal sire strip-club scene in the movie happens at 1:04:00 exactly; which makes Ms Scarlett so hot and serious that she just wants to get out of there and go back to my hotel room. ~ ~ Since the movie opens it's first act scenario set up with yours truly sitting on my leather sofa throne. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEAD POETS SOCIETY: Ireland's poet just died in confirmation of Ms Grey's stiff necked whiplash prophecy in Ireland. ~ ~ DECISIONS DECISIONS: Do I watch Demi Moore's iconic GHOST prophecy about the lingering death of Kristen Stewart's romance with Rob tonight? Or do I watch my dream-vision DEATH TRAP movie introduction to Cara Delevigne? Wherein I play both the lead roles. [If I feel inspired to fuck Cara tonight, does that mean that Kristen is any less desirable?] ~ ~ BOOK OF MORMON TRANSLATION NOTES: Many of today's simple minded Christians will finally understand the true translation of the Book of Mormon after two thirds of the Jews die in Israel. Ironically, I'm also talking about today's wanna be apostate Christians who live in Utah.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


THE LIFE AQUATIC interns on my boat, cruising off the coast of [Italy for Africa] in 2004 meets 2013, don't really need any money from me. When the time has come when the film's "LO...ST" stars of Israel are trapped in the frozen ice at about 38:... minutes on the DVD. And that old Jewish man in the prophecy's opening scenario would be wearing the plaid golfing pants that represent Larry David golfing on the back 9 on Martha's Vineyard d with the abomination of desolation. ~ ~ You make fun of the simple minded white people on late night call-in radio, they hate you. Because right after the phony global warming scene, shot at 5.6, the film says, "NEXT, A STRANGE VISITOR" who is the stranger in 2013 named Barack Obama. Even that same Muslim figure who we see in the sub's portal window right after seeing that black Negro fish swimming with the angel fish at 1:46:... Just after the 666 OCTOPUSSY squirts out her black newspaper printer's ink. And then Mr.Z looks at the film's Sandy beach figure in a way that tells us what a slow turtle she has been. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ QUEER HELLENIC NOTES: Yours truly mentions the future "closet queer" of America, circa 2008, at 1:15:45ish on my DVD. And then we cut to that Greek head statue seen behind Anjelica Huston. ~ ~ COED CODE NOTES: According to all THE LIFE AQUATIC's documentary films for the past 9 years, if you suck my Chimney Rock cock, you get an A+. And if you chicken out and don't do it, you get an incomplete no credit 'I' grade. ~ ~ BILL MURRAY BACKGROUND CHARACTER NOTES: God inspired Bill Murray to always be FFing 15ish teenagers in Thailand etc. in order that his ugly aging overweight Catholic wife would finally set him free. So that he could then start making movies like LOST IN TRANSLATION; where yours truly gets to lay in bed with some hot young beautiful women like Scarlett Johansson and Chloe Moretz et al. Hence, Murray was divorced on the June 13th birthday of the 16 year-old looking Olsen twins in 2008 because they both look so much like his 3-way love interest in THE LIFE AQUATIC.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Where else are you going to hear people openly talking about what is actually going on with THE INVISIBLE MAN? Who is now running the show. ~ ~ For example, Portland's Mr.Zero was talking about the sex cult leader of the abomination of desolation last night who once lived in a white house on Taylor Ferry Road. Right next door to a Persian Jew who had fled Iran [SLC, UT] after the false prophet took over everything there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DVD NOTES: The prophetic whiplash neck shots in DIRTY DANCING start at exactly 57:.. minutes on my DVD. [Johnny drives a black and white 57 CHEVY.] The sexy threesome dance shots begin at about 36:30. Filmed at Lake Lure, down from a small place called Bat Cave. ~ ~ JEW NOTES: Turned out that the old FDR era Jew couple with grey hair, from Miami, were robbing everybody at the Mount Zion resort. Think the Jews run today's funny money Federal Reserve bank, and my very charismatic Jewish grandfather genius, Gerald Relf, was running the Fed's 12th man SEAHAWKS branch office out in Seattle in the mid FDR 40s. When the Fed was still divided into 12 districts; and he was the man, just like I AM. ~ ~ DREAM NOTES: On August 28, I dreamed that I was trying to take a crap at a public restroom somewhere. But this Jewish kid in tight black pants came in and started to watch me with a weird grin on his face. ~ ~ Those sexy tight white denim jeans on Jennifer Grey in DIRTY DANCING were the exact same ones that Kristen Stewart was wearing in my R.E.I. mountain trail summit dream. ~ ~ HACK JOURNALIST NOTES: Those simple minded hacks at the NYT got hacked on the 50th anniversary of MLK JR's " the check." speech because they are too stiff necked to tell the truth about Obama's forged birth certificate. ~ ~ CHINATOWN TIMING NOTES: That paper Chinese lamp in my Meat Camp, NC room in DIRTY DANCING says that I get to fuck Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson long time, at the same time, after the Negro music beat man from Chinatown, Chicago appears on the scene. ~ ~ GREEK PRESIDENT NOTES: The simple minded late night morons were absolutely bonkers last night about the prophecies regarding the desecrated Greek Temple in the New Jerusalem. Where the abomination of desolation was scheduled to deliver his latest RLDS Conference talk about the need to overcome bipartisan politics. Because in today's 1 NEPHI prophecy about the upcoming destruction of Jerusalem, that was the basic reason why the Jews were so evil.


NOTE: Much of DIRTY DANCING was filmed at Lake Lure in North Carolina; hence the 2.9 jolt at Camp Meat. ~ ~ NOTE: Lake Lure is located in Rutherford County, for my 80s Jewish friend Teri Rutherford. Right there is the royal sire erection landmark known as Chimney Rock, at:,_North_Carolina ~ ~ NOTE: DIRTY DANCING starts to show it's prophetic message more clearly when Johnny tells Baby, "You don't step on the one." And that she must, "Find the two!" witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, and what that means. ~ ~ NOTE: The lake where Johnny teaches Baby how to fly represents Bonney Lake. ~ ~ NOTE: In FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, the Jewish sister role plays the Jews, who were first, and will be last. When she finally gets it in the end. ~ ~ NOTE: The latter movie's Jewish funeral parlor phone recorder message by "Kauffman Brothers Funeral Home" is a day 1290 [set up] abomination of desolation time-lime. ~ ~ The day 1290 [set up] on the witness of Judah count down being the day of that mass rally of NOI Negros at the United Nations. ~ ~ Hence the 'prison' concept in the 1986 movie is introduced at about 18:... right before the shots of Nurse Oprah coming to get Ferris's girlfriend. ~ ~ NOTE: In other words, Washington, DC is now completely taken over by a mob of unAmericans. Whose popular leader is a confirmed illegal alien. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Miley's inspired dirty dancing statement in Brooklyn, NY was about Jennifer Grey getting her proverbial 'stiff neck' of Israel broken in a car crash in lost Israel's Catholic Ireland with Ferris Bueller; right before DIRTY DANCING came out in theaters. ~ ~ The two were riding in a rented German high shift BMW when Matt swerved into a symbolic Oslo Accords VOLVO and killed that REV.17 MOTHER OF WHORES figure, and also her daughter. ~ ~ This being Jennifer's sexy neck shots in the film's filthy dancing promotion of abortion; directed by a homogaysexual. ~ ~ Therefore, Lady Gaga appeared in a seashell bikini homage to THE LIFE AQUATIC in order to promote the new Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. Since all the old men in SLC, Utah etc. are too old and weak to even mention the prophecy. Much less talk about today's abomination of desolation who represents the fake temple recommend birth certificate Negros who are desecrating the temples of the higher priesthood. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GREY AREA NOTES: The prophetic idea of about two thirds of the Jews dying in Israel sounds about right. Since poll after poll, and vote after vote, at least two thirds of the Jews always seem to come down on the side of fascism. These being the faithful readers of "The Old Grey Lady" run newspapers who are stonewalling the truth, and continually dancing around with the secret combinations mentioned in the BOOK OF MORMON, and the 2BC. ~ ~ At the end of DIRTY DANCING, yours truly, the one mighty and strong, shows Ms Grey et al how to fly like an eagle; like the USA eagle cited in REV.12, who so amazed El Wood back in 2005.

Monday, August 26, 2013


The tall Jewish John Kerry is just about crazy enough to finally come around and believe in the two witnesses prophecy in the Bible. Per that 'old man' looking Larry David figure in the opening scenario of THE LIFE AQUATIC. Who I tell to just go ahead and make his signature forgery on Barack Obama's multiple birth certificates, at that high society fund raiser for born-again democratic fascism. ~ ~ JK's old ugly sick wife is a rich bitch who was raised by maids; and all that shit. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCKING WITH YOUR HEAD NOTES: There was a very peculiar 2.9 jolt of RED BULL juice around the hills of Meat Camp, North Carolina just before this happened, at: ~ ~ Right there is Blowing Rock, Deep Gap, and Boone. ~ ~ HALF GAY NOTES: In THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy, both the tall Steven Fresh and I were co-husbands who were married to the same wives. Which is kind of gay if you think about it. ~ ~ Kind of like me ending up fucking Bruce Willis's ex-wife, and him getting to fuck one of my own ex-wives of equal value. ~ ~ PS KIT WINN: Your father's converted whale-boat hunter's sailboat was a SAILOR DOG prophecy. In confirmation of the president of Syria being a SEARS TOWER, Chicago style eye doctor, much like you. And Mel Gibson too, the apostate gospel of Paul Christian in D&C 76. And alder wood is the best wood for smoking salmon and trout. Therefore, he got to keep his prophetic 50' yacht tied up on an old sinking water-logged dock that no one gave a shit about; right next to the UW's showboat theater in THE LIFE AQUATIC. ~ ~ Remember, when we caught 42 black bullhead catfish at WOLF MARINA. Using the future illegal corn bait from a can from Iowa that would eventually allow us both to catch all those hot nigger bitches by the toe.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


According to the modern pop culture revelations at, all those Christian conservative Mormons and Protestants who only believe in the things of the spirit will be sent to a place of the spirit. Where the physical touch is not exactly allowed, if you know what I mean. And therefore those heavenly sun dried wrinkled olives from North Africa are not even on the antipasto menu. ~ ~ No wonder that I AM doesn't want to have anything to do with that kind of simple minded second class existence. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHAT THE FUCK NOTES: I found 2010's MACHETE in WAL*MART's $5 close-out bin Sunday. Didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ Which is ultimately about that [CNN] "white Latino" who gunned down that prowling black nigger down in Florida, because he had it coming in spades. ~ ~ You mess with the half Spanish Mexican/Indian bull in the Book of Mormon, you get the horns, etc. etc. ~ ~ And I AM talking about Elizabeth Hurley's British East India, and not America. Where the 15 year-old hotties who cost about 15 bucks a night do not look like cheap hookers with too much eye mask era. ~ ~ TLA NOTES: At the end of 2004's THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy, we can not see THE INVISIBLE MAN in his empty chair. ~ ~ MORE ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Jerry Seinfeld is going to buy me a secret boat house on the beach full of classic wood rowboats in East Hampton; where I can easily take the ferry over to Taylor Swift's shag pad and hook up with Emma Watson et al. Because when I moved down to Portland in 1981 to try and be a father to my two lost sons of Israel, I was renting a white house on Taylor [Swift's] Ferry Road. Plus, I get the keys to one of his restored mint condition 1974 ALFA ROMEO VELOCEs, just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ HERE COMES MILEY NOTES: Ms Montana showed up at today's MTV awards show wearing my GLOCK 9MM pistol rhinestones thigh strap, at; ~ ~ You are a completely crazy simple minded Christian conservative type if you do not believe that she is going to co-finance my next contrived fuck-film love-boat paperback novel plot documentary; set off the Italian Riviera, co-starring Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman; role playing some kind of a dual pregnant baby-boy composite-figure like Cate Blanchett does in the original. Plus, when you put up the hard cash money for such a crazy idea, you pretty much get to fuck whoever you want on the picture. As long as you give me the last-cut rights. Crazy in the head, great in bed.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


The phony African mask legacy of MLK JR is going to die along with all those darkies who worship the 666 beast and the false prophet in REV.16, and hate Israel. Hence, the conviction of the Fort Hood, Texas killer right before all those hoodie covered niggers showed up in DC on Saturday. The only reason in the world why someone would wear a hoodie in the heat of summer is because they are trying to hide their face. ~ ~ Think THE INVISIBLE MAN prophecy meets the prophecy in MARK 13:14; about praying to God that you are not going to die during SUPER BOWL winter season time; spiritually speaking. ~ ~ So let me break it down for all you late night radio talk show listeners, many of whom are black people who are always up at that time of the night anyway, like me, enjoying listening to the simple minded white people/farmers talking about their desperate hopes and fears. ~ ~ I AM the only deal that you got on the table now. ~ ~ Because the prophetic northern ten tribes high shift capital of Syria is a word play that includes the words; dam, damn, ass, mask, us, etc. And the invasion of the apes prophecy in EZE.38 is about Israel, not Judah. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ROMAN POPE NOTES: The breaking news flashes about the Pope leaving the Catholic church, because God said so, was just the latest confirmation that Mel Gibson is now the new POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE. And not that old weak man from Argentina who apparently has some sort of same-sex attraction issues. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night, I kept waking up, trying to image that I was rowing around Bonney Lake, Washington with Ellen Page and Keira Knightley on Ken McLeod's classic 12' wooden rowboat on King Lake. Because KK was staying at my lakeside bed and breakfast there, while filming that Seattle movie with Chloe Moretz. When we were all sipping on fume blanc while nibbling on smoked Copper River, Alaska sockeye. And I imagined that if I gently put down the oars, and my fly rod, and started to slowly straddle Ellen Page on the middle seat of the boat, it might entice Keira to get in the mood and join us, like at:

Friday, August 23, 2013


BODY DOUBLE is my own private hall pass that will let me fuck Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart at the same time up in the hills. ~ ~ Therefore, when I finally got the impression to stop by PISTOL ANNIE'S and pick up their used copy of HALL PASS, a ROCK STAR van appeared. In confirmation of my posts at JJ about the co-star of ROCK STAR giving her husband a hall pass. ~ ~ What? You don't get turned on watching some really buff 39ish dude fucking the brains out of two Mexican teenager hotties on a remote beach down in Mexico? ~ ~ Call me crazy. But you sound like one of those Christian conservatives who still believe that the Book of Mormon was dictated to Joseph Smith by the devil. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DICK DYKE NOTES: Right in the middle of my private screenings of THE LIFE AQUATIC, the bull dikes started rushing in to get married in Las Cruces, New Mexico. [The Cross; of the crucifixion.] at: ~ ~ Which is located on your [TIFFANY Picasso jewelry] atlas map near Hwy.70's Organ Mts. map landmark that represents the low budget electronic organ music homage to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE in THE LIFE AQUATIC. Tacoma's University Park district reference being there too, and all that TNT cable channel stuff. ~ ~ Because half of the time, all they talk about on late night call-in radio are the UFO visions that the simple mined are given to by God. In order to help them understand better what the upcoming aliens invasion will be about in the New Mexico of the New Jerusalem of the Book of Mormon in EZE.38, etc. ~ ~ KEN KEMP'S NEXT PAPERBACK NOVEL: My LA based BYU/BFF Ken Kemp has already written his break-through soon to be indie-film book-based masterpiece, entitled, I HATED HEAVEN. Because now the time has come for him to surpass his beloved mentor Steven King, and write his epic 800 page piece de resistance; entitled, I LOVED HELL. [I will personally see to it that he gets 5 big ones up-front for the movie rights, before the first pages even ever arrive on the desk of his Jewish publisher in NYC. With option to write the screenplay of course.] ~ ~ I see I HATED HEAVEN and I LOVED HELL as a nice two-for-one motion picture deal. Based upon the idea that Ken looks a lot like the antagonist in BODY DOUBLE. And I was with him when we first met the dude in Studio City, California, back in 1986. ~ ~ Ken will need at least 5 big ones in the bank so that he doesn't have to mooch off me when I become the King of England. Same goes for my BFFs Ken Keisler and Ken McLeod. I don't care where you get the money. Don't even ask me. ~ ~ LATE NIGHT RADIO VS. LATE NIGHT TV: Late night talk-radio is much more interesting these days than those boring multi-millionaire fucks yacking on tv because they often talk about Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery in the context of him orchestrating the murder of Donald Young et al. In order that I will eventually become the most powerful Anti-Christ/ian masonite Templar polygamist cult leader in the world. Who loves to fuck two 16 year-old virgins at the same time on his restored WWII submarine hunter boat. ~ ~ Bill Murray's aging overweight wife in real life eventually left him and said, "bon visage" because he was always fucking two 15ish teenage hooker hotties at the same time in Thailand and Indonesia, or wherever. Who look like me fucking Keira Knightley in the ass, and they love seeing it, at:

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Those day 1290 darkies who are now in possession of the WASHINGTON POST run White House just sued Texas, because the King's cowboys dared to ask for their fake ID papers before they vote for more Democrats. ~ ~ Too bad that there are so many really old and weak people in the church leaderships today, who are getting in the way of the mighty and stronger young men in ISAIAH etc. [Think Senator McCain shakes hands with Presidents Monson and Obama.] Who would put a stop to this aggression by the Jews, niggers, and queers of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11 etc. ~ ~ But all that is about to change. Big time. ~ ~ Sooner or later, even the most simple minded among us, who are so obsessed with their own private phantom Antichrist interpretations, are going to understand that the devil works for Jesus. Just like Barack Obama works for me; as in "There needs be opposition in all things." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TIME LINE NOTES: In my own private 2004 prophecy, entitled THE LIFE AQUATIC, the pirate infested Hawaii Islands were desecrated about five years ago; i.e. circa 2008. When the newly discovered 666 Jaguar shark suddenly appeared out of nowhere off the coast of Africa; where we now know that Barack Obama was born. ~ ~ Ergo, the prophetic film ends with yours truly carrying my newly adopted children on top of my shoulders in ISAIAH 49, just like in LA DOLCE VITA. ~ ~ Talk about timing. Last night I watched Kate Holmes in the 1999 GO prophecy. Who had made a surprise Christmas present for me in a visionary dream back on July 15, 2010, at 12:02 AM. Good things come to those who wait. ~ ~ One sees my [ISAIAH 49] hidden arrow in God's quiver on Ferris Bueller's bed blanket that also covers up his sidekick darkie in the 1986 movie from Chicago. Who repesents today's massive death certificate cover up of the murder of his former bed mate lover, Donald Young. ~ ~ For example; Joe Biden's son just got it in the head again, for a second time witness, because he and his dad had the homogaysexual whistle blower Larry Sinclair arrested at that Washington, DC press conference. ~ ~ It's almost enough to make one bow down and worship the devil, if one didn't know better. ~ ~ My wealthy aging ex-wife with the strong cheek bones in THE LIFE AQUATIC represents Sandy [beach] Bullock. Who respectfully informs me that we are not yet back together again, just because she had slipped me that cigar box full of cash on the side.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Last night on GROUND ZERO, out of Portland, Oregon, where they made me the hero in THE ZERO AFFECT, I heard that yours truly is destined to become the future Masonite Antichrist King of England. During an interview of some crazy woman who has written a book about the secret Branch Davidian codes contained in all those Twilight vampire movies made on Vancouver Island, BC, co-starring my wife Kristen Stewart. And then the basic truth about what they were talking about on the late night [770] amateur-hour show was immediately confirmed by the breaking news about some dark skin Turkish man dancing on the wing of that 666 German government plane; like he did in that late night TWILIGHT ZONE reruns movie. ~ ~ You dance with the devil, the devil dances with you, in spades. ~ ~ Talk about the satanic synchrony of the devil. Who works for me. Because I AM the forerunner of Jesus Christ in REV.19. Who all those simple minds in the FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF prophecy think is some kind of an Antichrist. Even though there is no such thing as an Antichrist in REVELATION or DANIEL; not to be confused with my dark skinned sidekick. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIMPLE MINDS NOTES: The late night talk-radio show host of GROUND ZERO came from [Bill] Murray, Utah. [Murray was the co-owner of the minor league baseball team in the north Murray area, called THE BEAVERS, and all that.] Therefore, the man from Murray, who loves to talk about classic low-budget si-fi movies, relocated to the land of the Oregon State BEAVERS; talk about satanic synchronosity. Because he was on to the Mormon church's conspiracy to control the minds of Mitt Romney and Senator Reid. In order to make me the future King of the Cowboys; according to the secret encoded dialogue found in HBO's recent Mormon Utah Hollywood series called BIG LOVE; written and produced by a bunch of Jews. Like that Mormon homosexual named Mr Black, who also wrote the screenplay for the [Dick Van Dyke] directed MILK prophecy. ~ ~ NOTES FOR PHONIES: Melanie Griffith needs to stop bitching about the upcoming physical transfiguration. It is going to happen. And there is nothing that she can say or do that will stop it, per:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


1NEPHI was meant to be understood in the prophetic 2014 context of the day 1290 abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. Right before the time when those extremely clean looking [desecrated temple hypocrites] in Jerusalem and SLC, Utah would fall. And all those Glenn Beck look alike RLDS Mormon types, who kind of believe in the Book of Mormon, never saw it coming. ~ ~ Think Ken Kemp meets Elder Oaks et al in 2004's THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU, at: ~ ~ Wherein that shorter German-accent guy on the indie-film cable-tv production crew begrudgingly learns to respect the half Jewish guy from Kentucky. And the tall Jewish actor from Venice, CA does too; after his fancy Hollywood looking yacht is suddenly sunk by a gang of pirates who wear Barack Obama's rising sun logo on their 666 foreheads. ~ ~ So... today's illegal Obama invaders from Asia just got a new black and white three-way legged dog, which they named Sunny. Just like in the enclosed desecrated 4-star hotel rated movie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUE HAWAII NOTES: One can see Hawaii's famous Diamond Head landmark in this Dick Van Dyke homogaysexual confirmation at:,0,3609052.story ~ ~ They were looking for the new REV.13:1 Jaguar shark in the above Bill Murray movie, and so on... ~ ~ 2004 NOTES: It's probably no coincidence that the two most original comedies in the past decade came out in the same year; i.e. NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, and THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU. Both of which were about me; along the order of MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO and THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ VOICE-OVER LOOPING NOTES: Back on July 25, at exactly 10:14 pm, the distinct voice of George Clooney said unto me, "Aren't you the frogman..." ~ ~ NED NOTE: The sudden appearance of my physically transfigured 29ish co-pilot named Ned in the above Jeff Goldblum movie is a prophetic representation of my fly fishing buddy who lives in Bonney Lake and flys for ALASKA.

Monday, August 19, 2013


The reason why most of today's Christian Mormon Catholics like Glenn Beck and Sean Hanity and Michael Medved are giving the abomination of desolation a pass, is because they are pretending to think that there is no difference between white people and black people, and that the rutine polygamy in their gay ass Bibles is a sexual perversion. Like at: ~ ~ But it gets better. Not only does the bible say that you should be fucking more than one woman at a time, in order to maintain your manly sanity, but you should also be prepared to slaughter the wives and children of your enemies. ~ ~ "You shall not kill" has nothing to do with killing predatory animals. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTE: Read 1NEPHI. ~ ~ YET MORE GAY ASS NOTES: Just when I wanted to see HALL PASS FOR HOMOS for the first time ever, I read about Dick Van Dyke's fiery sports car crash near Calabasas, at:,0,3609052.story ~ ~ So I guess that now I should open my eyes and see Gus Van Sant's prophecy about that original homogaysexual politician who was assassinated by some [.44 Cali] Dirty Harry wanna-be in the halls of power in the Gay Area; entitled MILK, circa 2008 looks like 2014. ~ ~ Think A VIEW TO A KILL meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Larry David's double 9 round of golf with Barack Obama was probably the prophetic result of that scene in CURB no.9 where Larry gets invited to play golf with the jerk from NBC at a Greek restaurant. Because the famous liberal Jew had misplaced his wife's medicine wheelchair cure for her skin condition at the joint with a symbolic alien number $20 bill. And then he runs into the usual Oprah type high-shift Switzerland bag shop nightmare with some well to do Negro skin doctor. ~ ~ Ergo, the 9th pre-Obama episode begins with Larry David on the phone with Richard Lewis, saying "Let's pretend we're blind..." to Barack Obama's proven birth certificate forgery, and his lack of US citizenship, etc. etc. Just because they are liberal Jews who believe in reformed third-way socialism, which is lawless fascism. And they still seem to get a big kick out of double-crossing white people. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FIRESTORM NOTES: That wildfire raging around my own private Sun Valley, Idaho is an Ernest Hemmingway thing. ~ ~ NEW READERS: Larry David's miraculous SIGN/FELD sitcom ran for 9 seasons on NBC; produced inside of the network's stage no.9. The number 9 being symbolic of the end of things in the cinematic arts, going back to the 1930s. ~ ~ "It's over." [Ferris Bueller]

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I heard on FOX radio news that Larry David is playing a double 9 back holes game with my Jew nigger sidekick on Martha's Vineyard Saturday afternoon; located just off the coast from my Watch Hill shag pad for 23 year-old coed millionaire swingers in Rhode Island. ~ ~ Which reminded me that some months ago I had found a brand new sealed DVD pack of Larry David's first season HBO episodes of CURB YOUR ORGASM. ~ ~ So, I'll watch the 9th one tonight and get back to you in my next WASHINGTON POSTS V posting. Could be nothing, because I can't even remember if I ever saw the first season's re-runs on my satellite dish's ch.22. ~ ~ Per that most mighty line in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF that says, "I didn't see anything good." Like those two priceless double-barrel 12 gage shot guns of Judah and Ephraim in LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO.9 NOTES: Back in the early 80s, when suddenly out of nowhere I became the biggest loser on planet earth selling semi-illegal satellite tv dishes, I spent many a lonely afternoon watching channel 9's CUBS on superstation WGN out of Chicago. Shortly before FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF came out in theaters everywhere; that showed my own two cotton-top sons sitting right behind me at WRIGLEY'S FIELD. Next to that fat ass nigger bitch named Oprah, and her ugly looking white ass middle aged paid for 666 attorney.


NOTE: No.9 stares at the extreme blowup of Barack Obama's 9-layer birth certificate creation in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF at 57:57 minutes; after that School of Prophets feet washing portrait about swearing to only accept the truth. Then we cut to the proverbial "gay sailor" pride parade shot of Obama. For a prophetic confirmation of today's homosexualized navy of the new Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ ~ NOTE: Note the tall German Hebrew lady marching in front, after the squirrels hut float. For those 440 illegal alien squirrels that were run through a sausage meat grinder by a couple employees at KLM Holland. ~ ~ NOTE: That honored VIP guest at the high shift parade who looks like BiBi is wearing the light blue color of the Israeli flag. We see a light blue German VW RABBIT at the curb when we see the 7.20 school bus ending. Where the German Jew, Ed, the red head Levite, is limping along with a chewed foot. ~ ~ His famous mud foot scene was just confirmed by those two big mud slides across Rt.24 in Obama's Colorado; 24 being the symbolic number of leadership in the arts. Right there is the U.S. Air Force Academy, etc. ~ ~ NOTE: Ferris flashes his palms in the opening act that represent the 666 mark of the beast in the hand in REV.13. Hence, all the high tech 666 toys that make the sounds of a human in his bedroom; which he shares with the fake disguised Barack Obama figure. ~ ~ NOTE: That is my ex-wife Laurence wearing a green sweater, at 32:32, who walks by the guy collecting money for Ferris in a PEPSI can; for those who think young. Then a smiling Miley Cyrus appears and drops a coin in it; probably a 1992 quarter. Earlier, I had talked to Ellen Page on the school pay-phone; the future high school age star of HARD CANDY, for a quick 'ciao bella'. ~ ~ GSR/TWN.

Friday, August 16, 2013


Just when you thought that it couldn't get any worse, it turns out that I am the prophetic inspiration from God behind the iconic tree stump sculpture at: AND: ~ ~ I mean think about it, all you simple minded people. People who have written numerous highly respected college text books on computer graphics etc. are declaring without any professional reservations whatsoever that Obama's fake Christian born-again birth certificate is a blatant fabrication. And nobody in the Jewish homosexual media is reporting it. ~ ~ Therefore, you think like a half-Jew half-nigger from Mercer Island's look alike African continent, you bitches get my sidekick niggers up your ass in spades. ~ ~ Note that Auguste Rod-in's famous STEALING BEAUTY art work depicts yours truly sitting on top of a tree stump looking stone, for an August 2013 Bonney Lake, Washington time-line. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DUMB ASS SIMPLE MINDS NOTES: Those five cast-members of the gay ass Christian mormon TEXAS musical died in a fiery collision with that 18-wheel semi at the Dumas, Texas exit. These five being the five foolish virgins in the latter-day saints prophecy. Who are forced to remain outside the walls of the New Jeruslam. Because they need to experience such a horrible violent death, before they can rise up and become born again at the start of the millennial Kingdom of God; per the revealed Word at, and elsewhere. ~ ~ RIGHT WING MILITIA NOTES: Long time TWNers know that I have always been a big supporter of America's Christian conservative military. The same military who is now trying to protect the persecuted Christians in Egypt, etc. etc. ~ ~ FOUR PAIRS OF RIGHT-WINGERS, AND FOUR RIGHT-WING NIGGERS, MIX IT UP IN LONDON WITH THE TWO DOUBLE BARREL 12 GAGE SHOTGUNS OF JUDAH AND EPHRAIM, NOTES: I'll try to look at it again tonight and get back with you.


NOTE: Indian medicine wheel icons are everywhere in FERRIS [wheel] BUELLER'S DAY OFF. Such as the bicycle art when Ferris gets into the shower with that 666 REV.13:1 sea bass hairdo of the European democratic fascist beast. That has now taken over the USA. ~ ~ NOTE: "I knew it!!" shouts Jeanie when she sees that Obama is a fake laying in Ferris' bed. ~ ~ NOTE: Ferris plays Woody Allen's clarinet at about 10:35 in the 1986 movie. Where we see the little brown Barack Obama devil figure placed below the two witnesses radio in his room. ~ ~ NOTE: Ferris' sick at heart friend named Cameron is introduced as an Egyptian mummy laying in captivity; next to a sparking Frankenstein monster electro energizer. The room's temple veil curtains represent today's desecrated temple. Meanwhile, Ferris is sipping on Rush Limbaugh's TWO IF BY TEA beside his pool. And the Hawaiian music of the day 1290 abomination of desolation from Chicago is playing over the scene. ~ ~ NOTE: Ferris' mother turns the crystal door knob to my bedroom before we see the 29ish physically transfigured images of me on the wall. And the US Constitution is hanging there by a thread construct. ~ ~ NOTE: When the kids drive downtown in Obama's red born-again 1961 birth certificate FERRARI, we see Hill/ary Clinton's ITALIAN VILLAGE sign, of the G7's seven hills beast in REV.17. Then we see that Barack Obama figure outside the garage hustling today's liberal newspapers; while those two jerks drive off in their red 'che bella' Benito Mussolini car. [Bueller gets all orgasmic when he first slips into the 5-speed stick shift beauty.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Last night, I dreamed that Jodie Foster was giving me the same nice and loud and hard hand-job that Teri Kornblum gave me at her Bellevue, Washington condo back in the 1980s. ~ ~ Because before I went to bed, I happened to see that new AMERICAN GIGILO threeway sequel starring the Wood Man. Which featured some Jewish woman kneading a yeasty bowl of whole wheat bread dough; in order that her new love child would not be a born again bipolar or autistic baby monster, or worse. Per: . ~ ~ This being the running 9-number signs in the above prophecy about Obama's phony 9-layered birth certificate computer image fabrication. ~ ~ Wherein one can clearly see with the naked eye, the three different restored typewriter fonts from 1961. Each having it's own specific software graphics file for image modification. ~ ~ In other words, if you are too simple minded to see this, then you are still stuck in the early 1980s era of computer technology; or maybe even worse. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSH BABY NOTES: Limbaugh joked on Thursday about Obama getting so hot and horny during the live video of Osama getting killed, that he had to leave the room and go have some hot [personal luggage packer] sex with his homogaysexual sidekick lover, named Mr.Love. Who the rest of the legally blind liberal media mainstream mothers and fathers did not see coming. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: That guy who called into your 1776 telephone number show on Thursday at 2:11 sounded exactly like Frank DiAmore did in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. [Of course you know this. I just post these kind of shits&giggles notes for the betterment of my more simple minded Christian conservative readers.] ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: Jennifer Gray also role plays you, my sister wife in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. Who does not believe me, because she is too spiritually sick. But then she comes around the medicine wheel ferris wheel in the end; where she starts to see the blood flowing from her eyes in the mirror.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


At the end of the above 1986 Reaganite movie, Ferris Bueller suggests that you "...look around..." a little bit more, and see what you are missing. ~ ~ For example; Oprah's encounter at a high end, high shift, bag shop in German Switzerland was confirmation of that German car explosion on Highland in L.A. The one where we saw that Orthodox Jew trying to put out the future EZE.38 fire with his pathetic little garden hose. ~ ~ This being the song in the above movie about seeing the great city tumble down in the two witnesses earthquake in REV.11. ~ ~ You believe that Jesus was a crazy Batman joker sidekick, the July 20 joke is on you. ~ ~ Contrary to what today's simple minded arrogant Jews might want you to believe, the German Nazis actually had an amazingly sophisticated sense of humor. [The Jews, short and tall, pretty much own the comedy racket.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.11 SODOM AND EGYPT NOTES: Everything that happens in the old Egypt is about what is going to happen in the new Egypt of the New Jerusalem of the BOOK OF MORMON in the New World. There is no future for apostate Christianity, or any of her false prophets among the lost tribes of Israel, unless they repent. ~ ~

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


That legally blind and blond school girl who offers Mr.Ed a warm and gooey GUMMY BEAR theater candy chew at the end of FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY GETTING OFF, is the same blond high shift German babe in my latest porn video link. Where we see the writing on the wall that says, "Rooney eats it". ~ ~ Therefore, flash back to the above Chicago museum scenario starting around 56:... minutes into my DVD. Where we see yours truly sitting all alone inside an all night coffee shop that represents my HASTY TASTY Seattle roots legacy. And which also resembles a 1986ish STARBUCKS destination for single MEN WITHOUT WOMEN prophecy in my own private Sun Valley, Idaho; where my future alter ego figure, Ernest Hemmingway shot himself. Who was probably the only novelist in the modern era who had my kind of plain and simple writing talent. [Not wasted on my daily GSR/TWN blogs about how I AM is the next Orson Welles. As in, never cast your pearly cum drops before swine, etc. etc. ect.] ~ ~ So, that is me, depicted in that STEALING BEAUTY style tree truck sculpture at about 57:... minutes into FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ ~ The same movie wherein the liberal educator [talking horse] ass named Mr.Ed tries to hit on Emma Watson's nice young ass at that college town pizzeria, and so she comes all over his face at about 48:30 minutes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NBA NOTES: Note that heavy NBA basketball trophy/idol that is the weight behind the giant niggers behind the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. Who so easily fools his simple minded mother and father who are too blind to see the differences between the Negro and the white Israelite Caucasians in EZE.38, etc. In fact, all of the "normal" mainstream religion adults in the prophetic 1986 movie have a problem with seeing the things that are happening right in front of their eyes. ~ ~ BUELLER NOTES: That dude who takes my three-years restoration job 1961 FERRARI for a 301 mile spin was my long lost nervous friend Frank DiAmore. [Translates, Frank McLovin, in Italiano.] Who I ran into in Burton, WA some time after I had returned from my RLDS FFing mission in Italy. Who was so shocked and amazed to see that I looked exactly the same way after almost three years.


NOTE: In 1986's FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, we first see the Chicago born Barack Obama standing in front of a poster, disguised in sunglasses and a trench coat; which later we see reads, "PHONIES". Where Ferris' mother says that she is showing homes like their Greek columns white house to a family from socialist Vermont. Behind her is a "SIMPLE MINDS" poster. ~ ~ Then the MTV video on tv shows Dr.Evil's 7.20 1969 moon rocket launch. ~ ~ NOTE: Ferris Bueller doesn't have a car, like yours truly. His REDWINGS fan sidekick named Cameron drives my old ALFETTA sedan. ~ ~ NOTE: We see Obama's Big Brown race horse [HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL calling card] on my British flagged bedroom's royal throne. When we first see him laying under my Indian arrow blanket; at around 37:27 minutes. On the walls are two different portraits of yours truly, circa 1986. ~ ~ NOTE: That is Israel's Mr. BiBi in the VIP stands, watching the German high shift parade. Where Sloane asks Cameron, "What do you think Ferris is gonna do?" And then I go into a '...twist and shout!" number about fucking every single one of my blond German wives on the high shift float, like at: ~ ~ Which ends with yours truly holding up the King of England's royal scepter of Judah. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Monday, August 12, 2013


FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF features his very sick dark skinned sidekick faker mannequin sleeping in his own bed. While yours truly, the Sausage King of Great Britain, is out and about parading around Chicago with his blond German polygamist wives of the lost tribes of Israel. When his Greek columns white house will be 'intruded' by a liberal education educator who is fronting for the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. [Think Chicago's Vince Vaughn shakes hands with Dallas' German Glenn Beck.] ~ ~ After the scene where Bueller's Jewish mother meets the Hawaiian police officer at 1:28... on the DVD to talk about today's intruder with the fake illegal alien ID. ~ ~ And so the iconic Reaganite 80s movie pitch for lower taxes ends with the conservative looking 666 beast educator getting picked up by a [GREASE 2] school bus bearing Gisele Bundchen's German born July 20 birth date number. Which is the same 7.20 1969 date when Dr.Evil landed on the Luna in AP:II. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 555 NOTES: My really sexy 1982ish Jewish girlfriend figure, Teri Kornblum, falls for my future bad boy figure at exactly 5:55. When it's definitely time to go home for sure. Since she drives the exact same white PONTIAC FIERO with a defective parking hand brake in the 1980s movie. And when I met up with her again circa 2004, I was shocked to see how much she looked exactly like the half Jewish Emma Watson. [Teri gave me my first amazing girlfriend 5-speed stick-shift hand-job in her pool-side Bellevue condo, etc. etc.] However, when I suggested on the phone in 2004 that we meet up on the cheap at the KING'S INN in New Germany's Enumclaw, Washington, off Hwy.410, she wasn't quite ready to pay the price. Since their best king-size waterbed rooms were going for around $129 a night back then. And she would have had to put the bill on her MASTER CARD. Not knowing that she would be sleeping with the future King of England. ~ ~ 1961 NOTES: Ferris Bueller and his prophetic McLovin look alike sidekick get back home in daddy's red 1961 FERRARI; because it had the same 301 miles number confirmation of Arizona's historic Sheriff Joe 3.01 press conference about Obama's phony boloney birth certificate. Something to think about, while yours truly is fucking your brains out in some cheap motel room.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


I woke up Sunday morning from a sexy time dream about me and 'Greg from ten minutes ago' both fucking Pam Anderson. Probably because that 16 year-old blond hottie was just rescued at Moorehead Lake, Idaho; who was being forced to give head to some stranger with a devil's goatee. ~ ~ For a fake D&C 86 church take on Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld giving yours truly a little [Demi Moore] head onboard Steven Speilberg's yatch off the coast of Sienna, Italy; per STEALING BEAUTY meets THE SOUND OF MUSIC. ~ ~ Right there in Idaho is the Gospel Hump Wilderness, because if Frank 'Frosty' Church were still alive today, he definitely would be a huge WASHINGTON POST syndicate style supporter of the sex pervert who is now holding the White House girls hostage. San Diego, California, USA being ground zero for everything that is illegal and alien in America; including the new homosexualized Marine Corps. ~ ~ Therefore, the Salmon River area where Ms Anderson was rescued from the great church of the whore, is confirmation of my King Salmon tree trunk sculpture art work along Old Buckley Highway in Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE WHAT ABOUT BOB? NOTES: Crazy Bob suggests in the 1991 movie that Dr.Jew will be on vacation in Martha's Vineyard when the time will come when the abomination of desolation is also on vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Hence the ex-MICROSOFT executive plane crash from Washington State in that same east coast Brown University mind set region at the same time. For when the defiant Dr.Evil would go ahead and buy the WASHINGTON POST for $250,000,000; and then lose it all, just to make a point. Just like all of those African globe sodomites in REV.9 who are still dying from AIDS, yet still refuse to repent. ~ ~ The East Haven, Conn airport is located along Dodge Ave. Those two houses of Judah and Ephraim that burned down were located on Charter Oak St. ~ ~ MORE AP:II NOTES: Dr.Evil proclaims, "Daddy's back..." on the Jewish JERRY SPRINGER show for Nazis and single mother niggardly hos on food stamps. ~ ~ FERRIS's DAY OFF NOTES: I picked up FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF at GOODWILL on The Lord's Day. Noting the poster art that depicts him leaning back with his hands behind his head, while some teenage high school hottie is obviously giving him head, like at:'s_Day_Off ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Just in time for my sidekick from Chicago who is also taking some time off. Per the film's red 1961 FERRARI reference to the original bald headed Dr.Evil figure, named Benito Mussolini.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Last night, I dreamed that both Brad Pitt and Vince Vaughn were laughing at my ideas for a BIG LEBOWSKI sequel. ~ ~ Wherein both of the Hollywood art film PLAN B actors have a run in with Sam Rolfe's dumb ass SON OF SAM offspring. Who was actually, in real life, the writer-producer of HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL, and later the upcoming MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. sequel that is now scheduled to begin principle photography this September; Guy Ritchie directing. ~ ~ Since I see VV in the role of that overweight right-wing gun nut Reaganite in the original; who is the sidekick to the more liberal Brad Pitt; the film's pot head IN&OUT burger with French fries loser. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SECRET FBI NAZI TRANSSEXUAL FILES: That white 1950s transsexual who was the head of the FBI in the 50s and 60s was a prophetic figure who would represent the day when the FBI would be protecting a well known married homosexual alien murderer in the occupied CASABLANCA, circa: ~ ~ HOW COULD IT GET WORSE? NOTES: Last month I dreamed that Gwyneth Paltrow became extremely loud and excited in the back seat of my limo after she had asked Jennifer Aniston if she wanted to go on a three-way date with her and I. And much to her surprise, Jen said yes. Because I had become both of their new born again Brad Pitt replacement lovers/husbands.

Friday, August 9, 2013


This prophetic royal sire calling-card tv series about me fucking Emma Watson et al came out in 1957; miraculously followed up by a very strange two witnesses version on AM radio in 1958, per:–_Will_Travel ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ How often do I have to repeat myself? If you want to fuck me. I want to fuck you too, not the other way around. ~ ~ Even though I was the one who made the first moves. Per the revealed word of God at that says that no man should ever strive to entice a woman without her permission. ~ ~ For example; if you ever try to call Evangeline Lilly on any one of her tv show rerun 900-line direct-response advertisements, you will get one of my other more younger part-time-job teenager wives. Who will then put you on hold, and talk to her off-line, and then get back to you. If she is still interested. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PISTOL ANNIE NOTES: The above "call me" calling-card television series was filmed in the same area where Gus Van Sant shot EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES. ~ ~ POST NOTES: That bald headed [eagle] Seattle, Washington weirdo who just bought out the WASHINGTON POST was born on the same January 12 date of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. In other words, if you are a polite society Utah moron Mormon [Republican Party] type who does not know jack shit about the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11 and 2NEPHI8, then there is something very wrong about your religion. ~ ~ GIANT NOTES: When Dr.Evil makes a basket with his giant black NBA basketball globe, we see the born again Hawaiian Islands of the future abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, etc. Who was first born in Kenya, Africa; and then born again in Hawaii. In order that he would become a devastating mockery of MLK type black southern baptist born again Christianity. ~ ~ GLENN BECK CONSPIRACY THEORY: Imagine that Beck was right all along about that neo con semi Nazi mole-pilot from Germany becoming the President-pilot of the new and improved LDS church corporation, and taking over everything. And therefore nobody can legally stop the born again CEO and his army of born again priesthood bodyguard niggers from bringing in the School of Prophets at Oh the horror!! ~ ~ SHUT DOWN NOTES: Why worry about shutting down a government that has been shut down already?

Thursday, August 8, 2013


The future Dr.Evil look alike owner of the WASHINGTON POST, from Washington, is why an UPS delivery man named Fat Bastard shows up at the end of AP:II, carrying a big .44 that represents the time when No.44 will be taking over the White House in Washington, DC. Thereby extorting gazillions of dollars from the citizens of America. ~ ~ NOTE: At about 39:... minutes on the AP:II DVD, we see Obama's Hawaiian lair volcano erupt in juxtaposition to the continent of Africa on Dr.Evil's black globe that stands for THE PLANET OF THE APES. When Dr.Evil makes an NBA giants basket with the giant black globe, we see No.2 crying, [51:29 minutes]. Then the prophetic movie cuts to a shot of London's giant cuckoo clock. ~ ~ NOTE: At 1:29... minutes, we see a black Obama figure walk by in the background when Woody is looking up at that huge BOB'S BIG BOY prick in the sky. Then we cut to a homogaysexual Scottie appearing on that Jewish talk show for Nazis and Klansmen; role played by a short Jewish actor named Seth Green. ~ ~ GSR/TWN


AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME comes to an end with a huge BLOW UP poster of Emma Watson, hanging in front of my London polygamist shag pad; who looks a lot like this prophetic photo of her at: ~ ~ During the future when the earth would be ruled by the same "...damned dirty apes!" who are now in charge of Brown University etc. ~ ~ Therefore, they find that giant brown floating turd in London's underground Paddington Station that represents today's 666 iPAD culture described in REV.13. Which, sadly, neither the Mormons or the Catholics who regularly listen to conservative talk radio know anything about. ~ ~ Ergo, that "DIE SCOTT" goodbye note to the son of Dr.Evil, at 1:06:30, depicts a British football goal net. ~ ~ "Here goes nothing!" says the Hollywood Hills Egyptian assassin at the end of the credits; who is in dire need of medical attention. Because the Obamacare boondoggle fantasy of the liberal WASH POST media had gone off the fiscal cliff, along with everything else. ~ ~ Just like some lunatic pumping a 'gazillion bazillian' dollars into some blackmailer's scheme to save the globe from destruction. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Seattle's Dr Evil [eye] bought the WASH POST for 250 big ones in order to protect the abomination of desolation. Per AUSTIN POWERS:II's debut of his bald born again Mini Me beast in REV.13 up on top of the STARBUCKS space needle. [Bezos is a big time lunatic investor in privately financed space travel to the Luna, etc.] Believe me, all those Jews, queers, and niggers at the Washington, DC POST are going to need some pretty deep pockets if they plan on continuing to hide the truth from every low budget two bit indie film blogger out there, like; ~ ~ For example, it costs virtually nothing to run Barack Obama's stolen Social Security number through E-VERIFY, and then see it get flagged. So then the Virginia Flaggers get a new member for life among their ranks, at: ~ ~ You keep lying, you keep dying. ~ ~ You want to save the world from global warming? ~ ~ Then start telling the truth, and stop the crazy bare knucklehead propaganda for third-way 666ism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE TRUTH IS FREE NOTES: Needless to say, "The truth will set you free... yada yada..." at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ LATE NIGHT JOKES: Obama was on Leno on the east coast at the exact same time that the airport in Kenya exploded into flames. Because that is where he was born. ~ ~ And no amount of stonewalling and lying on Christian conservative talk radio can change that. ~ ~ MORE TWO WEEKS NOTICES: Niggers are never ever gonna get any respect until they stop it. That goes for the Jews too, per: ~ ~ RUMOR: Willis turned down E3 because he smelled a rat.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


DODGEBALL 2004 was about a short Jewish white supremacist homosexual who owns a trendy high end gym for swingers; and has a prophetic negro transsexual sidekick named Michelle [Obama]. ~ ~ Think that short Jew in WHAT ABOUT BOB? goes completely mad after he fails to get rid of the AVERAGE JOE GYM guy in the movie who is driving him crazy. Since the latter movie was also produced by Ben Stiller, who is now starring in some new Walter Mitty movie. ~ ~ Ergo, the successful DODGEBALL motion picture was sued for the rights by a couple other Jews, in confirmation of the hilarious DEATH THERAPY book lawsuit ending to WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 111 NOTES: Note the Hwy.111 Chocolate Mountains time-stamp confirmation on this enlightening wiki page file at: ~ ~ PACKWOOD FLY FISHING NOTES: This year we are having another dry season in Washington State. So your best bet would be to fish the native cutthroat and rainbow trout streams that feed into the area's Rainy Valley; upstream from Morton, on the south side of Mount Rainier. ~ ~ MICHELLE OBAMA NOTES: Today's Michelle is about people losing weight and getting in shape. ~ ~ Therefore yours truly gets the crazy little guy's Lucky Leprechaun jackpot in the end; according to the DVD's alternative ending in the extras section. Where the winner's trophy looks like the royal scepter of Judah. ~ ~ MAD NOTES: Even as a naive young kid growing up in Seattle's University District, I recognized the CRACKED magazine was a MAD magazine rip off.

Monday, August 5, 2013


I went back to PISTOL ANNIE'S KING OF CALIFORNIA pawn shop and grabbed their used two bucks copy of 2004's DODGEBALL prophecy; which had been giving me the eye for the past few weeks, at places like GOODWILL, TARGET, and WAL*MART, etc. etc. at: ~ ~ Never have seen it, could be the real deal. ~ ~ Just as long as the liberal Jews are the most predatory animals in the jungle. And the more white neo con conservative Ephraimites are more straight shooting, but less wise. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MENTALLY ILL NOTES: Florida finally excited some mentally ill murderer who killed those people way back in the swinging 70s. Because the sons of Israel are too spiritually ill to follow the revealed word of God in D&C 76, etc. ~ ~ BB NOTES: That back porch backdoor bell at the surprise birthday party at the end of WHAT ABOUT BOB? represents the historic Liberty Bell in Michael Medved's 1776 Philadelphia, PA. [His lovely wife is a rather successful psychologist; who specializes in marriage therapy for orthodox Jewish women.] ~ ~ CHARLIE'S ANGELS NOTES: Charlize showed up in Rome right when I was starting to review TO ROME WITH LOVE. Because Cameron Diaz is starting to think that; if Charlie likes to fuck Greg, then maybe I would also have a lot of fun fucking Greg too, at the same time. ~ ~ WOOD MAN NOTES: The only problem with TO ROME WITH LOVE is the film's old fashion ideas about Christian monogamist style homogaysexuality. Hopefully, before it's all over, my indie film idol will get to make the ultimate fuck movie that he was born to make. It wouldn't hurt the box office of course if Ellen Page was cast as one of the leading ladies who sucks my cock on my 91' yacht cruise around Sicily and Greece. ~ ~ I was thinking more Bertolucci on this one. But he might be the better choice for my more sophisticated SHAMPOO farce remake. Since some movie about Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld fucking and sucking some born again Orson Welles paper back novelist would require more of a comedic touch of evil. ~ ~ Relax everybody, when Mel calls you and says that the contract-with-check-enclosed is in the registered mail, then you can start to get all worked up about it.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Live video showed all those Muscle Beach NFL niggers trying to dodge that crazy white man's AVENGER on Venice Beach; right as they were fixing to wrap up the trial of Mr Whitey in Boston. Who was arrested in Area Code 310 for excecuting at least 19 motherfuckers who had been threatening my future sidekick from Honolulu, Africa, a.k.a. Barack Obama. ~ ~ You don't think Miss Montana is getting tired of you half Jew niggers stealing most of her money? Maybe you take a look at her Jewish label 501 May Day cut offs, at: ~ ~ Think Woody Allen's new crazy transsexual lady/man San Francisco movie opened on the same day that I bought my two-for-one used copy of TO ROME WITH LOVE at SAFEWAY. Which apparently is about that crazy 3-way swinger, driving both ways, on the concrete boardwalk sidewalk in the opening of WHAT ABOUT BOB? who is swearing to get Barack Obama et al; like at the end of the 1991 movie. Ya follow? ~ ~ [Witnesses claim that the crazy whitey was swerving left and right, trying to run over as many hippie chicks as possible on Evangeline Lilly's crazy Canadian birthday.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE WORD NOTE: Last night at 5:48 AM the Word from Jesus was simply "Station". Could be a HUGO type train station thing. Whatever, guess we will find out won't we, per that strange look alike figure who walks by my Prince Charles look alike figure in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL prophecy, circa 1971-73. ~ ~ ALFA ROMEO VELOCE/SPIDER NOTES: I also dreamed last night that I got to drive around in a red 5-stick-shift ALFA SPIDER; even though we had not been married yet up in the Jewish Orthodox Russian Greek Catholic Knights Templar [Malibu Hills] temple/church of Mel Gibson. In other words, I can fuck Ornella Fresh, and her sister too, just as long as I make a trade of equal value with my beloved lost Israelite brother Steven Fresh. ~ ~ And we don't even need to pretend like we are "married" yet. ~ ~ LINCOLN LAWYER LIMO CRASH NOTES: There was a big bus crash with a garbage truck on Hwy.6 in Israel while I was watching TO ROME WITH LOVE. ~ ~ Guess what? That left-over 60s nudist bongo player from Austin, Texas is also getting tired of the federal government stealing too much of his money. And the only way to stop it is to start killing homosexuals, Jews, and niggers; and a few Roman Catholics too. ~ ~ PRIVATE IDAHO NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Cameron Diaz was beginning to think that I was a pretty fun guy. And then I saw her in a bikini at that BBQ party for swingers in KING OF CALIFORNIA, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Who in the world would ever want to be an LDS member of that bland 1980s style LA temple in EATING RAOUL, when you get to hit that, and her sister too?

Saturday, August 3, 2013


That thieving Jewish bitch named 'Larson' who represents today's cunt who is running down the NYT's bank account, was attacked by the two gentile coon muggers of Judah and Ephraim for a double confirmation of the network tv director/producer Negro in WHAT ABOUT BOB? Who brings the two sides together for a fireplace chat meeting of the minds. ~ ~ "Ya follow?" Says the one mighty and strong in BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. Who represents today's D&C 85 fakers and religious con artists who are still hiding out in Utah's red rock country. [Think Bob Red Ford meets Paul New Man.] ~ ~ Therefore, that mental ward in WHAT ABOUT BOB? that resembles the desecrated White House temple of the abomination of desolation. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE CRAZY WHAT ABOUT BOB? NOTES: Bob works at home on his computer desk; where he punches his time-stamp card at the beginning of the 1991 movie. Several years before anyone ever heard about me. ~ ~ People shout "Free!!" all throughout the prophetic two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim movie. ~ ~ Note the night time shouting scenes. BOB standing in for the future Internet B.B. poster shouter, etc. ~ ~ Hence at 1:26:40 minutes into the above DVD, little Siggy tells his mom that no one saw what was coming. ~ ~ Leo finally snaps out of it, and jumps free of his FDR wheelchair, when he sees me getting sealed to Ornella Fresh up in the seven hills of Mel Gibson's church in Malibu. ~ ~ That ugly Jew stump removal bomb being made out of black [nigger] powder of course. [My sidekick nigger in KING OF CALIFORNIA was the 'God Key' that allowed me to find the gold.] ~ ~ That timely 4.5 caliber earthquake out in the REV.13:1 sea west of Eureka, California was about the mighty "Eureka!!" line in KING OF CALIFORNIA. Right there is the King Mountain Range, and the ominous Rainbow Ridge reference to Capetown, South Africa. ~ ~ When the motorcycle cop is giving Dr Jew a ticket for being such a crazy liberal in WHAT ABOUT BOB? he sees yours truly go by. Recognizing him from all those crazy Jewish produced TV shows that have been so obsessed with me. ~ ~ CASE FILES: Here is the main reason why my sidekick Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and the sneaky as a fox Jews at the ADL etc. are lying about it, at: ~ ~ By the Power of Jesus, Mr Fox was born on May Day; the official day of the International Socialist Workers movement; which is fascism. According to: ~ ~ Note the enclosed file's information about his long standing support for REV.9 style homosexual parading, etc. ~ ~ WARNING: The cold war between TIME WARNER and CBS is about the latter's becoming just a little bit too chummy with yours truly. Think Jay Leno meets Richard Burton in West Germany becomes just like the former East Germany; but the beer halls are much more friendly and laid back this time around. ~ ~ So see this new [dark ops] file report for some between-the-lines background intelligence information, at: ~ ~ MICROFILM SPY PLOTS: See this 1961ish spy show image of the strange micro film reel conspiracy plot at: ~ ~ SHAMPOO REMAKE NOTES: Here is a new still from the set of my upcoming fuck film remake of SHAMPOO, at:

Friday, August 2, 2013


The problem with the luke warm middle-of-the-road neo cons of the synagog of Satan in REV.2:9, who will get spit out of God's mouth, is the same problem that today's Mormon Ephraimites have. Hence that dishwasher full of gold at the end of KING OF CALIFORNIA, when the naked Chinese savages are invading the REV.13:1 shores of California. ~ ~ Per the revealed word of God which says that his only true church, based in SLC, Utah, will also be cleansed with one quick swipe. In the same way that one holds a dirty plate under running water; HASTY TASTY Seattle dishwasher style. ~ ~ You let the Negro fuck the white Israelites up the butt, you're next in line, day 1290 style, i.e. August 2, 1996. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KING OF CALIFORNIA NOTES: For years now, God has been telling his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that California is eventually going to end up being under water. ~ ~ Therefore the 07 movie comes to an end on the sandy REV.13:1 beaches below Mel Gibson's Spanish Mission style Catholic Romano church; that will soon become converted into an Endowment House of the Lord. [Safely located in the seven high-shift highlander elevation hills of Malibu.] ~ ~ Which is why I found a previously fucked up copy of Woody Allen's movie on Friday at SAFEWAY, entitled, TO ROME WITH LOVE. ~ ~ The synagog of satan's stinky sulfur springs run just under the surface of the Jewish wholesale-or-no-sale chain called COSTCO, originally based in Seattle. ~ ~ Think the Catholic church is now being run by a half Jewish back-stabber from Argentina. [The Vatican in Rome was a full on church state dictatorship for exactly 1290 years, etc.] ~ ~ Don't worry my fellow Christian brothers of the orthodox Catholic Knights Templar order. The Mormon church in Utah is also being run by a pair of rather tall half Jewish masonite temple Germans.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Last night in prayer, Jesus indicated that my next project should be KING OF CALIFORNIA, which I have yet to see, and would be available for two bucks at PISTOL ANNIE'S. Probably because COSTCO is a Seattle based 666 membership ID card concept that was conceived by Bernie's Jew boy when I was living in Bellevue during the Branch Davidian Ronald McDonald Reaganite 80s. And I was hanging out at his beach house near [Richard] Burton, Maury Island. Where my step father Les Winn had moved to after my FFing missionary move to Siena, Italia. ~ ~ Yes, IT'S ALL TRUE! The rather tall-in-the-saddle Ronald Reagan was a handsome dude who was a worldly wise Hollywood Jew compromiser. [Think Abraham Lincoln.] ~ ~ No wonder yours truly is such a big supporter of Mr Weiner, et al. ~ ~ What? You have a problem with fucking at least six hot sexy young women at the same time? No wonder that crazy Jewish stalker was acting so weird in front of Anderson Cooper's converted fire station house in the GHOST BUSTERS movies. [The guy does look as white as a ghost.] The same one that we see when crazy Bob arrives at Lake Winni, NH. Because the locals call it 'Lake Winni' for short. ~ ~ GSR/WINN ~ ~ SHADOW NOTES: Here is a look at my future invisible GSR/TWN shadow figure who is currently driving the shadowy Chinatown type Jews insane, at: ~ ~ Note that Dr Jew looks just like a blown-up cartoon character when he arrives at his surprise fake birth certificate blow-up party. ~ ~ WEST VIRGINIA NOTES: I was watching WHAT ABOUT BOB? again when that rare July 20th earthquake happened again near Stumptown, Burnt House, and Smithville, in John Denver's West Virginia, at:§ion=5-News&item=Glenville-Area-Rattled-by-Another-Minor-Earthquake11029 ~ ~ COSTCO NOTES: One can see my future teenage Ellen Page look alike wife, who I love to fuck, in this 07 art film picture, at: ~ ~ Who has to play my royal daughter of Israel [beard] in the picture; because most of today's apostate Christian mormon conservatives in Utah and Texas are huge supporters of modern day apostate Israel. ~ ~ You think that's crazy? Ms Wood looks just like a 29ish Gwyneth Paltrow on the DVD case art. ~ ~ COLD NOTES: Russia just dissed Obama because he is a well known illegal alien half Jew homosexual sex pervert. Plus, it didn't help that the same Jewish neo con half Republicans at FOX et al are still trying to protect him and his red capitalist cronies. Many of whom are also Jewish. [Think Glenn Beck meets Michael Savage.]