Monday, August 19, 2013


The reason why most of today's Christian Mormon Catholics like Glenn Beck and Sean Hanity and Michael Medved are giving the abomination of desolation a pass, is because they are pretending to think that there is no difference between white people and black people, and that the rutine polygamy in their gay ass Bibles is a sexual perversion. Like at: ~ ~ But it gets better. Not only does the bible say that you should be fucking more than one woman at a time, in order to maintain your manly sanity, but you should also be prepared to slaughter the wives and children of your enemies. ~ ~ "You shall not kill" has nothing to do with killing predatory animals. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTE: Read 1NEPHI. ~ ~ YET MORE GAY ASS NOTES: Just when I wanted to see HALL PASS FOR HOMOS for the first time ever, I read about Dick Van Dyke's fiery sports car crash near Calabasas, at:,0,3609052.story ~ ~ So I guess that now I should open my eyes and see Gus Van Sant's prophecy about that original homogaysexual politician who was assassinated by some [.44 Cali] Dirty Harry wanna-be in the halls of power in the Gay Area; entitled MILK, circa 2008 looks like 2014. ~ ~ Think A VIEW TO A KILL meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR.

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