Thursday, August 22, 2013


Those day 1290 darkies who are now in possession of the WASHINGTON POST run White House just sued Texas, because the King's cowboys dared to ask for their fake ID papers before they vote for more Democrats. ~ ~ Too bad that there are so many really old and weak people in the church leaderships today, who are getting in the way of the mighty and stronger young men in ISAIAH etc. [Think Senator McCain shakes hands with Presidents Monson and Obama.] Who would put a stop to this aggression by the Jews, niggers, and queers of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11 etc. ~ ~ But all that is about to change. Big time. ~ ~ Sooner or later, even the most simple minded among us, who are so obsessed with their own private phantom Antichrist interpretations, are going to understand that the devil works for Jesus. Just like Barack Obama works for me; as in "There needs be opposition in all things." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TIME LINE NOTES: In my own private 2004 prophecy, entitled THE LIFE AQUATIC, the pirate infested Hawaii Islands were desecrated about five years ago; i.e. circa 2008. When the newly discovered 666 Jaguar shark suddenly appeared out of nowhere off the coast of Africa; where we now know that Barack Obama was born. ~ ~ Ergo, the prophetic film ends with yours truly carrying my newly adopted children on top of my shoulders in ISAIAH 49, just like in LA DOLCE VITA. ~ ~ Talk about timing. Last night I watched Kate Holmes in the 1999 GO prophecy. Who had made a surprise Christmas present for me in a visionary dream back on July 15, 2010, at 12:02 AM. Good things come to those who wait. ~ ~ One sees my [ISAIAH 49] hidden arrow in God's quiver on Ferris Bueller's bed blanket that also covers up his sidekick darkie in the 1986 movie from Chicago. Who repesents today's massive death certificate cover up of the murder of his former bed mate lover, Donald Young. ~ ~ For example; Joe Biden's son just got it in the head again, for a second time witness, because he and his dad had the homogaysexual whistle blower Larry Sinclair arrested at that Washington, DC press conference. ~ ~ It's almost enough to make one bow down and worship the devil, if one didn't know better. ~ ~ My wealthy aging ex-wife with the strong cheek bones in THE LIFE AQUATIC represents Sandy [beach] Bullock. Who respectfully informs me that we are not yet back together again, just because she had slipped me that cigar box full of cash on the side.

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