Friday, August 2, 2013


The problem with the luke warm middle-of-the-road neo cons of the synagog of Satan in REV.2:9, who will get spit out of God's mouth, is the same problem that today's Mormon Ephraimites have. Hence that dishwasher full of gold at the end of KING OF CALIFORNIA, when the naked Chinese savages are invading the REV.13:1 shores of California. ~ ~ Per the revealed word of God which says that his only true church, based in SLC, Utah, will also be cleansed with one quick swipe. In the same way that one holds a dirty plate under running water; HASTY TASTY Seattle dishwasher style. ~ ~ You let the Negro fuck the white Israelites up the butt, you're next in line, day 1290 style, i.e. August 2, 1996. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KING OF CALIFORNIA NOTES: For years now, God has been telling his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that California is eventually going to end up being under water. ~ ~ Therefore the 07 movie comes to an end on the sandy REV.13:1 beaches below Mel Gibson's Spanish Mission style Catholic Romano church; that will soon become converted into an Endowment House of the Lord. [Safely located in the seven high-shift highlander elevation hills of Malibu.] ~ ~ Which is why I found a previously fucked up copy of Woody Allen's movie on Friday at SAFEWAY, entitled, TO ROME WITH LOVE. ~ ~ The synagog of satan's stinky sulfur springs run just under the surface of the Jewish wholesale-or-no-sale chain called COSTCO, originally based in Seattle. ~ ~ Think the Catholic church is now being run by a half Jewish back-stabber from Argentina. [The Vatican in Rome was a full on church state dictatorship for exactly 1290 years, etc.] ~ ~ Don't worry my fellow Christian brothers of the orthodox Catholic Knights Templar order. The Mormon church in Utah is also being run by a pair of rather tall half Jewish masonite temple Germans.

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