Saturday, August 31, 2013


The Syrians were the ones who took the lost ten tribes of Germany, and Britain, and France, etc. captive, back in circa 800 BC. Not to more specifically mention Ireland and Scotland, etc. ~ ~ Therefore, you dump a huge crap on the Book of Mormon, my good pal and drinking buddy Barack Obama, who holds a special honorary fake temple recommend, gets to fuck you white simpletons up the ass until you cry out Uncle Sam. [Sam being a very popular first name for Negros back when.] ~ ~ Because in the above movie, the crazy white Dutch church lady warns the two ODD COUPLE queers of Judah and Ephraim that her two witnesses radio show just predicted that a major shit storm is coming. Which will involve some small black man in the future who is today's negro man-child homo in the Greek White House temple of Sodom and Egypt. Who is represented by the Masonite brick fireplace in the film that resembles an Egyptian pyramid, with the two candle sticks in REV.11 resting on it's mantel. ~ ~ These being the two olive trees that will fall in the psychopathic psychic prediction that the weird [Hell-ga-ga] lady mentions at around 1:30:30. ~ ~ Note the prophetic film's TOMAHAWK missle battle ax scene, etc. ~ ~ Plus, the entire last days metaphor unfolds at "...the end of the line." in East Hampton; where both Jerry Signfeld and Steven Spielberg live. ~ ~ Which is the grey gangsta hoodie that the simple minded church lady is wearing when she makes her predictions about Obama and his Jewish money men. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AQUATIC LIFE NOTES: Liking the starfish charms on Adriana in her latest fuck me now message at: ~ ~ The above special mention of the celebrity photographers by Adriana is a homage to LOST IN TRANSLATION's celeb photog that Scarlett was married too; for a very brief period in real life. And now that French one who she has been fucking lately in Paris, for a second witness. ~ ~ DEATH NOTICES: The Fort Hoodie gangsta killa was just sentenced to death for a DEATH TRAP confirmation; regarding the new homosexual military of the new Sodom and Egypt in the New World's New Jerusalem in 1 NEPHI. ~ ~ DIVORCE NOTICES: Dirty Harry just broke up with his fake marriage-birth certificate wife who was starting to get too old and too fat and too unattractive. In confirmation of Bill Murray role playing THE KING OF CALIFORNIA on the late night radio call-in [Letterman] show for guys who can't get to sleep, and got no one to fuck worth fucking. After the masked Mrs.Z, for Zorro, went crazy in the head down in Mexico when she discovered that she had married some kind of a half Jew California Josephite national park polygamist.

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