Tuesday, August 6, 2013


DODGEBALL 2004 was about a short Jewish white supremacist homosexual who owns a trendy high end gym for swingers; and has a prophetic negro transsexual sidekick named Michelle [Obama]. ~ ~ Think that short Jew in WHAT ABOUT BOB? goes completely mad after he fails to get rid of the AVERAGE JOE GYM guy in the movie who is driving him crazy. Since the latter movie was also produced by Ben Stiller, who is now starring in some new Walter Mitty movie. ~ ~ Ergo, the successful DODGEBALL motion picture was sued for the rights by a couple other Jews, in confirmation of the hilarious DEATH THERAPY book lawsuit ending to WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 111 NOTES: Note the Hwy.111 Chocolate Mountains time-stamp confirmation on this enlightening wiki page file at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_supremacy ~ ~ PACKWOOD FLY FISHING NOTES: This year we are having another dry season in Washington State. So your best bet would be to fish the native cutthroat and rainbow trout streams that feed into the area's Rainy Valley; upstream from Morton, on the south side of Mount Rainier. ~ ~ MICHELLE OBAMA NOTES: Today's Michelle is about people losing weight and getting in shape. ~ ~ Therefore yours truly gets the crazy little guy's Lucky Leprechaun jackpot in the end; according to the DVD's alternative ending in the extras section. Where the winner's trophy looks like the royal scepter of Judah. ~ ~ MAD NOTES: Even as a naive young kid growing up in Seattle's University District, I recognized the CRACKED magazine was a MAD magazine rip off.

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