Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Seattle's Dr Evil [eye] bought the WASH POST for 250 big ones in order to protect the abomination of desolation. Per AUSTIN POWERS:II's debut of his bald born again Mini Me beast in REV.13 up on top of the STARBUCKS space needle. [Bezos is a big time lunatic investor in privately financed space travel to the Luna, etc.] Believe me, all those Jews, queers, and niggers at the Washington, DC POST are going to need some pretty deep pockets if they plan on continuing to hide the truth from every low budget two bit indie film blogger out there, like; ~ ~ For example, it costs virtually nothing to run Barack Obama's stolen Social Security number through E-VERIFY, and then see it get flagged. So then the Virginia Flaggers get a new member for life among their ranks, at: ~ ~ You keep lying, you keep dying. ~ ~ You want to save the world from global warming? ~ ~ Then start telling the truth, and stop the crazy bare knucklehead propaganda for third-way 666ism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE TRUTH IS FREE NOTES: Needless to say, "The truth will set you free... yada yada..." at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ LATE NIGHT JOKES: Obama was on Leno on the east coast at the exact same time that the airport in Kenya exploded into flames. Because that is where he was born. ~ ~ And no amount of stonewalling and lying on Christian conservative talk radio can change that. ~ ~ MORE TWO WEEKS NOTICES: Niggers are never ever gonna get any respect until they stop it. That goes for the Jews too, per: ~ ~ RUMOR: Willis turned down E3 because he smelled a rat.

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