Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Where else are you going to hear people openly talking about what is actually going on with THE INVISIBLE MAN? Who is now running the show. ~ ~ For example, Portland's Mr.Zero was talking about the sex cult leader of the abomination of desolation last night who once lived in a white house on Taylor Ferry Road. Right next door to a Persian Jew who had fled Iran [SLC, UT] after the false prophet took over everything there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DVD NOTES: The prophetic whiplash neck shots in DIRTY DANCING start at exactly 57:.. minutes on my DVD. [Johnny drives a black and white 57 CHEVY.] The sexy threesome dance shots begin at about 36:30. Filmed at Lake Lure, down from a small place called Bat Cave. ~ ~ JEW NOTES: Turned out that the old FDR era Jew couple with grey hair, from Miami, were robbing everybody at the Mount Zion resort. Think the Jews run today's funny money Federal Reserve bank, and my very charismatic Jewish grandfather genius, Gerald Relf, was running the Fed's 12th man SEAHAWKS branch office out in Seattle in the mid FDR 40s. When the Fed was still divided into 12 districts; and he was the man, just like I AM. ~ ~ DREAM NOTES: On August 28, I dreamed that I was trying to take a crap at a public restroom somewhere. But this Jewish kid in tight black pants came in and started to watch me with a weird grin on his face. ~ ~ Those sexy tight white denim jeans on Jennifer Grey in DIRTY DANCING were the exact same ones that Kristen Stewart was wearing in my R.E.I. mountain trail summit dream. ~ ~ HACK JOURNALIST NOTES: Those simple minded hacks at the NYT got hacked on the 50th anniversary of MLK JR's " the check." speech because they are too stiff necked to tell the truth about Obama's forged birth certificate. ~ ~ CHINATOWN TIMING NOTES: That paper Chinese lamp in my Meat Camp, NC room in DIRTY DANCING says that I get to fuck Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson long time, at the same time, after the Negro music beat man from Chinatown, Chicago appears on the scene. ~ ~ GREEK PRESIDENT NOTES: The simple minded late night morons were absolutely bonkers last night about the prophecies regarding the desecrated Greek Temple in the New Jerusalem. Where the abomination of desolation was scheduled to deliver his latest RLDS Conference talk about the need to overcome bipartisan politics. Because in today's 1 NEPHI prophecy about the upcoming destruction of Jerusalem, that was the basic reason why the Jews were so evil.

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