Thursday, August 15, 2013


Last night, I dreamed that Jodie Foster was giving me the same nice and loud and hard hand-job that Teri Kornblum gave me at her Bellevue, Washington condo back in the 1980s. ~ ~ Because before I went to bed, I happened to see that new AMERICAN GIGILO threeway sequel starring the Wood Man. Which featured some Jewish woman kneading a yeasty bowl of whole wheat bread dough; in order that her new love child would not be a born again bipolar or autistic baby monster, or worse. Per: . ~ ~ This being the running 9-number signs in the above prophecy about Obama's phony 9-layered birth certificate computer image fabrication. ~ ~ Wherein one can clearly see with the naked eye, the three different restored typewriter fonts from 1961. Each having it's own specific software graphics file for image modification. ~ ~ In other words, if you are too simple minded to see this, then you are still stuck in the early 1980s era of computer technology; or maybe even worse. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSH BABY NOTES: Limbaugh joked on Thursday about Obama getting so hot and horny during the live video of Osama getting killed, that he had to leave the room and go have some hot [personal luggage packer] sex with his homogaysexual sidekick lover, named Mr.Love. Who the rest of the legally blind liberal media mainstream mothers and fathers did not see coming. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: That guy who called into your 1776 telephone number show on Thursday at 2:11 sounded exactly like Frank DiAmore did in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. [Of course you know this. I just post these kind of shits&giggles notes for the betterment of my more simple minded Christian conservative readers.] ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: Jennifer Gray also role plays you, my sister wife in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. Who does not believe me, because she is too spiritually sick. But then she comes around the medicine wheel ferris wheel in the end; where she starts to see the blood flowing from her eyes in the mirror.

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