Sunday, August 4, 2013


Live video showed all those Muscle Beach NFL niggers trying to dodge that crazy white man's AVENGER on Venice Beach; right as they were fixing to wrap up the trial of Mr Whitey in Boston. Who was arrested in Area Code 310 for excecuting at least 19 motherfuckers who had been threatening my future sidekick from Honolulu, Africa, a.k.a. Barack Obama. ~ ~ You don't think Miss Montana is getting tired of you half Jew niggers stealing most of her money? Maybe you take a look at her Jewish label 501 May Day cut offs, at: ~ ~ Think Woody Allen's new crazy transsexual lady/man San Francisco movie opened on the same day that I bought my two-for-one used copy of TO ROME WITH LOVE at SAFEWAY. Which apparently is about that crazy 3-way swinger, driving both ways, on the concrete boardwalk sidewalk in the opening of WHAT ABOUT BOB? who is swearing to get Barack Obama et al; like at the end of the 1991 movie. Ya follow? ~ ~ [Witnesses claim that the crazy whitey was swerving left and right, trying to run over as many hippie chicks as possible on Evangeline Lilly's crazy Canadian birthday.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE WORD NOTE: Last night at 5:48 AM the Word from Jesus was simply "Station". Could be a HUGO type train station thing. Whatever, guess we will find out won't we, per that strange look alike figure who walks by my Prince Charles look alike figure in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL prophecy, circa 1971-73. ~ ~ ALFA ROMEO VELOCE/SPIDER NOTES: I also dreamed last night that I got to drive around in a red 5-stick-shift ALFA SPIDER; even though we had not been married yet up in the Jewish Orthodox Russian Greek Catholic Knights Templar [Malibu Hills] temple/church of Mel Gibson. In other words, I can fuck Ornella Fresh, and her sister too, just as long as I make a trade of equal value with my beloved lost Israelite brother Steven Fresh. ~ ~ And we don't even need to pretend like we are "married" yet. ~ ~ LINCOLN LAWYER LIMO CRASH NOTES: There was a big bus crash with a garbage truck on Hwy.6 in Israel while I was watching TO ROME WITH LOVE. ~ ~ Guess what? That left-over 60s nudist bongo player from Austin, Texas is also getting tired of the federal government stealing too much of his money. And the only way to stop it is to start killing homosexuals, Jews, and niggers; and a few Roman Catholics too. ~ ~ PRIVATE IDAHO NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Cameron Diaz was beginning to think that I was a pretty fun guy. And then I saw her in a bikini at that BBQ party for swingers in KING OF CALIFORNIA, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Who in the world would ever want to be an LDS member of that bland 1980s style LA temple in EATING RAOUL, when you get to hit that, and her sister too?

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