Monday, October 31, 2016


That man sitting between me and my two 1986 era sons at WRIGLEY FIELD is your typical Mormon Republican establishment asshole who is still trying to stop my hot young wives from doing their "SHAKE IT UP BABY NOW!!" number in FBDO. ~ Calm down now; the current leader of the LDS church in Utah is a former national German airline pilot from Munic; and in some ways that is a good thing. ~ The whiter the better is what I always say. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ANGELINE LILLY: Most of today's way too X expensive sports cars look too over the top to me these days. ~ Ergo, all of those alien looking slant-eyed grey skinned UFO Asians driving around Vancouver, BC in their high tech computer cars that look like retro 1960s X-15 space rockets on wheels. ~ Personally, I prefer something that is more down to earth looking in both style and substance, like at: ~ You get what you pay for, is what I always say. ~ BACKGROUND NOTES: That is Prince Charles sitting in the background at the high society French restaurant in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ PS TERI RUTHERFORD: Bueller's cute Jewish sister was driving the same white Indian PONTIAC sports car that you were driving back in the 1980s in Bellevue, Washington; complete with defective hand job brake stick and broken arm rest seat mechanism. ~ Hey, "Nothing goes smooth anymore." NAPOLEON DYNOMITE, circa November 2016. ~

Sunday, October 30, 2016


I would bet dollars to donuts that the white guy who dumped a yuuge shit load of manure fertilizer in front of the DNC headquarters in Warren County, Ohio had no idea that Warren Beatty was coordinating his new [Steven Hughes] movie publicity in the Sunday NYT with the election campaign of Hillary Clinton. ~ Remember, this was the same crazy Hollywood 1960s SHAMPOO actor who was going around California interrupting the enthusiastic political rallies of Arnold Schwarzenegger. ~ Since the tall half Jewish moderate Republican with died hair was supposed to be some radical right-wing dumbbell racist Nazi threat to Africanized Americans and Nativist Americans; not to mention today's anti American backstabbing Communist Internationalist Jews ~ For example, see: ~ GSR/TWN ~ LINKED SAUSAGE NOTES: Notice the broken up blacktop street in front of the above mentioned DNC headquarters at: ~ LYRICS LINKS: Read the part about Hillary's lies in the FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF song lyrics at: ~ INSIDE BASEBALL NOTES: Bueller's Indian bride is sitting next to seat no.104 at WRIGLEY FIELD; juxtaposed to my blond cotton top son, circa 1986. ~ For the film's various $104 M artworks by Picasso. ~ Like when we see Ken Keisler in the museum sequence observing that evergreen state landscape painting at 57:10 minutes. ~ And then we see my French German exwife Laurence Pierson standing beside her young mother in the French impressionist painting at around 57:30. ~ Both Cameron and I drove a 1976 ALFETTA sports sedan; for a same car, same movie sign thing. ~ DOJ CASE NOTES: That negro basketball 666 idol trophy gets lynched with a rope around it's neck in Bueller's bedroom because she is a typical [Oprah Winfrey] type overweight lesbian talk show host example of what is wrong with America in the 1290 days era of the prince in DAN.9. ~ FOGGY BOTTOM NOTES: They called the USA State Department the foggy bottom problem with Washington, DC politics long before Hillary Clinton ever came along. ~ "10" NOTES: Dudley Moore's movie about me stalking Miranda Kerr is probably a 10 days prelude election day zero 16 thing. ~ Think ZERO EFFECT meets TO DIE FOR meets DRUGSTORE COWBOY, at: ~

Saturday, October 29, 2016


That iconic shot of a flying no.9 REDWINGS jersey FERRARI metaphore in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF was confirmed by that 767 flight to Maimi catching on fire before takeoff at: ~ Talk about 'directing is casting' based upon that Italian actor who took the kids' major league 1961 sports car for a fast ride around town. ~ In between the time Trump is elected President, and Trump is inaugurated President. ~ Who looked like a savage LAmanite Indian in some typical 1961 white man John Wayne wagon wheels western ho movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THANK YOU NOTES: Bueller sings DAN/KE SCHOEN in the above 1986 Reagan era ELECTION movie prophecy for a big thank you to all of those Germanic white people who voted for Donald Trump in zero 16. ~ PS BRUCE: More Father of Jesus, less Mother of Jesus. ~ PS BOB: I have been living in your head rent free for the past 21 years. ~ So what does one more year even matter in the big scheme of things? ~ Not to mention the hot young virgin talent at Lehi High School in Utah County who want to be involved with anything and everything that I AM is involved in. ~ So much money, so little time to spend it. ~ PS DON WILLY: I need you to start scouting around for the next hot underaged thing in one of your high school classes to star in my first series of hot BARELY LEGAL magazine teen sex movies. ~

Friday, October 28, 2016


The unexpected resurrection of the FBI's investigation into Hillary's hidden emails from Weiner is confirmation of my royal 'Sausage King of Chicago' hero in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF at the ballgame. ~ Which was immediately double confirmed by Bill Murray singing "Take me out to the ballgame..." at WRIGLEY FIELD. ~ Who recently let it be known that he told an underaged Scarlett Johansson that, "The sausage is special today." While working with her on LOST IN TRANSLATION in Japan. ~ Which ties in prophetically with my royal sire figure singing about a younger blond Hillary from Chicago who once tore her dress and made a mess in Central Park, NYC in the fall. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ROLE PLAY NOTES: Here is a clip of the prince's peoples in DANIEL 9 commenting on the homeless Trump supporter acting like the two witnesses laying on the street for 3 1/2 days in REV.11, at: ~ Basically, it's the same homeless actors scene at the end of INLAND EMPIRE. ~ Where the lady gets stabbed with a large screwdriver, at: ~ INSIDE BASEBALL NOTES: This morning I bought one of those yuuge jizz covered cinnamon muffins at ARCO. ~ Then there were new pix of Jennifer Lawrence all over the place, like at: ~


Just a few hours after my own private vintage 1971 toilet's flushing mechanism was replaced on Thursday afternoon PST, Trump's sidekick jet crash landed in Flushing, Queens, New York. ~ In confirmation of that tall rich liberal Jew who looks like the sickly no.9 Frankenstein [REDWINGS] Jew boy in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, at: ~ This being the miraculous resurection of the first 666 Jew from his death bed in REV.13. ~ And therefore, another 6,666,666 Jews are going to have to die for a second witness about the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11. ~ Since the first name 'Hillary' is a latter-day sign of the seven hills beast who refuses to lie down and die. ~ And the name Trump is a latter-day prophecy about the angel Moroni blowing on his gold-plated horn of warning from atop of all those LDS temples around the world. ~ You blow me, I blow you, yada yada. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TMZ NOTES: The reason why most of the boys and girls at TZM are voting for Trump this time is because they have seen enough. ~ HARPER NOTES: Turns out that Miranda Kerr has a rather remote meditation retreat temple/house located up in the Lost Hills area of North Malibu. ~ That was featured in her own private image above the new age guru's safe house sanctuary for illegal aliens in the famous 19666s Paul Newman movie, as seen at: ~ Note the crazy Tarzan ape man look alike in the enclosed link. ~ DC 85 NOTES: The reason why I AM is the one who looks so strong in DC 85, is because today's Mormon leaders look so weak by comparison. ~ Otherwise, I would just look like your average Mormon missionary dude; who happens to be the future King of England, France, and northern Italy. ~ Seriously, during my 1971-72 winter period as the LDS mission district leader in ROMA, they always assigned the way too old, and creepy looking never-been married 29ish male virgin celebate missionaries to my area. ~

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Those two classic 5.4/6.1 red capitalist FERRARI 250 CALIFORNIA SPIDER [James Bond 007] sports car earthquakes of Judah and Ephraim in European socialist Italy rocked the chocolate candy region of Perugia, Italia in confirmation of my chocolate mannequin breaking up in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ Juxapositioned to the physical transfiguration poster of a 29ish looking yours truly. ~ After we saw him sitting next to a younger 29ish Oprah Winfrey, and one of my 1986ish blond virgin cotton top sons living in Washington County, Oregon at the time; located way out in the left-wing foul territory of the WRIGLEY FIELD chewing gum stadium in zero 16. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SECRET HIDDEN ISAIAH 49ERS NOTES: "And he hath made my mouth like a sharp [REV.19] sword; in the shadow [knows] of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me." [Way out west in Bonney Lake, WA Nowheresville.] ~ Or as my old world mother says in 1960's polygamist mormon BRIDES OF DRACULA prophecy, "My son is very sick." ~ WHY I NEVER WORRY ABOUT IT ANYMORE: I just received my 4th invitation to stay at a friend's place in Utah while I go back to school for two semesters at THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS in Provo, Utah, circa, section 91. ~ So many friends, so little time. ~ Ergo, after the three woes of the special 1260 days half hour period of silence [from Ken Kemp er all] during the two witnesses period in REV.11-12-13. ~ What's next for Christ'sake? ~ Michigan's Mitt Romney tries to one-up everyone with a free time-share condo trial-offer for me during the upcoming winter season [MARK 13:14] film festival in Park City, Utah? ~ Sounds pretty tempting, I must say. ~ Just as long as the DEAR VALLEY elks lodge deal comes with free maid bedroom service and a complimentary Scotch whisky mini bar. ~ Every man has his price, yada yada... For example, I would prefer to stay rent free at Redford's place up in SUNDANCE. ~ ELECTION HISTORY NOTES: "I don't know anyone who voted for Reagan." VANITY FAIR's future Ms Brown editor, circa 1980. ~ "Everyone I know in Flint, Michigan is voting for Trump." Michael Moore, circa zero 16. ~ PS NAOMI WATTS: That dairy farm in Wales, England, that has a really sweet ass private 5 acre trout pond on it's private 40 acres plus property can be free of cost if you know how to play your 2-1 odds cards on Donald Trump winning it on November 8. ~ Or as Julia Roberts says in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, "Do it for me baby..."

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The nationalist election victory parade for Donald Trump in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF features the celebretory sounds of his trumpets against the many images of his official campaign USA flags. ~ While yours truly belts out TWIST AND SHOUT with my many hot beauty contestant wives in Chicago's annual lost tribes of Israel Oktoberfest parade. ~ While Beuller's sexy Indian bride watches from the sidelines in her traditional INDIANS leather baseball colored jacket. ~ And I AM is handed the King of England's royal scepter of Judah at around 1:04:... into it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SOLID 10 NOTES: Those ten virgin children were injured on an I-95 car crash near Katy's Perryman, Mary/land landmark and Katy's Churchville, [mother] Mary/land landmark. ~ THE ALTERNATIVE ENDING TO THE BREAKUP NOTES: My phony birth certificate sidekick with a Hawaiian tan job breaks up when the sister finally breaks through his closed-tight door and shouts "I KNEW IT!!" ~ Ergo, the red 1961 FERRARI's odometer says 301; juxapositioned to the 126- days count down number of 120 in confirmation of Sheriff Joe's 3.01 press conference about the fraudulent 1961 document that Barrack Obama has posted on his official Greek columns white house similitude in the iconic 1986 Ronald Reagan era John Hughes movie. ~ Or as Ferris Bueller says at the end of the film credit clips, "'s over, go home..." ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: I do hope that you do know that I post a lot of silly things about me lusting after you, while Carey Mulligan is pressing down hard on my cock in THE SHINNING, etc. just in order to entice today's low information millennials to vote for Donald Trump in zero 16. ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ PS MEL: "I once dabbled in passivistism myself..." says the future all American Donald trump voter in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II. ~

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


"I want a solid gold toilet too, but it's not in the cards is it." says Austin Powers in AP:II's Russian assassin chess game with Putin prophecy about the future Trump card era in zero 16. ~ As just confirmed by that casino bus crash on the ten virgins highway to hell that happened at the 29 Palms exit to the Indian Canyons area WORLD SERIES that will play out in the city where Trump won the country club Republican [ROGER & ME] nomination. ~ Located next door to the legendary stainless steel 3600 VITA MIX log cabin headquarters in Olmsted Falls; along Rock Creek. ~ Which is where the most successful steelhead rainbow trout transplant happened among the 5 Great Lakes' ten virgins prophecy at JACOB 5:5, etc. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MATTHEW 25 NOTES: The five Great Lakes of the new promised land in the BOOK OF MORMON look like a giant [Lost Israel tribes Tarzan inland sea.] palm tree. ~ OUT WEST NOTES: Bill Clinton rubbed his boner on the back shoulders of that TV news babe in Fort Smith, ARK like a wild 666 ape man for a reason, circa 1980. ~ While telling her that he will someday become the President of America. ~ [Her screen name at the time was Leslie Derrick.] ~ Don't laugh, I believe every word that he said. ~ ROGER THAT NOTES: Here is a good image of Michael Moore wearing his future 'I'M OUT FOR TRUMP' look alike tow-truckers cap, at: ~ Hello Jeff Hawk, Seattle, Washington, originally from Manitoba, Canada. ~ PS BIBI: When you recently visited Donald Trump at his private luxury Manhatten hightower shag pad, and briefly excused yourself to use his gold plated toilet, did you notice anything unusual about it? ~ Hint, hint, see: ~ Personally, I AM is not a big fan of traditional Jewish FDR era fascistic unionism. ~ But I do know how to take advantage of and exploit the weaknesses of my enemies. ~ [CALLING PAGE SIX!!] ~ I like my fascism to be more lean, clean, and mean; with all of the excess fat trimmed off from the bone. ~ As is prophesied in my own private HANNIBAL LECTURER:II prophecy that was made in Fiorenza, Italia. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: I get rid of your family problems; you get rid of my family problems. ~ If the tax free offshore cash money is right of course. ~ PS MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: I keep having these really erotic dreams about you. ~ Am I missing something? ~

Monday, October 24, 2016


After Michael Moore said that Trump's supporters look like terrorist pedophiles, some mixed race guy named Michael Jr. who is wanted on underaged sex "pedophilia" charges, hijacked that same naive white lady's white LINCOLN TOWNE CAR Jew canoe in WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON; after shooting a couple of politically correct cops in Lincoln County, Oklahomo; located along old highway Rt.66 and I-44; at: ~ I mean think about it. ~ Moore looks exactly like your typical Michigan State Donald Trump voter. ~ Tom Brady was a MSU QB football star; much like the one in ELECTION, 2003. ~ And his groundbreaking independent politics movie entitled ROGER AND ME looks exactly like some future Donald Trump campaign ad for President, circa 2016; complete with a metaphorical similitude baseball cap that says, 'I'M OUT FOR TRUMP', at: . ~ GSR/TWN ~ INSIDE BASEBALL NOTES: Michael Moore has never been treated all that well by the Jews. ~ First of all, he got screwed by those left-wing Jewish assholes at MOTHER JONES magazine in San Francisco, California. ~ So he sued them and won big time in your typical amoral behind the scenes out of court Jewish settlement under the table situation. ~ Then he got the same goyim treatment by those two fat faced athiest Jew pig eaters at MIRAMAX; so he also sued the shit out of those two mother fuckers, like at: ~ Back in the first 666 beast's 1335 days reign of temporary triumph for Adolf Hitler, they called it the "International Jewish bankers conspiracy". ~ Nowadays, they just call it globalism. ~ "I would finance any movie that Michael Moore wanted to make next." Mel Gibson, 1993. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: According to the spoken word revelations that have been given to the various prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in DC 133. ~ It does not even matter if there is an election held on November 8, 2016. ~ You still become the only legal and legitimately elected President of America with a real [BORN IN THE USA] birth certificate in zero 16. ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: I lust after you in every possible way imaginable; both physically, intellectually, and spiritually; yada, yada. ~ And I equally lust after your two sisters too; namely Carey Mulligan and Sienna Miller. ~ BFD ~ I like' em young and I like' em smart and I like them really good looking. ~ Always have, always will. ~ Especially now that I have the money to make it all happen in real time. ~ Since I AM is already the de facto King of England after all, and there is no man who can stand before me; not even Austin Powers. ~

Sunday, October 23, 2016


America's no.1 pop music bubble gum pinko icon was in Virginia encouraging not-so-virgin college misfits to vote Hillary for class president; on the same day that the CUBS won it at WRIGLEY FIELD; 5 to zero. ~ In confirmation of the well known fact that the abomination of desolation who was born in British Kenya, Africa is a WHITE SOX fan. ~ Per all of those African white hunter movies that were popular in the 1950s-early-60s. ~ See what I see at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: Katy Perry grew up in a very traditional christian pop culture home in the very same wine country that is featured in the above zero 16 SIDEWAYS prophecy. ~

Saturday, October 22, 2016


"Are you chewing gum?" is possibly the most surprising and mightiest of all lines in SIDEWAYS; since the final 4-squared zero 16 baseball pennant race mathmatics algebra equation is now going to be answered, one way or the other, at the end of Sukkot at WRIGLEY STADIUM in Chicago. ~ In confirmation of little Miss Hillary's rigged campaign to become class president at G.W. high in the ELECTION 2016 prophecy; using free sticks of jewing gum to sucker in the kids. ~ "My high school teacher mother warned me not to accept chewing gum from strangers; because it might be laced with LSD." Marlin Hale circa 1969, Yakima, Washington. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ROOF TOP NOTES: As a fan who got hooked on watching Sanders play for the CUBS on WOR 9 CHICAGO during my Renton, Washington, BOEING jet plant Reaganite satellite dish salesman 1980s period; I do hope that they go all the way. ~ PS BILL GATES: Seattle's scary as hell JP PATCHES 710 KIRO clown was a forerunner to your many years of trying to patch up all of those holes in your MICROSOFT software products, like at: ~ Oh yeah, less girly man democracy, more real strong man fascism. ~ No wonder that your FORTUNE 500 corporate recruiters took a second look at my smelly brother Jeff Relf in sweat pants and decided to take a pass on him. ~ No really. ~ Who would ever show up at some interview at MICROSOFT, circa 1985, wearing really stinky $9 sweat pants from WALMART? ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: More America, less Africa. ~

Friday, October 21, 2016


That future female editor of the NYT, [Now teaching journalism at HARVARD.] who drives a white pro Obama era MARK IV LINCOLN Jew canoe gets it from the long gray haired middle aged werewolf [Mr.Relf] figure riding on her roof at a MOBILE gas station in WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON. ~ Because in the year zero 16 most people would be getting their futuristic fairytail 666 news every morning on their various cartoonish DICK TRACY comic book mobile wrist watch devices. ~ For when the film's white Donald Trump administration DOJ sheriff Joe look alike [angry white man] would be connecting that 49ERS black panthers team leader sporting a Jewfro shampoo job with murdering her. ~ And then his 1970s era action movie bitch gets trapped inside of a fallen sideways telephone Internet line connection [Sukkot] booth, circa October 23, 2016. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: You still look pretty damn good to me. ~ That said, I do have a few notes. ~ PS CONAN O'BRIEN: Still not seeing your screenplay for LEP:5 in my mail box. ~ PS LARRY AND JERRY: That 1260 days era SEINFELD episode about Kramer betting it all on Donald Trump was a prophecy about the time when Woody Allen would make his WHATEVER WORKS in zero 16 prophecy. ~ Hey, you shoot me in the right foot, I shoot you in the left foot. ~ PS BRAD PITT: Welcome to the real world of today. ~ When the whore of Babylon will be in charge of everything at the FBI and the DOJ. ~ Don't worry about it for now. ~ In the upcoming Kingdom of God, an evil wife will not be allowed to testify against her righteous husband in the corrupt apostate christian monogamy courts of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11,12,13, etc. ~

Thursday, October 20, 2016


The latest media hysteria about Donald Trump ignoring the constitutional election results and declaring himself to be the new strong man leader of America is what 1973's WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON Nixonian fairytale is all about. ~ Since Al Gore did the exact same thing after he lost the 50/50ish election to G.W. down in Florida. ~ Simply because a few of those really old Jews got confused by their paper ballets and marked it the wrong way. ~ "You play games with me, I play games with you." PEE WEE HERMAN ~ For example, in the above cinematic revelation from g-d, the DC establishment coctail party class' old gray lady welcomes the suggestion that we need to change the US Constitution; in order to make it OK that even a non US citizen can be president. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: That pickup with a tan crashed down onto the roof of the T-shirt booth of those prideful racists with a tan in confirmation of those roofers at the very beginning of SIDEWAYS. ~ Who knocked on Miles' door and asked him to move his badly parked 1993 SAAB convertible car. ~ PS MM: More above the line, less below the line. ~ In other words, Donald Trump is going to win in Mitt Romney's Michigan state on November 8 because he is a white man, and not some white lesbian feminist wanna be man originally from Chicago. ~ More manliness, less girlyness. ~ More Mel Gibson; less Michael Moore. ~ NO.10 NOTES: Right now, I'm only half way into Bo Derek's TARZAN THE APE MAN 1981 Ronald Reagan prophecy about me fucking two of my wives who are 30 years younger than me. ~

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The end of the Jews' traditional Feast of [voting] Booths in zero 16 is a two weeks warning. ~ That is repeated over and over in the Greek White House toilet scene in WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON [State], just before Senator Clinton walks through the Oval Office door [portal] looking like an older Natalie Portman . ~ Then Ginsberg cuts to a Paris, French restaurant with Nazi SS logo and twin EZE:10 trumpeting cherubs on the door. ~ Followed up by the new straight talking President sporting a blond hair shampoo die job saying, "Let me make this perfectly clear." ~ Played by an age appropriate actor with the prophetically right on Scotish surname McGuire. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WILD WEST NOTES: That raging wildfire east of Obama's Westcliffe, Colorado, along Rt.96, is confirmation of the niggers shooting each other in West Adams, LA. ~ Remember, even the descendants of Ham are the sons of Adam. ~ Which is why God cautioned the lost 12 tribes of white skinned Israel not to be too happy about the forces of Egypt drowning in the Red Sea of REV.13 at the end of Sukkot. ~ That said, Mr.West's fans are going to look like the savage African natives on the rampage in TARZAN THE APE MAN when Donald Trump becomes elected in zero 16. ~ PS WEST: Hillary's campaign bus flushed it's crap load into a storm drain in the MLK Atlanta area for you having to flush your HEARTLESS performance in the Flushing, Queens, NYT area. ~ Where they made that pre reality TV show back in the black exploitation 70s; costarring that dumb ass thickheaded tall balding Jew named Meathead. ~ PS PAUL: The Commander Salmon figure in the above 73 prophecy is a Capt. Garrison of Bonney Lake, Washington figure. ~ Who grew up in a small Book of Mormon village in northern Alaska eating lots of smoked king salmon from the North River. ~ And eventually comes to realize that yours truly is the real deal in 2BC:91, available now at ~ PS KENNY: Your inspired obsession with the way-too-young-to-die WWII B-25 bomber pilots is a present time WWIII thing. ~ Think FOREVER YOUNG meets 1941, at: ~ Which was made way back in 1992. ~ Around the year when I saw you again at that rightwing militia survivalist convention for futurist Donald Trump voters rally at the SALT PALACE in SLC, UT. ~ And then we met up once again at the SUNSTONE SYMPOSIUM convention for RLDS feminists and homosexuals at the HYAT HOTEL in Mel Brooks' incredible pre negro high preisthood HIGH ANXIETY movie. ~ No wonder that Gordon B Hinckley immediately condemned the above ominous 1260 days Nephite convention as being too white and too racist. ~ BOOK OF MORMON STUDY NOTES: Even until this day, the disobedient LAman sons of Lehi, Utah, who were cursed with a dark skin because they hated the more righteous and civilized white Nephites, have still not repented of their wild at heart ways, at: . ~

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


My own private low budget home movie 1973 prophecy entitled WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON was an inspired surreal fairytale about yours truly from the Scottish Bonney Lake region of Hwy.410 Washington; both east and west of 14,410' Mt.Rainier. ~ Wherein the liberal old gray Jewish lady media is experiencing mass hysteria over the fact that Donald Trump is going to own it on November 8, zero 16. ~ And the more that they howl about it, the worse it gets. ~ Like at the end of the movie; where we see Russia's Putin hacker figure in the background, as Joseph Smith walks into the WATERGATE scandal room. ~ And my wife is standing there in complete shock in front of a big orange works clock that says 9:30; in confirmation of the 1993 timeline of the future two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Jesus, what do you expect? ~ The no budget Warhol indie film was written and directed by some gay named Milton Moses Ginsberg. ~ And my own Mr.Relf surname means 'powerful wolf' in the old tongue from north France, via Kent, England. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 1973 NOTES: Some lucky guy from Renton, Washington, wearing a KING RALPH LAUREN T-shirt, found a little 2.03 rock that his daughter named Lauren called 'lucky' at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in ARK on Never Campbell's recent Rosh Hashana birthday. ~ Which means I get to fuck Neve Campbell on God's rent-to-own program; spelled out at ~ Not to mention Elizabeth Hurley and Sandra Bullock er all. ~ Think WHEN WILL I BE LOVED meets WILD THINGS, at: ~ PS NEVE: I liked you better when you were a more fit and trim and innocent lookin 29 year-old; in both mind, spirit, and body; more 1996ish, less 2016ish. ~ PS GISELLE: The above movie was made when Fellini made ROMA's DC 58 feast film costarring you and I sitting at the same table at the end of my last days LDS/LSD mission in Siena, Italy, circa 1973. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: More laid back Benito Mussolini, less up tight Adolf Hitler. ~ For example, see: ~

Monday, October 17, 2016


This is probably the cleanest White House election that I have ever seen in my lifetime. ~ How refreshing and revitalizing. ~ Finally, some tool of God has now come along and has the guts to hammer down the truth about the filthy dirty 1260 days Clintons, and trumpet out loud the dirty 1290 days of the abomination of desolation. ~ Think STAR MAPS meets STAR WARS, at: ~ So now comes the first day of the Feast of the Ingathering; just like a clockwork orange, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Does San Diego's foolish I-5 freeway virgin mayor named Faulconer not know that the flying tan truck from Texas was a falconer raptor EZE.10 sign from above?.. At: ~ That was based upon Mr.Paynes' wagon wheel ribs joint prophecy about the ten virgins in MATTHEW 25 entitled SIDEWAYS. ~ And is it still too early to say that the tan pickup's dents and scrapes on the side are evidence that the sailor dog got sideways before he crashed down on that WAGON WHEEL BAR T-shirts booth head first? ~ I guess only the shadow knows for right now. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TOUCH OF EVIL NOTES: THE 44S blues cover band from LA was performing when the 4x4 pickup went airborn in confirmation of that Redneck's pickup running over those crazy misfit LAmanites up in Reno. ~ I AM is not shitting you on this one. ~ Many of those LA RAZA saddle bike riders at the park below I-5 were from the Orange County, LA area. ~ BLAZZING SADDLE NOTES: Barry said that talk radio is a product of the wild west. ~ DUH!! ~ Think TRUE GRIT is about Obama's queer-as-orange fake birth certificate and his upcoming arrest warrant issued by Arizona's real white man average Joe Sheriff. ~

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Many of those "certain indiscretions" by little Miss Hillary at around 56:00 minutes into the ELECTION 2016 prophecy are now being revealed by wiki leaks on the eve of Judah's 1290 days NYT anniversary in DANIEL 12, i.e. October 16; per MARK 13:14's Sukkot I-40 years in the wilderness highway landmark along Palestine, ARK. ~ When the prince and his cursed black skinned people will go to war against the more righteous white skinned southern Christian saints in DANIEL 9 and EZE.38. ~ Who mostly voted for Donald Trump at the end of the 42 months of lies and politically correct marxist propaganda by the JUCO media homosexaul Jew boys in REVELATION 11. ~ This being the Divinely ironic inspiration behind Mr.Payne's vision of a blond SHAMPOO job Republican winning the election in zero 16. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FFING SWEET 16 YEAR-OLD PUSSY NOTES: That is my Branch Davidian figure namedv 'David' who is fucking Tracy's wet virgin pussy in the above post election 16 prophecy. ~ Talk about inspired filmmaking. ~ What's next?.. Howard Stern hires me under the table for big bucks as some special regular "caller" guest who is a so-called expert in latter-day Bible prophecy?.. Just for the shits and giggles, and of course, a little bump in the ratings. ~ Hey why not? ~ Michael Medved is doing the same thing right now in Seattle on his local 770 AM talk radio show. ~ And his recent independent audience survey ratings are not exactly hurting. ~ PS MICHAEL: How about writing that feature film screenplay this time that you were always destined to write?.. Instead of another one of your boring books about how wonderful mainstream Republican Judeo Christianity is not anymore. ~

Friday, October 14, 2016


Keni was partying like Lindsay Lohan in the after hours at the ARC in Paris when Mrs.West got her metaphorical North Little Rock, ARK ring stolen; and she was so rudely pussy gripped when they dumped her fat ass into her $10,000 Italian marble bathtub; complete with matching GOLDMEMBER/GOLDFINGER inspired fawcets, knobs, and toilet works. ~ Per those two rings that needed to be recovered by any means necessary from the typical Trump voter at the end of Payne's SIDEWAYS. ~ Or as that proverbial Donald Trump voter says at the orange bowling ally lane no.23 in 1997's THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy, "You're entering a world of pain..." if you even think that you can get away with crossing the line and cheating on America's NRA voters. ~ When his crazy exwife had left him in charge of her hairy poochie; while she went on some Barry [Manilow] Obama style fantasy [birth papers] island vacation with her latest lover boy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: More original blond British LAWENCE OF ARABIA, less black African PLANET OF THE APES remakes. ~ Believe it or not, I do completely understand your personal HIGH ANXIETY Idaho Jewish problem. ~ Case in point; g-d now wants me and you to watch together no.10's bland ten virgins portrait remake of TARZAN the Republican man voter at,,_the_Ape_Man_(1981_film) ~ PS TRUMP: The flip side of my TARZAN THE APE MAN starring Bo Derek has her ten virgins movie about me becoming obsessed with Miranda Kerr in zero 16, at: ~ PS MANI: Your body guard was stabbed in the eye at your Malibu shag pad in confirmation of Mr.M getting stung in the eye by a yellow jacket in ELECTION, zero 16. ~ PS SIENNA: It's OK if you do not like me, or agree with me for now. ~ Just as long as you are sexually attracted to me and my money. ~ First things first when it comes to flirty fishing. ~ Or to put it more gracefully; the idea of free salvation in Christ is like having free sex with me. ~ And I AM is only half kidding. ~ Image my painful long suffering lonely nights as I watch Bo Derek's bland Republican Party Reagan era remake of TARZAN. ~ Wherein the likes of John McCain and George Bush can't stand to have any dramatic plot structure to their warm and fuzzy privately scripted lives. ~ PS BARRY: Don't make me not like you anymore. ~

Thursday, October 13, 2016


All of those little mom&pop bakeries across America who have refused to bake a chocolate cake for some local gay wedding crashers abomination, and are now being sued by the giant federal 666 government of Barack Obama and George Bush, are confirmation of the swampy campaign stump prophecy in Baker County, Florida; located next to St.George, in Georgia. ~ Per those 480 lesbian cupcakes that the little Miss lesbian Hillary Clinton character hands out in the ELECTION zero 16 prophecy that was made by Mr.Payne in 1997. ~ You tread on me, I tread on you; times two. ~ According to the McClenny landmark right there, northwest of Orange Park and Doctors Inlet. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JENNIFER: The above ELECTION prophecy ends with Don singing his trademark 1960s psychedelic LSD/LDS hit song JENNIFER. ~ PS TOM HANKS: The latest trending pop culture video panic in your voice sounds very familiar to the tunes of this band from the casino stages in Donald Trump's VIVA LAS VEGAS winning race car prophecy at: title=Panic!_at_the_Disco&mobileaction=toggle_view_desktop ~ More sexy skin tight leather pants style socialist fascism; less not so sexy baggy pants socialist capitalism. ~ Have you ever seen a Jewish lesbian communist anti American hero wearing a black full length leather trenchcoat? ~ Didn' think so; "...the times, they are a changing." Bob Dylan, 1970. ~ "Be smart, not dumb." ~ To paraphrase Mike Myers in THE LOVE GURU. ~ More Donald Trump, less Hillary Clinton. ~ Think THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets MARATHON MAN. ~ When Donald Trump er all will finally become the President of America. ~ According to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW meets that Andy Warhall inspired 1973 ripoff entitled WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON. ~ And I AM is not kidding you on this one. ~ Half of today's Jews in LA believe that Donald Trump is the very fulfilment of the latter-day-saints 666 beast prophecy in this film. ~ Not kidding; see the extremely negative reviews by today's Washinton, DC establisment elite film-goers on this one at: ~ PS NO.44: More Ronald Reagan, less Richard Nixon; time is quickly running out. ~ You need to start recognizing and acknowledging and understanding your special place in Biblical 1290 days prophecy. ~ And stop worrying about what those ignorant Nazi leather obsessed athiest Jews think about you in the newspapers. ~


The breaking news about Donald Trump inappropriately French kissing 4 beautiful underaged women is confirmation of Mr.McAllister pulling out all of that filthy dirty language pussy hair from the same bathtub of the future where Mrs. West got grabbed by the pussy in Paris. ~ And she didn't like it. ~ So who gives a shit what the NYT reports anymore, true or false. ~ Remember, this is the same adolescent adult JUCO newspaper that published Barack Obama's doctored high school yearbook picture on their front page. ~ You sucker me, I sucker you. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ELECTION NOTES: We start to see what a perfect little filthy liar Miss Hillary is at around 54:00 into it. ~ FAMOUS MOVIE STAR QUOTES: "Anything goes, when you know it's right." Megan Fox. ~ "I do anything that I want, when I want." Kristen Stewart. ~ Speaking post Hillary Clinton er all of course. ~ PS BARBARA STREISAND: More straight forward hard cock, less soft sideways pussy. ~ PS MADONNA: You only get to fuck me and have one of my lost tribes [Bill Clinton] 18 babies after you give me 10% of all of your funny clown CLINTON FOUNDATION money. ~ Unlike today's nonprofitable NYT, I don't like to lose money and work for free anymore. ~ PS MIKE MYERS: Can't wait to see you killing it in AP:4&5 on a full $66,666,666 double feature budget. ~ That said, I do have a few notes for this kind of surreal style James Bond 777 reboot series jackpot. ~ How about we cast Jude Law as your arch enemy antagonist in both of these two sequels that we make at the same time. ~ In order to save half of the money on the double feature sequels budget. ~ Fuck it, bring in Pierce Brosnan fucking his fat overweigh Catholic Irish wife in the ass at the end of SIDEWAYS. ~ Whatever, just make it work. ~ And don't bother me with the neverending screenplay rewiring details. ~ You complain that Brosnan told you that he would never do something like that in a thousand years for less then $5,000,000 per picture? ~ When in fact the old fool could have gotten twice the price for it. ~ Talk about leaving big money on the table. ~

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


They tore down the arked Broadway Bridge to I-40 North Little Rock, ARK Tuesday in confirmation of that expensive little Jewish cut rock that got stolen from Mrs.West in Paris. ~ According to today's Ark of the Covenant desecration along the day 1290 river in DANIEL 12. ~ Mrs.West's little innocent virgin daughter being named North and all tha last days nigga prophecy stuff. ~ Ergo, this is how it will go down in zero 16; metaphorically speaking, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PSYCHEDELIC NOTES: A cascade of neon light heart shaped images started to flash under my eye lids right before I saw that FOX NEWS report about some crazy Muslim trying to crash his teacher's PA-34 into a jet airplane plant's headquarters at 3:40 in Hartford, CONN, at: ~ PS JENNIFER GARNER: When you went up to Reno to register more college misfits who support Hillary Clinton, some Trump casino player got attacked by a savage mob of LAmanites; who used a pool stick to bash into his pickup truck window on the driver's side. ~ And we all know now how that kind of thing is going to end. ~ PS MEL BROOKS: I got your DVD collection set at WALMART the other week for $34 because HIGH ANXIETY is obviously a prophetic portrait about how today's insane psychiatrist pop culture Jews in the liberal media will be feeling after the Donald Trump 5-star hotel owner becomes legally elected the President of America in 2016. ~ Think BLAZZING SADDLES' nigger sheriff movie meets the Jewish made TRUE GRIT:II movie. ~


After little Miss Hillary cleans up Barack Obama's fake birth certificate memories using the school's new computer imaging software, she takes a hard fall from atop her plastic garbage can campaign stump; pulling down her phony ballony, plastic banana good time rockn' roll NYT campaign banner headline with her. ~ Which also goes for that darker skinned negro student standing on the back row at around 45:45 minutes. ~ Then Mr. Payne cuts to a prophetic campaign poster of no.14 Paul passing the football to Donald Trump; that says, "YOU BET-ZLER!!" ~ For a negro BET television thing, circa 2016. ~ And then we see the blood of Benghazi on Hillary Clinton's hands. ~ Followed up by a line from Mr.McAllister that goes, " There's your culprit." As he pulls a wad of dirty hair out of the bathtub of the film's crazy woman who lied to him. ~ Note the Jennifer Garner look alike standing next to her on the front row in the above G.W. CARVER high school yearbook picture. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GLENN BECK: More Joseph Smith, less Gordon B Hinckley. ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: Last week at GOODWILL, I found a previously enjoyed copy of ROCK STAR. ~ Don't make me use it. ~ I'm just about out of patience with you. ~ And so is your so called husband who thinks that he is Jesus Christ. ~

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Do you really believe that that angry as hell and buck naked Donald Trump toe-truck voter at the end of SIDEWAYS could give a flying fuck about whatever Donald Trump said on the shock jock Howard Stern show some 11 years ago? ~ If so, you are probably crazy enough to believe in your own FANTASY ISLAND tv show media remakes about George Bush, John McCain, and Paul Ryan not voting for Trump on November 8, zero 16. ~ Welcome to the real world of today's reality TV culture. ~ Where you say shit on this week's episode; and then you say the opposite shit in the next week's episode. ~ Hell, it's better than working for $15 an hour at COSTCO for an honest living. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: The reason why I will be voting for you is because you are a better man than that wanna-be man Hillary Clinton. ~ MR.BIG NOTES: We know that THE BIG LEBOWSKI's no.5 checkout scene is about Mr.Relf after we see the physical transfiguration prelude on the much years-later special edition DVD update. ~ Which includes an up front and totaly honest extended trailer for THE ICE HARVEST. ~ That features all of the lead actors in their best looking post WW:III physical transfiguration Nazi medicine years, at: ~ Oh yeah, me Adolf Hitler, you Karl Marx. ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: My partners and I now have more than enough money to buy up every major corporate motion picture studio stock asset in LA. ~

Monday, October 10, 2016


Those two votes of Judah and Ephraim were the only thing that let the future Hillary Clinton get away with murder for so long in the Omaha, Nebraska ELECTION prophecy. ~ Note that the movie ends with a limousine shot of her looking like the Secretary of State. ~ According to her campaign for high school president that suggests, '...our days [in power] will not be any longer...' ~ Wherein we see that yuuge "BILL" banner in the background; across from that other juuge banner on the other side that says, 'LICK'. ~ And all of those crass Donald Trump voters up in the bleachers are yelling "EAT ME!!!" ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Last night a little birdie told me that your long suffering FFing missionary work on Jude Law is now starting to bear friut big time. ~ And therefore, it's only a matter of time before we will be seeing the same harvest fruits by the Divine works of your holy sisters in Christ from Daniel Craig and Tom Brady, er all. ~ ELECTION NOTES: That is a painting of Bonney Lake, Washington hanging on the wall when the high school principle flashes us the GSR/TWN index finger at about 42:25 into ELECTION. ~ Then that little lesbian bitch gets a three days [Billy Bush style] suspension that represents those same three+plus days time-out [medicine wheels ride] in the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11. ~ MINI ME NOTES: I told you that not even Austin Powers can stop Donald Trump, but no, you didn't listen. ~ So now you get to eat it and throw it up at: ~ THE BIG LEBOWSKI NOTES: In this 2016 election year prophecy, the billionaire Lebowski is Donald Trump, and the other Lebowski is me, a.k.a. Mr. Relf. ~


There were three 4.+ earthquakes out in the REV.13:1 sea off the Hwy.101 sand dunes of Oregon on debate Sunday; due west of North Tenmile Lake of course. ~ For those 5 foolish high school virgins who died in double fiery wrong way car explosions on I-89 in Vermont. ~ Who represented the Hillary Clinton voters in ELECTION's close 50/50 count. ~ Complete with lesbian subplot and timely portraits of Obama's tall Jewish [Log Cabin Republican] Abraham Lincoln hero. ~ Ergo, Paul's other favorite fruit is the banana. ~ And the film's future Hillary-for-president girl hands out little chocolate pussy cup cakes with the lesbo "Pick Flick" clitortoise joke on them. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS POPE 666: More Mel Gibson, less Michael Moore. ~ DATELINE NOTES: Today's date is 10.10. ~ So keep an eye out for any ten virgins 50/50 signs and wonders in your own private Idaho life. ~ ELECTION NOTES: There is a map of brown Mexico in Mr. McAllister's classroom that is for that big capital letter 'W' seen right above his head on the abrieviated US Constitution poster. ~ That has all of the bad parts in it cut out and removed for human consumption. ~ PS TRUMP: Friday's foolish virgins school bus crash in Franklin County, [Frankenstein] Virginia happened near Penhook. ~ For all of those amazing EZE.9 hook shots that you were making in my visionary dream about you. ~ By the by; nice job in the symbolic second [woe] debate at Washington. ~ Can't wait for the third woe to happen now in REV.11. ~ Because that is when I get all of the girls and all of the money. ~ Not to mention the big paying acting gigs of my choice. ~ PS HILLARY: That fly on your face represented the fly girls in the HAMMER TIME video. ~

Sunday, October 9, 2016


There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth when Donald Trump becomes elected President on November 8, 2016. ~ As just confirmed by this morning's astonishingly painful death scenes involving those 5 foolish wrong-way virgins up in Burnie Sander's Vermont, at: ~ Four of whom were from the metaphorical Harwood [Hardwood] High School Republican Party G.W. election zero 16 prophecy in ELECTION. ~ Talk about going north, as things start to go south; just south of Jerico, and due west of Moscow. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Basically, I believe in righteous EZE.9 style genocide, righteous type slavery, an equal 10% tax for all, rich or poor white Russian style, white or black; not forgiving murderers and rapists, like Bill Clinton er all; and of course, righteous three-way sex with more than one of my hot 29ish looking Eastern European model wives. ~ As portrayed in such Providentially made independent films as I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND. ~ HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE TEAM NOTES: That white Donald Trump voter QB Tom Brady beat down the nigger loving no.33 church Republicans in Cleveland by a score of 33... to whatever. ~ Jesus Christ!! What's next? ~ [The last 4th quarter 3-point QB hero running for class President in ELECTION is a white dude who looks like Sandra Bullock's co-star in SPEED's Area Code 310 bus crash movie.] ~


God pointed his finger at the political horse race track off of Jericho Hwy and said this is where the next PENN STATION train of pain and sorrow is going to happen around 9:00. ~ For my EZE.9 gold CROSS pen dream that looked like the one with a cue tip design at: ~ Which corresponds with the cursed city of Jericho in the 66 book Bible of apostate christianity. ~ Located near the Scottish community of Stewart, Long Island, per: ~ Let me guess; Matthew and Sarah have a place in the Hamptons. ~ Or they did, but they just sold it and bought elsewhere. Calling PAGE SIX!! ~ GSR/TWN ~ ELECTION 2016 NOTES: We know that ELECTION is a prophecy when Mr.McAlister starts comparing apples with the man with a tan from Orange County, California at 23:29. ~ Suggesting that one day something very different will come along. ~ And then little Ms Queen Hillary flies into a hysterical hissy fit because she thought that she would have no competition in the election. ~ Proclaiming that the typical Greek frat house jock Donald Trump has "no qualifications". ~ FBI TIP: That FANTASY ISLAND tv Hawaiian birth certificate invitation in ELECTION is my final offer for the Jewish Mr.Comey to offer up his resignation; before I AM is forced to have him fired in disgrace after the election on November 8, 2016. ~ PS PAUL RYAN: Don't kid yourself. ~ You too look like a God damn dirty half Jew. ~ Where David was forced to go back and live with his mother in the ELECTION 2016 prophecy, according to: PS KRISTEN STEWART: Don't get me wrong. ~ You look hot as hell in a bisexual men's suit. ~ Since I know that you are not the typical sexually agressive power-oriented lesbian hating bitch from hell like Hillary Clinton, Madonna, or Angelina Jolie. ~ Who always surround themselves with your typical 70s hi-fi stereo-typical power-obsessed divorced Jewish female lawyers who graduated from Yale. ~ PS SNL: What did I tell you? ~ There was a gazillion bazillion dollars of free publicity money just lying there on the writers' conference oak wood table for you. ~ But no, you all' were so pussy whipped that you had to settle for Alice Baldwin doing a cheap imitation of Donald Trump for union scale. ~ Talk about Hitler's infamous born again, and again, and again, future GSR/TWN 'Jewish problem'. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: 1961's MISFITS is about that misfit Donald Trump becoming the wildcard King of Hollywood after he gets elected the President of America on November 8, 2016, at: ~

Saturday, October 8, 2016


The same inspired filmmaker with the prophetic surname 'Payne' directed both SIDEWAYS and ELECTION. ~ Now reportedly, MATTHEW 25 is about to go sideways with a surprise turn to the right; after hitting Cape Fear, NC, near Corncake Inlet and Smith Island. ~ As just confirmed by the new Billy Bush pussy clip that puts ELECTION's "wet pussy" dialogue into it's proper prophetic 2016 election context at 8:18 into it. ~ Based upon the movie's extensive Scottish tartan costuming and the Jewish Matthew Broaderick character with the Scottish surname McAllister. ~ [A lister] ~ For example, see: ~ Note the Divinely timed 4:44 time-stamp that hit on 10.5; a full day before I had posted anything about ELECTION. ~ Which had to shut down production circa October, 3, 1997 because of a freak early [Neve Campbell] melting wet pussy snow storm in the Omaha area. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TRUMP: Yesterday at 8:43 pm, I woke up from a vivid dream about you clearing the pool table with a number of difficult 9-ball trick shots. ~ Using an old and weathered 8' stock 2x4 for a pool cue, with an expensive classic golden [EZE.9] CROSS PEN attached to the end of if for a cue tip. ~ While Matthew Drudge was sitting at the end of the table encouraging you to play the game your way, and not their way. ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: It's almost time for you to make your move. ~ My only advice would be; don't get too excited and trigger happy and shoot until you see the whites of their eyes. ~ Timing is everything, yada yada. ~ Happy hunting. ~ ELECTION 2016 NOTES: Payne's surprisingly prophetic movie, made way back in 1997, opens with a grass sprinkler gradually moving to the left. ~ That represents today's Republican Party of Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush Jr. ~ HAMMER TIME FILM NOTES: HAMMER FILM's Dark Prince Count Dracula movie is/was about the 1290 days blood cleansing Greek temple college fraternity rites of the physical transfiguration period process. ~ Which is one reason why the women get so crazy during their monthly full moon bloodletting [red wine] period. ~ See AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON meets AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: There is a reason [for everything] why your underaged virgin wife looked like somec crazy North Korean MOONIE cult deciple when you married her. ~ PS DE NIRO: Two weeks ago, I had a flash vision of an old NYC taxi hiding behind BL's TARGET store. ~ More white, less black. ~

Friday, October 7, 2016


I have never been a big fan of the deep throat blow job; too sexually aggressive and homo mocho man for my tastes. ~ Besides, all of the feel good action is at the top of it, like at: ~ If you don't like it. ~ I don't like it. ~ Is what I always say. ~ So stick that in your mouth and blow on it all you lesbos. ~ Me man, you woman. ~ Me Jew, you gentile. ~ And that's my prerogative. ~ You hate me for no reasin; I hate you for no reason. ~ "Crazy bitch..." WILD AT HEART, 1989, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ REVERSE ROLES NOTES: Last night I finished watching 1999's ELECTION prophecy. ~ Which is about a satantically possessed crazy blond Hillary Clinton white girl still running for high school president in her mind and getting away with murder in 2016; with the complete blessings of such mainstream Republican white christians as George Bush Sr. & Jr. and the [1 NEPHI:14] Catholic Pope from Argentina, South America; not to mention THE NEW YORK TIMES and Glenn Beck. ~ PS TRUMP: The boys are playing poker with trump cards in ELECTION when Arizona's Sheriff Joe shows up and proclaims that the game is over. ~ Note the highly suggestive and prophetic 'TRUMP' for president poster in the background at about 31:40 minutes into the movie. ~ Where Hillary exclaims, who is this noboby?.. etc. etc.


The worst twisters in Kansas hit Saline County and Cowley County. ~ For that salty brown cow who just got her rock stolen in Paris. ~ Ergo, Rock, Kansas is located along Hwy.77 near the Walnut River: not to mention New Salem. ~ Since the 1290th day anniversary of Judah, circa 1996, falls on October 16. ~ Which is when Sukkot begins after sundown. ~ Meanwhile, weather reports have MATTHEW 25 grinding away exactly 50/50 miles off the REV.13:1 sands of the 666 JFK rocket launching pad area. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JACOB 5 NOTES: This book of sacred scripture is about when the Republican Party LDS church leadership would become bland and without savor. ~ NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE NOTES: Kipp, Kimball, and Kiro, Kansas etc. are all latter day saints Yom Kippur 2016 landmarks. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Keep doing what Jesus inspires you to do. ~ Me Jesus, you Jane, like at this three way video at: ~ PS WEST: You're pretty good, but not this good, at: ~ More 5 virgin polygamist wives in post mormon Reagan era harem pants, less Hillary Clinton lesbian bitches in men's suit pants on the Ellen Generous show. ~ PS MISS MONTANA: Everything is going to change for the better on your upcoming 11.23 birthday. ~ Think LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE: II&III; if the money is right. ~

Thursday, October 6, 2016


One those two masked PINK PANTHER thieves fingered Mrs.West when they put her naked body into her Italian mob marble bathtub prophecy. ~ At least it felt that way when one of them had to get a firm grip on her two tons of fun crotch. ~ In confirmation of Peres dying exactly 5 days before the 10 days of repentance down in Jewish, Florida. ~ And now the MATTHEW 25 storm of the 10 virgins has veered west; and is expected to grind on America's yuuge cock icon starting exactly 5 days into Donald Trump's latter days FEAST OF TRUMPETS day prophecy, circa 2016. ~ Think all is well that ends well at the end of THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. ~ When MCDONALDS' scary as hell double-meat BIG MACK clown named Donald Trump takes white Dutch German Pennsylvania, and Jewish north Florida by storm on November 8. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PSA NOTES: My advice for today's average American voter is this. ~ Please, please, for God's sake, whatever you do on this upcoming November 8 election day, do not go out and vote; especially if you are a typical woman, or a typical minority. ~ Ergo, in the upcoming Kingdom of God, only white men, and their white wives who hold titled property will be allowed to vote. ~ Since the very definition of today's G7 democratic fascism is based on the right of the majority to steal from the 1% minority. ~ PS HOWARD STERN: Obviously, SNL's Jewish comedy writers and producers choked on it at the last minute. ~ BIG FUCKING DEAL. ~ Right now you have more cash money in the bank than THE NEW YORK TIMES and the NBC/ABC/CBS networks put together. ~ PS MARTIN SCORSESE: By now, everyone knows that Mr. Hillary Clinton is a rapist, and Barack Obama is the illegal alien usurper in MARK 13:14. ~ So where exactly are you trying to go with this? ~

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


The two tons of fun waitress in SIDEWAYS tells Jack and Miles that, "It's all in the wrist." after she serves them their southern states style corn bread. ~ For when Kim Kardashin would also get her wrists bound with plastic strap-ons, and then quickly wiggle out of them after the thugs stole her yuuge rock and split. ~ While her negro husband was singing his 2008 hit called HEARTLESS in Flushing, Queens, NY. ~ "I am society's EXLAX pill." Howard Stern, 1996. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: After you become elected the next President of America on November 8, 016, the stock market value of the NYT will quickly become less than zero. ~ Think NEWSWEEK magazine meets TIME magazine. ~ Oh yeah, "Your stock is rising no.2..." Dr.Evil, AP:II, Seattle, Washington, King County, 710 AM KIRO. ~ PS KK: Did you really think that those two Paris, France PINK PANTHER diamond thieves of Judah and Ephraim wanted to rape you? ~ Don't flatter yourself. ~ The thought of you being physically fucked in the flesh by some filthy dirty LDS priesthood church nigger before me is a complete abomination to me. ~ DRACULA: PRINCE OF DARKNESS NOTES: This particular HAMMER FILM prophecy is about Ben Stiller getting a whole new regenerated born again in the flesh prostate organ during the upcoming blood cleansing rites. ~ You submit to me, I submit to you; first things first. ~

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Mrs.West got what she deserved in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II-III in confirmation of that vain "...two tons of fun." waitress at the charred meat Adam&Eve ribs joint in the end of SIDEWAYS. ~ Where that naked truth Donald Trump voter is fucking her in the ass and that Baptist church Hillary Clinton supporter George W. is seen on the reality TV show screen. ~ All of which was forecast when Jack told Miles that she was now "...sans rock!!" in mock French lingo. ~ As the two walk back from THE HITCHING POST II's [engagement ring] theme along Hwy.246. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DEBRA MESSING: There is a reason why your television show did not make you the biggest Hollywood movie star in the business. ~ Even though you were at least as talented as Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Garner; and almost as good as Sandra Bullock. ~ You got what you deserved. ~ PS NYT: Everything that today's athiest Jewish anti American editors in today's JUCO media are doing right now was meant to be. ~ In order that the real Jews would come to understand why the white Nazis gassed 6,666,666 of their forefathers; who were always bent on worshipping the 666 beast upon the 7 hills of Hillary Clinton; circa zero 16. ~ "And that's a good thing." Martha Stewart, at: ~ PS JENNIFER LAWENCE: They made your latest movie entitled JOY into a Martha Stewart spoof. ~ Which was not a half bad idea. ~

Monday, October 3, 2016


MATTHEW 25 is slamming Haiti right now in confirmation of the 7.0 that wrecked the [REV.16] African American country on the duel 1.12 birthday anniversary of the two witnesses back on zero 10. ~ And then that foolish 5 virgins Hillary 7-hills beast supporter of Clinton er all, Sean Penn, immediated dropped everything and dashed down to the French Port-au-Prince in a madcap comedy frenzy; believing somehow that he could stop the 1290 days prophecy about the DANIEL 9 prince and his cursed dark skin people who would start to hate Donald Trump with a purple passion some 5 years later. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MILEY: The character named Miles in SIDEWAYS appeared on the screen many years before Ellen got sick and so you filled in for her by sitting sideways on the show's royal sofa throne in 1951's ROYAL WEDDING prophecy. ~ TIMELINE NOTES: See the 1335 days time stamp on this link at: ~ This is why I AM is the one mighty and strong in DC 85 and 2BC 91; and Woody Norris is now my sidekick bitch in the big-picture scheme of things. ~ PS BARACK OBAMA: Obviously, you are not the Antichrist; simply because there is no such thing in last days prophecy scripture. ~ True enough, every single well corroborated word in Larry [King] Sinclair's little thin sweet&sour REV.10 paperback novel book about you murdering Donald Young on 12:23 and sucking on his cocaine pipe cock in the back of a black LINCOLN LAWYER limo north of Chicago is completely true. ~ BFD ~ George Bush has now endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in zero 16; therefore all bets are off now. ~ You cheat on me, I cheat on you. ~


Mrs.West was robbed of exactly $10,000,000 Canadian by a party of 5 crooks on Neve Campbell's birthday in confirmation of her little virgin negro daughter pix in SIDEWAYS; who is named North. ~ As the MATTHEW 25 storm heads north towards Hillary's socialist brown Cuban cigar paradise island. ~ Not to mention my own off-shore tax-free BANK OF CANADA accounts in the Bahamas. ~ Where my friend just picked up Michael Douglas's sweet digs for a cool 10 big ones in cash money on the barrel; no questions asked. ~ Based on the fancy LAST TANGO IN PARIS hotel in THE DARJEELING LIMITED's prophecy about George Bush and Mitt Romney er all endorsing Hillary Clinton. ~ Which repeats the alternative ending to THE BREAKUP in Chicago. ~ Where Jennifer Aniston and I happen to run into my exwife and her new look alike replacement husband Steven Hughes. ~ Think RISKY BUSINESS meets RISKY BUSINESS:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BLAZZING SADDLES NOTES: That fiery bus crash in eastern Mexico was a Donald Trump "feel the burn" warning. ~ In other words, the more you don't listen to me; and you don't like me; and you don't respect me; the more I start to look like you do every morning in the bathroom mirror. ~ What goes around comes around, and then comes around, and comes around again and again; until either you stop it, or somebody else puts a stop to it for you. ~ Think THE MATADOR meets THE NOVEMBER MAN; both starring Pierce [County] Brosnan. ~ TABLOID GOSSIP NOTES: Ms.Campbell's half Scotish Canadian genealogy tree is Dutch [windmill] Jewish. ~ Because she has a family history tree that goes back on her mother's side to Amsterdam; where she still lives. ~ Which includes various prominent Orthodox rabbis who were also in the diamond business. ~ "I was raised as a Catholic, but most of the family ancestors on my mother's side were Dutch Orthodox Jews." Neve [winter time snow] Campbell.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


That gastronomic explosion in Spain at LA BOHEMIA restaurant was confirmation of the fucked up 8th graders school bus crash in Bohemian Hall, Texas on 9.23, at: AND: ~ So probably the best way to keep up with all the Donald Trump tow-truck vote-driver news right now is just Google 'bus crash' every morning before you check out the latest updated ten virgin prophecy reports about the delevopling MATTHEW 25 hurricane sign from God. ~ For example, that train wreck in Hoboken, New Jersey was about the foolish 5 virgins dialogue in SIDEWAYS as the two drive over the train tracks to retrieve Jack's wallet from that angry as hell Donald Trump voter; circa 2016. ~ After Jack was forced to cut and run back buck naked to THE WINDMILL INN [alternative energy fantasy] at 5:00 am for 5 clicks. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MICHAEL DOUGLAS: Now is the perfect time for you to turn your clownish frown upside down. ~ There is a Jewish reason why Jesus caused THE KING OF CALIFORNIA to be miraculously made against all odds. ~ More George Clooney, less Woody Allen and Woody Norris. ~ PS WOODY: You relocated from Seattle to Salt Lake City, Utah because you thought you were the one who is mighty and strong in DC 85. ~ Close, but no cigar. ~ That said; you did save me from getting my satanic church of the devil [DC 86] college degree from BYU back in 1979. ~ Guess I still owe you one. ~ Since this is what inspired me to get over my French Catholic wife obsessions and move on to the eternal life principle of having three-way sex with barely legal virgins. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: More pure white race 1950s style McCartheyism priesthood BM Mormonism, less mongrel mud race communist Catholic Michael Moore type Christianity. ~ Somehow, we need to find a way to get Mitt Romney et al on our side. ~ I'll look into Mel Brooks' BLAZING SADDLES Barack Obama [Sheriff Joe] prophecy and see if I can come up with anything. ~

Saturday, October 1, 2016


I will be voting for Donald Trump on November 8, even if I have to set down my beer and get off the couch and put on my pants and go over to Bonney Lake's local middle school basketball gym voting booths. ~ Enough is enough. ~ You like Hillary Clinton and hate Donald Trump? ~ I like Donald Trump and hate Hillary Clinton. ~ Hey, whatever makes me feel good is what I always say. ~ Either go big, or go home. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRAD PITT: When my French wife of a bitch left me for my Daniel Day Lewis counterpart in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets THERE WILL BE BLOOD, Michael told me that it was meant to be this way. ~ PS DEMI MOORE: We two were meant to be. ~ And no one on earth can tare us apart; come hell or high water. ~