Thursday, October 13, 2016


The breaking news about Donald Trump inappropriately French kissing 4 beautiful underaged women is confirmation of Mr.McAllister pulling out all of that filthy dirty language pussy hair from the same bathtub of the future where Mrs. West got grabbed by the pussy in Paris. ~ And she didn't like it. ~ So who gives a shit what the NYT reports anymore, true or false. ~ Remember, this is the same adolescent adult JUCO newspaper that published Barack Obama's doctored high school yearbook picture on their front page. ~ You sucker me, I sucker you. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ELECTION NOTES: We start to see what a perfect little filthy liar Miss Hillary is at around 54:00 into it. ~ FAMOUS MOVIE STAR QUOTES: "Anything goes, when you know it's right." Megan Fox. ~ "I do anything that I want, when I want." Kristen Stewart. ~ Speaking post Hillary Clinton er all of course. ~ PS BARBARA STREISAND: More straight forward hard cock, less soft sideways pussy. ~ PS MADONNA: You only get to fuck me and have one of my lost tribes [Bill Clinton] 18 babies after you give me 10% of all of your funny clown CLINTON FOUNDATION money. ~ Unlike today's nonprofitable NYT, I don't like to lose money and work for free anymore. ~ PS MIKE MYERS: Can't wait to see you killing it in AP:4&5 on a full $66,666,666 double feature budget. ~ That said, I do have a few notes for this kind of surreal style James Bond 777 reboot series jackpot. ~ How about we cast Jude Law as your arch enemy antagonist in both of these two sequels that we make at the same time. ~ In order to save half of the money on the double feature sequels budget. ~ Fuck it, bring in Pierce Brosnan fucking his fat overweigh Catholic Irish wife in the ass at the end of SIDEWAYS. ~ Whatever, just make it work. ~ And don't bother me with the neverending screenplay rewiring details. ~ You complain that Brosnan told you that he would never do something like that in a thousand years for less then $5,000,000 per picture? ~ When in fact the old fool could have gotten twice the price for it. ~ Talk about leaving big money on the table. ~

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