Friday, October 28, 2016


Just a few hours after my own private vintage 1971 toilet's flushing mechanism was replaced on Thursday afternoon PST, Trump's sidekick jet crash landed in Flushing, Queens, New York. ~ In confirmation of that tall rich liberal Jew who looks like the sickly no.9 Frankenstein [REDWINGS] Jew boy in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, at: ~ This being the miraculous resurection of the first 666 Jew from his death bed in REV.13. ~ And therefore, another 6,666,666 Jews are going to have to die for a second witness about the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11. ~ Since the first name 'Hillary' is a latter-day sign of the seven hills beast who refuses to lie down and die. ~ And the name Trump is a latter-day prophecy about the angel Moroni blowing on his gold-plated horn of warning from atop of all those LDS temples around the world. ~ You blow me, I blow you, yada yada. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TMZ NOTES: The reason why most of the boys and girls at TZM are voting for Trump this time is because they have seen enough. ~ HARPER NOTES: Turns out that Miranda Kerr has a rather remote meditation retreat temple/house located up in the Lost Hills area of North Malibu. ~ That was featured in her own private image above the new age guru's safe house sanctuary for illegal aliens in the famous 19666s Paul Newman movie, as seen at: ~ Note the crazy Tarzan ape man look alike in the enclosed link. ~ DC 85 NOTES: The reason why I AM is the one who looks so strong in DC 85, is because today's Mormon leaders look so weak by comparison. ~ Otherwise, I would just look like your average Mormon missionary dude; who happens to be the future King of England, France, and northern Italy. ~ Seriously, during my 1971-72 winter period as the LDS mission district leader in ROMA, they always assigned the way too old, and creepy looking never-been married 29ish male virgin celebate missionaries to my area. ~

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