Saturday, October 15, 2016


Many of those "certain indiscretions" by little Miss Hillary at around 56:00 minutes into the ELECTION 2016 prophecy are now being revealed by wiki leaks on the eve of Judah's 1290 days NYT anniversary in DANIEL 12, i.e. October 16; per MARK 13:14's Sukkot I-40 years in the wilderness highway landmark along Palestine, ARK. ~ When the prince and his cursed black skinned people will go to war against the more righteous white skinned southern Christian saints in DANIEL 9 and EZE.38. ~ Who mostly voted for Donald Trump at the end of the 42 months of lies and politically correct marxist propaganda by the JUCO media homosexaul Jew boys in REVELATION 11. ~ This being the Divinely ironic inspiration behind Mr.Payne's vision of a blond SHAMPOO job Republican winning the election in zero 16. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FFING SWEET 16 YEAR-OLD PUSSY NOTES: That is my Branch Davidian figure namedv 'David' who is fucking Tracy's wet virgin pussy in the above post election 16 prophecy. ~ Talk about inspired filmmaking. ~ What's next?.. Howard Stern hires me under the table for big bucks as some special regular "caller" guest who is a so-called expert in latter-day Bible prophecy?.. Just for the shits and giggles, and of course, a little bump in the ratings. ~ Hey why not? ~ Michael Medved is doing the same thing right now in Seattle on his local 770 AM talk radio show. ~ And his recent independent audience survey ratings are not exactly hurting. ~ PS MICHAEL: How about writing that feature film screenplay this time that you were always destined to write?.. Instead of another one of your boring books about how wonderful mainstream Republican Judeo Christianity is not anymore. ~

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