Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The end of the Jews' traditional Feast of [voting] Booths in zero 16 is a two weeks warning. ~ That is repeated over and over in the Greek White House toilet scene in WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON [State], just before Senator Clinton walks through the Oval Office door [portal] looking like an older Natalie Portman . ~ Then Ginsberg cuts to a Paris, French restaurant with Nazi SS logo and twin EZE:10 trumpeting cherubs on the door. ~ Followed up by the new straight talking President sporting a blond hair shampoo die job saying, "Let me make this perfectly clear." ~ Played by an age appropriate actor with the prophetically right on Scotish surname McGuire. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WILD WEST NOTES: That raging wildfire east of Obama's Westcliffe, Colorado, along Rt.96, is confirmation of the niggers shooting each other in West Adams, LA. ~ Remember, even the descendants of Ham are the sons of Adam. ~ Which is why God cautioned the lost 12 tribes of white skinned Israel not to be too happy about the forces of Egypt drowning in the Red Sea of REV.13 at the end of Sukkot. ~ That said, Mr.West's fans are going to look like the savage African natives on the rampage in TARZAN THE APE MAN when Donald Trump becomes elected in zero 16. ~ PS WEST: Hillary's campaign bus flushed it's crap load into a storm drain in the MLK Atlanta area for you having to flush your HEARTLESS performance in the Flushing, Queens, NYT area. ~ Where they made that pre reality TV show back in the black exploitation 70s; costarring that dumb ass thickheaded tall balding Jew named Meathead. ~ PS PAUL: The Commander Salmon figure in the above 73 prophecy is a Capt. Garrison of Bonney Lake, Washington figure. ~ Who grew up in a small Book of Mormon village in northern Alaska eating lots of smoked king salmon from the North River. ~ And eventually comes to realize that yours truly is the real deal in 2BC:91, available now at ~ PS KENNY: Your inspired obsession with the way-too-young-to-die WWII B-25 bomber pilots is a present time WWIII thing. ~ Think FOREVER YOUNG meets 1941, at: ~ Which was made way back in 1992. ~ Around the year when I saw you again at that rightwing militia survivalist convention for futurist Donald Trump voters rally at the SALT PALACE in SLC, UT. ~ And then we met up once again at the SUNSTONE SYMPOSIUM convention for RLDS feminists and homosexuals at the HYAT HOTEL in Mel Brooks' incredible pre negro high preisthood HIGH ANXIETY movie. ~ No wonder that Gordon B Hinckley immediately condemned the above ominous 1260 days Nephite convention as being too white and too racist. ~ BOOK OF MORMON STUDY NOTES: Even until this day, the disobedient LAman sons of Lehi, Utah, who were cursed with a dark skin because they hated the more righteous and civilized white Nephites, have still not repented of their wild at heart ways, at: . ~

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