Saturday, November 30, 2013


Just like you are not actually married or engaged to your current "husband" Barack Obama is not actually your president. And every time that they say "President Obama" on FOX NEWS, or on the Michael Medved talk radio show, you know in your guts that they are nuts. ~ ~ No wonder that all of the lost 12 tribes of Israel are about to get their hearts cut out. ~ ~ You fuck the Book of Mormon in the ass, the Book of Mormon fucks you back in the ass too, in spades. ~ ~ Sometimes the best kind of 1970s style Flirty Fucking involves anal sex. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works, by any means necessary, yada yada... GSR/TWN ~ ~ ROSEMARY NOTES: That hell-i-copter carrying a couple of corrupt FBI cops crashed through the roof of the Clue pub on Black Friday in Glascow, Scotland because that is where Adrian Marcato was born in the ROSEMARY'S BABY prophecy about Barack Obama's white Jewish mother mating with that black devil from Africa in REV.17, etc. ~ ~ Note that the Rt.111 Chocolate Mountains [mousse] landmark appears at 1:11 on the DVD, when we see the street number 111 on the TIME LIFE building on 50th. ~ ~ MEMORY NOTES: God also told me that Jessica Beil and Justin Timberlake are going to break up. Per all those Divine earthquakes along Rt.111 on the same day that Jennifer Aniston's divorce papers were finally finalized at that LA court house of the devil, located at street number 111. ~ ~ Which represents the desecrated temple grounds in REV.11:1; where the LDS Israelites and the RLDS gentile niggers will once again be separated. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Friday, November 29, 2013


The end of November marks the bloody female period in all those late 1960s sex climax scenes about when the day 1290 abomination of desolation will become so clearly seeable in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ So then the time will come in 2006's SMOKIN' ACES prophecy when Thanksgiving marks the first time since Joseph Smith, when the eight days of the Hanukkah temple desolation liberation celebration starts. ~ ~ Per that crazy black and white 8-ball shot in the movie that took at least ten takes to get it right in your DVD extras. ~ ~ Ergo, the pain started in November in the 1968 ROSEMARY'S BABY prophecy. When those two crazy ass half Jews, Barack Obama and John Kerry, would give the final ok to Iran to build the atomic bomb. And China would make a de facto declaration of war on both Japan and North Korea; and by prophetic latter-day extension, the USA. Not to mention the Vatican. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ X-MASS NOTES: At last count, there have now been at least 19 tremors in and around Reno, Texas in November. Probably because Texas has had enough of the FBI's lies and coverups about Obama's birth certificate forgeries, and confirmed use of a stolen Social Security number. Therefore all bets are off now. Because the catfish rots from the head down. ~ ~ "Why don't you make like a tree and get the fuck out!" [THE BOONDOCK SAINTS] ~ ~ Who gives a shit about global warming when that nigger in the White House is also a half Jew homosexual who is a well known illegal alien. Who also had his church choir boyfriend assassinated because he could not keep his mouth shut. Not to mention that Washington, DC officer who was routinely investigating the strange case about the missing passport records of Obama's white Jewish mother. Who was found dead inside a parked car with a shot to the head; at the curb in front of some [secret combinations] church of the devil in DC. ~ ~ ANGELINA JOLIE NOTES: That tall naive white Jewish Hollywood witch starts bitching every time my trusty sidekick deads some dark skinned terrorist fool across the border in Pakistan. Like I could care less if their innocent women and children die too, "...that's the way of the world." [SMOKIN' ACES] ~ ~ Think Portland, Oregon's Clyde Lewis thinks that Barack Obama is a murderer. Even though he does not even have the nuts to talk about Donald Young and Barack Obama on even a basic truth level. ~ ~ So then this Clyde [Lewis and Clark] River roof top sports arena confirmation thing happens just on time, at: ~ ~ You continue to spend your time yammering with your idiotic simple-minded lonely-loser-late-night talk-show listeners about MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO conspiracy to rule the world from London, England, I just might have one of my international billionaire sponsors give you a multi million dollar ad buy. ~ ~ If you think that I AM is joking, just keep it up and see what happens.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Until my cream-of-the-crop niggers humble themselves, and repent of their sinful arrogant uppity ways, thereby admitting that they have a childish wild-at-heart nature, and those southern Christian white folk gun nuts in SMOKIN' ACES are slightly better than they are; I AM is going to step in and deal with you in a way that you don't like. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Jerry Seinfeld is that transfigured jerk who we see right after Gerald Rivera finally admits that the cat has got his tongue in the end credits of my unauthorized bio-pic movie, entitled; THE BOONDOCK SAINTS ~ ~ I'll have an onion bagel with cream cheese to go with my restored 1972 VELOCE too Jerry. And make it snappy. ~ ~ Because the longer you make me wait for it out here in the boondocks, the more it will cost you. ~ ~ I survived on two bagels with salmon lox cream cheese for two bucks a day when I was crashing on Kenny Kemp's loft in LA during the late 1980s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN\TWO ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: If Terry has just too many family finance obligations right now, perhaps you could step in and take care of my Sundance Film Festival love shack log cabin arrangements. ~ ~ Don't forget, there is definitely something in it for you too, if you know what I mean. ~ ~ On the other hand, don't feel too pressured. Good things take time. ~ ~ Ornella Fresh just got enough in her recent divorce settlement from Steven Fresh that she can afford to have me stay at her place. Which would be my first choice anyway. ~ ~ PS STEVE: I tipped you off in the 80s about that sweet ass trout creek off of I-80 on the way up to Park City. Which your brother and your father checked out and confirmed in confirmation of my royal coachman trout fly king of England status. ~ ~ Cheer up buddy. You name the price, I buy it for you. Money means nothing to a guy who has as much money as God.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Another 7 niggers got shot at a barbeque in East Oakland Monday, and of course, nobody is talking. ~ ~ Think Palermo, Italy, circa 2013. ~ ~ Or maybe this is the real reason why Nelson Mandela is not able to talk right now in princess Charlize' South African PLANET OF THE APES meets the MAD MAX remake. Where even the good men, both black and white, are afraid to speak up, as mentioned in the opening scenario of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. Which comes to an end with the words of that prophetic phony tough guy, Geraldo Rivera, i.e. "no comment" ~ ~ So now those filthy rich two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim need to move on, and let the stronger and much younger men take over. ~ ~ You think I AM is kidding? How about my black MiB sidekick in a classic 1970s Mormon missionary suit, who has no birth certificate or Social Security number, even the one in today's Casa Blanca, just pulled the US embassy out of the Vatican. ~ ~ Right after that old mother fucker who lives there said that the world stock markets are run by the Jews. ~ ~ GSR/TWN\TWO ~ ~ THINKING MAN'S NOTES: That deadly supermarket roof collapse in Eastern Europe was about that dumb fuck Eastern European juice man in SMOKIN' ACES; with the Nazi clown haircut. Because he was introduced right after we see yours truly looking up at the roof. "Some things just don't wash out..." As in Washhoe County, Nevada, yada yada. "Man I'm tired of being right all the time!!" [ACE VENTURA:PET DETECTIVE] ~ ~ Ergo, my dying father's last lamenting words to me were, "... You always have to be right..." ~ ~ Which was pretty much the last thing that the devout Catholic El Wood said to me. Before she left me and left town in 06, and moved on down to Austin, Texas with her short-sighted [Nicole Kidman] Irish leprechaun husband. Who was obviously pre-featured in all those inspired visionary LEPRECHAUN movies. That were originally kicked off by the rather short Jennifer Anniston in the Dakotas. ~ ~ BFD CHRIS WOOD: Who gives a fuck if I get to fuck your overweight Jessica Simpsom forerunner wife from Dallas in a fair trade deal; wherein you get to fuck Ariana Grande and Ariana Fresh. I have a more long term look at things, and you should too. ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Some crazy skinny white country music speed-freak addict surnamed 'McVay' was just arrested in White City, Oregon for trying to blow up a corrupt Barack Obama court house in Med/ford. Because right there are all those Crater Lake National Park A-bomb prophecies about Iran. ~ ~ Just south of there is Sheriff Joe's Phoenix landmark, north of Talent. God this is getting to be as tiresome as some egomaniac's three hour movie. ~ ~ ON THE MONEY NOTES: No need to worry about the upcoming international funny money collapse. Just keep the bulk of your silly girlEGY deposits in the BANK OF CANADA for now. Except for the 10% in hard gold that you owe me. That is what my wife Evangeline Lilly is doing right now, if that matters. Not to mention Ellen Page. ~ ~ AP NEWS NOTES: Like I give a fuck if Obama kills a couple billion kids around the world with his officially sanctioned Iranian atomic bombs. Just because that crazy Karate Kid in Newtown, Conn shot a couple dozen virgin kids, and their crazy pushy cat school teachers. ~ ~ You try it, you get it. ~ ~ TERRY McKNIGHT NOTES: Guess that all of my Lincoln log cabin three-way love shack arrangements have already been made for me just a few blocks up the street from the EGYPTIAN in Park City. ~ ~ Therefore, look for me standing out in front of the theater hoping to get three extra free tickets. ~ ~ Looking like the stuck up half Jewish Jerry Seignfeld, circa 1986 in Century City, LA. Who already had about two million dollars in the bank.

Monday, November 25, 2013


God made Obama the miraculous 44th president of today's fake America because today's born again Christians think that the Book of Mormon is a fake, just for starters. ~ ~ Therefore, you get what you deserve, in spades, just for starters. ~ ~ Ergo, in 2NEPHI 5 for example, the evil devils who have been cursed with a black skin get to have their way with you; like it or not. Because you are so full of shit. ~ ~ GSR/TWN\TWO ~ ~ BREAKING NEWS: The Sandy Hooker, Conn. kid-killer was just as crazy as that KARATE KID wanna be in the 2006 SMOKIN' ACES prophecy. ~ ~ "You look like somebody took a shit in your cereal bowl." because his mother had no genuine whole wheat in her diet.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


About a dozen of the men who were with the tall Jewish John Kerry on that fateful day in Viet Nam have testified on the record that he is a pathological egomaniac liar. ~ ~ But the old gray lady media claims that they are just a bunch of right-wing sickos. And they have the official US Army reports to prove it; based on John Kerry's reports of what happened that day. ~ ~ Which is pretty much the same thing as saying that Obama was born in Hawaii, based upon his official autobiography that we now know was written by Bill Ayers. ~ ~ Think about it. ~ ~ In the end credits of my own private biography called THE BOONDOCK SAINTS, we see the half Jew Geraldo Riveria refusing to say anything at all about the abomination's fake birth certificate and confirmed bogus Social Security number, at 1:44:51 on the DVD. ~ ~ GSR/TWN\TWO ~ ~ DEATHTRAP NOTES: Just after the gory HEINZ 57 catsup figure fucked the Jews in the ass, Barack Obama is going to land in the Seattle area. Where the richest half Jews in the world live, not to mention yours truly. [Washington State has no income tax; just a 10% tax on your morning latte with onion cream cheese bagel. As it should be.] ~ ~ BATMAN NOTES: Ben could be the best final Batman franchise ever; if they make Chloe Moretz his sidekick Batgirl. Who he is obviously fucking on the side. ~ ~ And don't give me that bullshit about her schedule being too full right now. It would only take about 5 big ones up front for her mother to suddenly find a few open weeks on her virgin daughter's calendar. Where she isn't really doing nothing of importance then anyway. ~ ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ PERSIAN RUG NOTES: Rosemary suddenly shows up with a big kitchen knife in ROSEMARY'S BABY in the spirit of the climax scene's Iranian Persian rug final time-line. When the half hour of silence comes to an end for everyone involved in the picture. ~ ~ Note the scenario's Japanese camera man who looks like a typical Hawaiian citizen. Probably born overseas, and yet he has a perfectly legal birth certificate issued by the State of Hawaii. Then we see that tall dark handsome Greek Hellenic Jew arrive bearing gifts for the new born again devil, who reminds us of John Kerry. Most taylors are tall Jews of course. ~ ~ BIBLE PROPHECY NOTES: In the prophetic ROSEMARY'S BABY screenplay about the MOTHER OF WHORES, that was dictated by the devil, the little sealed bitter-sweet book's REV.10 stomach pain started in November. ~ ~ BLING RING NOTES: After I saw that some wanna be bling ring robbed Miley Cyrus on the eve of her special 21ist MTV birthday on 11.23, I found this 1123rd fake image of the film's co-star by Rob, at: ~ ~ SHE'S A DREAM NOTES: In my recent dream about Oprah threatening to kill me, I also saw a MERCEDES car that had Miley's "11.23.13" date spray painted on it; for the time when THE BLING RING movie would finally come to pass, like at:

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Last night Jesus said that Taylor Swift is now going around everywhere showing off her baby bumb. Which of course is a prophetic present tense statement that she has either been sleeping with the same devil in the 19666s ROSEMARY'S BABY prophecy; or she is about to get royally sired by yours truly. ~ ~ Take your pick. After all, today is the special 21ist MTV birthday for Miley Sire Us, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN/TWO ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Steven Fresh will get to have his way with my very very sexy French rx-wife. That is if he is willing to give me Ornella Fresh, and her sister too, in a 2-4-1 deal, like at: ~ ~ JJ's blog for stupid naive uneducated heterosexual homosexuals is where I get to run riot every day. Just for the shits and giggles.

Friday, November 22, 2013


The devout anti-American communist who shot the anti-communist super-patriot JFK acted alone. And if that bugs you, then you are probably one of those simple minded born-again Christians, like Clyde Lewis, who believes that the LDS church is a Masonic 33rd degree conspiracy to take over the world. ~ ~ Think Oliver Stone meets Al Sharpton meets Spike Lee meets Glenn Beck meets Mel Gibson meets Michael Moore, just for starters. ~ ~ In other words, you believe that there must have been two shooters because you lack the faith in God's abilities. Just like you do not believe in the advent of the Book of Mormon. ~ ~ But it gets worse. ~ ~ The main reason why you do not believe that Oswald was a prophetic Lone Ranger Texas figure is because you do not have the slightest clue why JFK deserved to die. And why I never saw my populist pro-union father being so happy in his life after he had heard the breaking news on that prophetic day. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FOR THE RECORD NOTES: My 5'9" father was of the tribe of Benjamin; therefore a north country Ephraimite in general terms, as cited in his very inspired patriarchal blessing. And for example, my 6'3" fly fishing buddy Paul Garrison is of the lost Scandinavian tribes of Judah. ~ ~ Ergo, "The Swede" in SMOKIN' ACES towers over everybody. Who is one of the best G6 pilot heart surgeons in the world. ~ ~ NOTES FOR DUMB AND DUMBER DUMBIES: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ God is the one who finally provided the green light on Obama's DUMB AND DUMBER Colorado sequel about the usurper's second term in the vagina rug shaped office. What? You don't believe in the Book of Mormon? Yet you believe in the 66 books of the Bible? ~ ~ And you probably think that Jim Carey's miraculous $10,000,000 check per movie career is just luck. Or maybe even some kind of a deal with the devil. ~ ~ GROUND ZERO RADIO NOTES: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ PS ART BEL: You're getting bored, and you can't sleep at night, and you have been thinking about starting up a midnight satellite radio network come-back for quite some time now. What do you want at this point in your life? A telegraph from g-d? ~ ~ Speak up dude. Before Clyde Lewis et al beat you to the punch.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


God is about to let Satan take revenge on the born again Christians who tried to kill off Joseph Smith's translated book about the day 1290 church of the devil. ~ ~ Don't forget now, Barack Obama claims to be a Christian. ~ ~ And why not? If it works for me. Who ends up looking like that "righteous dude" in the inspired FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF prophecy; which was produced by my Jewish Hollywood friends. Whose forefathers left their mark on my great, great, great... Grandfather. ~ ~ GSR/TWN/TWO ~ ~ AL BALDWIN'S DATE WITH THE DEVIL TWEETS: NBC's major tv sitcom star got in bed with all those dark-hearted, small-minded, low information people over at NBC cable; and then he got his just deserts with a bad under-taste. ~ ~ What was he thinking? Practically everybody over there is either Jewish, homosexual, or African American. ~ ~ Six, half dozen, the other. ~ ~ "Get me a half dozen eggs, and... I'll pay you later." says the old gray lady in ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~ ~ TIME LIFE BUILDING NOTES: Here is a good photo of the aspirin pain pill that the typical Jew doctor recommends to Rosemary, after she got knocked up by Satan, at:,9171,2158133,00.html

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Last night, I dreamed that some nigger bitch who sounded like Oprah threatened to kill me. But I calmly reminded her that I AM is bulletproof, since no nigger can kill an invisible white man who he/she can not see. And even if she/he thinks that he/she can see me, it would only be my look alike Hollywood stand-in. So shut your big fat deli sandwich cow tongue on brown mustard with rye before my Irish Catholic temper flairs up and I have to cut it out for you. See: ~ ~ Note the Jesus Christ 4.6 crucifixion time-stamp on the enclosed wiki link. ~ ~ "I'm about to [foot] ball this!" says my crazy Japanese karate kid sidekick in SMOKIN' ACES meets THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. If the fainthearted sons of Israel don't start to speak up about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephaim. Not to mention Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and confirmed use of a stolen [42 months numbered] Social Security number. ~ ~ As in that chocolate rat face image posted on Wednesday's ~ ~ In confirmation of ROSEMARY'S BABY being a prophetic allegory about Obama's young Jewish white mother mating with a dark 666 JFK civil rights era devil figure from Africa, who is Catholic. ~ ~ GSR/TWN/TWO ~ ~ BLACK RAT MEDIA NOTES: Some in the corrupt liberal media have had enough; and are now starting to suggest outloud that it is high time to legally crack down on all the Internet blog liars out there, per: ~ ~ Sounds good to me. How about we have what's left of the FBI raid the birth registry offices in Hawaii and arrest everybody involved? ~ ~ ALL OF THEM ARE WITCHES NOTES: That female Democrat who was hit in the back of the head in DC, Abraham Lincoln meets JFK style, is about all those gangs of niggers running around knocking out half Jewish white people in Brooklyn, NYC. Because most of the same semi white people had voted for my trusty half Jew sidekick at least two times. As in modern day Israel is about to get it's [666,666,666] heart cut out, SMOKIN' ACES style. ~ ~ YES I CAN NOTES: One of those two witches in ROSEMARY'S BABY sits her fat ass down on Sammy Davis Jr's triumph-of-the-will book; and starts knitting up a storm just like Julia Roberts has been doing on set between takes during her entire career. ~ ~ For example, see the latest '125' Indian medicine wheel time-stamp sign here, before some lying liberal jerk bitch tries to fix it, at: ~ ~ Note the 2003 movie link's angry "Chapman" reference. ~ ~ THIRTY SECONDS ORGASM MOVIE NOTES: This one should give everybody some basic background context and understanding about the new born again 666 beast in REV.13, SLC, Utah. Which should help explain why the vast majority of today's military vets are born again third way FDR fascists, at: ~ ~ No wonder the Mormon church is now being dominated by a retired socialist pilot from Germany.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


That crazy Virginia state senator in Bath County was just stabbed multiple times by his symbolic Gus Van Sant son who did the PSYCHO remake. In confirmation of the Portland, Oregon dude directing me in one of my upcoming dirty deed indie films, at: ~ ~ You direct me, I direct you in the right direction. ~ ~ Note how much Mr.Deeds looks like that mob underboss who is jerking off inside the nudie stall in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets BOONDOCK SAINTS. ~ ~ GSR\TWN/TWO ~ ~ MARK OF THE BEAST NOTES: Mark Chapman shot John [Lenin] three times in the back on Sammy Davis Jr's 55th birthday because that sidewalk Ch/harlot/te committed suicide by slamming on top of a 1960s Love Bug [BEATLE]. Per that book about the atheist Marxist devil being put right next to another book entitled YES I CAN in the spicy 1968 ROSEMARY'S BABY prophecy. Since the MARK 13:14 namesake reference is a 'Marcato' thing. Which means 'marked' in Americano. And Mark was a crazy born again radical Christian from Barack Obama's state of Hawaii. Where he was born again with a new and improved 666 birth certificate. After he was first born in Ken/ya Africa. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ TRIUMPH OF THE WILL NOTES: Sammy Davis Jr's autobiography was all about the triumph of the will. ~ ~ STEVE JOBS NOTES: Lennon's hard ass fascistic WW II type Japanese wife invited the founder of APPLE to one of Sean's prophetic NYC birthday parties at the DAKOTAS. Because back then the computers were operated by 666 [chocolate] mouses, that would eventually bite them. ~ ~ WTF? You love the organic herbs scene, represented by Herbie The Love Bug. Yet you are also completely in love with today's plastic fantastic electronic machines. ~ ~ Represented by that realistic looking vibrating boner machine seen in the bathtub scene in SMOKIN' ACES. ~ ~ BATH COUNTY NOTES: Right there are the Back Mountains landmark on your R/M atlas that are all about Mia Farrow's scratched back in ROSEMARY'S BABY. After she got her just deserts from that Chocolate Mountains rat face devil on Michael Savages' twin VO/VO yacht. ~ ~ Located on the north side of these prophetic landmarks is Highland County. ~ ~ RAT MAN NOTES: Sammy Davis Jr was a part of the Rat Pack in Las Vegas, Nevada; circa 1966. Ergo, Frank Sin/atra served Mia Farrow with divorce papers right before they were setting up to film the movie's painful kitchen scenes.

Monday, November 18, 2013


When somebody out there secretly buys me my cash money car, you will see that it's all over. Which has nothing to do per se with me having fun driving around in my restored $9,000 ALFA from Italy, while fucking two teenagers at a time on board Michael Savage's VO/VO in San Marin, California, like at: ~ ~ Where all of the divorced five-cent millionaire swinger bachelors now have gray hair. ~ ~ Think Keira Knightley looks like my married 1980s star wife in EATING RAOUL. While Leo and I go down on a cheese plate of smoked sockeye with a smokey $100 chard. And I am talking about that younger Don Juan latino dude in the above indie movie; not that older gay ass white guy. ~ ~ Don't forget now. There's the IRS gift tax liability cost, the first year's minimum $2,400 crazy-old-sports-car insurance; plus tax and license, and maintenance too, yada yada. ~ ~ Not to mention the day 1290 price of a gallon of gas. ~ ~ Oh yeah, you're gonna pay me what you owe me one way or the other. ~ ~ Ironically, the iconic prophetic car sign will probably come from one of my older buddies who can barely afford it. ~ ~ Given the cheap ass historic reputation of today's multimillionaire half Jews. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ G6 NOTES: On the other hand, I can always count on Michael Douglas, of course, the classic half Jew Hollywood exception. Who doesn't need to prove anything to anybody, after all the fuck-you money that he has made. ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson meets Bruce Willis because all those fat Jew pig film bankers in NYC never return their phone calls. ~ ~ DIRTY DIAPER NOTES: In the ROSEMARY'S BABY dirty diapers prophecy, Rosemary wipes off the baby diaper shit after she was served that French director's chocolate Obama mousse desert. That she deserved because she had voted for the chocolate Barack Obama two times in the future. ~ ~ Then comes the devil.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


The lesbo bitches get their cow tongues cut out in my privet home video prophecy called BOONDOCK SAINTS. Confirmed by Sunday's big 7.8 earthquake off King George in the frozen Nova Scotia Sea, south of the British Falklands; represented by that tasty looking roast leg of lamb in ROSEMARY'S BABY. Because rosemary roasted lamb was/is the young rack of lamb specialty at ADOLPH'S in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ And the economy in the Falkland Islands consists mostly of raising succulent young lamb meat. Since there are so few taxes, and regulations, and legalistic Jewish lawyers down there. ~ ~ Therefore, no need to go to any of today's extremes just to put on a few more pounds on your livestock. ~ ~ For example, France's young beaux wine producers are still being forced to secretly put cheap sugars into their purple juice November wine harvests. Otherwise they would go broke. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHURCH OF THE LAMB NOTES: The new Roman 1960s hippie chick pope from Argentina just said that he is a pharmacist. Because my ROSEMARY'S BABY flash vision actually happened in WAL*MART's pharmacy section; where they never-ever place their pile of five buck DVDs bin. ~ ~ According to the BOOK OF MORMON, in the last days there will only be two churches on the face of the earth, i.e. the church of the lamb and the church of the devil. And all the members of these two churches will be found among all the members of all the churches in the world. ~ ~ FIRE ISLAND NOTES: Fire Island is divided into half, much like New Zealand, for a latte-day landmark reference to the 50/50 prophecy about the ten virgins in MATTHEW 25, see: ~ ~ 2BC.INFO NOTES: According to the revealed word of God, the only half true church in the world is THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. And everything else out there is pretty much just a pile of dog shit. ~ ~ BROWN SUGAR THANKSGIVING YAMS NOTES: Here is something to think about regarding that YAMAHA motorcycle racer commercial on tv in ROSEMARY'S BABY, at: ~ ~ BARRY LONDON NOTE: England's King George thought that I was a thing of naught in the BARRY LYNDON prophecy that came out when Steven Fresh was still married to Ornella Fresh, and the wealthy Keira Knightley would also be married. Yet I end up fucking both of them at the same time; with their permission of course. ~ ~ OF COURSE NOTES: Nothing is going to be happening onboard Michael Savage's 51ish twin VOLVO fuck boat until the day 1290 shit happens, like at: ~ ~ What? You think that Jerry Seignfeld and Larry David are crazy? Just because they both voted twice for my crazy ass sidekick? ~ ~ "The Lord works in strange ways." [THE BOONDOCK SAINTS] ~ ~ PERSONAL WARNING NOTE: Jesus has been graciously advising me lately that just because I get to drive around Sag Harbor, Long Island, meets Friday Harbor, Washington, in a mint green 1972 2+2 VELOCE with brown leather seats, while fucking Taylor Swift and Gisele Bundchen, third gear style; it does not mean that I'm better than anyone else. ~ ~ NEVER FORGET NOTES: You are going to die in order that I might live. ~ ~ Because you think you're God, even Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


In the inspired EYES WIDE SHUT prophecy about Nicole Kidman leaving her current husband, who is too short for her, the original owner of the [Jesse Jackson] RAINBOW coalition shop that rents African masks and vampire capes had left town and moved out to Barack Obama's Chicago, Illinois. ~ ~ Which ultimately means that if you do not believe in plural marriage, then you have homogaysexuall issues. ~ ~ Kind of like the neo lesbian Oprah figure from Chicago who also kind of likes guys. ~ ~ Think Ellen meets Jodie; and yours truly likes to watch both of them, and their BIG LOVE HBO girlfriend sister wives too, yada yada. ~ ~ Big wow. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOONDOGGLE NOTES: Last night I watched a movie that I had never heard of called THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. Wherein yours truly appears in the third act. Because today's corrupt courts are not doing anything about Barack Obama. ~ ~ Can't wait to watch the 1999 indie made movie again tonight. Seems like every time I start to get bored out here in the boondocks, something even more interesting comes along. ~ ~ For example; at the end of THE BOONDOGGLE SAINTS prophecy, the FBI turns out to be just another back-stabbing whore in a cheap wig. ~ ~ Note that the movie's 666 mob boss gets shot in the back of the head with .50 lead balls, just like Abraham Lincoln for JFK. "Death to tyrants!" etc. etc. Big wow.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Back in 1999, I was driving the Jewish Stanley Kubrick so crazy that it took him a record-braking 400 days to shoot EYES WIDE SHUT; in and around London, England. ~ ~ Wherein my billionaire sex-cult poligamist followers are all apart of some Israelite Masonic templre conspiracy to rule the world. At least he got that much right. ~ ~ Before he suddenly died at the age of 70, just before the historic movie was released. ~ ~ In confirmation of my home video remake of it. That should take me about three to four weeks, tops. ~ ~ Besides, no 666 IRS agency out there would even think to question the remake of such a [phony] masterpiece movie; wherein I get $10,000,000 in cash, and Nicki does too. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIDEKICK NOTES: Never forget, if not for my Obama buddy [Israel], I would not have a prayer in hell, per: ~ ~ GOOD NEWS NOTES: Baldwin has been put on two weeks notice. I AM is actually going to hold my breath on this one. See: ~ ~ Why not cast the aging mother fucker in my '14 years-later' remake of EYES WIDE SHUT? Wherein it takes two to tango. ~ ~ Think the Olsen twins put up the money, if the remake takes place at the Dakotas. And John Lennon gets shot in the back in the end, just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ I'm thinking Roman Polanski directs the movie in Paris about real men fucking virgin 13 year-old teenagers who swear that they are 15; and then he finally gets a double golden turkey award OSCAR idol for his inspired HOT TUB TIME MACHINE troubles. ~ ~ Before he dies of old age and then returns in the first resurrection. ~ ~ Because that look alike hooker in EYES WIDE SHUT represented Hilary Swank. Who could make Roman hang on for just a couple more years today if she wanted to; by just giving the old man a hand in the latter-day years of his career. That is if the money is right. ~ ~ HALF HOUR ORGASM NOTES: Miley Cyrus turns about 21 when the 21ish year of the half hour of silent orgasms end in heaven on or around November 23. Some girls come hard and loud after it's all over.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Here is a good photo of the man who is standing outside the NYC phone booth in the ROSEMARY'S BABY prophecy, at: ~ ~ What? You want g-d to send you a telegraph? ~ ~ But it gets worse. This priceless art piece appeared in a full page ad in the NYT when my 15ish Ariana Grande postings were rolling out, at:érèse-1938.jpg ~ ~ No wonder that Clyde Lewis' fog machine GROUND ZERO radio program for late night lonely guys starts up every week night with some cheap special effects 1960s B-movie audio that cries out, "GIVE UP!.. GIVE UP!.." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ROSEMARY'S BABY NOTES: We get our first surreal look at David Lynch in the 1966 movie after we see him chartering a course on his [THE LIFE AQUATIC] map of Long Island. In confirmation of the last feature length home video movie that he made being set in Polanski's Poland homeland. ~ ~ ROMAN NOTES: Roman made a big deal about the proverbial "Old Gray Lady" who dominated NYC in ROSEMARY'S BABY; which was confirmed to be true decades later, like at:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


That is the Catholic raised David Lynch standing on Michael Savage's off-shore talk radio yacht at exactly 47:00:00 minutes into ROSEMARY'S BABY; physically transfigured of course. Where only biased [Catholic] Christians who believe that the Book of Mormon was dictated by the devil are allowed onboard. ~ ~ Therefore, that Christian Republican's doctor son died at 52 in a fiery plane crash outside of I-44 Tulsa, Oklahoma. ~ ~ In Divine confirmation of that Christian Church of England going up in flames in the 1966 made movie. ~ ~ Just because you are so small minded that you only believe in the 66 books of the Bible, it does not mean that the devil believes in you. Since probably the two best devil movies that were ever made were made by David Lynch. And that's no small boast. ~ ~ These being a confirmation of the prophetic 52 PICK UP themes in SMOKIN' ACES. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRICE INCREASE NOTICE: In confirmation of the proverbial Jewish-banker Feds' illegal funny money activities, designed to prop up and save the half Jewish abomination of desolation homosexual in MARK 13:14 etc. that they voted for twice. My own private Picasso art price just went up from $104,000,000 to $142,000,000 and change. Based on the sale of Mr. Bacon's inspired three woes piece about the marred servant in the Book of Mormon, seen at: ~ ~ The name Lucian means enlightened. As in Lucifer is/was a fallen bright light bulb figure. ~ ~ TREMORS NOTES: I wasn't going to say anything, but there was a second 3-way 2.9 orgasm quake in Ramon, California; for that first one that happened when I posted my last rammin' porn clip, per: ~ ~ Just south of there is Barry Lyndon's Dublin. And the area's Walnut Creek landmark represents the clip's nuts shots. Not to mention the nearby Crow Canyon reference to Sienna Miller's famous black crow dress appearance at the Palm Springs Film Festival off Rt.111. ~ ~ Ergo, the SMOKIN' ACES prophecy begins with a 11:10 time-stamp. Wherein the stiff necked Israel gets it's heart cut out when the two plugs of Judah and Ephraim are pulled. And Scarlett Johansson would never be the same again after her husband pulled the plug on their marriage. ~ ~ ROMAN CHURCH NOTES: That small sealed book in ROSEMARY'S BABY is the same sealed book section mentioned in the BOOK OF MORMON; which is the little bitter sweet book mentioned in REV.10. ~ ~ You don't know Jack about the devil until you have read and studied the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ HE'S A DREAM NOTES: Last nigh I dreamed that a 29ish Jennifer Aniston had obviously pulled the plug on her engagement to JT. And then she was having a ball dating some cute blond blue-eyed 6'5" college basketball star on the UW HUSKIES team up in Seattle, of all places. Could have something to do with all those fancy dime millionaire 51' yachts anchored just outside the sports arena on Union Bay. [Jenny was wearing Lady Gaga style 5" platform shoes in my repeated over-and-over dream just so that she didn't look ridiculously short standing next to him.] ~ ~ You guessed it. Her new fun loving younger-looking boyfriend kind of looked like a Nazi. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


At 1:46... into ROSEMARY'S BABBY, Bibi Netanyahu is standing outside the phone booth in NYC as Rosemary desperately calls Dr.Hill about some satanic plot to sacrifice her baby on the alter of the desecrated Greek temple in Washington, DC. Then we immediately cut to the Obama taxi driver who is now at the wheel. Who takes her to the doctor of political science snake medicine who then betrays her, Harvard University style. ~ ~ The same mainstream religion looking mother fucker who promised to take her to "Mt Sinai" and everything will then be alright. ~ ~ No wonder Roman just turned 80, in confirmation of the film's 79ish Barack Obama cult leader named Roman. Not to mention today's 79ish Woody Allen, who also believes in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Therefore, when yours truly is fucking Sienna Miller below deck on Michael Savage's 51ish twin VOLVO, we see that Obama is up on deck at the wheel, and his Abraham Lincoln hero from Illinois is presiding over things down below. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: That is Gordon B Hinckley who drives Rosemary away from Dr. Hill's future Obamacare offices. ~ ~ PS CHRIS MATTHEWS: "I PRAY that he puts up a fight..." [SMOKIN' ACES] Per: ~ ~ SMOKIN' ACES NOTES: We see that RLDS UFO icon hovering above at 9:43... when the old man cuts the grand opening yellow ribbon for the king. ~ ~ MAMMA MIA NOTES: Here is one of Sienna's better Mia Farrow looks, complete with freckles, at: ~ ~ The prophetic surname Farrow being a secret hidden ISAIAH 49 FFing [SCRABBLE] word-code for 'F arrow'. No wonder she reminds me of my oh-so-delicate sickly ex-wife. ~ ~ PS KK: Sienna is not a part of any deal, nor are the Olsen twins. ~ ~ Cara Delevigne maybe. Maybe even Miley Cyrus. You would have to ask them. Whatever, it would probably be ok with me. ~ ~ In my world, nobody on my side has a gun to their head. Whereas everybody on the other side who is currently opposed to me gets to do anything that I want them to do; if it serves my purposes. ~ ~ PS LARRY DAVID: You are pushing 70 something for God's sake; so what comes next? You buy me one of Jerry Seinfeld's restored 1972ish ALFAs? Or you just lay there in your prophetic BUBBA HO-TEP rest home hospital bed and sulk? Meanwhile, that satanic right-wing 79ish Michael Savage figure on talk radio is out on the west coast fucking two Rachel Wood hotties at the same time. ~ ~ What? You don't like any of those 29 year-old looking babes who love to hang out at the PLAYBOY mansion in LA? Hoping to hook up with some older looking 39ish dude who is a billionaire?

Monday, November 11, 2013


I got only half way through the above prophecy of the great and abominable church of the devil in 1NEPHI 14, on Demi Moore's 11.11 birth date, and already the new reports are coming out about the Romano Pope in Rome who likes today's new and improved version of the ancient Sodom and Egypt in REV.11.11, etc. See what I mean at: ~ ~ The middle name 'Maria' means Mary in Americano of course. ~ ~ Because I already saw the film's "TYPHOON!.. TYPHOON!" warning when yours truly is fucking Mia Farrow below deck on Michael Savage's twin VOLVO yacht for polygamist Mormons out in the Hamptons. ~ ~ And today's new ROMA hippie chick Pope named Francis likes to watch. And so does Kate Holmes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: I only went up to WAL*MART on Sunday and picked up ROSEMARY'S BABY because Jesus just gave me a flash vision about some very important DVD lying on the top of the pile on the north side of their $5 DVDs bin. Plus, in the flash, some friendly gay guy in light blue hospital scrubs came up to me begging for help. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Mia Farrow role plays your lovely blond Susan in the above iconic prophecy. Who ended up marrying that charming ALASKA pilot atheist devil worshipper with the great shag pad on the south side of Vashon Island. Where we all watched that big boner icon explode over in Tacoma. ~ ~ The reason why you always felt so inspired to lie a little bit about your age is because you always knew in your heart that one day you would enter into the physical transfiguration; and so would my future wife Susan. And just for your troubles of putting up with me for all of those crazy years in the 1990s, you get to fuck any two pairs of my wives. No questions asked. It's the least I can do for you. ~ ~ Don't forget, I still owe you $900 in over-draws, plus interest. ~ ~ Plus, I just might throw this one in for a bonus, if you play your cards right, at: ~ ~ I got no problem making the deal look like a wise five virgins thing, if that is what it takes to rope you in. ~ ~ So you can just imagine what will be going down over on Michael Savage's twin VOLVO fuck boat in San Marin.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I AM is not flashing that SMOKIN' ACES joker card now. With friends like Barack Obama, who needs enemies? ~ ~ Fucking A man; If not for him, you would have never believed that white people are superior to black people. And that black people need and deserve just as much money and respect as the white people. ~ ~ Bet you didn't see that one coming. Says my crazy ass skinny $6M man-child in the above movie. ~ ~ Hence, now there have been six 'TREMORS' around Reno, Texas, that represent the 06 Reno area prophecy. ~ ~ Wherein we see the multiple layers of Obama's fabricated birth certificate at about 9:00 on my DVD copy. And then we cut to the "internal slip-up" part where they forgot to flatten the computer file's 8-layers fabrication from Hawaii. Which everybody in the new and improved 666 mob beast, left and right, has sworn to remain silent about; if that is what it takes to keep LBJ's 19666s psychedelic Great Society alive. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE MARK OF THE BEAST NOTES: In SMOKIN' ACES, the Lamanite animal figure chews off his 666 fingerprints. ~ ~ My Justin Beiber boy figure in SMOKIN' ACES licks that black and white ice-cream sandwich for a prophecy about when there would be a black and white [zebra] mulatto in the White House. In the context of the scene's filthy used REV.12 bath waters. I.e. the 06 picture's Ms Watters figure; just confirmed by Miley's new bath shower pix. ~ ~ NEWS NOTES: The radical right-wing fringe media is reporting that there are hundreds of missing anti-aircraft shoulder-held missiles now in the hands of the false prophet's followers. ~ ~ That 35 year-old bitch was mauled to death by a wildcat in Oregon in confirmation of the "LYNX SUITE" scenes in SMOKIN' ACES. Think I-35 Texas was were JFK was assassinated some fifty years ago by some crazy ass deer hunter. Say what you will about the short darker skinned devil in the BOOK OF MORMON. There will always be a place in this life for him in the larger scheme of things. ~ ~ FLIRTY FISHING NOTES: The 1972ish ALFA ROMEO fast life concept of FFing also includes homogaysexuality. BFD, your Mormon missionary companion sucked you off in the shower, only a couple times. That does not mean that you have to live the rest of your life as a queer.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


In my last dream about Sting, he was sitting up front with his kindred spirit buddy Guy Richie; while I gave a lecture about the superiority of white English people. Half of whom are half Jewish, to say the least. ~ ~ And sitting way in the back row shadows, was David Lynch and a few of his buddies. Not looking all that happy, even though nobody had put a gun to his head and made him show up and listen to the Word of God, circa ~ ~ Because so much of it is about the sting operation that traps the 666 mother fuckers in the last days. When the half hour of silence in heaven comes to an end on the 50th anniversary of JFK getting shot in the back of the head with a .306 deer hunter's rifle, no scope required. ~ ~ Ergo, those strange four little 2.9ish earthquakes around Reno, Texas in the past 4 days; west northwest of Dallas. ~ ~ Because the symbolic Memphis, Egypt, USA assassin in SMOKIN' ACES was shooting from one motel room to another motel room. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STING NOTES: The 1970s prophecy entitled THE STING was about all of today's Jewish money exchanging horse race gamblers on Wall Street, circa 2013. As confirmed by that shameless fat LA/NYC Jew, who really and truly does look like an ugly marred face pig, just showing up at the White House. Because I guess that New Jersey's Governor Christie was just too embarrassed to make it. ~ ~ Think Bruce Willis never calls me either. ~ ~ And why should he? When it has now been so comfortably confirmed that I AM is the half robot $6,000,000 MAN prophecy with the two sticks of Judah and Ephraim in his hand in SMOKIN' ACES. ~ ~ LEAVE ME ALONE NOTES: Believe me you. I need to keep an arms length from anybody who ever voted for Barack Obama. ~ ~ After the half hour of peace-and-quiet prophecy about the two witnesses in REV.13 happens, none of the leaders of the apostate Mormon church will ever be allowed to be in any kind of a leadership position in the church. ~ ~ Starting with Orin Hatch, Gordon Smith, Harry Reid, and all of those twelve little elves who have a copy of Obama's fake birth certificate temple recommend in their fat wallets.

Friday, November 8, 2013


I ended up watching 2005's BROKEN FLOWERS prophecy at the same time that the latest "computers" success story played out, TWITTER style. Wherein the new homogaysexual mayor of Sea/attle was elected, a.k.a Mr Murray. Whose screwball "husband" is a Japanese style LOST IN TRANSLATION man with dark skin. ~ ~ Meanwhile, a pack of black dogs shot up AL'S BARBARA SHOP on 7th in Detroit. Just to make sure that everybody knows why Bill Murray's next-door neighbors had to become his slaves if they wanted to live in his really nice neighborhood. Where the 24/7 Sunday brunches taste like a late Sunday morning steak and eggs plate at HASTY TASTY, circa 1961, after waiting in line for a half hour. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIBLE BELT NOTES: Say what you will about naive self righteous Christian conservatives. Most of them are not prone to willful lying. So now all of you lying sack-of-shit Jews, queers, and niggers are up a creek without a paddle. For example, see: ~ ~ Not to mention the NYT's piece on Friday about all those old Mormon fags. ~ ~ MURRAY, UTAH NOTES: Bill Murray's scarred face is a latter-day representation of the marred servant in the BOOK OF MORMON. No wonder my brother is so obsessed with baseball. Probably the only game that will be sponsored by God in the Kingdom of God in the millennium. And maybe 18-hole golf too; just depends on how it's done, and what people's priorities are. Same thing for fly-fishing and mountain hiking, not to mention picnicking with the girls. OK, maybe a little horseback riding and sailboating too, but pretty much everything else is out of the question. ~ ~ THERE IS A GOD IN HEAVEN NOTES: Here is the latest Divine confirmation of Bill Murray FFing legal-age 15 year-old look alikes in Thailand, at: ~ ~ In the last days, every nation, kindred, and tongue, shall hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ For example, Elvis discovered the truth about the Book of Mormon while he was making all those blue boy movies at the BYU Polynesian Center in Hawaii. Where the BOOK OF MORMONs were handed out for free in Barack Obama's historic McCook Islands. And so were the topless native teenagers in their sexy bikini bottom beach tans. ~ ~ SEXY TIME NOTES: One of those new Barry Lyndon fox fur pix of Sienna reveals my latest three-way porno clip discovery in the background at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~

Thursday, November 7, 2013


THE WANTED's Ms Grande is a very talented young actress from Florida with a great singing voice. But here's the problem; she miraculously looks like she just turned 15. And none of her new world domination fans read your piece of shit liberal newspapers, magazines, and blogs. ~ ~ In other words, you can't stop her. Because you had become so deceived by the day 1290 abomination of desolation. Who is not even a legal citizen of the United States. ~ ~ Never trust anyone over 23 is starting to sound like the new order to me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SMOKIN' CONFIRMATION: This underground 666 mob politician from Obama's Colorado looks a lot like Mr Heller in SMOKIN' ACES, at: ~ ~ Since every Republican Party wanna be politician out there who refuses to speak openly about Obama's fake birth certificate, is a de facto member of the La Cosa Nostra's omertà syndicate. Hence that Rush Limbaugh look alike with a Miami, Cuba cigar in his mouth in the 2006 SMOKIN' ACES prophecy about Micheal Medved at 7:14, etc. etc. ~ ~ THIS HOLIDAY NOTES: I finally picked up a copy of 2006's THE HOLIDAY movie Thursday. Because it looked like some kind of an inspired swingers FFing metaphor. Plus, the 2-4-1 DVD has CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS on the backside. Never saw that one coming either. ~ ~ Check out this promotional image of Steven Fresh's camelhair overcoat, circa 1986, at:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Film critics pretty much hated the inspired SMOKIN' ACES prophecy. ~ ~ As confirmed by that paper turkey among the Thanksgiving season decor in the 'Israel loves pussy' scene at 22:31. ~ ~ First of all; turkey meat is the most popular meat in Israel. Then of course, Hanukka happens this year on the November 28 date of the Gregorian calendar for the first time since the Mormon church was established on 4.6 in the early 1800s. ~ ~ And the original Hanukka was about cleansing today's desecrated Mormon temples from that symbolic Greek President homosexual sitting in the Greek temple pillars White House. ~ ~ "Watch it, watch it... watch who your superior is pal..." [SMOKIN' ACES] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKGROUND INFO; ~ ~ AMERICAN IDOL NOTES: Medved's golden turkey trophy was a golden calf twelve tribes of Israel idol of course. Represented by the Eastern European lost tribes of Israel cum on that brown skin 12k calf skin jacket in SMOKEN' ACES, etc. ~ ~ LUCKY U TATTOO NOTES: Tattoos usually take a few days for the sore redness to go away. So it looks here like Miley got her new grandma tattoo shortly before the postings about my limestone Sedan De Ville grandma in SMOKIN' ACES rolled out, at: ~ ~ Compared to: ~ ~ Makes sense too since one of the hit girls in the movie looks like Ms Montana with a tan. And now she is doing all those rap nigger videos. ~ ~ RLDS R.I.P. NOTES: That old dying Italian 666 mobster in SMOKIN' ACES represented today's way-over-the-hill Mormon leadership; including Sundance's 1970s icon Robert Redford, not to mention the Pope.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I finally got around to watching my used $2 copy of BROKEN FLOWERS. Which was about how Bill Murray had let down so many beautiful daughters of Israel in his life, because he does not believe in the Biblical principle of plural marriage. ~ ~ Just like today's RLDS Clyde Lewis type Mormons who are now based in SLC, Utah meets Portland, Oregon. Where Bill once bought that minor league team called THE BEAVERS; and yours truly was married to Laurence Pierson, and living way down in Holliday on Far Down Ave. In a split-level 1970s house that reeked of dog pee, from the previous owners. And the odd looking big tree out in our front yard was dying for some reason. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SMOKIN' NOTES: That fake 174th smoking tatas image of Kate Holmes is confirmation of the transfigured photos of the 666 mob boss at about 8:27 on my SMOKIN' ACES DVD. ~ ~ In the Obama law school transsexual scene where Ben's lying boys flash both 4 fingers and 6 fingers, it means the Jesus was crucified on 4.6. ~ ~ That double 3.7 quake in West Chicago was for Christopher Wright graduating from Northwestern with a rolled-up piece of paper law diploma stuck up his ass. Same goes for my Buddy Israel buddy Kenny Kemp; who graduated from BYU's law school in the upper third. Which was a prophetic representation of the coming three thirds breakup of America in REV.16. Due in large part to today's stuck up lawyers. ~ ~ "You can tell how evil a country is by how many lawyers it has..." [Brigham Young] ~ ~ NEW WORLD ORDER GOOGLE NOTES: Those 4-story barges being built by GOOGLE are Divinely inspired symbols of the latter-day Noah's Ark themes on my blogsot web site. To be seen and understood more fully in the upcoming Noah's Ark movie staring Emma Watson and Rush Crowe. See: ~ ~ [Think Dr Savage says it's ok if I stay in his twin 51' VOLVO for a few months, while things settle down; just as long as he too gets a healthy piece of the action.] ~ ~ BROKEN FLOWERS NOTES: Of course, that is a naked Miley Cyrus prophecy in the above 2003 made movie. ~ ~ And those black dog niggers who live right next door to him are his beloved slaves. Who pretty much have the run of his future deluxe suburban limestone colored house. ~ ~ WOODY NOTES: The liberal media film critics are saying that BLUE JASMINE is a great movie. But I doubt that it is any better than that classic PLAY IT AGAIN SAM prophecy about Michael Savage; who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. And eventually moved to the Bay Area with the original movie in the back of his mind. ~ ~ So who is more original and funny? Michael Savage or Woody Allen? In my mind, it's a toss up. ~ ~ 1970s LOVE BOAT NOTES: The basic concept behind taking over Michael Savages' Bay Area moored boat for free, is that we get to quickly pilot it out into those unprotected international waters in THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy. Where I can finally fuck those two underaged virgins, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld, and nobody can stop me. Because the world is now being run by some mysterious east African born pirate named Barack Obama. And just you try and stop me.

Monday, November 4, 2013


If you are anticipating the future day when there would be some kind of a ten state 666 beast based in Brussels, then I got you. And if you believe that there will be two witness in Jerusalem who have flame thrower mouths, then I double got you. ~ ~ In the last days, all of the false traditions and false doctrines of men, mentioned in D&C 86 will be consumed by the fire and violence in REV.17. When the foolish church woman gets it because she was the satanic force behind the evil spirit of bipartisanship. ~ ~ For example; Ben gets it at Lake Tahoe's Cave Rock Boat Landing. And the number 174 in the SMOKIN' ACES prophecy represents the 174th fake image of the Dawson Creek star posing inside of an ice cave, at: ~ ~ Note the FLASHDANCE hairdo. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKGROUND NOTES: That looks like about a 24' boat trailer in the background in SMOKIN' ACES. ~ ~ RLDS NOTES: Senator Reid is what's wrong with the apostate Mormon church. Not to mention Mitt Romney et al. All of whom now believe in the unconstitutional 1964 Civil Rights Act of the dark skinned devils. ~ ~ For example, when the North Seattle Stake patriarch, Bro. [little] Horn, told us about the time when he was attacked by a pack of devils in his bedroom, he made a special point to tell us that they were all rather short, and had dark skin. ~ ~ Therefore, I disagree with anyone who disagrees with him. Because that was just the way that I was raised; and I will never stray away from the right/eousness of my fathers. ~ ~ In the last day, he who is not found standing on the right hand of Jesus shall perish and die.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Believe me you. I AM is getting pretty tired of coming up with really offensive and shocking blog titles; just as long as they are true of course. ~ ~ "It's not bragging if it's true." [Rush Limbaugh] ~ ~ Nevertheless, arrogance is a turn off, and confidence is a turn on. ~ ~ "Have it your way." BURGER KING, 1979. ~ ~ See what I mean now by exchanging clever witticisms with Leo Di Caprio on my twin VOLVO yacht in San Marino, California? While both of our smokin' wives give each other the eye, in between sips. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BUBBA ELVIS NOTES: My protagonist in the SMOKIN' ACE BONE prophecy looks like The King starting at 10:13 minutes on my DVD copy. Which ends with the line, "This is it right here." ~ ~ CHRIST RIGHT NOTES: That nigger was shot three times in the leg down in Dawson, [Creek] Georgia for my smoking hot bitch named Georgia in SMOKIN' ACES. Not to mention my long lost fishing buddy [Israel] named Christopher Wright. Who still doesn't have the nuts to call me. Because he graduated from law school at Northwestern in Chicago. And so now he thinks that he is too cool for school, Ferris Bueller style. ~ ~ MORE BACKGROUND NOTES: At about 8:40 into the 2006 SMOKIN' ACES prophecy, we see that the new and improved 666 beast's FBI M.O. is all about today's standard "...fake identity, falsified backgrounds..." politics; thanks to Ann Coulter et al at NATIONAL REVIEW meets TIME magazine. When yours truly would have plans on "...toppling the throne..." of England. And William F. Buckley was all but dead to the world.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


You know that SMOKIN' ACES is about me when we see Rush Limbaugh himself usher yours truly to the door at 7:14 minutes into the first act. Long before anybody ever even heard about my sidekick man-child with the crazy ass rising sun logo. Who swings his two sticks of Judah and Ephraim as the bounty hunter checks out his granny's mellow yellow sweat top, and then borrows that 1911 ACP .45. ~ ~ Therefore the LAX shooter confirmation of the FBI's private jet getting ready for action at LAX at 51:00 minutes on the DVD; after everything changes in the 2006 made movie. ~ ~ And the film's mysterious 'Swede' being that guy who shot all those young socialist virgins on a resort island in the two-headed penis peninsula landmark of Sweden and Norway. - - GSR/TWN ~ ~ 666 NOTES: At the end of the SMOKIN' ACES prophecy, today's corrupted FBI tries to do everything in their power to keep the film's 666 Heller figure alive. Even if it means breaking the law. ~ ~ "By any means necessary." [Karl Marx] ~ ~ BITCH NOTES: The "bitch" that my funny little GSR/TWN karate kid keeps referring to in SMOKIN' ACES is an Ann Coulter meets Hilary Clinton composite figure; per: . The tall Ann Coulter is pure Jewish by genealogy, but she was raised as a Catholic; no wonder the confusion in her heart. ~ ~ Think Nicole Kidman in EYES WIDE SHUT meets her match in BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR meets TO KILL FOR.

Friday, November 1, 2013


In my own private 1975 England prophecy, Barry Lyndon marries the wealthy Keira Knightley princess of Israel after Sir Charles dies. ~ ~ In the end, the country's neo homosexual Lords of High Society banish me, the rogue polygamist, to Ireland. Where I just continue where I started. Fucking the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Carey Mulligan, and their lost tribes of Israel sisters too. Not to mention Natalie Merchant. ~ ~ With only one leg to stand on. ~ ~ Fortunately, like in the Divinely inspired cinematic masterpieces made by the Jews of Jesus, there will be a second coming sequel. ~ ~ You can bet on it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SMOKIN' NOTES: That crazy ass shooter at LAX was confirmation of the prophetic message in 2006's SMOKIN' ACES prophecy. Wherein that crazy GSR/TWN karate kid is wearing my sidekick's rising-sun political logo on his scarred forehead. ~ ~ TCB NOTES: Of course, Obama Gate is Water Gate times 100000000000000000000000; see: ~ ~ When one considers that even the Mormon church is involved. ~ ~ PRIESTHOOD CONFIRMATION NOTES: Here is the latest news report that confirms that 6,666,666 Jews were murdered by the Ephraimite looking Nazis because the Jews worship the same suicidal 666 idol as they do, at: ~ ~ And this includes Glenn Beck et al in I-35 Dallas, Texas. ~ ~ Just because you are afraid of the truth, it does not mean that the truth is afraid of you. ~ ~ SIDE NOTE: Check out this image of my karate kid sidekick sitting on the mellow yellow throne of Jesus at: ~ ~ You fail to do your duty to God and Country, the King of England takes over the Church of England, suspending all your so-called "human rights" for five years. For a doomed five virgins thing. ~ ~ PERSONAL ELIZABETH HURLEY LETTER: In the BARRY LYNDON prophecy, I end up holding all the aces, with no money to speak of in my pockets.