Saturday, November 9, 2013


In my last dream about Sting, he was sitting up front with his kindred spirit buddy Guy Richie; while I gave a lecture about the superiority of white English people. Half of whom are half Jewish, to say the least. ~ ~ And sitting way in the back row shadows, was David Lynch and a few of his buddies. Not looking all that happy, even though nobody had put a gun to his head and made him show up and listen to the Word of God, circa ~ ~ Because so much of it is about the sting operation that traps the 666 mother fuckers in the last days. When the half hour of silence in heaven comes to an end on the 50th anniversary of JFK getting shot in the back of the head with a .306 deer hunter's rifle, no scope required. ~ ~ Ergo, those strange four little 2.9ish earthquakes around Reno, Texas in the past 4 days; west northwest of Dallas. ~ ~ Because the symbolic Memphis, Egypt, USA assassin in SMOKIN' ACES was shooting from one motel room to another motel room. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STING NOTES: The 1970s prophecy entitled THE STING was about all of today's Jewish money exchanging horse race gamblers on Wall Street, circa 2013. As confirmed by that shameless fat LA/NYC Jew, who really and truly does look like an ugly marred face pig, just showing up at the White House. Because I guess that New Jersey's Governor Christie was just too embarrassed to make it. ~ ~ Think Bruce Willis never calls me either. ~ ~ And why should he? When it has now been so comfortably confirmed that I AM is the half robot $6,000,000 MAN prophecy with the two sticks of Judah and Ephraim in his hand in SMOKIN' ACES. ~ ~ LEAVE ME ALONE NOTES: Believe me you. I need to keep an arms length from anybody who ever voted for Barack Obama. ~ ~ After the half hour of peace-and-quiet prophecy about the two witnesses in REV.13 happens, none of the leaders of the apostate Mormon church will ever be allowed to be in any kind of a leadership position in the church. ~ ~ Starting with Orin Hatch, Gordon Smith, Harry Reid, and all of those twelve little elves who have a copy of Obama's fake birth certificate temple recommend in their fat wallets.

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