Sunday, November 3, 2013


Believe me you. I AM is getting pretty tired of coming up with really offensive and shocking blog titles; just as long as they are true of course. ~ ~ "It's not bragging if it's true." [Rush Limbaugh] ~ ~ Nevertheless, arrogance is a turn off, and confidence is a turn on. ~ ~ "Have it your way." BURGER KING, 1979. ~ ~ See what I mean now by exchanging clever witticisms with Leo Di Caprio on my twin VOLVO yacht in San Marino, California? While both of our smokin' wives give each other the eye, in between sips. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BUBBA ELVIS NOTES: My protagonist in the SMOKIN' ACE BONE prophecy looks like The King starting at 10:13 minutes on my DVD copy. Which ends with the line, "This is it right here." ~ ~ CHRIST RIGHT NOTES: That nigger was shot three times in the leg down in Dawson, [Creek] Georgia for my smoking hot bitch named Georgia in SMOKIN' ACES. Not to mention my long lost fishing buddy [Israel] named Christopher Wright. Who still doesn't have the nuts to call me. Because he graduated from law school at Northwestern in Chicago. And so now he thinks that he is too cool for school, Ferris Bueller style. ~ ~ MORE BACKGROUND NOTES: At about 8:40 into the 2006 SMOKIN' ACES prophecy, we see that the new and improved 666 beast's FBI M.O. is all about today's standard "...fake identity, falsified backgrounds..." politics; thanks to Ann Coulter et al at NATIONAL REVIEW meets TIME magazine. When yours truly would have plans on "...toppling the throne..." of England. And William F. Buckley was all but dead to the world.

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