Friday, November 8, 2013


I ended up watching 2005's BROKEN FLOWERS prophecy at the same time that the latest "computers" success story played out, TWITTER style. Wherein the new homogaysexual mayor of Sea/attle was elected, a.k.a Mr Murray. Whose screwball "husband" is a Japanese style LOST IN TRANSLATION man with dark skin. ~ ~ Meanwhile, a pack of black dogs shot up AL'S BARBARA SHOP on 7th in Detroit. Just to make sure that everybody knows why Bill Murray's next-door neighbors had to become his slaves if they wanted to live in his really nice neighborhood. Where the 24/7 Sunday brunches taste like a late Sunday morning steak and eggs plate at HASTY TASTY, circa 1961, after waiting in line for a half hour. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIBLE BELT NOTES: Say what you will about naive self righteous Christian conservatives. Most of them are not prone to willful lying. So now all of you lying sack-of-shit Jews, queers, and niggers are up a creek without a paddle. For example, see: ~ ~ Not to mention the NYT's piece on Friday about all those old Mormon fags. ~ ~ MURRAY, UTAH NOTES: Bill Murray's scarred face is a latter-day representation of the marred servant in the BOOK OF MORMON. No wonder my brother is so obsessed with baseball. Probably the only game that will be sponsored by God in the Kingdom of God in the millennium. And maybe 18-hole golf too; just depends on how it's done, and what people's priorities are. Same thing for fly-fishing and mountain hiking, not to mention picnicking with the girls. OK, maybe a little horseback riding and sailboating too, but pretty much everything else is out of the question. ~ ~ THERE IS A GOD IN HEAVEN NOTES: Here is the latest Divine confirmation of Bill Murray FFing legal-age 15 year-old look alikes in Thailand, at: ~ ~ In the last days, every nation, kindred, and tongue, shall hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ For example, Elvis discovered the truth about the Book of Mormon while he was making all those blue boy movies at the BYU Polynesian Center in Hawaii. Where the BOOK OF MORMONs were handed out for free in Barack Obama's historic McCook Islands. And so were the topless native teenagers in their sexy bikini bottom beach tans. ~ ~ SEXY TIME NOTES: One of those new Barry Lyndon fox fur pix of Sienna reveals my latest three-way porno clip discovery in the background at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~

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