Friday, November 15, 2013


Back in 1999, I was driving the Jewish Stanley Kubrick so crazy that it took him a record-braking 400 days to shoot EYES WIDE SHUT; in and around London, England. ~ ~ Wherein my billionaire sex-cult poligamist followers are all apart of some Israelite Masonic templre conspiracy to rule the world. At least he got that much right. ~ ~ Before he suddenly died at the age of 70, just before the historic movie was released. ~ ~ In confirmation of my home video remake of it. That should take me about three to four weeks, tops. ~ ~ Besides, no 666 IRS agency out there would even think to question the remake of such a [phony] masterpiece movie; wherein I get $10,000,000 in cash, and Nicki does too. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIDEKICK NOTES: Never forget, if not for my Obama buddy [Israel], I would not have a prayer in hell, per: ~ ~ GOOD NEWS NOTES: Baldwin has been put on two weeks notice. I AM is actually going to hold my breath on this one. See: ~ ~ Why not cast the aging mother fucker in my '14 years-later' remake of EYES WIDE SHUT? Wherein it takes two to tango. ~ ~ Think the Olsen twins put up the money, if the remake takes place at the Dakotas. And John Lennon gets shot in the back in the end, just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ I'm thinking Roman Polanski directs the movie in Paris about real men fucking virgin 13 year-old teenagers who swear that they are 15; and then he finally gets a double golden turkey award OSCAR idol for his inspired HOT TUB TIME MACHINE troubles. ~ ~ Before he dies of old age and then returns in the first resurrection. ~ ~ Because that look alike hooker in EYES WIDE SHUT represented Hilary Swank. Who could make Roman hang on for just a couple more years today if she wanted to; by just giving the old man a hand in the latter-day years of his career. That is if the money is right. ~ ~ HALF HOUR ORGASM NOTES: Miley Cyrus turns about 21 when the 21ish year of the half hour of silent orgasms end in heaven on or around November 23. Some girls come hard and loud after it's all over.

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