Saturday, November 16, 2013


In the inspired EYES WIDE SHUT prophecy about Nicole Kidman leaving her current husband, who is too short for her, the original owner of the [Jesse Jackson] RAINBOW coalition shop that rents African masks and vampire capes had left town and moved out to Barack Obama's Chicago, Illinois. ~ ~ Which ultimately means that if you do not believe in plural marriage, then you have homogaysexuall issues. ~ ~ Kind of like the neo lesbian Oprah figure from Chicago who also kind of likes guys. ~ ~ Think Ellen meets Jodie; and yours truly likes to watch both of them, and their BIG LOVE HBO girlfriend sister wives too, yada yada. ~ ~ Big wow. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOONDOGGLE NOTES: Last night I watched a movie that I had never heard of called THE BOONDOCK SAINTS. Wherein yours truly appears in the third act. Because today's corrupt courts are not doing anything about Barack Obama. ~ ~ Can't wait to watch the 1999 indie made movie again tonight. Seems like every time I start to get bored out here in the boondocks, something even more interesting comes along. ~ ~ For example; at the end of THE BOONDOGGLE SAINTS prophecy, the FBI turns out to be just another back-stabbing whore in a cheap wig. ~ ~ Note that the movie's 666 mob boss gets shot in the back of the head with .50 lead balls, just like Abraham Lincoln for JFK. "Death to tyrants!" etc. etc. Big wow.

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