Monday, November 4, 2013


If you are anticipating the future day when there would be some kind of a ten state 666 beast based in Brussels, then I got you. And if you believe that there will be two witness in Jerusalem who have flame thrower mouths, then I double got you. ~ ~ In the last days, all of the false traditions and false doctrines of men, mentioned in D&C 86 will be consumed by the fire and violence in REV.17. When the foolish church woman gets it because she was the satanic force behind the evil spirit of bipartisanship. ~ ~ For example; Ben gets it at Lake Tahoe's Cave Rock Boat Landing. And the number 174 in the SMOKIN' ACES prophecy represents the 174th fake image of the Dawson Creek star posing inside of an ice cave, at: ~ ~ Note the FLASHDANCE hairdo. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKGROUND NOTES: That looks like about a 24' boat trailer in the background in SMOKIN' ACES. ~ ~ RLDS NOTES: Senator Reid is what's wrong with the apostate Mormon church. Not to mention Mitt Romney et al. All of whom now believe in the unconstitutional 1964 Civil Rights Act of the dark skinned devils. ~ ~ For example, when the North Seattle Stake patriarch, Bro. [little] Horn, told us about the time when he was attacked by a pack of devils in his bedroom, he made a special point to tell us that they were all rather short, and had dark skin. ~ ~ Therefore, I disagree with anyone who disagrees with him. Because that was just the way that I was raised; and I will never stray away from the right/eousness of my fathers. ~ ~ In the last day, he who is not found standing on the right hand of Jesus shall perish and die.

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