Friday, March 31, 2017


Where have we heard this pitch before? ~ Wherefore, Principle Love just suspended 500 of her high school's BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD students in Harrisburg, Penn because right south of there is Beavertown and Mount Allen. ~ In confirmation of little Woody getting into trouble in the first act of ANNIE HALL; right before it cuts to Donald Trump's Nazi invasion birth date footage that has the same black and white look of his nostalgic STARDUST MEMORIES Nazi blond wife movie. ~ Ergo, right there in the area is the chocolate factory town named Hershey. ~ Since America's little Jew school boys got seduced by all of that chocolate negro jazz homo [man in the wine bottle] who was not even an American. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JERRY SEINFELD: Several weeks ago I was googling the various available used green 911 German sports cars that were for sale on the Internet. ~ Then for the next two weeks I was inundated with German and English sports car dealer ads no matter where I went on the web. ~ So now I AM is supposed to get all freaked out by Donald Trump letting Google er all monitor all of my BUTTHOLE SURFERS action? ~ PS CAMERON DIAZ: You let me buy your beloved father's used 911 at 10 cents on the dollar, I let you off the hook in CAPTAIN RON meets THE WEIGHT OF WATER. ~

Thursday, March 30, 2017


John McCain's fat boy in North Korea could completely destroy 90% of America with a single low tech Danite [WWII FAT BOY] Russian cold war era technology bomb in the Bay Area. ~ That would instantly kill at least 10,000 people. ~ And then the other 10,000,000 maniacs still living in the fabled "sun, sex & pasta" safe haven would drop dead on their week/gay/ass knees and unconditionally surrender to the invasion of gog and magog; as is projected in the EZE.38 prophecy about the restoration of the House of Israel. ~ Ergo, around 10,000,000 people are about to suddenly die in northern California. ~ But not literally; just sprititually, politically, and economically. ~ "I'm there dude... Life just keeps getting better." BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD, circa 1993-1996. ~ GSR/TWN ~


You know that it will be SPRING TIME FOR HITLER when you see the Jewish NYT praising Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is not exactly praising the anti socialist Republican Ephraimites; like in this trumpeted 007 film festival clip at: ~ Wherein Woody Allen er all suddenly find themselves living in the depths of REV.13 captivity in some prophetic surreal TWILIGHT ZONE episode; circa November 22, 1962. ~ Not to worry though, the g-d of Israel has a great idea in mind for a very special ending to this story. ~ Get your tissues ready kids. ~ Because it is going to be a real weeper. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL NESTOR: That Jewish funeral parlor and photography studio genius who gets cream cheese on himself in MOONSTRUCK is you baby. ~ Even that same guy who makes them look better than they did in real life. ~

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I had a rare dream about Ellen Page wearing a very sexy, but relatively modest by today's standards, retro 1961 two-piece bathing suit. ~ So I googled her and found out that she and her church lady sister wife Jennifer Garner will be doing a JUNO script reading at the Donald Trump named ACE HOTEL theater in LA on 4.8, for a Planned Parenthood charity fundraiser. ~ Which is being produced by the film's Jewish director Jason Reitman because Donald Trump got elected by the Russians, yada yada. ~ It being the same day that California is charging those two white guys with Nazi haircuts with 15 felonies for their videos about the PP network just being a glorified abortion mill; paid for by the new Nazi medicine state. ~ It being the same day that a church van full of Baptist choir singers crashed at 12:23 Donald Young choir director time; next to Garner State Park in Texas. ~ It being the same day that NEW YORK MAGAZINE put out their piece about that other church lady George W. Bush saying that Trump's January 20 inauguration was like a 1961 TWILIGHT ZONE episode called THE INVADERS. ~ It being the same week that Donald Trump has been in the swanky White House for 9 weeks. ~ In confirmation of his own private 9 1/2 WEEKS film about Mickey Rourke's wealthy character living in a fancy [Lafayette] Paris hotel. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MIRANDA KERR: I know, early 1960s two-piece bathing suits are only flattering on girls who have a full figure, from top to bottom. ~ That's where you come in like an angel from heaven and give my less attractive wives a hand up in their time of need. ~ PS SALEM, UTAH: Don't worry yourselves about all of the federal 666 red tape rigmarole involved in setting up a bank. ~ I just buy out the failing ZIONS BANK in Salt Lake City, Utah; then I turn it into my own private off shore tax free piggy bank that is no longer subjected to any federal reserve banking laws or regulations. ~ Think CARNIVAL OF SOULS meets STARDUST MEMORIES, at: ~ Wherein I have two children with my French exwife in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS and it ends up meaning absolutley nothing to her in the end. ~ Not to mention the film's sexissimo Keira Knightley look alike figure at: ~ Kind of like all of those former German shifty high gear 911 sports car Nazis who hate their own blood in THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE at some low rent pawn shop in Brooklyn, New York. ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: There is a Providential, Rhode Island plan behind why Richard Dreyfuss now looks some much like Senator John McCain. ~ Old age shit face happens for a reason. ~


No.50 aired on the January 20, 1961 inauguration of America's PT 109 war hero. ~ So it makes complete sense that this one is about a Senator John McCain look alike war hero in a prophetic episode called THE WHOLE TRUTH. ~ Wherein McCain decides to pass on buying an old run down MODEL-A; because the FDR era car is cursed with an iron clad promise that whoever buys into it will be compelled to tell the truth. ~ Therefore, he must pass on the deal and let the boss of Russia have it. ~ Because he too believes in the newspapers propaganda about the Russians meddling in the REV.16 2016 election. ~ Ergo, the 13th Ward politician tells the used car salesman that he should have gone into politics. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KNOW IT ALL NOTES: Yeah I know already. ~ My love for top-fly flyfishing borderlines on the selfishness of homosexuality. ~ Hence my interest in purchasing MADONNA's former countryside spring creek trout fishing and horseriding estate in England that is/was featured in MOONWALKERS: 1969. ~ Wherein I can step outside for only a brief hour or so to relax; then get right back to taking care of my many wives' needs. ~ Not to mention their dozens of spoiled brat rich pony riding kids; who also need a daddy to hold onto their hand when the riding gets a little too rough in MONTANA meets A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. ~ SEE IT AT: AND: ~ PS MR.BACON: I'm thinking that you would make a fabulous James Bond 007 secret agent with a bad American CIA British Canadian accent. ~ Kind of like me in ROMA, 1973; when all the girls in Padova fell in love with my strange sounding perfect Udine accent in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, at: ~ AND: ~ PS GISELE BRADY: Contrary to popular media opinion, I felt that your performance with Jimmy Fallon in TAXI was pretty damn good. ~ CRAZY CANADIAN BACON JAMES BOND FILM FESTIVAL NOTES: None of the indie films in my upcoming full-budgeted union-scale-pay film festival half to have the full name of 'James Bond' in it, or even his secret PIN number '007' in their titles. ~ Just as long as everyone in the Vancouver, [VICTORIA'S SECRET underwear] BC audiences get it, and know full well what I AM is talking about.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Get it? ~ That typical high society, fancy pants financies Jew with a handsome 007 Irish surname jumped out of a nice NYC hotel window right before I watched the one about those 4 jumping out of a hotel window with a huuuge bag full of ill gotten ponzi scheme cash in no.46. ~ Note the younger hot Bond Girl babe standing beside him at: ~ Which featured an old stolen curio shop camera that gives each new owner a ten virgins 50/50 chance to make it. ~ Hence TRUMP's consistent 50% approval ratings in the alternative reality facts TWILIGHT ZONE news sites that the other half of America depend on for their real news reports of the day. ~ For example; the Russians did not meddle in the 2016 election; Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii; homosexuality is not normal; and even Dick Chenney's own blond PISTOL ANNIE daughter from Wyoming hardly believes anything that her crazy old man says anymore. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FINANCE NOTES: Shortly after Mike told me that we will soon be seeing 20% inflation; I stopped by our local Korean grocier for my usual $2.99 half gallon of SMITH'S DAIRY milk. ~ But this time, the price had suddenly gone up overnight to $3.49. ~ "There is no such thing as a free [money] lunch." Milton Friedman, speaking at the Austrian School of Economics, circa 1986. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: I could not care less if you like me. ~ All that I want from you right now is around 10% of your wealth. ~ And you and all of your wealthy middle aged fuck buddies who are about to drop dead and die at any minute now, are going to give it me. ~ "I'm not asking you... I'm telling you." Greg. ~

Monday, March 27, 2017


Episode 41 has yours truly locked up at the Wolfing's old Scottish castle mansion up in the Beverly Hills highlands of Hollywood. ~ Located high above a small and peacefull little post WWIII [Germanic Hebrew high-shift] village called Schwarzenegger; a.k.anyway... My own 2BC:91 surname Relf means 'powerful howling wolf' in the old world tongue. ~ Which means that I will be the King of England because it is my right by birth. ~ Wherein that lost and naive American Christian Israelite fool sets me free from the abominable Bible Belt church; and I immediately turn into my rather charming and unholy sidekick with horns on his butt-head, named Barack Obama. ~ And of course, when the girls see that, it drives them crazy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PLAN B NOTES: The idea of the bisexual Paul Allen giving the bisexual Brad Pitt a cool billion to make any ten James Bond movies that he wants too; ergo his own private Idaho THE BIG LEBOWSKI movie entries in my own private 007 film festival are designed to free up my own private [fly fishing] time with a minimum of personal distractions. ~ "I'm not a hands-on evil dictator kind of guy..." Dr.Evil in AP:III. ~ "I'm a big believer in delegating authority..." Donald Trump. ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: You too can get in on this. ~ Heck, Daniel Craig is just about as bald as you are by now. ~ PS ROB LOWE: With your fantastic head of hair still being there, you might want to make your 007 movie debut look more like like something based on the original THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, as opposed to the remake sequel starring Bruce Willis. ~ PS MILEY CYRUS: Of course, there will be a LAST TANGO IN PARIS wet T-shirt look alike competition that you will love to watch over and over again at my JAMES BOND FILM FESTIVAL side bar venues in Victoria, BC, like at: ~ Believe it, I AM is no more interested in shaming and humiliating myself than you are. ~ Also see: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ Don't worry, if we can't get Woody Allen or Gus Van Sant to direct, I'll put it on the back burner and see if Paul Nestor would consider doing it after his next project. ~

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Mel Brooks plays the small cheap antiques curio shop owner in TWILIGHT ZONE's no.38 episode entitled THE MAN IN THE BOTTLE. ~ Who gives an old widow $1 for a fancy empty wine bottle that she found in a trash can. ~ Which turns out to have a genie inside of it who is a tall dark and handsome [con artist] Barack Obama look alike. ~ Who then later fulfills all of the liberal Jews' fantasies and wishes for $trillions$ in free paper money with only one catch; none of his "unholy" acts can ever be altered or reversed. ~ And, Mel Brooks himself would become the future Hollywood movie star of SPRING TIME FOR HITLER, circa 2017. ~ When the anti-social-socialist white people would be fighting against the pro socialist Jews. ~ In the form of today's Freedom Caucasians in the House of Israel defeating President Trump's plan to streamline Obamacare fascism, rather than just get rid of it. ~ "We have to make sure that everyone is covered." Donald Trump. ~ Actually my friend, we have to make sure that nobody is covered up. ~ "You can't have your cake and eat it too.." Woody Allen. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KING RALPH THE 1ST: Your birth certificate says that you were born on the anniversary of the March 25 date when the devil appeared to Howard Stern and tried to make a new deal with him. ~ But THE KING OF ALL MEDIA said that he would get back to him. ~ But he never did. ~ Him being your typical queer Jew fuck who never returns your phone calls. ~ IN OTHER WORDS: Most of today's piano man homos are losers who are possessed by the SOUTHERN BIBLE BELT snake handler devils. ~ "Life just keeps getting better..." BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD, Dallas, Texas, 1993-1996. ~

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Judah is the soft principled and more child-like element that gives Ephraim's hard ass iron rod of Jesse more strength in the long run. ~ Which is why Donald Trump is the masked Jewish 007 spy [double agent] leader of today's hard truth white man Ephraimite Republicans. ~ Therefore, there is nothing wrong with that. ~ Which is why the Republicans will now hold complete power over what is left of 2/3's of America for as far as the eye can see. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WORD UP NOTES: Last night Mike told me to hury up and finish my B.B. [MTV SNL NBC] series posts and get right back to THE TWILIGHT ZONE's second season episodes. ~ PS ALEC BALDWIN: Is there any reason in the world why you could not hit the gym and lose a few pounds and be as good as that 56 year-old James Bond in A VIEW TO A KILL?.. [Possibly the best 007 movie ever made, next to GREASE:II.] ~ Like at: ~ You know the one that I AM is talking about? ~ That features a blond Donald Trump billionaire Russian plant who looks like a physically transfigured Ken Keisler? ~ Who last I heard, is still in the iron rod gates of hell Russian import steel fences business in the Bay Area. ~ So how about we try this very novel and original screenplay idea? ~ Both Pierce Brosnan and you have Irish names that nobody can ever remember how to correctly spell. ~ So how about you two co-star in some JAMES BOND movie with a boat load of underaged hotties on location at Marlon Brando's private island?. ~ That is if you two really and truly want to get in on my JAMES BOND FILM FESTIVAL in Vancouver, BC. ~ Seriously. ~ This is the real deal. ~ Check it out. ~ Even the ex husband of Amber Heard wants in on this. ~

Friday, March 24, 2017


If past is prelude... g-d has cursed today's Democrat Party Jews because they crucified their own tall blond Messiah figure in the meridian of time. ~ Therefore, the House of Israel's white conservative Ephraimites did the right thing 😈. ~ Sometimes the real men up in the Highlands who wear plaid line skirts just have to go THE FULL MONTE if they want to survive the complete devastation that the abomination of desolation brought upon them in MARK:13,14. ~ Think GREGORY'S GIRL meets THAT SINKING FEELING that Keira Knightley is starting to feel, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO STATE SOLUTION NOTES: The real two state solution in Israel will only come to pass after the Jews admit that there were two states in ancient Israel. ~ The northern one called The Kingdom of Israel, and the southern one called The Kingdom of Judah. ~ Meanwhile, all of those butt fuckers at the NYT will keep lying to us about Barack Obama's fake news birth certificate. ~ And all of those Mr.Anderson types at will continue to deceive themselves about Joseph Smith and the BM; not to mention Larry Sinclair. ~ MORMON TIMES NOTES: The iron rod in Lehi's genealogy tree dream is the rod and stem of Jesse in ISAIAH 11:1, per: ~ PLAYBOY NOTES: One way or the other, I AM will end up owning that Scottish highlander castle [PLAYBOY MAGAZINE] mansion; as depicted in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MAN meets BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD. ~ PS TRUMP: So what? ~ You buy the PLAYBOY mansion out in LA in 2017; then the Jews who hate you accuse you of doing it just because you wanted to start WW:III for a front line distraction for all of those billionaire Russians who still believe that Barry Obama is a homosexual who was born in Africa. ~


MR.ANDERSON'S BALLS has those two Beavis and Butt-Head kids drowning in the EZEKIEL 47:1 Kidd Springs that flow down from the stupid apostate christian anti-mormon I-35 line in the Anti-Christ Dallas, Texas area at: ~ As featured in the 1976 Donald Trump escape clause prophecy entitled LOGAN'S RUN, at: ~ Wherein we see the two kid witnesses wading in that river which runs through a Republican Party country club in the [1260 days] cartoon's first act. ~ "And it came to pass that many were drowned in the depts of the fountain..." 1NEPHI:8:32. ~ Ergo, that symbolic tree of life that crashed down on an empty yellow school bus off Country Club Road and caused it to crash into a tree in Avon, Conn. at: ~ That is the basic premise upon which that prophetic BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD cartoon called A GREAT DAY is premised. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BB NOTES: That fisherman picture on the wall in the B.B. series represents Bonney Lake, Washington's stump-grinder statue of me. ~ I mean think about it. ~ This famous 1990s MTV series is completely based upon today's PC theories about Trump being an idiot. ~ While the Hollywood Jews in the mainstream media are the smartist people in the world, circa BARTON FINK meets HAIL, CAESAR!, at:,_Caesar! ~ BUSINESS NOTES: I already have the business end of my motion picture film festival fantasy world figured out. ~ Maybe you are not aware of this... But it would only take about five big ones today to set up a fully professional indie film distribution network system on every single MICROSOFT unit based out of Seattle. ~ .

Thursday, March 23, 2017


All of those tall Jewish lawyers from Brooklyn, NY at the DOJ in DC will never suckceed in entrapping President Trump. ~ Per that REV.13 type prophecy in 1NEPHI 14:3 that goes, "And that great pit... [Which has been dug out by Judah in order to entrap Ephraim.] ...shall be filled by those who digged it..." ~ [Can you dig it?] ~ Ergo, my vivid dream on 3.23 about me and a very hot 29ish Jennifer Aniston getting together and doing it on September 23, 2017, "...six months from now." and she liked it. ~ Or at least she liked the sex fantasy paperback novel idea of it; written by Danielle Steel, at: OR: ~ "How's that working out for your?" Chicago's Huuugh Jewish Heffer making fun of yours truly at his Scotish castle up in the highlands of Beverly Hills, circa 2011, at: ~ GSR TWN ~ PS MS STEEL: Your benighted son will be born again and rise up out of the grave in the first fruits of the second coming of Jesus Christ. ~ Now being role played by Elizabeth Hurley's very own handsome as hell son. ~

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


With a funny last name like Comey...The day after his hearing in DC, I came across the FEEL A COP political cartoon on my 1260 days period BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD collection. ~ Based upon that future Jewvenile hijinks Russian dossier about Donald Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on the same bed where Barack Obama had slept. ~ Works for me anyway. ~ And the above Mr.Anderson type cartoon cop with a negro boy sidekick in this prophetic wiretapping conspiacy theory 13 cent comic book allegory is an amazing [6'8"] James Comey look alike at: And of course, when you try to make up stuff just to entrap people, it usually never turns out very good in the end. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FULL DISCLOSURE NOTES: The $50 for a fuck and suck in the above MTV/SNL/NBC episode represents the 50th State of Hawaii; where my future wife Angeline Lilly lives half of the time. ~ Ergo, 97% of the Jewish lawyer government employees at the DOJ vote Democrat. ~ Ergo, FEEL A COP opens with the half Jews in the media cheering on the 1984 surveillance state. ~ George [W] Orwell was a confused socialist half Jew and all of that stuff. ~ PS TRUMP: I don't like Gorsuch so much because he claims that he does not care a wit about politics. ~ Can't we find somebody else out there who is more smart about what is going on these days? ~

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Trump needs to have Jim Comey fired for giving Barack Obama a free pass on his fake news NEW YORK TIMES type birth certificate. ~ After all, this is what it has been all about from the very beginning of the 1290 days abomination of desolation countdown in DANIEL 12 and MARK 13 since 1996. ~ Which would immediately give the federal authorities the right to serve a HAWAII 5-0 style search warrent on the State of Hawaii's hospital records during the ensuing impeachment procedeings initiated by Senator McCain and Senator Shoe-Man. ~ Sometimes, no matter how old you are; you are forced to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. ~ Unless you can't get up anymore, and so you just have to remain there in bed and flush out that big bowl of Mexican chili you had last night into your pajamas. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TAYLOR SWIFT: You are obsessed with the number 13 for a prophetic MYSTIC PIZZA meets MALA NOCHE reason, at: ~ That said, when I was your age I did not see it coming either. ~ PS JIM CARREY: Does the number 23 mean anything to you anymore? ~ Or were you just fucking with me? ~ PS GUS VAN SANT: Let my Alison Roth know if you want to get accepted into my own private 007 film festival. ~ Just saying; we will be paying full union scale and a very generous per demin below the line. ~ Plus, whatever it takes to lure in the best directors, writers, and actors in the world to participate in my upcoming JAMES BOND double 7-UP soda pop OLYMPICS film festival circa 2018. ~ That goes double for you too Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley. ~ Since me and the boys in Seattle make like that much worthless throw away paper money every 12 hours, or less. ~ PBS ANGELINE LILLY: You might as well just go ahead and start reserving all of the better venues in Vancouver, BC that I will be needing for my JAMES BOND 007 film festival. ~ You being one of my best sex fantasy [Call me now at number 900...] 'Bond Girls' in the whole she bang of things. ~ PS MR AND MRS COEN: You two brothers need to be in my own private film festival because I want it to be an exceptionally prestigious and artistic affair: with lots of hot young underaged actress babes who want to hook up with me and David Lynch. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: If the 1960s era CASINO ROYALE card tables are turned on you at the end of the picture, and you still want to have your latest opus screened at my upcoming James Bond film festival up in Vancouver, BC, Canada; I suggest that you cast my future wife Scarlett Johansson as the star of the picture. ~ And it damn well better be one of the best movies that you ever made. ~

Monday, March 20, 2017


The B.B. cartoon named MURDER [web] SITE features a black Ch.13 Jim Carrey reporter covering that second story man Apt.13 murder of Donald Young years later. ~ Who was that transsexual Black Jesus church lady figure who could not keep his big nigger mouth shut about how much Barry still likes it up the butt. ~ Which opens with the REV.13 [Sandy Bullock] Orange County, California beach location of Ms Anderson's BAY WATCH tits and ass show; [think Bay Area]. ~ And in the end, it says that the punishment for the [black] brother's murder will come later. ~ When that two witnesses earthquake in Chicago destroys 10% of the city and 7000 people die. ~ Note the framed Lake Michigan sailboat picture on the wall, the closed sofa bed, yada yada. ~ Ergo, this one is all about the time when a man from the Scottish Highlands is the President of Mr.Anderson's suburban middle class white America. ~ [Think Paul Garrison still lives in his own private Bonney Lake, Washington.] ~ And that black dude in the police line-up, who didn't get fingered back when, represents Barack Obama. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS COMEY: Let me put it gently to you. ~ The reason why you looked and sounded like crap today was probably an artificial lighting problem. ~ Too much makeup under the eyes and around the cheeks too; but whose asking me? ~ For all I know, that was your natural surreal look in real life. ~ I can't say because I was not there. ~ MARATHON FILM FESTIVAL NOTES: Jesus Christ From Hell!! ~ Suddenly only this very day; I realised that I am so bored out of my mind, and have so much worthless tax-free-cash off-shore money on my hands right now, that I AM is going to have to do something completely different with it just to amuse myself and pass away my time. ~ So here's the new deal in the meantime. ~ I AM will be fully financing an upcoming exclusive invitation-only ful-length film festival competition event. ~ I'm thinking that Jim Carrey, Matt LeBlanc, Brad Pitt, Piece Bronson, and Mel Gibson submit their thematic 007 screenplays for the next BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD meets THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ And then I say, what the fuck, let's make all of them and see which one turns out to be the best. ~ Of course, there will be a very special Hong Kong indie film side-market. ~ Probably with Tarantino being the master of ceremonies. ~ BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD QUOTATIONS: "Donald Trump is the coolest guy who I have ever met... He rules!" Uhhh, Oh yeah. ~ That said, I seem to recall that there is a BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD cartoon about one of the two believing that he will become the King of England. ~


BREAKING NEWS: The FBI is reporting that they found Tom Brady's no.12 SUPERBOWL jersey that was stolen by those same Russian state media operatives who stole the 2016 election. ~ Brady being a yuuuge Trump supporter and all of that 1996 CONSPIACY THEORY bullshit, at: ~ Note the enclosed physically transfigured Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. ~ Which is why they will be paying me the big bucks. ~ If I agree to let them live to see another day and act in another super cool Hollywood motion picture. ~ GSR/TWN ~ B.B. NOTES: The special 1260 days period BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD cartoon called PREMATURE EVACULATION gives us a pretty good look at the series' prophetic Miley Cyrus look alike character. ~ Ergo, you might want to check the cartoon about Beavis banging on a drum and ranting about taking a wrecking ball to today's public education 666 matrix. ~ VIEWER DISCRETION NOTES: For the past 8 years the FBI has been looking the other way regarding Barack Obama's fraudulent birth certificate. ~ That is still being posted on an official federal government web site. ~ Therefore, one has to take whatever they say over there with a huge grain of salt. ~ TWILIGHT NOTES: I was inspired to take a break from THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and do BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD until the end of this season's NBC/SNL/MTV programming; with the full assurance from g-d that I can get right back to it after it all ends in April, 2017. ~ Meanwhile, you may want to watch A PASSAGE FOR A [Donald] TRUMPET that has the future Crown of England stumbling out of a pub in Seattle's Pioneer Square blues night club district, circa 1993, at: ~ Think, SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER meets M.A.S.H. since both of these Jewish FDR communist propaganda films came out around the same period for a reason. ~

Sunday, March 19, 2017


I do not subscribe to that old tired direct-response tv infomercial pitch man theory that something would be funny if it was not so true. ~ On the contrary; the more true, the funnier it gets is what I always say. ~ For example, that is Miley Cyrus herself who is often seen sitting on the classroom front row in the BREAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD cartoon prophecies. ~ Even that same babe with the blond ERASOR HEAD [no.2 yellow school pencil] hairdo and the soft shoulder look. ~ Ergo, the MTV series' running 'nachos' joke about the food and fare of Babylon that leads to children being born with bipolar schizophrenia 'corn holer' behavior issues. ~ "You're a funny guy." David Lynch to Jay Leno, circa 1993. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WALKATHON CHARITY NOTES: In the WALKATHON carton, I have to walk thousands of miles along Hwy.410 until the second coming of Jesus Christ in REV.11. ~ Do the math yourself; I have been walking around about three miles a day, every day, for the last 23 years; often times in the middle of the night during the summer months. ~ And I AM is still up to my neck in personal transgression debts that I don't have the money to pay off. ~ For Christ's sake, I still owe Nyle Smith's long suffering widow around $900 in back rent, plus interest, going way back to 1.11... ~ PS WOODY: Everyone of those rich polite society Republicans in Utah who refuses to give me 10% of their money will die off from some long term warefare X-5 virus germ [Toolele, Ut] warware plague. ~

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Alec Baldwin himself has said that he would actually pay SNL for the privilege to be on their MSNBC fake news comedy bit show and get fucked in the butt by the pro Clinton Wall Street, NY Jews, week after week, at this particular point in time. ~ Uhhh... Dude, you are already doing exactly that. ~ Unless I AM is way off base about how much your time and brand is worth these days. ~ Yeah, I know, you are no longer an A-list motion picture movie star. ~ But, you are still a major A+ television show actor who could get $14,000,000 pay-or-play for any TV sitcom show for the next 5-7 seasons during your spare time wherever you feel like it. ~ But nooo... There you are doing your same tired old routine about Donald Trump being some blone white race Nazi who wants to round up all of the Communist Jews in Hollywood and put them into consecration camps in southern Utah until WWIII is over. ~ Ergo, President Trump just cancelled the budget for your sweaty balls PBS skits just for the shits and giggles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SAVAGE: I only mention this because you live in the Bay Area. ~ In recent years, French Polynesia has become the new hot destination for blond and gay Australian men of means. ~ [No crazy muslim homophobia presence to worry about.] ~ Especially now that the club scene in Thailand has become a bit too worrisome for Westerners er all. ~

Friday, March 17, 2017


I was watching BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD's cartoon about those country club Republicans in the Dallas, Texas area needing to get more balls, called MR.ANDERSON'S BALLS, when I suddenly noticed that Mr.Anderson was wearing green socks. ~ And it was St.Patrick's Day; and the DOW did a -19.93 1260 days confirmation of the cartoon series' de butt in 1993 on MTV; and your typical Donald Trump type CADDYSHACK golf courses always have 18 greens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STARBUCKS NOTES: That stupid looking blond kid found a 7.44 coffee bean diamond in Arkansas in confirmation of my NYT newspaper dude posting, at: ~ Estimated to be worth a cool $1,000,000 due to it's rare dark chocolate color, size and shape ~ [Think DELIVERANCE meets KISS'N COUSINS.] ~ The meteorite creek golf course site being located off of HWY.70, in DANIEL 9 and all that shit. ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: You got physically harassed by the 6'5" ape man at an Italian pasta sauce joint in the same area where Woody Allen shot BLUE JASMINE [My blue jazz.] on the same day that Barack Obama arrived down in the South Seas region where you spent your prime years searching for the fountain of youth. ~ Sometimes a good shit happens for a good reason. ~ IDIOT NOTES: In the above George W. country club golf course political cartoon parody, those three muddy golf balls get washed clean for a symbolic representation of the three woes in REV.11. ~ SUPREME JUSTICE NOTES: I do not like the weak and polite way that Gorsuch looks. ~ Too much girly George Bush Jr. with weak back surgery problems and not enough strong Camille Paglia wife type support from a woman who has a strong enough spine to take it. ~


You have to fall out of your sofa-bed and die laughing when you see all of those CIA/FBI/NSA/GCHQ/MTV/NYT chiefs with short 1959 haircuts assuring us that the thousands of former BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD computer nerd fans who are now working under them can not possibly be involved in any kind of anti Trump computer science mischief on their top secret 666 Internet secret combinations systems. ~ That's like saying Barack Obama's Hawaii birth certificated is not a computer generated forgery. ~ And Beavis and Butt-Head are just a couple of nice young virgin boys from the neighborhood who want to earn a little extra money by helping out around the house for the naive and stupid Mr.Anderson [Think George W.] in the Dallas, Texas area. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ST.PATRICK'S DAY NOTES: The Jews at SNL/NBC are exploiting Alex Baldwin to the tune of $1,400 an episide in order to undermine the real news revolution. ~ "They are refusing to pay me what they owe me." Michael Moore. ~ BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA opens with the two giant [1260-1335 days] witnesses who have fire pouring out of their mouths next to the TRUMP TOWER in Dutch Manhattan, NY. ~ PS MR. TNT MAN: David Lynch spent five years of his life delivering the morning edition of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL around Beverly Hills, California in order to pay for his debute masterbation piece indie film entitled ERASERHEAD. ~ Hence, the shaved short hair along the sides of the head; and the fuller length hair on the top of the head. ~ Therefore, whenever I direct my hypersensative genious actors in a any scene, I always ask them to do a couple of first takes my way. ~ And then I let them do a few takes their way. ~ Just to get it out of their system and clear their heads. ~ Hey, whatever works. ~ You know me. ~ I never fuck anybody who does not want to also be fucked by me. "My Australian actor fiancé is the perfect gentleman." Miley Cyrus. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: In my remake sequal to LAST TANGO IN PARIS, Miley Cyrus is going to replay my [way too young for me] fuck buddy who is engaged to some other guy. ~ Only this time she is actually going to like getting fucked in the butt, like at: AND: ~ And then we quickly pack up all of the gear and go straight down to Sienna, Italia and shoot HANNIBAL:4 on a shortened 4-week schedule. ~ Exactly like they did with those two back-to-back Andy Warhol vampire movies. ~ Talk about getting two for the price of one. ~

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Mark this one in the YES column. ~ Since I barely got through the first two acts of BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA last night before I heard the breaking news during a quick pee break about some asshole shooting kids at some high screwl in South, Texas, France. ~ Uhh... This being the post 1260 days MTV movie about Beavis hijacking one of those two jets and ramming it into the twin towers of Judah and Ephraim on 911 a few years later. ~ Which started out with the giants who have fire coming out of their mouths as they wreck havok next to the TRUMP TOWER in Dutch Manhattan; yada yada... ~ While the fresh news was rolling out about that federal judge in Hawaii who put a temporary injunction on the feds raiding the state's phony baloney, plastic banana, good time rock'n roll birth certificate archives. ~ GSR/TWN ~ COOL NOTES: So far, my favorite pre 2BC91 period BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD cartoon is the one called, MADAME BLAVATSKY. ~ PS JT: Your white wife is suddenly going to sit down on her solid gold toilet and dump you out of her system, with no two minute warning whatsoever. ~ After she finally becomes so thoroughly sick and tired of your PC bullshit about President Trump. ~ Seriously dude. ~ Women want to feel safe and protected; more than anything else in the world. ~

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


The TNT newspaper guy who also delivers a single thin copy of the NYT to STARBUCKS in Bonney Lake every morning is the same guy in the above DOMINO dialogue scene. ~ Wherein HOOVER DAM's Mr Wonderful owned a big time casino on the strip in LEPRECHAUN:III. ~ And in my world, even the little guys eventually get to shine big time. ~ After they have paid their dues, and I AM makes them become famous all around the world when the harvest time is ripe. ~ Say what the fuck you want to about me; I do have an eye for casting. ~ No shit. ~ The above dude actually has an EL CAMINO in his Tacoma, Washington garage that he has been restoring little by little for quite some time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WORD NOTES: The word 'fuck' is Dutch in origin. ~ GREG'S WORLD NOTES: When I put together a full-budget indie film; I don't waste time with auditions and screen tests. ~ I just point my finger and say, I want that guy and that other guy; and I want her and that other girl. ~ Of course, I always shoot a shit load of extra cover up footage so we can always fix any of my mistakes in post. ~ Woody Allen does the same thing. ~ And almost everything that I know about filmmaking I learned from watching him. ~ PS DONALD: You will problemly be the first tallish Judahish President in the history of modern America to spend his all too brief summer vacation directing a feature length quickie pick up indie film. ~ Therefore, be sure that the 86-page, 86-minutes comedy relief type [THE FRONT] rip-off screenplay idea is already polished and casted to perfection before you even show up on the set. ~ So then all that you have to do is shout ACTION, CUT, WRAP, MOVE ON TO THE NEXT SCENE... etc. etc. and go back to your trailer. ~ Seriously dude; we're only talking about a one week commitment with full screen credit here at the most. ~ And your second unit director can do the rest for you. ~

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Maddow's typical premature-ejaculation excitement about THE BIG LEBOWSKI dude in the White House not paying any taxes in 2005 was confirmation of the Camiglia Paglia figure in the above 1990s film. ~ Whom and who just came out with her own new private Idaho book about mainstream media lesbians, at: ~ Jesus Ticked Off Christ!! ~ The cool as ice dude barely has enough money to pay his monthly federal budget rent obligations on time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ADVANCED STUDIES NOTES: After plowing through scores of the amazingly inspired pre GSR/TWN newsletter BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD cartoons. I realized that this stuff was mostly created for the sake of my more advanced and illuminati readership; who have been with me since the beginning; circa 1993-1996. ~ BANGERS AND MASH NOTES: A tall blond handsome actor from Canada named 'Donald' was the main star of the original North Korean M.A.S.H. prophecy. ~ Who played an Ivy League college graduate doctor who does life saving surgeryies on American solders in the 1950s. ~ No matter what their race or creed. ~ Then his son went on to become a major CIA reality TV series star in 24 HOURS. ~ Rush Limbaugh's all time favorite couch potato show. ~ Chose your poison. ~ That pink bump on the back of the head of the marred servant in 3 NEPHI stands for; "Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair!" ~ OR: "I have a prostate the size of an Idaho potato; but I'm still a pretty good stick man." OR: "I want a tattoo on my behind that looks like a butthead." ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: Letting me fuck you is the answer to all of your problems. ~ You want to shoot AMERICAN GIGOLO:II at your aging blond mother's shag pad on Malibu Beach? ~ Sounds good to me. ~ Just kidding. ~ We would probably do it at one of Paul Allen's properties down there, since he would be paying for the whole she bang anyway. ~ PS BILL GATES: Don't try to short me now. ~ You owe me the full 10%. ~ And not that pot of fake gold that was missing even one gold coin in LEPRECHAUN:III. ~ Wherein a more youthful Conan O'Brien looks exactly like the Butt-Head character in BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA, circa 1997. ~


That trumpeting red-eyed elephant that stops Keira [Victoria] from leaving Gregory in THE TWILIGHT ZONE gets tossed into the stonewall fireplace only after she agrees to hang in there with me for a little longer. ~ Which is pretty the same deal that I have going with Bill Gates and President Trump for now; not to mention Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Naiomi Watts, Kate Holmes, and even Jennifer Anniston. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW JEW READER NOTES: That lavender robed Messianic Davidian Jesus dude who opens THE BIG LEBOWSKI, in the middle of the night, always uses RALPHS' half&half creamer for his White Russian STARBUCKS coffee vodka Danite liqueur cocktails because he is half Jewish and half Joseph, per ISAIAH 11 meets REVELATION 11. ~ PS ANNALYNNE MCCORD: You got penetrated by a stranger that you let into your house when you were a naive 18 year-old virgin for a prophetic reason; circa that sickly looking [THIN MAN] stranger in the White House who was letting anyone and everyone with any thin excuse enter into America for 8 long years. ~ And you liked it. ~ DUTCH HATER NOTES: I really don't know what is going to happen in Holland tomorrow. ~ That said, I did have a flash vision recently, wherein I was standing next to several OLD DUTCH house cleanser cans on the shelf in my car garage. ~

Monday, March 13, 2017


God has told his greasy car mechanic prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that his BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant Donald Trump is going to learn that the 1290 days way of doing business is no longer a good deal. ~ I.e. no more government healthcare, you get sick you die, life happens; no more public/government indoctrination education system; no more progressive taxation marxism; no more surreal CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964 type reverse-upside-down-racism; no more 1959-1964 rocket science type 666 futurism; no more mighty and strong military build up only to protect the antiAmerican whoredoms of Sodom and Egypt. ~ Wherein America's illegal alien "sanctuary city" values are just a fake birth certificate cover up to give phony baloney pop culture sanctuary to homosexual sex perverts and Jewish socialists of every stripe. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KEY NOTES: The EZE.37 skeleton key theme in TWILIGHT ZONE no.36 is a prophetic word play on the regal Victorian name Keira; pronounced 'key era'. ~ COWBOYS AND INDIANS 6-GUN MOVIE NOTES: When I was a boy growing up in North Seattle, sporting a rather ugly stiched up FRANKENSTEIN scar line on my skull's forehead, the white Nephites were the good guys, and the dark [KING KONG Hawaii Island] LAmanites were the bad attitude guys; not always, but most of the time. ~ PS BRAD PITT: How about we do a visualtest screening? ~ Understandably, the idea of me giving you $1,000,000,000 of Paul Allen's off-shore tax-free fuck-you paper money is too hard to believe for most of today's ordinary low information idiots sitting on their retirement assets in BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD meets MSNBC/CNN. ~ Whom and who only read THE SEATTLE TIMES and watch HBO streaming. ~ Seeing is believing. ~ Especially about their part where I don't want to waste my time reading any of their shit head screenplays submitted by the likes of Justin Theraeu er all. ~

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Well, for now anyway. ~ The last episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE's debut season has Greg conjuring up all of his sexy and young-blond plural wives on an old fashion 60s style APPLE looking tape computer. ~ As he swings it's old school mouse around and around by it's old fashion plastic/rubber electrical cord; ergo it's called A WORLD OF HIS OWN, circa 1996 and beyond. ~ When one of my favorite brunette brown eyed wives would have a Scotish mother's maidain name that rhymes with Donald. ~ Which is why Scarlett Johansson recently made that physical transfiguration si-fi TWILIGHT ZONE movie up in Scotland. ~ Since God wants her to eventualy become my especially good fuck buddy, and not so much my lesbian bitch friend-enemy. ~ "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Donald Trump meets Mr.Putin at that quail hunting lodge down in south Texas, located along the Mexicano Rio Grande line. ~ GSR/TWN ~ UNNATURAL NOTES: Some of my sexually unsatisfied polygamist wives at the surreal end of HBO's BIG LOVE series accuse me of being unnatual. ~ Per THE TWILIGHT ZONE's final first season episode. ~ True enough. ~ I do like them hot and sexy and too young for me; with lots of daddy issues. ~ Crazy in the head, great in bed, and all that. ~ If the money is right. ~ I'm not that crazy. ~ PS BRAD PITT: The idea of giving you $1,000,000,000 up front in negative pick-up money with no questions asked, is why BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD ruled during the special 1260/1290/1335 days period of the two witnesses in REV.11. ~ I make it work for you. ~ You make it work for me. ~ PS BILL GATES: The first thing that I will do when I get 10% of your worthless bullshit money is make me the 59ish sexy movir co-star of HANNIBALL:4; filmed on location in Fiorenza, Italia. ~ I'm thinking that we shoot most of it at the DAVIDIAN CODE MEDICI estate in the countryside of Tuscany. ~ Probably casting my second in line son as the new James Bond 007. ~ He who pays the fiddler calls the tune. ~

Saturday, March 11, 2017


On the same day that I found Mike Judge's complete cartoon series about the two witnesses of Greg Relf and Kit Winn in Seattle, Washington, 1965, that came out later in between the special 1260 latter-days period of Judah and Ephraim, the shit had just come out about Trump firing that suspicious looking federal judge with dark skin and brown eyes in south NYC. ~ And there was a publicity appearance by the look alike cast of NORMAN happening in Isreal. ~ Sometimes, at a certain age, a good shit is the best thing to look forward to in life. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JT: I say that you like Trump. ~ You say that you don't like Trump. ~ Guess who needs a good bitch slapping on both cheeks in this one. ~ "Crazy fucking bitch..." WILD AT HEART meets BLUE VELVET; circa 1986 to 1996. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Honey. Darling. Sweetheart. ~ Your recent pathetically small surplus money donations to the fascistic 666 UW was a bit too little and a bit too late. ~ "Mama wants the whole [10% skim] beehive..." GOLDMEMBER:II meets TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE:10 meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY:II. ~ In other words, you get to give me the money to do whatever I want, whenever I want to do it. ~ And I let you go free and live it up and do whatever you want to do in the meantime. ~ For example; you like fucking underaged boys who look like my Canadian wife Ellen Page?.. No problem. ~

1986 IT 4 NOW ANYWAY...

The last typically prophetic and inspired [36 year-olds] no.36 episode of TWILIGHT ZONE's debut season is about a [big guy] red-eye state elephant putting a stop to Keira Knightley's dazed and confused and half awake female voter who lacks faith in man. ~ [The Donald often sounding like he didn't get enough sleep last night, or the night before.] ~ Wherein she metaphorically gets 86ed at the end. ~ And then she is born again in 1985. ~ All is which is confirmed by that Dutch [GOLDMEMBER/HEINIGEN BEER] room-divider map of Australia that features the yuuuge vagina compass that Cate Blanchett claims to have hidden somewhere up deep inside of her vagina. ~ Plus, Gregory also does away with the historic show's short 5'4" Jewish liberal creator in the end; circa the two administrations of Donald Trump. ~ YOURS TRULY, GSR/TWN NOTES: My own private Hollywood family rated movie block buster sensation called THE DA VINCI CODE, co-starring Tom Hanks, lines up directly with me being sealed to my own private BRANCH DAVIDIAN family for all eternity in the Canada Hanna Montana temple on THE FOURTH OF JULY, 1957. ~ When my own private 1951 era temple in Los Angeles was closed for the 1776 holiday. ~ PS CHUCK SHUMER: You are the poster boy for America's Jewish problem. ~ A yuuge problem that is only going to get worse until you and your ilk at the NYT decide to finally give it up and go away and leave the rest of us alone. ~

Friday, March 10, 2017


Episode no.33 is called MR.BEVIS. ~ Which features yours truly; a classic car buff; a guy living in a small cluttered room: a young at heart man building a model [Noah's Ark] of the USS CONSTITUTION; who has a stuffed groundhog replica of his own private movie entitled GROUNDHOG DAY on his desk at work in the WALKER BLD. ~ Whom or who eventually ends up driving a mint condition AUSTIN HEALEY in 2017 with '... 500' plates, like in this three-way portrait at: ~ And then the next [June 10th, 1960] episode revolves around a sexy short blond hair babe in THE AFTER HOURS. ~ Coming right on time for Scarlett Johansson's latest dazed and confuzed promotional gig on SNL for her new three-way movie at: ~ Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NK: Miss White's enclosed 3114 NK sexy car plate is for you baby. ~ Some critics may claim that your reserved acting style is a bit too wooden. ~ Which is tantamount to saying that Orson Welles' acting was always over the top. ~ MTV/NYT/NBC SHITHEAD NOTES: By now we all know that the BEAVIS & BUTT HEAD episode about casting for fish outside of their WINDOWS 8 metaphor was a private prophecy about Kit Winn and Greg Relf coming of age along 16th Ave. N.E. in Seattle's U-District. ~ When we see that I get a new British sports car at 8:58 in the above early 1960s pre-hippie beatnick culture episodes, like at: ~ 2BC NOTES: According to the Old Testament, white Israelite men are forbidden to marry negro gentile women. ~ Howerever, in the meantime, they can enter into a concubine arrangement with them in order to provide more delightfully light skinned, and more civilized and tamed slave children for the master. ~ And then when a negro woman finally finds out who her negro husband is; the white man is no longer allowed to touch her. ~ Ergo, the laws of adultery and fornication are applied equally to everyone; regardless of race, color, or language. ~ PS HALLE BARREY: I only bring this up right now because the Jews have run out of ammo on the Russian propaganda gossip columns blogger front. ~ Therefore, now they need something new to keep the screenplay drama happening for both of us to stay interested enough in it for the next 69/70 weeks. ~ Nothing worse than a tall dark and handsome man fucking you who gets too excited and shoots his wad too early. ~

Thursday, March 9, 2017


When those white Ephraimite guys at WIKILEAKS say that the Russians did not do it. ~ And then like a clockwork orange, the Jews in the media say that the White Russians actually did do it. ~ One has to face the obvious [fake birth certificate] fact that there must be something it, like at: ~ AND: ~ Jesus Christ guys! ~ "Oh come on!.. I'm not that controversial." Truman [Rhymes with Trump] Capote, circa 1959-1964. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SJ: Back before that dam started to disintegrate in Sacramento, California's gold rush country, I dreamed that I encountered a very sad looking Jennifer Garner sitting on the lip of it's overflow spillway. ~ Then out of the blue you walked up and asked if I was the guy that you were supposed to meet there; via some social media dating hook-up site. ~ And so I took one surprizing look at you and said, "Uh...yeah". ~ But you could see in my face that I was only kidding you because I loved the way that you looked, and so you left. ~ However, when I went over to the dam's proper irrigation viaduct; you suddenly came up to me again with a warm and sexy smile on your face. ~ Talk about today's dazed and confused female voters, circa no later than 2007-2008. ~ Think CHINATOWN meets LA STORY; co-starring Steve Martin and a rather older looking horn dog figure in Jack Nicholson. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FFING NOTES: Somehow, Jennifer Anniston and I are going to half to team up and find a way to get through to her make believe Trump supporter husband Justin Thereaux. ~ I like Trump. ~ He likes Trump. ~ She likes Trump. ~ Somehow, someway, all three of us are going to have to find a way to get threw this situation. ~

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


When you don't know what you are supposed to do in life; you fast and pray about it. ~ And then you wait until you get a good feeling about it. ~ This is what KS always does. ~ And may I dare say that her own private practices and habits of faith in Jesus Christ have served her pretty well up until now. ~ For example, I felt like the MIDNIGHT COWBOY in no.26 was a good Ken Keisler look alike. ~ So I said so on my GSR/TWN blog. ~ And then I saw that HOLLYWOOD casino bus full of old FDR seniors from Texas got rammed by a train outside of the KEESLER AIR FORCE base; from their way to the Mississippi River's HOLLYWOOD casino to the BOOMTOWN casino. ~ In confirmation of today's forced equality laws, LBJ, Texas style. ~ Remember, the Jewish FDR's cabinate was made up of mostly unamerican Jewish Marxists from New York who believed in progressive taxation, etc. ~ Also remember, anyone who is doing business and not banking it with the UNITED ORDER CREDIT UNION still has some selfish greedy free money speculative gambling issues to deal with, circa THE WOLF OF WALLSTREET, yada yada. ~ Contrary to what Woody Allen er all keep carping about, there is no such thing as luck. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BILLY CRYSTAL: Richard Simmons looks like you. ~ You look like Richard Simmons. ~ Both of you have not been seen that much in public social media since 2014; care to comment? ~ SEE: AND: ~ [Doing government subsidized public theater venues in San Francisco ain't that hot shit no more.] ~

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


TWILIGHT ZONE's no.26 suddenly blasts the future violent sounding tones of Donald Trump when a blond Ken Keisler type Trumpet supporter gets hanged from a BRANCH DAVIDIAN genealogy tree in Montana. ~ In confirmation of today's scared shitless suicidal [Judas] Jews in New York City who are still trying to crucify Jesus, and hang Joseph [Smith] up on a wooden cross, ISAIAH 11 style. ~ Then the futurist American MIDNIGHT COWBOY President wakes up inside of Tom Hanks' 1960s era of born again fascism and multi billionaire hippie kids. ~ Wherein a 'disquieted' Tom Hanks does not like the looks of Donald Trump. ~ And for the record, he registers your typical Russian Cold War warning on his Japanese tape recorder that says "And heaven help whoever gets in his way." ~ Then in the end, a short ethnic illegal alien type role plays your typical Democrat Party thug, who believes in robbing Peter to pay Paul [Johnson] ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READERS: Last I heard, Keisler has extensive import/export business dealings with the Russians. ~ TIMED OUT WARPED NOTES: In the latest LDS CHURCH NEWS, it says that the answer to today's Grand Canyon divide is John McCain type political compromise. ~ [Read surrender in the face of victory.] ~ Circa Viet Nam, 1973. ~

Monday, March 6, 2017


Until I see a direct quote on live unedited retro television tv video of a person who looks like Steven Speilberg saying that he is going to make a tired old newspaper man PENTAGON PAPERS remade story with the likes of Tom Hanks, and that aging over-rated [Greek Islands] star of MAMA MIA; I'll file this one under my fake news lying sack of shit Barack Obama birth certificate sports section, circa: ~ AND:: ~ After all, God knows that the same dirty Jew bastard child rats who killed Jesus have been behind the buggering of Donald Trump ever since day one. ~ Which is the main reason why today's fed up white Christian people voted him into office in the first place. ~ "Can I get a hallelujah here?.. What?.. Nothing?.. Not even a giggle?.. Tough sub." Dr.Evil, AP:4. ~ Looks like somebody has some daddy issues. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MISS STREEP: You're still pretty good, but not this good anymore, like at: ~ Obviously, you will be too old, and too fat, and too unattractive, to have any impact on the reelection process of President Trump in 2020. ~ Which is where the original physically transfigured and defrosted pizza 007 swinger movie in the future takes place. ~ Think AUSTIN POWERS:II meets the sequel entitled IN LIKE FLYNT. ~ Wherein Hillary Clinton's feminazi plans to take over the world during the Russian Cold War in 2016 are completely thwarted by a man on the radio. ~ Austin's Swedish pump penis device being a prophecy about today's Swedish government that is completely run by women. ~ Ergo, Woody Allen's obsession with low budget Swedish indie films in the 1970s. ~


After the DOW did a 112 sign last week, the S&P 500 ended the week with a 120 sign. ~ Looks like it is about time to nuke all of those old [Already dead but still loving it.] Jewish widow buggers at the NYT, etc. ~ As confirmed by that long haired BLONDIE in Bellevue, Washing who just aimed her twitter birdie shotgun at some Jewish nerd's helicopter cap toy drone that was bugging her privacy outside of her REAR WINDOW at: ~ [Most of today's nosey gossip column writers in the print media and the old school 1990s ET type cable tv channels are Jewish female voters who always vote Democrat.] ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ Hey, everyone has to die sometime. ~ Hee hee... today's date is 3.6... GSR/TWN ~ PS DAVID LETTERMAN: Getting a bit tired and bored with retirement life are we? ~ How about you put up a video clip on your YouTube channel about how you have finally seen the blinding light in THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING:II meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II. ~ Imagine the money, the fame, and the two-at-a-time hot underaged 16 year-old teenager babes, just for the shits and giggles. ~ Think about it. ~ I let you look like a 28 year-old horny geek for the next 150 years, you give me 10% of your worthless paper assets in return. ~ "You should be so lucky!" Old Jewish saying. ~ PS ANGELINA: Forced equality is fascism. ~ Enforced inequality is liberty and freedom. ~

Sunday, March 5, 2017


TWILIGHT ZONE no.24 has a 29ish Hellen Bonham Carter, presently of London, engaged to my 44ish physical transfiguration figure. ~ Seen here in her best 59-64 cowboys and Indians movie era costume at: ~ AND: ~ However, at the end of the 1960 episode, his old church lady wife shoots him down with a classic cowboy COLT .45 prop 6-gun because she hates his polygamist ways of the Plato period's Old Testament. ~ All of this coming to pass during today's developing Civil War history between the nothern ten tribes of The Kingdom of Israel and the southern Kingdom of Judah meets Levi. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 1959ISH VAMPIRE MOVIE NOTES: Most of my impossible-to-resist eternal life vampire anti-heros turn into dust at the end of your typical HAMMER FILMS horror movie. ~ Hey, you can't make a movie without an ending, like at: ~ Ergo, many of the more inspired modern vampire movies feature a Count Dracula character with a blond hair die job. ~ Much like all of those Protestant church Jesus portraits from the 1950s that depict him with long blond hair. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: The lost tribes prophets have been told that the usual compromising way of doing things is over. ~ And now you can pretty much do anything that you want to during your next two terms in office. ~ Even sometimes if it is just for the shits and giggles. ~ Hey, WHATEVER WORKS meets VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. ~ PS WOODY NORRIS: After you won the MIT prize for scientific invention, the NOBEL PRIZE committee also took a long hard look at your record. ~ However, they could not find anything about your current attitudes towards reformed fascism and reformed homosexuality; not even in the LDS CHURCH NEWS archives. ~ So they decided to take a pass on you; for now anyway. ~

Saturday, March 4, 2017


America's long suffering Jewish problem at the NYT etc. is exactly what it means about Judah bugging Ephraim in ISAIAH 11:13. ~ Therefore, God caused Donald Trump to be elected President as a part of his last [1290] days two witnesses strategic plan to put an end to it. ~ Wherein the Jews themselves are forced to wear a mock royal crown of thorns; and they themselves are hung up on the very same [Jesus loves you] Nixonian Orange County cross of pain and suffering; circa MARK 13. ~ "You get what you pay for." Old Jewish saying. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOD ONLY KNOWS WHY NOTES: So for some reason you find yourself staying in a nice hotel mini suite room in St.Petersburg, Florida. ~ And you happen to see in the room's tourist guidebook that there is a local museum full of original genuine surreal Salvadori Dali paintings right down the block from where you are staying. ~ Obviously, created by some wealthy retired Jew down there who got so bored with his life that he decided to have a little fun with his surplus monies before his time would run out. ~ NEW READERS: The Grand Canyon divide in Arizona is a two witnesses era LANDMARK THEATERS indie film prophecy. ~ For when THE TWILIGHT ZONE no.23 time would come in NURSE BETTY:II that the completely dazed and zoned out Miss Zellweger [female voter] would finally wake up and come to her senses. ~

Friday, March 3, 2017


That gator with a yuuge ditch carp in his JAWS at some CADDYSHACK Trump club golf course in St. Petersburg, Florida is about the St.Petersburg Russians saying that the new Cold War Russian hysteria is nothing but a fishing expedition, at: ~ "Only the Jews and the French eat carp." ~ Leslie Winn, 1969. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CONSTANTLY CARPING ABOUT IT NOTES: Actually, a good muddy pond carp soup in a salty and musky turnip and leek vegetable broth can be pretty tasty. ~ Only to be found these days at your local one STARBUCKS rated restaurant in the northern French countryside areas of English Normandy and German Lorraine. ~ Not to be confused with a great water crest broth served ahead of your crispy Canadian bacon grease pan fried fennel herb trout in a drawn butter sauce and virgin veal roast. ~


The conservative looking liberal Hollywood actor who finally snaps and becomes quite delusional in TWILIGHT ZONE's no.23, which opens with a rather startling and scary blast of trumpets, was just confirmed by the insane SNAP stock debut on the same day that the DOW did -112. ~ During the double January 12 birthday era of the two witnesses in DANIEL 12 who are driving the polite society likes of George W. and Tom Hanks completely mad. ~ Ergo, the episode's anti-hero is a SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE look atype father, and his make believe wife named Mar/ian is a Rita Wilson look atype, like at: ~ AND: ~ Ergo, the actor who played the future Hillary Clinton supporter was most famous for playing his down to earth father figure on BEWITCHED. ~ And Tom Hank's long suffering wife has the same October 26 birth date as the [she-vampire] bat shit crazy ["tabloid of reality"] Hillary Clinton. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: So far, all of the leading 666 figures in this historic 59-64 Russian Cold War JFK LBJ/TV series are 36 years-old. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: For centuries, the bank in Siena, Italia has been a model of how all of the banks in the world should operate. ~ Give or take a few UNITED ORDER type improvements. ~ Hence, your own father was a banker. ~ But it wasn't enough to ratify him. ~ So he went into the antiques and heirlomes auction house business in the Pittsburgh, Penn area. ~ Hey, nobody is perfect. ~ Everybody has to find their own way in life. ~

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Last night I noted that TWILIGHT ZONE no.22 is followed up by a very tantalizing teaser by Rod Serling about an actor in no.23 who has trouble separating the truth between his surreal make believe movie roles and his very realistic reaccuring nightmares. ~ And when I woke up the next day, I saw that Tom Hanks has donated a STARBUCKS espresso machine to the White House fake news press corps. ~ Talk about art imitating life. ~ And I have not even seen it yet. ~ Now I AM is not kidding here. ~ Hanks looks like your typical Republican church going George W. Bush naive WWII vet idiot in Glenn Beck's Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas twin cities area. ~ Yet underneath that down home mainstream middle America wholesome face; he is a filthy dirty decadent supporter of reformed nice guy fascism and reformed decent guy homosexual perversion. ~ And I would bet dollars to donuts that he has not seen the inside of a typical CHURCH OF CHRIST white man's church on any given Sunday in decades. ~ "Their white coffee cups look clean on the outside. ~ But on the inside, they are filthy and dirty." Jesus. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHITE MAN UTAH READERS: Espresso coffee is made by pressing the tasty juicy oils out of whole roasted sun-dried coffee beans from Africa, Indonesia, and South America. ~

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I saw the 21rst episode of TWILIGHT ZONE last night, entitled MIRROR IMAGE. ~ Which was originally broadcast on February 26, 1960. ~ Wherein the two parallel realities of Donald Trump and Barack Obama appear at a tourist bus stop connection to the Democrat Party's Capitol of New York State. ~ Then I saw the same type ghostly look alike appearance of the dark prince in DANIEL 9; who goes to war against the white Christian saints in REV.12 on this little virgin angel's birthday party selfie taken in Tifton, Georgia; due west of Enigma on LOST HIGHWAY 82. ~ That rolled out on the actual 3.01 anniversary of Sheriff Joseph's real new press conference about No.44's fake mirror image birth certificate, at: ~ In confirmation of the breaking report about Michelle Obama's lesbian lover, nicknamed VJ, moving into their new 8200' WAG THE DOG basement war room mansion, at: ~ Then right on cue, the naive and foolish Bush W holdover Republicans in the Senate asked Trump to save all of his own private server emails with Putin. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READERS: Day 1290 in DANIEL's two witnesses chronology happened on 8.2 in 1996. ~ BUTCH NOTES: Redford's iconic BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID was a swinging 70s MIDNIGHT COWBOY gunslinger [over the hill] gangster prophecy about Barack Obama's current third world style shadow government in exhile. ~ Ergo, the first thing that Trump did when he got into the White House was take a private phone call from the legitimately elected President of Nationalist China. ~


Tuesday's fiercesome and precise gentle Jesus type twisters in Illinois represented the '...twist and shout!" election victory parade celebration at the climax of FERRIS BEULLER'S DAY OFF Donald Reagan era prophecy. ~ Wherein my fake Barack Obama sidekick fashion shop mannequin twists apart and breaks up; using a golden basketball [OSCAR] trophy weight. ~ As his crazy-jealous Jewish sister with Brooklyn, New York accent shouts "I NEW IT!!" ~ Hence, Katy Perry's new blond German look. ~ That was just confirmed by the same twister system that also ripped through Perry County, Miss/our/i, tearing off all of the kids' bedcovers in their bedrooms. ~ Home of the ten virgins' Scottish landmark called McBride. ~ No surprise really; both of Miss Perry's born again Christian pastor parents are huuuge Trump supporters. ~ Think SIDEWAYS meets SCENES FROM A MALL, at: ~ Wherein everything gets blown up out of proportion, Hollywood style. ~ GSR/TWN ~