Wednesday, March 29, 2017


No.50 aired on the January 20, 1961 inauguration of America's PT 109 war hero. ~ So it makes complete sense that this one is about a Senator John McCain look alike war hero in a prophetic episode called THE WHOLE TRUTH. ~ Wherein McCain decides to pass on buying an old run down MODEL-A; because the FDR era car is cursed with an iron clad promise that whoever buys into it will be compelled to tell the truth. ~ Therefore, he must pass on the deal and let the boss of Russia have it. ~ Because he too believes in the newspapers propaganda about the Russians meddling in the REV.16 2016 election. ~ Ergo, the 13th Ward politician tells the used car salesman that he should have gone into politics. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KNOW IT ALL NOTES: Yeah I know already. ~ My love for top-fly flyfishing borderlines on the selfishness of homosexuality. ~ Hence my interest in purchasing MADONNA's former countryside spring creek trout fishing and horseriding estate in England that is/was featured in MOONWALKERS: 1969. ~ Wherein I can step outside for only a brief hour or so to relax; then get right back to taking care of my many wives' needs. ~ Not to mention their dozens of spoiled brat rich pony riding kids; who also need a daddy to hold onto their hand when the riding gets a little too rough in MONTANA meets A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. ~ SEE IT AT: AND: ~ PS MR.BACON: I'm thinking that you would make a fabulous James Bond 007 secret agent with a bad American CIA British Canadian accent. ~ Kind of like me in ROMA, 1973; when all the girls in Padova fell in love with my strange sounding perfect Udine accent in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, at: ~ AND: ~ PS GISELE BRADY: Contrary to popular media opinion, I felt that your performance with Jimmy Fallon in TAXI was pretty damn good. ~ CRAZY CANADIAN BACON JAMES BOND FILM FESTIVAL NOTES: None of the indie films in my upcoming full-budgeted union-scale-pay film festival half to have the full name of 'James Bond' in it, or even his secret PIN number '007' in their titles. ~ Just as long as everyone in the Vancouver, [VICTORIA'S SECRET underwear] BC audiences get it, and know full well what I AM is talking about.

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