Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I saw the 21rst episode of TWILIGHT ZONE last night, entitled MIRROR IMAGE. ~ Which was originally broadcast on February 26, 1960. ~ Wherein the two parallel realities of Donald Trump and Barack Obama appear at a tourist bus stop connection to the Democrat Party's Capitol of New York State. ~ Then I saw the same type ghostly look alike appearance of the dark prince in DANIEL 9; who goes to war against the white Christian saints in REV.12 on this little virgin angel's birthday party selfie taken in Tifton, Georgia; due west of Enigma on LOST HIGHWAY 82. ~ That rolled out on the actual 3.01 anniversary of Sheriff Joseph's real new press conference about No.44's fake mirror image birth certificate, at: ~ In confirmation of the breaking report about Michelle Obama's lesbian lover, nicknamed VJ, moving into their new 8200' WAG THE DOG basement war room mansion, at: ~ Then right on cue, the naive and foolish Bush W holdover Republicans in the Senate asked Trump to save all of his own private server emails with Putin. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READERS: Day 1290 in DANIEL's two witnesses chronology happened on 8.2 in 1996. ~ BUTCH NOTES: Redford's iconic BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID was a swinging 70s MIDNIGHT COWBOY gunslinger [over the hill] gangster prophecy about Barack Obama's current third world style shadow government in exhile. ~ Ergo, the first thing that Trump did when he got into the White House was take a private phone call from the legitimately elected President of Nationalist China. ~

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