Wednesday, March 15, 2017


The TNT newspaper guy who also delivers a single thin copy of the NYT to STARBUCKS in Bonney Lake every morning is the same guy in the above DOMINO dialogue scene. ~ Wherein HOOVER DAM's Mr Wonderful owned a big time casino on the strip in LEPRECHAUN:III. ~ And in my world, even the little guys eventually get to shine big time. ~ After they have paid their dues, and I AM makes them become famous all around the world when the harvest time is ripe. ~ Say what the fuck you want to about me; I do have an eye for casting. ~ No shit. ~ The above dude actually has an EL CAMINO in his Tacoma, Washington garage that he has been restoring little by little for quite some time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WORD NOTES: The word 'fuck' is Dutch in origin. ~ GREG'S WORLD NOTES: When I put together a full-budget indie film; I don't waste time with auditions and screen tests. ~ I just point my finger and say, I want that guy and that other guy; and I want her and that other girl. ~ Of course, I always shoot a shit load of extra cover up footage so we can always fix any of my mistakes in post. ~ Woody Allen does the same thing. ~ And almost everything that I know about filmmaking I learned from watching him. ~ PS DONALD: You will problemly be the first tallish Judahish President in the history of modern America to spend his all too brief summer vacation directing a feature length quickie pick up indie film. ~ Therefore, be sure that the 86-page, 86-minutes comedy relief type [THE FRONT] rip-off screenplay idea is already polished and casted to perfection before you even show up on the set. ~ So then all that you have to do is shout ACTION, CUT, WRAP, MOVE ON TO THE NEXT SCENE... etc. etc. and go back to your trailer. ~ Seriously dude; we're only talking about a one week commitment with full screen credit here at the most. ~ And your second unit director can do the rest for you. ~

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