Friday, March 24, 2017


If past is prelude... g-d has cursed today's Democrat Party Jews because they crucified their own tall blond Messiah figure in the meridian of time. ~ Therefore, the House of Israel's white conservative Ephraimites did the right thing 😈. ~ Sometimes the real men up in the Highlands who wear plaid line skirts just have to go THE FULL MONTE if they want to survive the complete devastation that the abomination of desolation brought upon them in MARK:13,14. ~ Think GREGORY'S GIRL meets THAT SINKING FEELING that Keira Knightley is starting to feel, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO STATE SOLUTION NOTES: The real two state solution in Israel will only come to pass after the Jews admit that there were two states in ancient Israel. ~ The northern one called The Kingdom of Israel, and the southern one called The Kingdom of Judah. ~ Meanwhile, all of those butt fuckers at the NYT will keep lying to us about Barack Obama's fake news birth certificate. ~ And all of those Mr.Anderson types at will continue to deceive themselves about Joseph Smith and the BM; not to mention Larry Sinclair. ~ MORMON TIMES NOTES: The iron rod in Lehi's genealogy tree dream is the rod and stem of Jesse in ISAIAH 11:1, per: ~ PLAYBOY NOTES: One way or the other, I AM will end up owning that Scottish highlander castle [PLAYBOY MAGAZINE] mansion; as depicted in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MAN meets BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD. ~ PS TRUMP: So what? ~ You buy the PLAYBOY mansion out in LA in 2017; then the Jews who hate you accuse you of doing it just because you wanted to start WW:III for a front line distraction for all of those billionaire Russians who still believe that Barry Obama is a homosexual who was born in Africa. ~

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